Monday, May 20, 2013

Arissa Cheo Family Photos 2013

After vacationing in China, it's time for Arissa Cheo, now approaching "old maid" territory, to follow the footsteps of many other "hot blogging babes" on the mid-2000's era and get married. 34-year old Vanness Wu is the likely husband-to-be, with rumours the lovin' couple will tie the knot in July.

We all know the story of how Arissa Luna (Cheo) has been a model - a blueprint - for Dawn Yang Yeo to make like a Skorpii and vis plastic surgery, morph into Arissa Luna Junior, the Moonfruit plastizilla. But did you know there is a photo of Arissa Cheo that the blogebrity herself HATES and has tried to expunge from the internet?

See the face Arissa HATES by clicking HERE!

And remember, for every Xiaxue, for every Arissa, there's a Dawn Yang!

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