Monday, May 06, 2013

Blogs Will Be Stronger Than Ever

After all the BS about blogging falling out of favor, I'm personally convinced that the medium will only grow stronger, particularly as newspaper paywalls become the norm.

Take a look at the image. How many newpaper or magazine sites do you routinely check for news? Multiply that number by the number of dollars you will pay - Now, THAT is the question. $1 for a month's trial is one thing, but suppose they say, okay, you like it? $9.99 a month. For the sake of argument, let us say you have ten sites you routinely visit for news and feature articles. Multiply. You are NOT going to shell out $100 a month for this info, are you? Maybe you will - many of you are foolish enough to be paying as much for your monthly dose of cable TV. And consider you are already paying for your internet service. Hey, you ARE stupid!

You see where this is going?

My blogs are free. Unless Google and - or WordPress decide to charge access fees (shhhh - don't give 'em any ideas) - you can bet BLOGS will provide you with a steady stream of news - no strings atached!

So, Bfffft! to the morons who say blogging is dying!

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