Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dream Book With A Difference?

This is more a 'marker' for me than a post for you. In the past I've tried to interpret vivid dreams with "dreambooks" that most of the time offer situations that don't apply to my particular dream.

A few weeks ago someone gave me a new book about dreams. Lo and behold, the first instance of looking for 'meaning' in a symbol seems accurate.

I cannot go into explicit detail, but this is what happened in 'real life' : someone asked me a question about something. At the time, my mind was working on another project and I shot back what turned out to be the wrong answer. I was then accused of doing something that I did not do, and got 'called on the carpet' for it. Basically, a big misunderstanding, but no less cause for concern on my part.

In the dream, several people on our street had missiles on portable launchers strategically placed in their backyards. But my neighbor's missile was pointing down, directly at the first floor of my house. No doubt my brain saved the image of the missile from what I saw on BBC world news the other night in a story about Syria and Lebanon.

The interpretation by the book is really interesting, in that it exactly describes the 'accusation situation' as described above:

MISSILE: reveals a harmful negative aimed at one's experience. This could be generated by self to another.

I'll add more entries on this or perhaps extend this post or use comments to add more if any more indeed comes of this!
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