Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chris Brogan is my Albert Schweitzer

Dip in Traffic? It may not be Google's doing...

When I walk around the city, what do I see? 
People talking to themselves. 
People walking into other people
   while tapping little handheld devices. 
People wrapped up in...
   t h e m s e l v e s.

Chris Brogan recently wrote the following regarding the state of social media marketing. It may be applied to blogging and all sorts of other online activity, from tweeting to facebooking to pinteresting to linkedinning...

" The state of social media marketing is fairly depressing from my observations. It’s mechanical. A very informal survey of several brand accounts just shows them chirping out blather to elicit responses or likes, but with no follow-up, no next steps, no actual business intent. Just… faux interaction. The number of companies who have outsourced their social media brand voice to an agency or third part of some sort is higher than ever. And I’ve no idea the stats on corporate response rates to efforts, but they can’t be especially interesting.

Our “browse” culture is clicking and sharing and reposting stuff all over the place. Great content is now like a trading card game. We retweet and share and like and stumble interesting stuff so that we can keep our own feeds alive, but we’re barely reading the stuff we’re sharing and we’re definitely not taking a next action. Click a link? Hardly. Take a next action? Not at all."

You could have stopped at "blather." Brogan nailed it. We are so full of ourselves and so busy trying to push stuff on others share stuff with others that no one is interested in anything and nothing has merit anymore. It's all too much and then some. All crap and clutter.
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