Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solving the Penguin Problem

Over the past several months I've been reconnecting with some of the blogs and bloggers I have known since blogging began in the early 2000s. Blogging is going back to the roots, thanks to, of all things, Google! The journals, diaries, storybooks and forum blogs of old are making a comeback... actually, they never left, they just got kicked to the curb by the content-scrapers, the "guru bloggers" and the "make money" crowd. The standard of fresh content is back. Bloggers are again offering original material, solving problems while educating and helping others.

Ana's popular Traffic Generation Cafe blog has been shaken by a Google storm. More precisely, Penguin 2.0 rocked TGC's world. Google has effectively pulled the rug out from under a bunch of blogs and bloggers. And it's a good thing. Would you like to know how to deal with it? I thought you would!

Ana effectively shot her blog in both feet. In the past several emails she sent out to readers like me, there were references and links to some kind of web guru guy and his softwares and whatever elses. Shot number one. Shot number two: a splash page that overlaid the blog after a few seconds... you know, one of those things you have to X out of. Up until Penguin 2.0, Ana's blog was fine. Nothing changed there. The changes are on Google's end.

Google's Matt Cutts laid the new normal on the digital line: bloggers should be doing what they used to do a long time ago. Follow the pathway taken by researchers, studies and academic papers. A link in online content should be treated like a citation, says Matt. You only link to something else if you actually used it as a source. And there's more - I am going to seperate it all out for you...

STOP linking to your old blog posts.

GET AWAY FROM GUEST-BLOGGING Don't be a guest blogger and above all, don't allow any guest bloggers on your blog. Guest posts are chock full of irrelevant links and will drag any good blog down.

STOP LINKING TO YOUR OLD ARCHIVED POSTS - I know I just mentioned this. But now its is of vital importance. Forget all that 'guru' advice about cramming your content witgh your ancient links. STOP STOP STOP! Truth be told, I should just abandon my blog template and go minimalist. But I'm not doing this tgo try and make money.

MONEY! That is the other big penalty. If you are using your blog to "make money" you are suddenly on the wrong side of the algorithm!

CONTENT, THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING is now what the big search engine is searching for. Unique, original, relevant. Your posts must all be high-quality and RELEVANT from here on in!

KILL THE INFOGRAPHICS! I predicted something like this would happen! P2.0 is also blacklisting blogs with Infographics. And when you see all those bloggers who fall under the spell of one "new" infographic and they all start posting it and linking to it, they may as well be deleting their blogs. Under the new Google algorithm, any link building activity and especially if it is connected to an infographic is certain to get your blog or website PENALIZED!

So what else can you learn from this article? See the image below. Instead of hyperlinking to the articles, you will have to enter the titles along with my name into your favourite search engine. A little more work than you are used to? No matter: you will enjoy these posts and takeaway a bit of what you knew not!

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