Friday, July 19, 2013

America has no functioning democracy

This is really sick. Someone emailed me:
Money is the modern 21st Century American deity? What kind of society are we living in? I think Jimmy Carter is onto something. First time I have agreed with Mr. Carter in years. Flex is the key. Many things are changing... forever, not for better.

Forbes ::: "Every day we must remember that the vitality of our democratic system depends on us – Americans’ active engagement –" to which I will add American mainstream media seems hell-bent on distracting the public away from what the Obama administration is doing by grass-feeding the sheeple with Trayvon, Zimmerman and the Rolling Stone cover.

Another thing: Are you a "victim" of "stagnant pay"? I remember the days when employers freely dispensed OT and gave holiday bonuses. Those times have passed. "Stagnant Pay" is mentioned in a Politico article about student loan debt (don't get me going on that!)

Oh and by the way: take THAT, Rolling Stone!

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