Monday, September 16, 2013

#Bashtag ::: Social Net Twerking

The initiative taken by Syed Hasan against British Airways underlines the power of anti-social networking. Seen by tens of thousands of people, Hasan's tweet has been publicized and crossed the globe with an impressive virality.

Don't imagine for one single second that your tweet or blog posting or facebook entry about a product or service goes unnoticed!

I read an article on a French blog which mentions an incident involving twitter and Starbucks in the United Kingdom. Trying to spiff up its image, Starbucks asked folks to post wishes on Twitter, hashtagged "#spreadthecheer," which then were displayed on a giant screen in front of the Natural History Museum in London. Museum visitors took the opportunity to let go against the brand. An example? " Hey # Starbucks PAYING YOUR F****** TAXES #spreadthecheer ".

Starbucks is not the first victim of what is now called the " Bashtagging . " McDonald's has also had the great idea to let consumers give their impressions on their experience with the brand via the hashtag # McDStories. The restaurant chain wanted to introduce “...the hard-working people dedicated to providing McDs with quality food every day.”

Twitter users went nuts, using the tag to reveal the darker side of the fast-food giant. London’s Daily Mail picked these as among the best that appeared on the first day of the campaign:

  • @JohnGarrett tweeted: So PETA and McDonald’s got into it today. I was surprised. I didn’t know there was real meat at McDonald’s. #McDStories
  • @JKingArt: Lost 50 pounds in 6 months after I stopped working & eating at McDonald’s. #McDStories
  • @SkipSullivan: One time I walked into a McDonald’s and I could smell Type 2 Diabetes floating in the air and I threw up. #McDStories

If you use Google Chrome, I have a surprise for you! I downloaded Chrome in hopes of being able to use Google Voice on my $1 laptop. The worst mistake I have made with my little workhorse! The system slowed down and began freezing with every keystroke. The first clue to the culprit came from my firewall, which began alerting me that "Google Updater" was trying to reach out to the internet from deep inside my files. And deep inside it was... along with at least 25 other "executables," .exe files that were running amok within "hidden files' on my lappie!

Over the past 24 hours I have been dilligently working to ferret out all the crap. I'm almost there. There was even a hidden rootkit that wasn't on my harddrive before downloading Chrome! All of this software is carrying on an NSA-like role: mining your computer for data, information, and relaying it back to Mountain View. That's all.

This is why a good firewall is more important than an anti-virus program. I do use an anti-virus scanner that is based online, and I'm happy to say that I have had ZERO intrusions. Every attempt to infect, attack or gain access to the dollar laptop has been stopped and documented by the firewall!

Technically, nothing associated with the Google Updater or Chrome carries a virus, and I noticed the on-board anti-virus scanner didn't awaken while downloads were happening. Not even to check.

There are many online entities watching your data and monitoring your computer!

According to DataSift, that company can now see what people are saying about organizations through its collection of Tumblr data. DataSift's service assists advertisers with their social marketing campaigns by flagging and tagging comments, pro and con. DataSift already works with Facebook and Twitter. Did you know that?

» DataSift will now have access to Tumblr data to help its clients see what's being said about them on the massive service.

More brands are developing their own media platforms to gain control over audiences, writes Zweli Mokgat:
"Chris Primos, MD of brand identity development specialist Blast Brand Catalysts, says that though companies will continue to buy advertising and advertorial space in traditional media, a growing number are setting up their own outlets to reach target audiences in a more focused way.

“Owned media” are platforms run by brands and over which they have direct control. Typically, they include websites, microsites, social media and blogs."

The Financial Mail online article says many brands are building their own online communities, and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't soon see some sort of "hybrid" : a facebooky/twitery entity similar to the forum, where people can weigh in and interact, but under the scrutiny of a moderator.
"These platforms allow brands to engage consumers directly by sharing news and brand information. They can also conduct market research and even collaborate with consumers in developing new products."

» Read the full article here.

One blogging communard (click on the image to enlarge) has just rolled out it's own wall:

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