Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dirty Little GOOGLE Hack for #1 Rankings..

Quite an eyecatcher, eh? That was the header of an email I received yesterday from an outfit called CurationSoft. They want you to think that there is nothing more important on the internet than google, and for a few dollars or pesos or yen or pounds, they'll teach you stuff: "black ops" tactics that will probably collapse your blog or website within 6 months.

The real  title I intended for this post:

One Saturday in September 2013

It's been awhile since I sat down early on a Saturday and wrote one of these little essays!

Sitting at the same little "home workstation" where I've written so many posts over the years. Amazing how much has changed about the online world. Blogs have taken a position once held Newspapers or magazines: how an individual blog is defined there depends simply upon the frequency new articles appear.

The money-hungry "gurus" and scamsters are still very much with us, re-inventing and refining their techniques.

I've told you before I pay little attention to Google and SEO and all that, compared with maybe 5 years ago when I was always looking at stats and hawking adspace.

More of my professional musings can be found on my WordPress blog (there's a link after the jump), along with spur-of-the-moment photos sent from my BlackBerry.

Hey, how about that twitter! Going for an IPO! IMHO that's a great buy! I have often said "twitter is the people's newswire." An awful lot of mainstream pro reporters use it and many of themn tweet religiously!


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Huffington Post

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500 Retweets = 3 Years in Prison in China

Krugman may be onto something... sharing information on the Internet that is defamatory or "harms national interest" could land China's Internet users in jail. Nice article via Global Voices! (w/social media lincons)

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