Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Time To Start Thinking About Christmas

Now that Labor Day has signaled the end of Summer and it's back to school time...

The Holiday gift-giving season is nearly upon us. December is not that far off. Time to prepare!

Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate, if exchanging presents is involved, you may be looking at your checkbook and budget, wondering how you are going to stretch those precious funds!

Here's something "borrowed" from a post published on this blog way back in November 2008.

Make a "Custom" Christmas CD for a friend or loved one... here's how: Let's say I purchased the "One Self" CD as a gift. I want to not only give the gift of music, but some background and video as well. Check the closeout bins at dollar stores for 2-disc CD's. Throw out the CD and cover art. Now, take the One Self cover art and CD and transfer it to the 2-disc jewel case. Go to YouTube and select some of the Yarah Bravo and DJ Vadim interviews and some of their videos and live performance videos. Burn them onto a Video CD using my method. You can either custom-print a CD label or simply use Red, Green and Black Sharpies to label and decorate the VCD, which you then place in the case as the second disc! It adds a nice personal touch to the gift and it's really great if the giftee isn't all that familiar with the artist.

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