Wednesday, January 01, 2014

First Post 2014

New Year For The Blog!

When I first began blogging I had no idea I'd still be posting articles a decade on. Yet here I am. I must admit the way I see blogging and behold this particular blog has changed several times. At this stage, I am no longer concerned about statistics: I don't think the audience measuring services have kept up with modern technology. You won't make money blogging unless you're doing what i call an "info flim-flam" blog where you're selling people a bunch of stuff they could have figured out without your help. And often the best blog advice can become the worst advice overnight when Google performs those PR, Penguin, Panda and other updates at whim, and changes the rules and regulations in a flash. Hmmm... I just realized some of the "blog about blogging" bloggers have shut off their blogs completely. I'll look into that later.

Case in point: 31 Dec 2013 stats for this humble blog...

eXTReme Tracking - 28 visitors 
 Sitemeter - 59 visitors 
stealthtracker - 314 visitors 
Google/Blogger - 701 visitors

I have noticed that with certain browsers, I be on (for example) Huffington Post and then enter my blog URL in the address bar, and later eXTReme will show that the visit came from HuffPo, when in fact, I know it did not. eX and Sitemeter failed to track visits from certain models of tablet computers and smartphones. Due to steady growth over the course of time, I would bet that Google's stats are the most accurate, and even those may not include visits from all sources.

I will add that of the 28 visits recorded by eX, almost half the given "sources" of hits that I visited in return have no mention of my blog or URL whatsoever. Google, Bing and yahoo-credited visits are accurate, but pale in comparison to the number both my Stealthtracker and Google are registering. The first three sites rarely show visitors who arrived via social media, something Google excels at!

I guess the moral here is just to forget about "stats" and "hits" and "making money" and just blog. If your writing is clever, creative and informative enough, visitors and revenue wiull follow. And of course I point now to the best example of that philosophy, Wendy "XiaXue" Cheng.

UPDATE: as of 8:17:00 AM Google lists this post alone as receiving 10 visits since it was posted about 30 minutes ago! Sitemeter shows 2 visits. The others show none. What gives?
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