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What can I say! FreshlyGround's NOMVULA CD arrived in Tuesday afternoon's mail. Totally beyond my expectations! Nomvula blends African roots with irresistibly catchy pop melodies... I'd seen and heard YouTUBE videos by the group, and I liked the songs. NOMVULA was released back in 2004, fought it's way to the top of the pop charts in SA, moving on to Europe and Asia. Music is (for the most part) so static and stagnant in the USA, NOMVULA sounds as if it was recorded yesterday morning!

It's so hard to DESCRIBE a song or a sound that song makes, but here goes: for me, South Africa's FreshlyGround invoke a myriad of musical memories, from 1970s soul to Sade to Donovan to The Incredible String Band to Malcolm McLaren to Brenda Russel to Jefferson Airplane to Jaci Velasquez. A happy-sad whipped up folk-soul sound that wraps itself around you and reminds you of all those great performers but sounds like none. Flutes, violins, guitars, beats... all there in one splendid recording! FreshlyGround may never grow an audience in the USA, but just as Michael Learns To Rock cranked out hits that rocked the rest of the planet during the 1990's, FG obviously has the capabilities to do the same thing now... and they're doing it!
South African interracial band Freshlyground were "honoured and appreciated" by the world after winning the African category of the MTV European Music Awards last month in Denmark.
Freshlyground's unique sound has attracted scores of listeners across Europe. Speaking to the Saturday Star from Copenhagen, singer Zolani Mahola said winning the award was amazing and exciting.

"We feel very honoured, and to know that so many people voted for us among good African bands is an honour. This means that we are appreciated not only by South Africa, but by the rest of Africa and the world," she said.

Mahola said she hoped for better things for the band in the future and that the award "means we are not only representing South African music but African music, so to win this award is a privilege".

She admitted that when they walked down the red carpet at Thursday's awards ceremony, they "felt a bit intimidated, lots of media wanting to speak to you, and behind you is Rihanna, which can be intimidating. It's something a little out of this world - it's like you are in a movie".
I was introduced to FreshlyGround's music in October at an internet cafe. Here is a band with the diversity of their nation built into their every note. Freshlyground (I've also seen it as "freshlyground" all lower case) is a 7-piece "ensemble" Afro-Fusion band that was formed in Cape Town. The music is original and energetic with a 'fresh mix' of musical styles and influences - from indigenous African folk music and jazz, to "contemporary" (whatever that is).

They combine traditional pop instruments such as bass, keys and guitar with the mbira, a traditional African "thumb piano." Plus, they spice up their stage performance with traditional, loosely-choreographed African dance routines.

Freshlyground sing in English and African languages and they have a following that cuts across the "rainbow nation's" racial and cultural divides. Lead singer-songwriter Zolani Mahola says that musically they're equally all over the place, and perhaps that's part of their appeal: Zolani comes from a small town in the Eastern Cape. She sings in either Xhosa or English about the challenges facing modern-day South Africa.

CD REVIEW: 01 I AM THE MAN kicks off the disc with a sound I can only describe as "tropical." Your foot will be tapping to the beat before you know it! 02 NOMVULA is a Xhosa word that means "after the rain". It's also a woman's name. Zolani's mother, Nomvula, died when Zolani was very young. A ballad so tender, it doesn't matter if you don't understand the words. Nice guitarwork, too! 03 MANYANA ... that's as far as I got writing a rigidly formatted track-by-track review... I was called away from the computer, and it's a good thing! I really wasn't into dissecting the CD. After more consideration, I think it's best to say NOMVULA is a great collection of music! Buy the CD at this South African online store. You can find it on as well.
You may not like every song on the disc, but you're money will have been well spent! Doo Bee Doo demonstrates in no uncertain melody why FG won the African category of the MTV European Music Awards! Then there are two favorites of mine, I'd like and Father Please. Then there's Buttercup. I can place the CD in my player and actually enjoyably listen through all 14 tracks! (Usually there's at least a song or two on any CD that I'd skip, but not NOMVULA!!)

The band is said to be in the recording studio at work on their third album. FG's First CD, "Jika Jika" (2002) is now in demand: You can Download a sample if you like! It's suddenly "hard to find." (scratches head) and the tunes I've heard from it are just as good as if not better than those on NOMVULA!

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Huffington Post to Add Original Reporting to Its Blog

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The Huffington Post, which started about 18 months ago as a political Web site for celebrity bloggers, is preparing to venture into original reporting, with plans to cover Congress and, already, the 2008 presidential campaign.

Arianna Huffington, who started, said yesterday that the site had hired Melinda Henneberger, a print journalist most recently with Newsweek magazine, as its political editor. The site has about 2.3 million unique visitors a month, making it one of the more popular blog sites.
Ms. Huffington said Ms. Henneberger would hire a number of other journalists to begin producing original content, “with attitude.”

“Now is the time to generate our own original content,” Ms. Huffington said. “It was always our intention, once we had the money, to hire people to do reporting.”
Softbank Capital, a venture capital group, invested $5 million in the site earlier this year. Ms. Huffington said she planned to hire investigative reporters as well as a multimedia team to do video reports and wanted to make the site more interactive.

Image from Tahiti: Market of Papeete

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Blogger and teacher Jean-Marc at Photos de Tahiti et de Polynesie posts pictures of the market of Papeete and writes:

Ce marché est divisé en plusieurs parties: poissonerie, boucherie, artisanat, fruits et légumes, fleurs et divers…

The market is divided into multiple sections: fish, meat, crafts, fruits and vegetables, flowers and miscellaneous …
(credit: Global Voices)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This and That

In the Spirit of the Season, Michelle Malkin posts two simple, little reminders about the things that matter most.

Here's a neat little website whenever you need to bypass virtual gatekeepers and talk to a REAL LIVE person.

How's your money doing? Does your savings account offer 5.28% interest? If not, go here.

See if you have any missing money.

Bow Wow Wow's music never gets old ! Bow Wow Wow – "I Want Candy" (Kevin Shields Remix)

Keyboards Disconnected

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(Global Voices) The bulk of Ethiopia’s bloggers disappeared from Ethiopian computer screens for the second time in seven months this week. All sites hosted by the popular Blogspot platform stalled when internet users tried to log on to them through their Ethiopian Telecom Corp dial-up connections.

The small stable of anti-government blogs hosted on the platform - including Urael and EthioBlog - also remained inaccessible (they have been unreadable inside Ethiopia since May). Some of the bloggers themselves were quick to point the finger of blame:
This attempt by the government to completely censor all information in and out of Ethiopia is a desperate effort to keep citizens ignorant and unaware
It can hardly come as a shock that the likes of Seminawork have been blocked again in Ethiopia. What is frustrating is that journalists will mitigate the block because authorities here will lie about it when asked. Memo to hacks: They’re blocked. Period. It’s not “mysterious”


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Songs of Hope at the Desmond Tutu 75th Birthday Bash Concert

I've just learned that South African super band Freshlyground will be joined live on stage by jazz legend Vusi Mahlasela for a benefit concert in South Africa at Spier on Thursday, December 7th, 2006.

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation have teamed up with Freshlyground, winners of the Best African Act at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards, and Mahlasela to raise funds for the non profit organisation’s community sites in the Guguletu and Masiphumelele townships.

In particular, the concert marks the start of a campaign to raise funds for the Kethuphila Youth Centre to be built at Masiphumelele. This youth centre will bring new hope and opportunities for the young people of Masiphumelele.

This celebration of South African musical talent and Desmond Tutu’s 75th birthday gives music lovers the opportunity to support the Foundation in their efforts to bring hope to people living with HIV.

The Desmond Tutu 75th Birthday Bash Concert is part of the Spier African Arts Music Festival. Tickets cost R 170.00 per person. For more information log on to or call the Spier Box Office on tel. 021 809 1111.

On behalf of:
The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Contact: Linda-Gail Bekker
Tel. 021 650 6959

Esty, Nomvula and a pot o' Joe

Estabon Bennermon of Poughkeepsie - known as Esty - is a 21-year-old musician who has caught the eye of a mover and shaker in the music industry. To read his story, read the Poughkeepsie Journal Life section Wednesday. To hear his song, "Take Your Love Away," click here.
I spent most of today Christmas shopping and didn't get home until 4pm. On the way I stopped by the post office.
I was delighted to receive FreshlyGround's "NOMVULA" CD, which is spinning right now. It's really great and I'm writing up a review on it which I intend to post Wednesday (barring any computer or internet or telephone problems). Speaking of FreshlyGround, I picked up a pound of Arabic-Turkish blend coffee from one of those designer coffee shoppes. It is mighty good! There's a pot brewing right now and the aroma is totally incredible!

A Measure of Safety

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Be thankful you don't live in Haiti. At least in North America, Europe and some of the more progressive Asian and African nations, people are relatively safe. Not so in Haiti. ENERGIE.FM reports 20-year old Farah Natasha Kerbie Dessources was murdered by kidnappers AFTER her mother Maggy paid them ransom money! Farah was laid to rest last Saturday, now Maggy fears for her own life!

"Maggy Dessources, cette malheureuse qui était obligée de vendre des minutes d'appel à travers les rues du centre-ville pour entretenir sa fille Natasha (lâchement assassinée) et son jeune fils de 15 ans change continuellement de résidence le soir pour échapper aux bandits qui lui ont promis de la faire subir le même sort que sa fille.
Elle avait raconté que le teint clair de sa fille aujourd'hui assassinée (que les bandits avaient pris pour une bourgeoise) était la conséquence de son viol par un étranger (un blanc) chez lequel elle travaillait comme servante.
Des informations que nous n'avons pu vérifier font état de l'enlèvement en fin de semaine dernière du citoyen (un homme âgé) aux abords de la maison duquel le cadavre de Natasha Kerby Dessources a été retrouvé à Santo 3, en plaine. Il aurait rapporté à la mère de la petite Natasha les échanges verbaux animés que les bandits auraient eu avec la victime avant de l'abattre."

It should be noted that the funeral of Natasha Kerbie Dessources last Saturday had been transformed into an antigovernment demonstration and president Rene Préval was shown to protect from the kidnappers and the assassins. Farah was spirited away as she was returning home from school.

ENERGIE.FM additionally offers this article: (loosely translated) -

Nothing can stop Haitian cannibals in their thirst for blood and their greed for easy riches. Beside Natasha Kerby Dessources there is a new victim, a new martyr, younger, more innocent, Carl Rubens Francillon, 6 years, taken November 8 in front of his school, St Jean the Evangelist of Turgeau and found dead, undoubtedly by strangulation, last Sunday. Curious thing, it is that, in spite of the 2.000 American dollars and 55.000 gourds poured with the kidnappers by the family of small, these nevertheless liquidated it. The police apprehended five suspects including the driver of small Carl Rubens Francillon. During the two last weeks, the press has no possibility to count the cases of kidnapping and assassination (several tens) recorded in the country, particularly in the metropolitan area of Port-with-Prince.

ENERGIE FM.-Plus rien ne semble pouvoir arrêter les cannibales haïtiens dans leur soif de sang et leur avidité à la richesse facile. La société n'a même pas fini de pleurer la petite Natasha Kerby Dessources que déjà elle a sur les bras une nouvelle victime, un nouveau martyr, plus jeune, plus innocent, Carl Rubens Francillon, 6 ans, enlevé le 8 Novembre dernier devant son école, St Jean l'Evangéliste à Turgeau et retrouvé mort, sans doute par strangulation, dimanche dernier dans une localité (Morne téleco) au Cap-haïtien mais, le constat légal établi laisse penser qu'il pourrait avoir été tué vers le 12 Novembre dernier, soit 4 jours après son enlèvement (le cadavre était dans une phase avancée de putréfaction). Chose curieuse, c'est que, malgré les 2.000 dollars américains et 55.000 gourdes versés aux ravisseurs par la famille du petit, ceux-là l'ont quand même liquidé.
La police, aprrend-on, aurait interpellé cinq suspects; parmi eux, le chauffeur du petit Carl Rubens Francillon.
La machine infernale de l'insécurité et du kidnapping fait peu à peu son petit bonhomme de chemin et rien, ni personne ne semble, pour le moment, en mesure de la freiner. Durant les deux dernières semaines, la presse est pratquement dans l'impossibilité de compter les cas de kidnapping et d'assassinat (plusieurs dizaines) enregistrés dans le pays, particulièrement dans la région métropolitaine de Port-au-Prince. Et dire qu'on est à veille d'élections importantes pour la décentralisation et le développement de proximité du pays!
Global Voices' Alice Backer reports blogger JoJo at France-based Collectif Haiti de Provence deplored that the President and Prime Minister made more of an appearance at the Haitiano-Dominican Friendship games taking place during the weekend than at the Farah Dessources funeral and thought it symbolic of their lack of interest in solving the security issue. In another, he writes:
La liste de ceux qui devraient comparaître devant une cour de justice est si longue qu’il faudrait plusieurs années pour un jugement équitable. Peut il exister une justice équitable contre un système qui cautionne, protège et tire profit de la douleur et la détresse des autres.…Monsieur Le président de la République, Monsieur Le chef de la MINUSTAH, Monsieur le premier ministre, Monsieur le Directeur de la PNH, messieurs les ministres, Messieurs les sénateurs, Messieurs les députés, messieurs les fonctionnaires du gouvernement. Votre indifférence n’a d’égale que votre turpitude et n’est que le reflet de votre incapacité à diriger une nation.
Votre gouvernement est de mèche avec les kidnappeurs dont vous justifiez maladroitement les exactions par vos théories à deux balles.
Vos enfants et vos biens sont bien gardés à l’extérieur. Votre politique carotte/bâton est inefficace. Combien de récits de ce genre il vous faudra lire pour démontrer votre volonté et surtout la panoplie des solutions que vous êtes sensés, du aux postes que vous occupez, apporter à la nation ?

Here it is in english:
The list of those who should be accountable in a court of law is so long that we’d need many years for a fair judgment. Can there be equitable justice against a system that benefits from the pain and suffering of others?…Mister President, Mister the Head of [UN Mission to Haiti] MINUSTAH, Mister Prime Minister, Mister the Director of the Haitian National Police, ministers, senators, deputies, government officials, your indifference only equals your turpitude and proves your inability to govern a nation.
Your government is in cahoots with the kidnappers whose excesses you justify gauchely with your shaky theories.
Your children and your property are safely tucked away abroad. Your carrot and stick strategy is inefficient. How many similar stories will you need to read about to show your will to implement the many solutions that your position summons you to bring to the nation?
Related: On a thread dedicated to the issue posters debate solutions.

Radio Boo-Boo

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Last night I was surfing the radio boards, broadcast journalist forums and other trade sites when I came across this little gem on Fybush:
"Speaking of WBZ, the radio side of the operation proved the value of a full-time newsroom last week when a chemical plant exploded early Wednesday morning. While WBZ's overnight local newscasts are pre-recorded, its talk shows aren't, and so WBZ listeners had updates from callers (and, soon, from WBZ reporters who awoke and rushed to the scene) while a certain other newsroomless talk station [WRKO] was deep in "Coast to Coast AM." (And, its posted schedule on its website notwithstanding, said station didn't have "Boston this Morning With Rod Fritz" on the air at 6, either.)

Speaking of WRKO, it had still more headaches last week, when its phone system failed, leaving Howie Carr and other hosts to try to take callers with just a single working phone line. Ouch..."
Ouch indeed! Here's what wrote about WRKO the previous week:
"...on Thursday afternoon, the seven staffers who made up the Entercom talk station's newsroom were called into the offices of station management and informed, one by one, that WRKO was moving in a different direction, replacing its local news staff with reports from Metro Networks and increasing the amount of Fox News Radio content being used on the air.

The moment must have felt like deja vu for several of the WRKO staffers: back in 1995, previous owner American Radio Systems dismissed most of the entire news staff, including news director Rod Fritz, and contracted with Metro to provide newscasts. At the time, Metro hired some of the WRKO news talent (including Fritz and Pat Carroll, now at WCBS in New York), and WRKO kept a handful of its own newspeople, including veteran anchor Listo Fisher.

This time, it's total - Fritz and Fisher are both out of work, as are Paul Tuthill (who joined WRKO from Worcester's WTAG when WRKO reversed course in 1999 and rebuilt its newsroom), Mary Blake, Sharon Smith, Marga Bessette and Deb Daigle.

WRKO says it's a cost-cutting measure, "primarily based on our mission to build upon the core identity of WRKO-AM." The station's statement continues: "It is a talk station, and we need to put all of our resources into improving our talk format." (We'd note the big bill coming due for WRKO's expensive new Red Sox deal, too.)

On Friday, Fisher told the Boston Herald that he "find(s) it difficult to conceive of [...] doing a talk show without the news component," adding that he expected the cuts to come at some point. Fisher had been with WRKO for nearly 20 years, after a stint across town at WBZ. (Fritz was at WBZ for a while too, as well as stints at WROR, WMJX, WMEX and WHDH.)

What happens now? WRKO is apparently hoping a new roster of talk hosts (filling the mid-morning shift formerly home to John DePetro, as well as a possible new morning show) can somehow talk about the news without having anyone in-house actually reporting the news. Will listeners buy it - or will they head down the dial to WBZ and WBUR, the last two Boston radio stations with actual news reporters still on the streets?"
Already, we KNOW the answer. So good it came so soon! As the Klingons say, revenge is a dish best served cold, and this is as stone cold as it gets!

Boo-hoo, poor Howie Carr. You got what you deserve, Howie. You're a guy with a lot of power who could have stood up for your brothers and sisters in the news departemnt, but you didn't bother. Now it comes back to bite you! Good!

Over the last three weeks, I've asked people in Albany--- friends, neighbors, the druggist, the postman, what they listen to when they listen to the radio. Many had a favorite station for music, but for news I was surprised to hear how many of them tune in WAMC. WGY was second on the list, closely followed by WROW.

Those in the Capital Region aware of the Thruway bridge collapse years back may remember that Sunday morning: NOBODY HOME, nobody at the switch at any local news outlet, radio or TV, except for WGY. Even the newspapers were closed, because Sunday's papers were out. Boom! The bridge goes down, people die... at least CBS6 acquired videos of the collapse and sent reporter Judy Sanders and a cameraman out there... but it was a WAKE-UP call that resonated thru local radio and TV. Because of that collapse, I picked up a nice job at WTRY under then news director George Lezotte. I proved my worth the very first day on the job when the area was hit by a massive freak storm. I worked all day long and I know George must have been happy, because he had to convince the "powers" that having a newsman on duty on Sunday morning was justified. Those dopes in Boston aren't so lucky. WRKO, aside from egg on it's face, has lost all credibility, and the news department would have to be rebuilt from the ground up, and even then, they'd have to really go the extra mile and a half to get listeners to come back.

Part of the problem is that people holding positions of power in the industry mistakenly believe citizens don't listen to radio for news. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When I was on the UAlbany campus after the girl was raped by the football players, I talked with many, many students, most of them upset that they had heard about the on-campus rape through OUTSIDE media... if it was TV they said they saw it on Channel 13 or Channel 6. If it was radio, they heard it on WGY. An official at the college radio station had no idea that there had even been a rape! (And most of the kids said they never listened to WCDB anyway!)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Give Peace A Chance

On Wednesday, November 29 there will be a Peaceful Alternatives political action at Waterford-Halfmoon School, 125 Middletown Road, Waterford, NY from 6:30 AM until school starts at 7:45 AM.

The Air National Guard will be recruiting students on Wednesday, November 29

Students and staff will rally encouraging students to “Choose Peace” and our Government to provide “Money for Schools - Not for War”.

More information is available at:


1) Inform students of their right to Opt-Out of Military Recruiting.
2) Encourage students to seek Peaceful Alternatives after High School.
3) Assist students in navigating the Selective Service system and exercising all their options.
4) Support students who are Conscientious Objectors.

I wish MY teachers had been that cool!

El Spitz

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As Day One in Spitzerville approaches, we New Yorkers should get to know our new Governor!
Eliot Spitzer Interview (from YouTUBE) A hilarious clip created by young filmmaker, J.D. Lifshitz. Interview with incoming New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

ES: This sounds perhaps overly romantic, but to me, New York has always stood for a sense of opportunity and hope, and it's been the destination of individuals who have aspirations and believe that if they get here, they'll be able to fulfill them. But I've seen that faith begin to dissipate. There is a sense that the sun is setting and we have seen the dynamism that used to be captured by New York move to other destinations. New York state is losing population--people are voting with their feet. We've got to come back. I don't have any doubt we can do it.

Decided to run for Governor December 2004:
BRANCACCIO (on PBS): Since our interview the other day, Eliot Spitzer seems to have made up his mind about running for governor of New York, a seat now held by popular three-term Republican George Pataki.
The NEW YORK POST reports Spitzer, a Democrat, will announce his candidacy next week at a thousand-dollar-a-seat fundraiser.
Philosophy: "If you're not willing to fail, you won't succeed."

Drive/Determination: ES: me, New York has always stood for a sense of opportunity and hope, and it's been the destination of individuals who have aspirations and believe that if they get here, they'll be able to fulfill them. But I've seen that faith begin to dissipate. There is a sense that the sun is setting and we have seen the dynamism that used to be captured by New York move to other destinations. New York state is losing population--people are voting with their feet. We've got to come back. I don't have any doubt we can do it.

Hero: New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. ES: He still is. He is now in his mid-eighties, has been the D.A. here forever. In his last reelection campaign--the first time he was challenged in any significant way in a great period of time--he used my picture in his campaign. Which was for me a thrill. So [in 1994], when Bob Abrams retired or resigned as attorney general, it was then that I said, "There is a job that has all sorts of possibilities." It was being terribly underutilized. I thought there was something more expansive that could be done with it, a more activist role that would demonstrate some overarching principles about the way society was supposed to function.

Stand on Sarbanes-Oxley reforms: “The argument that we are failing in competitiveness because of regulations is incomplete,” Mr. Spitzer said. “We’re failing in competitiveness because of failed business models and the lack of smart investment in technology. General Motors is not failing because of regulations but because it hasn’t produced good products.

Mr. Spitzer said critics who warned that aggressive enforcement hurts competitiveness were ignoring recent history. “The sectors that bore the brunt of my cases are performing extremely well,” he said. “They are more competitive because they understand the importance of ethics.”

More Eliot Spitzer: Here is an edited transcript of an hour-long interview with Eliot Spitzer by Gannett News Service reporters Jay Gallagher, Yancey Roy and Cara Matthews.

Sources: Interview | PBS' NOW | JURIST | The Intangible Economy
See Also: Windfall in State Tax Collection Could Ease the Way for Spitzer

Think Yourself Happy

Tonight before you hit the hay, think of THREE GOOD THINGS (definition is entirely at your discretion) that happened to you today... luck coincidences, pieces of good news... maybe you helped a blind lady cross a busy street. Analyze WHY they happened. Would you have found that quarter if you had walked by an hour later or maybe had taken your original route? Did you find your favorite hard-to-find brand of cookies at one of the supermarkets you DON'T usually go to? Did the ATM pass you an extra $20 (in your wildest dreams!)--- things like that--- WHY on earth DID they happen. So there. 3 good things. analyze. Sleep. Researchers say you'll be a better, happier person in the morning.

Bonus: somebody told me this YEARS ago and I thought they were crazy. but it works! You have to get up tomorrow morning at 5am. Go to bed around your normal time, whatever that is (don't forget to consider those 3 good things), then gently knock your fist against your head 5 times. (One knock per clock hour... this might give you a headache if you have to wake up at Noon!) Then forget about everything and sleep. (I still set my battery-powered alarm clock as back-up, but in the past 5 years I've always beaten the alarm. Always!)

New York Winters & Floods

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Ever since New Orleans was submerged, people have been curious about flooding in the Capital Region. It's a definite possibility... after all, as Bob Gardinier in this morning's Times Union points out, it took an "epic flood" to spark authorities into creating the Sacandaga Reservoir.

We've had a few floods in modern times in the Capital Region. A very notable one was the flood brought by that monster storm in 1953 that dumped nuclear fallout on Albany Schenectady and Troy and the surrounding areas. We all know about the Stockade area of Schenectady that routinely floods. Did you ever for a moment think that what happened in New Orleans could possibly happen here? Well, it could!

I know--- you've watched the TV coverage of the floods, scratched your head and wondered why the poor souls who live down there would want to go back for more. Well, probably for the same reason Schenectadians keep living in the Stockade. Whatever that reason is! You've probably also breathed a sigh of relief because "nothing like that could ever happen here."

Way back in the 1860s, folks discussed damming the Sacandaga. A major tributary to the Hudson, the Sacandaga would often flood in the spring as the massive Adirondack snows melted. Flooding along both rivers was common. By late summer, drought would cause the Hudson to become too low for safe boating, crippling commerce.

Then there was the Flood of March 1913. A flood so great people in Albany's South End had to use rowboats to get from here to there. Water covered and polluted the city's water filtration system. When the waters finally receded, a typhoid epidemic broke out.

Nine years passed before the State Legislature acted by creating The Hudson River Regulating Board. Hundreds of homes, and much of Sacandaga Park, were purposely burned down to make way for the Great Sacandaga lake. Four whole hamlets were drowned, as well as parts of many others.

After many debates, some bills were passed in legislature to become a law called the "Enabling Act" of the Conservation Department. Eventually all property came under the jurisdiction of the Hudson River Regulating Board. This process and the clearing of the land of trees, buildings, etc. took two years. Meanwhile, a dam was built at Conklinville, with two smaller ones at Mayfield and Northville.

The Conklinville dam was completed March 27, 1930. The 1,100-foot-long bridge contained 790,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock and another 15,000 cubic yards of concrete. It cost $2 million, with another $500,000 for the half-mile-long Batchellerville Bridge. In the spring of 1930 the floodgates were closed and the lake (only two square miles smaller than Lake George) became a reality.

If the Conklinville dam, for any reason, gave way, the Capital Region would be hit with a surprise flood the likes of which you and I have never seen--- a larger than life disaster! Most of downtown Albany would be under water! I'm not trying to scare you, just make you aware! You're not always as safe as you feel!

Conklinville's not the only thing to be "dam concerned" about: The GILBOA Dam is another "accident" waiting to happen. Mayor Joseph Emanuele told Capital News 9 he is concerned about the Gilboa Dam. If it were to break, the City of Amsterdam would be hit with a number of problems...

The New York City area has it's own special meteorological problems: THE FIVE YEAR FORECAST by Clive Thompson is an interesting read in New York magazine. Experts now believe that after Miami and New Orleans, New York City is considered the third most dangerous major city for the next hurricane disaster. According to a 1990 study by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the city has some unique and potentially lethal features. New York's major bridges such as the Verrazano Narrows and the George Washington are so high that they would experience hurricane force winds well before those winds were felt at sea-level locations. Therefore, these escape routes would have to be closed well before
ground-level bridges (Time, 1998). The two ferry services across the Long Island Sound would also be shut down 6-12 hours before the storm surge invaded the waters around Long Island, further decreasing the potential for evacuation.

A storm surge prediction program used by forecasters called SLOSH (Sea, Lake, and Overland Surge from Hurricanes) has predicted that in a category 4 hurricane, John F. Kennedy International Airport would be under 20 feet of water and sea water would pour through the Holland and Brooklyn-Battery tunnels and into the city's subways throughout lower Manhattan. The report did not estimate casualties, but did state that storms "that would present low to moderate hazards in other regions of the country could result in heavy loss of life" in the New York City area (Time, 1998).

Some of the key observations from the storm surge maps for Nassau & Suffolk Counties:

* Category 1 hurricanes inundate just about all of the immediate south shore of the Island, including the north side of Great South Bay locations and both sides of the north and south forks.

* Montauk Highway (RT. 27A) is completely covered by flood waters during a Category 3 hurricane. Therefore, this road would be considered impassable during the storm.

* The highest storm surges (Category 4) would occur in the following regions:
* Amityville Harbor - 29 feet
* Atlantic Beach & Long Beach areas - 24 to 28 feet
* South Oyster Bay, Middle Bay, & East Bay areas - 24 to 28 feet

* Montauk Point is completely cut off from rest of south fork during a category 1 storm.
* Much of the north and south forks are entirely under water during a category 3 hurricane... (More)

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blogsessing: Give the Gift of Music

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This year I've found music by Lordi, FreshlyGround (pictured), Alice Smith and Santalina on the Net. I would have never heard of any of them had I just been listening to the radio!

I'm gonna put you to work: maybe you've been sitting there like a lump on a log, wondering why no more than 30 people a day show up to read your blog (I see posts like that all the time) and getting frustrated. "Why did I even start a blog?" Please, don't obsess over it! People start blogs for different reasons and whatever yours is, here's a simple way to handle everything: write. One day you might be on fire, writing about this and that and the other. Open up notepad or wordpad and write/save your stories. Pick the most time-sensitive topic and post that article to your blog immediately. Come back later or tomorrow and look at the others. Meantime you may hear something on the news or see something on another blog that you've nailed in your article. That's the time to go back, add in links to the new material, and post. If you post once a day, your blog will be strong and healthy. You may not have time to WRITE everyday, so that's when those "banked" articles come in handy. think of those 30 readers or blogders as your personal disciples. People who liked you or something you wrote about so much they come back almost everyday for a visit.

Oh yeah, back to the idea of putting YOU to work... it's almost Christmastime, and nothing is better than giving a friend or relative the Gift of Music, also an incentive to get people to BUY music. Case in point: Lordi. I made a video CD of the band's performance of "Blood Red Sandman" and gave it to a friend. He went nuts and ordered every Lordi product he could Google.


I'm giving you the names of the tools you'll need. It's up to you to FIND them (I did) and use them! Let's take VIDEO first. You see a great song on YouTUBE, either something brand new or a clip that evokes memories from the past. Here's what you need to save that:
  • Ordinary PC with Win9x, ME or better
  • CD Burner (DVD burner is not needed!)
  • Internet Connection (Duh!) - Yes, DIAL-UP is okay!!!
  • Check out - poke around and get familiar, because when you find a video you want to keep, you go through this site to park it on your computer!
You'll need to gather a few other FREE programs:
  • Riva FLV player - so you can verify you have a complete download
  • SUPER - to convert .flv files to .mpeg
  • VCDGear - to assemble one or more videos and format them to be burned on a CD
  • BurnAtOnce - or similar CD burner software - to do the actual burning.

Remember, you don't need a DVD burner. Your finished CD (ordinary blank CD's may be used) will not only play on your DVD player, but you can play it back on your PC using a free VCD player like LALIM. Make a copy or two to give to your friend(s).


Boy oh boy, here's a sweet little trick I learned. One day I went searching for a new CD by a new artist. I found one of those sites where you could LISTEN to entire songs online, and they let you download 2 or 3. I DL'd the songs, all the while wishing I had a cassette deck attached to the PC to record the others.


If you have speakers or an earphone jack, you can go to Radio Shack or a similar store and get a wire with the plugs you need to patch your PC into a cassette deck! Some PC's come with audio out jacks on the back, so check what your model has. If you're afraid of buying the wrong accessories, look through your stuff and find jacks or plugs that perfectly fit those on your PC and deck, then take those items with you when you shop for a cord. I once taped an entire session off WFUV's archives that featured a performance by Norah Jones. I used a DIAL-UP connection, with a headphone-jack plug from my speakers into an RCA-type plug on my cassette deck. It sounds clean, crisp and clear!

Now back to those songs I was wishing I could copy. Totally by accident, I "lost" a file while moving it from one directory to another using Windows Explorer in ME. As I looked and looked I eventually got to Internet Explorer's Internet Temp files, I saw a dozen or so files bearing the Windows Media Player icon. I clicked a few to check file size. All but three were VERY small... 950k or thereabouts. I clicked on one of the three: it was one of the songs I downloaded! I clicked on one of the smaller ones: it turned out to be a COMPLETE song, one of the ones I could only listen to online! I moved all 12 files into a folder in "My Music." Manna!

I needed a way to convert the files to MP3's. I found a free software called "JODIX." VOILA! I had the contents of the entire CD now, which I had converted and burned onto a CD. Now, to do this properly, before you go looking for music online, clean out your internet Temp files completely, using your browser tools or a free standalone program like EasyClean. It'll make it easy to find the files after you've listened. Now my other PC, running Win98SE, was being used by someone who had just listened to about 14 songs on a variety of music sites. I checked the IE temp files: they were all there, all in that 750-950k size range. Some had a .WMA file extension. Others did not. If you know how to change file extensions (see your Windows help file for information on how to reveal and change media file extensions) you merely change the .ASX or whatever to .WMA, click on the file to make sure it plays okay, then run it through JODIX and you have your ready-to-burn mp3s!

Now, using your own CD burner software program, you can make a CD sampler of songs you like for your friends, who, in turn, will find songs on the disc THEY like, and they'll search for and purchase that music! It's really a win-win-win situation for you-your friends-the artists & labels.

Ever since cassettes came on the market back in the late 60s - early 70s, record companies have worried about people making copies. If an artist or group puts out a great recording, people will still buy that original product if it's worth it's salt! Despite what you may have been told otherwise, that held true in 1976 and it still holds true in 2006! I personally have purchased about a dozen music CD's this year: all except two were by artists I'd encountered on the Net through online downloading, streaming and places like YouTUBE!

There's a lot of material here, and a lot for you to do. You may even have to improvise or find other programs that do the same things. It's interesting, frustrating, but you'll LEARN a lot more about your computer and how things operate, and when you crank out that first videoCD or music CD, you'll be proud of yourself! You may even decide to blog about it!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Free Press Helping Terrorists?

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PJ Media Blogger Michelle Malkin today accuses the New York Times of "tipping off" terrorists:

"Blabbermouths at the New York Times, who have been accused by federal prosecutors of tipping off Islamic charities fronting for terror, want Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to protect them:"
Ms. Malkin goes into a lot of detail, but what is the SOLUTION here--- how does this situation get corrected, and by whom, and how much civil liberty might be lost? If the democrats take the White House and the Government in 2008, will the NY Times change it's tune on it's own? In essence, is this more POLITICAL than anything else?
Should we endanger freedom of the press and freedom of speech or just wait until '08, or would that be too late? What do YOU think?

If you liked this post, you might like: Who Killed Alexander Litvinenko? -or- just visit my Home Page to reveal ALL recent posts!

Who Killed Alexander Litvinenko?

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Whenever I think Spy vs. Spy, I think 1960s... Cold War, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mad Magazine, that sort of thing. But as the old saying goes, everything old is new again (or something like that), and Spies keep on spying... Alexander Litvinenko was a man who could be taught little about the seamy side of modern Russia. A KGB agent for 18 years, he occupied a world where intrigue, betrayal and ruthless trickery were the tools of working life. I am totally in agreement with Sean Guillory: It is rather old news to report that Alexander Litvinenko died of radiation poisoning in London. The news, after all, is everywhere.

Police and security services believe an assassin secretly sprayed a mist of radioactive polonium-210 on Litvinenko’s meal at a sushi bar. A large quantity of the element was found in his urine hours before he died. British officials are calling it "an unprecedented event." Experts say the substance probably came from a nuclear reactor. The element kills because it emits radiation when in the body. It was discovered by Marie Curie in the 19th century. Polonium 210 is only dangerous when ingested.

Before the 43-year old Litvinenko died in a London hospital Thursday night, he dictated a statement blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for ordering his murder. Litvinenko's supporters say he was killed because he was investigating the recent murder of journalist and fellow Putin critic Anna Politkovskaya.

LiveJournal blogger dolboeb (Anton Nossik) posts a reaction nowhere near as straightforward as Litvinenko’s last statement - but just as telling:

Теория и практика заговора
Вчера вечером в лондонской больнице умер Саша Литвиненко.
Всё, о чём ему интересно было говорить при жизни — заговоры спецслужб, покушения, тайные козни.
Звучало это как чистой воды паранойя, нажитая на почве слишком долгой работы в органах.
Но ведь прав оказался в итоге.
А жаль.

К тому, что пессимисты выигрывают все пари, я уже привык понемногу.
Теперь главное пари своей жизни (и смерти) выиграл параноик.
Хочется снова сказать "Нет, ну, Саша, ну, ты не прав, ну, так не бывает".
А некому сказать-то.

A Conspiracy: Theory and Practice

Sasha Litvinenko died last night at a London hospital. While he was alive, all he was interested in talking about were special services’ conspiracies, murder attempts, secret plots. It sounded like pure paranoia, acquired as a result of too many years of work in the organs. But he ended up being right. A pity.

I’ve slowly gotten used to pessimists winning all the bets. This time it’s a paranoiac who has won the main bet of his life (and death). I feel like saying this again: “But no, Sasha, you are wrong, it can’t be so.” But there’s no one to say it to.

Comments to that post include:

otry: It all resembles the [Soviet times]. Russians, aren’t you scared to live??
iterentyev: No.
andronic: A deserter died, a subject of Her Majesty. Why should Russian citizens be scared?
otry: Think of the USSR and the dissidents. It’s much easier to live when [the Communist Party] is leading and directing you. […]
baijarak: What does it have to do with Litvinenko’s death? Or do you have evidence proving he was killed by the [secret service]?
otry: What I said isn’t just about Litvinenko. Turn and look around.
baijarak: Well, everything’s not too bad around me. At least, it’s not as you are describing it. The regime makes many [mistakes], there’s [plenty of] crap in society - as in the majority of countries, by the way. But I wouldn’t say that special services aren’t letting anyone live and are doing away with all people who have their own position. [I wouldn’t say] there “no oxygen.” It’s all quite normal.
varera: [What secret services?] He poisoned himself on purpose, to [spite] Russia.
almish: I thought about it, too, by the way. […]
varera: What’s to be done for people to see the irony? What smiley to insert?
jerom: Oh, but there are many countries that aren’t shy about eliminating criminals in foreign countries (Israel, USA). Litvinenko is a KGB officer, with access to secrets, a traitor. Maybe [he deserved it]? Let’s watch [Oleg Kalugin]’s health, and that of [Victor Rezun-Suvorov], let’s wait and see…
___mic___: He got what he wanted.
vasya22: When one works in the organs for too long, one acquires realism, not paranoia…
object: Those who support the arguments “No one cared about him” and “Why harm your own prestige?” should first tackle the questions of whose prestige was benefiting from [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn]’s deportation or [Andrei Sakharov]’s exile in Gorky. I remember how a teacher of history of the CPSU at the institute was saying that Sakharov was a worm that no normal people would pay attention to. This was his argument in favor of the exile.
In any case, [FSB director Nikolay Patrushev] said honestly: “We didn’t reject our past, we’ve said it honestly: [Lubyanka]’s history of the past century is our history…”
smolenski: […] Is it bad - to remember your country’s history?
object: We are talking of different things.
kondratiy: It looks like [Mr. Yelenin] has begun to get rid of those extra mouthes to feed.
H/T: Veronica Khokhlova via Global Voices contributed to this article.

See Also: Alexander Litvinenko - the day after

web 3.0

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The Net's next phase: What's on the way? web 3.0 is on the way! (What happened to web 2.1?) First, we had Web 1.0 - the read-only web. Then came Web 2.0 - the read-write web - all of these services that make it easy for us to contribute content and interact with others. If you keep up the programming analogy, the next phase would be Web 3.0 - the Read-Write-Execute Web. Google is on the cutting edge: merging Net content with FREE cellular telephones!

Web search leader Google Inc.'s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sees a future where mobile phones are free to consumers who accept watching targeted forms of advertising.

Schmidt said Saturday that as mobile phones become more like handheld computers and consumers spend as much as eight to 10 hours a day talking, texting and using the Web on these devices, advertising becomes a viable form of subsidy. [more]

Web 3.0 must be every device connected to the internet and seamlessly to itself. Video streamed from a computer to a TVand vice-versa, picture frames that pulls photos from my online flickr account, mirrors that can show RSS feeds in the corner, products recommended by my friends via appearing on my cell phone while in a shop...
In fact - we may even have our own personal agents doing all the work for us!

Counterpoint: WebProNews' Ross Mayfield blogs "There Is No Web 3.0"
WebProNews RSS Feed

All this leads Ross Mayfield to say that if Web 2.0 is a bubble, Web 3.0 will just be a disaster. After all, Web 2.0 isn't even a buzzword yet in the real world, as Blog Herald found out.

John Markoff writes in the NY Times that Web 3.0 is coming. Apparently he missed my post last week, for There is no Web 3.0. The funny thing about my summation last year (Web 2.0 is Made of People!) is the web has always been that way -- and always will. At first glance, John seems to think the next web is made of machines.

What to expect from Web 3.0
Mobile Opportunity: Web 3.0
A 'more revolutionary' Web - Technology - International Herald Tribune
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Welcome Web 3.0!
A List Apart: Articles: Web 3.0

Friday, November 24, 2006

3 from Benn Loxo


I've really got to get round to some updating of the blogroll and a few other chores... I'm planning to add a listing of mp3 and download-related blogs. You can bet Matt Yanchyshyn's Benn loxo du taccu will be on that chart! I ran across three very interesting articles posted there (Some of the links don't work with certain browsers, so get ready to Google if you have to!):

Lebo R.I.P. Lebo Mathosa was a popular personality part of the Kwaito group Boom Shaka where she shared lead vocals with Thembi Seete. She is memorialized in a guest post... she was 29 when she died in a car crash last month.
Boom Shaka - Gcwala (Halo remix)

Thiaroye, then up up The best of Sengalese Hip Hop here, Wagëblë making a go for it. They won the 2005 Senegal Hip-Hop awards and have some good publicity buzz. Check-out their well-designed web site, MySpace page. There’s also a YouTube video of today’s track. The shots of Dakar, Gorée and Thiaroye are great.
Wagëblë - Senegal

Phil & Kenny Rock Africa Could someone from Dakar please tell me why Phil Collins is so loved in Senegal? Seriously, he’s been top 10 radio play for as long as I’ve known the country. To make matters even more confusing, another Benn loxo reader reports that you can’t go a day in Rwanda without hearing some Kenny Rogers.

Be sure to check out Benn Loxo's blogroll... I'm certain you'll be adding new bookmarks to your browser!

Speaking of african music, I just opened up email from CDNow in the UK, which tells me my copy of FreshlyGround's new CD is on the way, so I'll be reviewing it after I get a chance to listen a few times. Only songs I've heard so far are either samples or less than hi-fi YouTUBE videos. Here's a link to my previous post on FG along with links to other "musical" posts, in order of popularity!




Moby & Asobi

Alice Smith

LOVE / Beatles

Pei-Yao Wang


Liveblogging From The Mall on Black Friday

Timing is everything: arrived at Crossgates Mall directly from New York city at 5:55am...

Overheard in line: two men talking about Iraq and the recent rash of violence there. These guys were Vietnam vets. They agreed the entire nation of Iraq should be nuked. Said one: "If there was any oil there, you can bet Bush's buddies already got it and made us pay through the nose for it." With attitudes like that prevailing, no wonder the Democrats are the up and coming political darlings in the USA!

The Bad News: most of the carrots dangled in front of consumers in the little newspaper inserts are already sold out. I would hesitate to take a rain check on anything, because tomorrow the store down the street could be selling the item you're looking for at half the price.

The Good News: most shoppers are being courteous... no fighting!

More overheard: people talking about something on TV locally about a family in Clifton Park who found a huge military bullet in their Thanksgiving Turkey. I just checked the T-U, channel 6 and Cap 9 and I don't see anything about it.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Help Wanted

Wanted: Housecleaner at Albany County Social Services. Department needs top-to-bottom scrubbing.

Hello D-A David Soares! It's time for you to get to work and investigate! You promised you would hold public officials accountable!

I've always been wary of Albany County Social Services. They always make everything three times as hard as it should be for the unfortunate souls who must cross their path. Bitter, arrogant and uncaring is how many of their "clients" would describe the SS workers. SS, now that's a name that certainly fits in this case.

For some time, it has been known that memebers of Albany County SS have been involved in other than tabletop activities. FINALLY one is caught and exposed! From the pages of the Times Union.
- Six Capital Region women who allegedly used an Internet site and a local alternative weekly newspaper to solicit for prostitution were arrested this week by the Albany County Sheriff's Department.

One of the women, Mia A. Mauro, 38, of Albany, is a senior case worker for Albany County's Department for Children, Youth and Families.

The department's commissioner received a tip that an employee was allegedly offering sexual services for sale on the Web site, said county spokeswoman Kerri Battle. The commissioner immediately turned the information over to police.

Police said they set up a meeting with Mauro at a local motel and arrested her after she agreed to have sex with undercover officers for payment.
OH, MISTER SOARES! The paper says Mauro has been on leave from her county job since August for undisclosed personal reasons... please find out WHAT those reasons are and if she has been getting PAID for time off. If she has, why is she out selling her ass? Department for Children, Youth and Families needs to be under your microscope immediately! By the way, why don't you officials PUT A STOP to this crap once and for all... order Metroland to stop advertising these women for sale. Oh I know, your police guys have to make arrests every now and then, so Metroland makes it easy to identify the whores. But this has been happening over and over and over again. Isn't it time to put a stop to it? The rest of the news article, entitled "6 charged with Prostitution" can be found here.
~guest post by Albany Girl

Hamburger Harmony

Capitol Records butchered the Beatles' recordings in the US until the group insisted "Sgt. Pepper's" could not be tampered with...

Some say it's like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. For what it's worth, Capitol records, the company that originally butchered the Beatles recordings for US release, has issued a remix of Fab 4 tunes. Ho-hum! Here's what some other bloggers thought about it:
Album review - The Beatles "Love"
Beatles "Love" Unwrapped

Listening to The Beatles "Love" online
The Beatles
All you need is Love?

Here is what I would recommend releasing:

Beatles Compliation CD

1 - Cry For A Shadow (inst.) I wouldn't bother forcing anyone to listen to any of The Beatles old DECCA UK recordings, because they suck, especially "My Bonnie." But "Cry..." was recorded at the Star Club in Hamburg in the early days when the group was honing it's sound.

2 - Chains - this old track from the VeeJay album serves to point out that the boys owed a lot to the legendary US girl groups of the late 50s and early 60s.

3 - Time and The River - this McCartney-Lennon (that's how they credited the writers in the early days: Capitol records switched it to "Lennon-McCartney") tune is a timeless classic with a hint of a "Yesterday" to come... it was released as a "B" side to a South African 45 that was recalled and replaced with a different song... a friend of mine in High School had a copy of it, complete with the plastic "triangle" that was in the centerhole of British Empire 45's.

4 - I'm In Love - "I've got something to tell you... You're my kinda girl, you make me feel proud..." - this precursor of "She Loves You" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is still hidden away in Parlophone's recording bank. The Fourmost did a cover that wasn't a hit.

5 - Do You Want To Know A Secret - another VeeJay track, which sets up the listener for

6 - Love Me Do - held by VeeJay for release way after the Beatles became popular, VeeJay waited for a lull in Capitols' release cycle to spriong this tune on the american buyers.

7 - She Loves You
8 - I Want to Hold Your Hand
9 and 10 - German versions of the two classics

11- I'll Be Back - as the Beatles forged on with the massive "Beatles For Sale" album, Capitol records chopped it and withheld songs from it. "I'll Be Back" was scooped up by savvy American DJ's where it ended up making radio stations like WTRY in Albany #1 despite a lack of watt power!

12 - She's A Woman - the ORIGINAL not the overbloated echoed-to-death Capitol records version.

13 - The Night Before (1:59 original version) This recording of the song was pirated into the US by a few DJ's. It was heavily rotated and requested on Troy's WTRY radio, again a driving force that left 50-thousand watt rival WPTR in the dust. The cart it was on disappeared and I've never heard it on any of the vast number of bootlegs and complilations. The powers that ruled Parlophone records were FRIGHTENED by this particular version, so hypnotic, it ruled the airwaves of WTRY for an entire summer and ended up being voted aby the station;s listeners as the number one Beatles song of all time (circa 1966), edging out "Yesterday," which had just been released! A weak, wimpy watered-down version appeared on the "Help" LP... well, it would be like comparing "The Sopranos" HBO TV series to a 5-minute grainy piece of B&W Charlie Chaplin film.

14 - Yes It Is - the original uncluttered acoustic version

15 - A Hard Day's Night
16 - Help - makes sense to have the movie themes next

17 - Yesterday - ultimate Beatles classic, withheld by Capitol so they could release it as a US single and make $$$, which they did. Boatloads.

18 - Yellow Submarine - the Beatles made music fun

19 - Hey Jude - A very long, classic song...

20 - All You Need Is Love - with this I would "enhance" the CD by including a VCD video of the original LIVE worldwide TV broadcast this song was taken from. VCD can be viewed on any PC AND via DVD player!

21 - Let It Be - which is what Capitol records should have done in the first place!

"Sgt. Pepper" and "The White Album" and "Abbey Road" were meant to be listened to individually... Yes, there are countless other Beatles tunes like "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," "Strawberry Fields," "In My Life," "For No One," "Magical Mystery Tour," "I Am The Walrus"--- just get the originals and listen!

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