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Sokari has posted Gaza Strip on Black Looks. It's a film documenting the lives of ordinary Palestinians in Gaza (70 minutes)

Le Blog de Maurine: Le sondage "Sophie Marceau"...

California-based Congolese blogger Alain Mabanckou has nothing but praise for Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour’s big screen debut in Amazing Grace

Shopping for movies at Mozikep DVD/Video shop in Budapest is a crazy experience: read the details at Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar.

Kenny Sia blogs: "People are so desperate to look good nowadays, they are willing to believe absolutely anything."

Looking for something good to read (besides blogs;): Laila Lalami has found a book for you. Jamaican novelist Marlon James posts a list of his top ten books.

UAE Kitten posts another batch of eyepopping photography. Not enough photos? Dragon Girl photoblogs When in Rome... posts some lovely photos of the 2007 Carnaval in Haiti by Wadner Pierre.

BeyondEternal writes "Because of this new cellphone, I won't be buying a digital camera anymore."

Geoffrey Philp posts a podcast of the proceedings from the premiere of a documentary on the life of the Jamaican dub poet Malachi Smith.

Sick? mac blogs What I do When I get Flu

Freedom for Egyptians wonders what if Anna Nicole Smith was Egyptian!

Last but not least, Des Walsh blogs "Why It's Smart to Organize Blog Categories Sooner." Yeah, I wish I had done that!

Couch Potato 2.0

BEIJING (Reuters) - An obese 26-year-old man in northeastern China died after a "marathon" online gaming session over the Lunar New Year holiday, state media said on Wednesday.

The 150-kg (330-lb) man from Jinzhou, in Liaoning province, collapsed on Saturday, the last day of the holiday, after spending "almost all" of the seven-day break playing online games, the China Daily said, citing his parents.

Xu Yan, a local teacher, said the "dull life" during the holiday prompted many people to turn to computer games for entertainment.

"There are only two options. TV or computer. What else can I do in the holiday as all markets, KTV and cafeterias are shut down?" the paper quoted Xu as saying.

China has seen an alarming rise in the number of teenage and young adult Internet addicts in recent years, despite attempts to restrict minors from cybercafes and limit online game playing times.

About 2.6 million -- or 13 percent -- of China's 20 million Internet users under 18 are classed as addicts, state media have reported.

© Reuters 2007.

Things I Should Have Blogged About Yesterday Morning

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The Dog ate my blog. Actually, it was getting late in the morning and I had to blaze off to work. The PC was running slow already, and stalled out completely as I tried to DL the cover art for the latest issue of Newsweek which features a soldier from the Capital Region who lost her legs in Iraq.

The other interesting article appeared in a newspaper in Hong Kong, where a US official was quoted as saying a recession was coming... it sure came in a hurry. Hong Kong. Hmmm... isn't that... China? And where did the Tuesday slide on Wall Street begin? China? Either they were warning us this was coming or the Internet is warping time, removing the usual cushion of weeks or months and replacing it with that "instant gratification" so many critics and analysts pontificate about. What do YOU think?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Blogosphere Tonight 27February 07

Here's an important post for Citizen Journalists and Bloggers alike: it's from the Center for Citizen Media Blog, entitled Banning Pro Photographers from Basketball Game; Citizen Photographers Next?

Pro-Journalist (and retired TV anchorman) Ed Dague blogs about "The Bird."

Iraqi blogger Ladybird keeps us up-to-date with news surrounding the failed assassination attempt against Vice President Adel Abdulmahdi here

Saudi Stepford Wife is Saudi Arabia’s latest female blogger to start ranting to the world.“I’m venting about issues I encounter from my perspective and through the filter of all my different roles in life; woman, wife, mother, educated professional, etc,” she writes.

Check out Cuckoo’s Call on the tenets of Islamic Banking. “Very few people know what Islamic banking is or what interest-free economy means.”

Algerian blogger Lameen Souag argues that the Arabic language is being threatened in Qatar, where the emphasis is on teaching youngsters English at an early age.

Albany Project blogger Nancy Scola posts The Oil Under Greenpoint, about a pretty big oil spill not too many people have known about - 'til today.

blogsColombia recommends the fantastic internet radio program Radio Cápsula with its focus on Colombian and Latin American electronic music. Archives of the Creative Commons-licensed show can be downloaded as podcasts.

Like RAP and / or Hip-Hop? Dallas Penn wrote The (white) Rapper Show: It’s A (white) Wrap! just for you!

Ecuadorean blogger Milton Ramirez adds to the warnings for Blogspot users to protect their accounts after many Spanish-language weblogs have been hacked.

Bloggers in the Media Spotlight

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Chilean blogger Leo Prieto was featured in the New York Daily News in an article about so-called “cosmopolatinos” (Latinos that don’t listen to Reggaeton, it seems). Referring to an earlier incident in which a Chilean newspaper used a photograph he took without permission, Prieto writes, “the funniest thing is that they decided to use one of my photos (without persmission, but this time I’m not going to sue them), to decorate the article.

Here's a transcript of an interview Rudy Giuliani did with radio talk show
host (and influential conservative author and blogger) Hugh Hewitt.

PFblogger "Single Ma" writes
"My blog was mentioned on the radio ... - NPR Morning Edition! Renee Montagne of NPR (National Public Radio) was talking with Joan Goldwasser of Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine about personal finance bloggers. "
Wanna hear it? Click to listen.
Other PF Bloggers mentioned:
Stingy Student
Make Love Not Debt
The Debt Defier
Blogging Away Debt

Are you a budding writer? California blogger Alexandra Sokoloff has posted a list of essential resources for authors, screenwriters, and TV writers.

You need to come home! Ryan is dead!

Here's another one of those "I just read a couple of articles about this" or "I just saw this on TV the other day" posts. This one is a true story about bullies. It's from the St. Albans Vermont Messenger. It starts out like this:
ST. ALBANS CITY –– Oct. 7, 2003, was the day that split John Halligan’s life in half.
He was in a hotel room in Rochester, N.Y., away on a business trip for IBM in Essex Junction. His cell phone rang. He knew the number. It was home.
“John! John!” his wife cried on the other end. “You need to come home! You need to come home! Ryan is dead! He killed himself!”
On the plane, John stared out the window. Tears streamed down his face. He could barely breathe.
“Why?” he kept asking himself. “Why? Why? Why? Why would such a beautiful, sweet young man commit such a horrendous act?”
Eventually, John knew. Ryan, just 13, took his own life because he was teased at school and harassed online – the target of cyberbullies.

Bee Gone

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I've run across this story a few times since Saturday. Hope they don't try to pin this on Global Warming. I think it's something more sinister. Perhaps a virus? Another common insect turning predator? Or maybe those preadtory wasps have increased in number. Whatever it is, I hope scientists are able to solve this mystery quickly, because we need bees for pollination.


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A little snow on the ground this morning as our "dwarf winter" progresses. It won't be long before I start-up my tomatoes and peppers. Especially the HOT peppers. Start them early, and keep 'em like houseplants until transplant time. Last year I started mine March first, and they were of good size to actually yield a little crop of hotties in late summer!

There's all kinds of speculation regarding the next "seed" internet business. Imagine if 5 years ago you bought a little YouTube or Google stock. You'd be in the Bahamas right now...

There's a company that will sell you "friends" for your MySpace or Facebook. What's next? Buy a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend?

Will Webcams replace MySpace? (CNET on new rising web star Stickam)

Swedish blogger Pawal at Datasvammel made the headlines of several of the major news media in Sweden Wednesday, when he revealed that Swedish State television uses a UK service to filter their incoming email. There’s a current debate about data surveillance in Sweden, since the government wants to increase the possibilities for Försvarets radioanstalt, FRA (the radio surveillance dept. of the Swedish military defence), to “listen in” on email and phone conversations to and from other countries.The proposition has received a lot of critisism. The government says the objective is to fight terrorism, but critics claim that the proposition is a threat to our personal integrity. Some call it a “1984 proposition”. [more from Citizen Media Watch]

Snowvision (YouTube for snowboarders - went LIVE last week!)

Share your passion for pizza (with your own tribute video!)

and here's a post on plagiarism (The Copy And Paste Syndrome) from Totally Wired.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Are You Ready?

How long could you keep your lifestyle going if your income was suddenly interrupted? Sharon Harvey Rosenberg:

The numbers are out and the picture is not pretty. There are more folks in the poverty line. What's more, if we're really honest, many of us are just a paycheck or two away from financial hardship. A sudden illness, loss of job or other personal problems (G-d forbid) could dramatically disrupt our relative grip on financial comfort and stability. Those thoughts disturb my sleep.

And it's not just a nightmare. The Miami Herald reports that:

'The percentage of poor Americans who are living in severe poverty has reached a
32-year high, millions of working Americans are falling closer to the poverty
line, and the gulf between the nation's ''haves'' and ''have-nots'' continues to

A McClatchy Newspapers analysis of 2005 census figures, the
latest available, found that nearly 16 million Americans are living in deep or
severe poverty.'

Oddly, enough the spike in poverty parallels a spike in corporate earnings, the Herald reported today.

'The plight of the severely poor is a distressing sidebar to an unusual economic
expansion. Worker productivity has increased dramatically since the brief
recession of 2001, but wages and job growth have lagged behind.

At the same time, the share of national income going to corporate profits has dwarfed
the amount going to wages and salaries.

That helps explain why the median household income of working-age families, adjusted for inflation, has fallen for five straight years ....since 2000, the number of severely poor has grown ''more than any other segment of the population,'' according to a recent study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine' -- Miami Herald

I'm not wealthy, but I live in relative comfort. What's more, I have the safety net of a loving and generous family. Yet, with all those blessings, I feel the pinch of reality in our paycheck-to-paycheck economy. To help me sleep better at nights, I have put together a strategy for maintaining a healthy personal balance sheet. (continued: The Frugal Duchess)

Around the Blogosphere 26 February 07

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The first Blog meeting on the Garonne will be held on Tuesday March 6, 2007 in Classico Café - 37 street of Filatiers - Toulouse.
Les blogueurs toulousains ont rendez-vous le 6 mars au Classico Café à partir de 19 h. C'est Cedri Giorgi qui l'annonce avec Benoit et Maxime. Voir aussi le blog ouvert à cette occasion. [pointblog]

Skookumchick has declared a new blog carnival, Scientiae, organized around the broad topic of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (or STEM, for those who like acronyms).

COLLEAGUE WANTED - (Must Live in Sweden) - If you’re passionate about citizen media and citizen journalism, this might be the job for you. If you’re a Swede, that is, because Swedish is our language of communication.You’d be a part of a small team working with’s blogs and forums, Bloggportalen, photos and videos our visitors contribute with etc.Most likely you’ll have a journalistic background.Read the ad at and apply before March 15. [Citizen Media Watch]

The Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne Switzerland wants to put your work on their gallery walls. You can upload your photographs via the web and if selected, they'll email you a photograph of your work on display in the gallery. Check out We Are All Photographers Now! for more information on how to participate.

Alan Patrick has put together his 11th Buenos Aires Blog Roundup

Bloggers in Uganda recently got together at a watering hole in Kampala for a Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour. Asies from catching up with friends and discussing the main challenges facing their country, the group made nominations for the first Uganda Best of Blog Awards.

Photos of work by Brenda Anderson, leila-anne, Shana Ponem and doozzle.
See more photos that have been contributed by the Flickr Community.
Update: There's a group (of course there's a group -- there's always a group!)Posted by Heather Champ

Zhaihua discusses about the differences between Chinglish and Japlish (zh). He argues that Chinglish is speaking to foreigners hoping that they can understand, but Japlish is speaking to Japanese but taking English term for their own use.

Latinitas Seeks Advertisers for Dec 07 Print Issue


Latinitas magazine, the only bilingual online magazine for Latina girls and teens, is seeking advertisers for both its online magazine and its first print edition.

Latinitas is a non-profit organization focused on informing, entertaining and inspiring young Latinas to grow into healthy, confident and successful Latinas. The organization offers two monthly online magazines: Latinitas for girls ages 9-14 and Teen Latinitas for teens ages 15-19.

The online magazine has been produced for more than four years. The Web site receives about 10,000 visits each month, and our staff of 100 volunteers serves about 1,000 Central Texas girls with outreach media workshops each year.

Though our largest readership comes from California, Texas and Illinois, we also have readers from all over the world, including Spain, Mexico and South America.

This year, Latinitas will publish its first print issue, which will continue to be produced annually. The magazine seeks advertisers interested in marketing to a young Latina audience and a company to sponsor a scholarship for a writing contest winner who will appear on the cover of the first issue in December 2007. In addition, Latinitas will begin to accept advertisements for the online magazine.

Why focus on Latina youth?

Currently, the Hispanic population in the United States has become the largest and fastest growing minority group. About a third of the nation's Hispanics are under the age of 18. One in five teens in the United States is of Hispanic descent. Between 1993 and 2001, the Hispanic teen population grew 30 percent while the non-Hispanic population grew 8 percent during the same period. According to predictions gleaned from the most recent census report, by 2020, the Hispanic preteen population is expected to grow 62 percent compared to 10 percent growth in the number of teens overall.

For advertisement inquiries, please e-mail teenlatinitas (at)

Slow Burn

Like clockwork, once every week during the early morning newscasts, one of our local TV stations primes us for the inevitable. The giggly chuckling talking heads tease us"You're gonna pay more at the pumps." First of all, what's so damn funny about it? Last week they quoted an "expert" who says gas will be back at $3 a gallon by summer because "people paid that before and didn't flinch." Didn't flinch? Is that why Ford took a huge loss? Is that why GM is cutting costs? Americans flinched and they flinched by parking the SUV and buying Hyundais and Kias (as those Americans a little bit better-off turned to Toyota, Honda and Nissan.) The Auto Industry was still the
"backbone" of our economy (or is it now the food service industry) last time I heard anyone discuss it.

So, one week they blame the price of oil. The next week it was "the cold." Er-doesn't it get cold every winter? Just because it stayed warm loner than usual in the Northeast that means we must be penalized by the oil industry? The following week they trot out "Trudy Lundberg" to explain why prices are rising. What next? Easter? Spring? Naturally the dreaded "summer driving season" and that special "summer blend" of gas will send prices even higher.

What's the solution? Conserve, but not at the expense of your personal safety. Pedal your bike to work, but don't be afraid to take the bus or even drive your car on a rainy or otherwise miserable day. If you're smart, you probably already know which nearby gas stations are always cheaper than others. Patronize them. Buy your coffee, doughnut and newspaper there.

Bottom line: these goofy TV anchors are merely pawns. If they weren't, they wouldn't be smiling when they say you're gonna pay. They're letting us know that the powers-that-be are going to make the price of gasoline $3 a gallon, so Exxon can break last year's profit record.

Black History Month


This year I haven't seen or heard as much about Black History month as in previous years. So let's catch up on our Black history, blogosphere-style:

London-based Trinidadian Sinistra launches a series of posts about being “young and black” with a piece on being “Young and black in Babylondon”.

Paul blogs The ACS Has Ruined Black History Month.

Enrique Gili : Genealogy and politics can make for strange bed fellows. Two emblematic figures of America's ongoing racial divide, a civil rights leader and a segregationist may share common bloodlines. The Rev. Al Sharpton is shocked to discover his ancestors were once the property of the slave-owning Thurmonds. ( NY Times)

Steve asks if Black History Month marginalizes contributions made by blacks. Things get on the seamier side with El Gusano's post Castro Celebrates Black History Month: European "Sex Tourists" looking for trysts with dark skinned Cuban girls flock to Cuba to exploit young black and mixed race women who are easy prey because of their desperate situation with the regime's silent complicity

"Thank heaven [Black History Month is] nearly over. I'm sick of walking into bookstores that have pushed all their books by black authors to the front of the store and lumped them together — no matter their subject. " (posted by Shay)

More Links:
Black History Month: Michigan's Own James Earl Jones
Black History Month Feature: The Great Migration
John Lewis In the Lead: A Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Next Teen Brat

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You're about to meet the next darling of the paparazzi. Courtesy of blogger Dallas Penn, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for this early warning, which doubles as an alert for all parents with teenaged girls! A spoiled teen brat to beat all the teen brats you've read and heard and watched until now. This kid's not even a teen yet, but you can bet this little BumbleBee will be pollinating many-a-flower in the years (if not months) to come. A chip off the old block, if ever there was one!Nothing like starting a family early! Let's hope his Daddy's pockets are oh-so-deep and that he can make more of that Money. He's gonna need it for medical bills, paternity suits and child support!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

PC vs. MAC: I'll take PC any day!


Say what you will about Apple and Steve Jobs and the gang... I'm sticking with my PC. It's cranky, sometimes freezes, has survived more than one virus or trojan attack... I recommend Win98SE as a good, solid operating system.

What? You're still thinking of buying a Mac? Read this:

I tried out Display Eater and while I read about the features on the version-tracker site, I stepped over the comments for this application. These comments really scared the hell out of me and I was truly in doubt of the developers sanity. To make it short: this application will remove your home folder if you try to register it with a pirated serial number.

Read the complete post: Another thought about piracy and BE SURE TO READ THE COMMENTS!

Jesus & Crew

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The cave in which Jesus Christ was buried has been found in Jerusalem, claim the makers of a new documentary film. If it proves true, the discovery, which will be revealed at a press conference on Monday, could shake up the Christian world as one of the most significant archeological finds in history. The coffins which, according to the filmmakers held the remains of Jesus of Nazareth, his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene will be displayed for the first time Monday in New York City.

The claim presented in the documentary is based on years of research by world-renowned archaeologists, statisticians, experts in ancient scripts and in DNA, the Israeli Yediot Ahronot daily Friday quoted the makers as saying in an exclusive interview.

The documentary, titled "The Burial Cave of Jesus," is a joint production by Israeli-born Canadian documentary maker Simcha Jacobovici and three-time-Oscar-winning Canadian film director James Cameron (Titanic, The Terminator).

The 2000-year-old cave had already been discovered in 1980 in Jerusalem's Talpiyot neighbourhood. In it were 10 coffins, six of which bore inscriptions, which - translated into English - included the names "Jesus son of Joseph," twice "Maria," and "Judah son of Jesus."

The second Maria is hypothesized to be Maria Magdalene, while the tomb bearing the name Judah could indicate Jesus had a son. [more...]

Other Blogs:
“Jesus- Tales from the Crypt”
The Jesus Tomb
James Cameron: I found Jesus' Tomb
Jesus's Tomb Found - Really?
The Jesus News--TombFound, Mask Controversy ...

STARGATE IN PERU? A huge mysterious door-like structure has recently been discovered in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru. Hayu Marca, 35 kilometers from the city of Puno has long been revered by local Indians as the 'City of the Gods,' and has never been fully explored because of the rugged mountain terrain.

The door, or the 'Puerta de Hayu Marca' (Gate of the Gods/Spirits) has been at some time in the distant past carved out of a natural rock face and in all measures exactly seven meters in height by seven meters in width with a smaller alcove in the center at the base, which measures in at just under two meters in height. Jose Luis Delgado Mamani stumbled across the structure while trekking through the surrounding foothills trying to familiarize himself with the area as his job is as a guide for mountaineering tourists.

Islam Today

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Claire Wilkinson discusses a report showing that medieval Islamic art shows an understanding of complex geometry that did not find mathematical expression until fairly recently. The researcher first became interested in the subject while visiting Islamic structures in Uzbekistan.

The myth of Muslim support for terror

The common enemy is violence and terrorism, not Muslims any more than Christians or Jews.
By Kenneth Ballen ... I don't ever post entire articles, but this is one exception. I feel that this is an important piece everyone should read!

Those who think that Muslim countries and pro-terrorist attitudes go hand-in-hand might be shocked by new polling research: Americans are more approving of terrorist attacks against civilians than any major Muslim country except for Nigeria.

The survey, conducted in December 2006 by the University of Maryland’s prestigious Program on International Public Attitudes, shows that only 46 percent of Americans think that “bombing and other attacks intentionally aimed at civilians” are “never justified,” while 24 percent believe these attacks are “often or sometimes justified.”

Contrast those numbers with 2006 polling results from the world’s most-populous Muslim countries - Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. Terror Free Tomorrow, the organization I lead, found that 74 percent of respondents in Indonesia agreed that terrorist attacks are “never justified”; in Pakistan, that figure was 86 percent; in Bangladesh, 81 percent.

Do these findings mean that Americans are closet terrorist sympathizers?

Hardly. Yet, far too often, Americans and other Westerners seem willing to draw that conclusion about Muslims. Public opinion surveys in the United States and Europe show that nearly half of Westerners associate Islam with violence and Muslims with terrorists. Given the many radicals who commit violence in the name of Islam around the world, that’s an understandable polling result.

But these stereotypes, affirmed by simplistic media coverage and many radicals themselves, are not supported by the facts - and they are detrimental to the war on terror. When the West wrongly attributes radical views to all of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, it perpetuates a myth that has the very real effect of marginalizing critical allies in the war on terror.

Indeed, the far-too-frequent stereotyping of Muslims serves only to reinforce the radical appeal of the small minority of Muslims who peddle hatred of the West and others as authentic religious practice.

Terror Free Tomorrow’s 20-plus surveys of Muslim countries in the past two years reveal another surprise: Even among the minority who indicated support for terrorist attacks and Osama bin Laden, most overwhelmingly approved of specific American actions in their own countries. For example, 71 percent of bin Laden supporters in Indonesia and 79 percent in Pakistan said they thought more favorably of the United States as a result of American humanitarian assistance in their countries - not exactly the profile of hard-core terrorist sympathizers. For most people, their professed support of terrorism/bin Laden can be more accurately characterized as a kind of “protest vote” against current US foreign policies, not as a deeply held religious conviction or even an inherently anti- American or anti-Western view.

In truth, the common enemy is violence and terrorism, not Muslims any more than Christians or Jews. Whether recruits to violent causes join gangs in Los Angeles or terrorist cells in Lahore, the enemy is the violence they exalt.

Our surveys show that not only do Muslims reject terrorism as much if not more than Americans, but even those who are sympathetic to radical ideology can be won over by positive American actions that promote goodwill and offer real hope.

America’s goal, in partnership with Muslim public opinion, should be to defeat terrorists by isolating them from their own societies. The most effective policies to achieve that goal are the ones that build on our common humanity. And we can start by recognizing that Muslims throughout the world want peace as much as Americans do.

* Kenneth Ballen is founder and president of Terror Free Tomorrow, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to finding effective policies that win popular support away from global terrorists.

If you think Muslims are weird, then Egypt-based blogger Tom Gara urges you to read this.


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"The most beautiful thing about blogging is that it empowers voices..." (Roba Al-Assi)

There's nothing worse than when a less than reputable character smears or slams another person. And when it's done within the blogosphere, it's downright dirty! Among bloggers handling a bit of dirt: Wendy Cheng (Xiaxue), Dan Weaver (Upstream) and ALL BLOGGERS. Yup! All of us... we have been desecrated by a fellow named Daniel Cho who writes for

10 Things Your Blogger Won't Tell You

1. "Hardly anybody reads me." - Google CEO Eric Schmidt told a recent gathering of U.K. politicians that the average blog has just one reader: the blogger.

2. "The more companies pay me, the more I like their stuff." - In 2006, Florida outfit PayPerPost sparked controversy by offering to connect advertisers with bloggers willing to drop a company's name into their daily scribbles for a fee (between $4 and $40 per mention). The practice was quickly denounced as online payola, and in December, the Federal Trade Commission weighed in, ruling that word-of-mouth marketers must disclose their sponsorship.

3. "Did I mention I'm not a real reporter?" - Cho blasts bloggers for not being journalists! Go figure!

4. "I might infect your computer with a virus." - Cho gets dirty now, accusing bloggers of having virusses in their blogs and springing them on unsuspecting readers!

5. "I'm revealing company secrets." - Cho tries to make life rougher for bloggers by screaming like a chicken little that all bloggers will rat out their employers. This is simply not true! (He goes on to suggest they blog anonymously!)

6. "Just because my name's on it doesn't mean I wrote it." - here Cho tears apart CEO's: "In 2005 New York City mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer's web log mentioned he'd attended public schools; in fact, Ferrer received most of his education in private Catholic schools. When confronted with the error, his campaign admitted the blog was written by a staffer. Ferrer's predicament was hardly unusual: Politicians, business leaders and other public figures routinely employ ghostwriters to produce books, speeches and, more recently, blogs. One survey conducted by PR consultant David Davis found that only 17% of CEOs who blog do all their own writing."

7. "My blog is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things." - this conflicts with #1, doesn't it? Cho writes "In some blogging circles, scorn for the mainstream media, or "MSM," is a virtual religion. Nonetheless, many bloggers have proven eager to join it when the opportunity arises. Melissa Lafsky, author of the popular Opinionistas blog, was stressed and unhappy as a young lawyer in New York City. As a kind of therapy, she began chronicling daily life at her firm, relating tales of tyrannical partners and sleepless, embittered young associates, being careful not to reveal her identity. Her blog soon built a following, gaining mentions in The New York Times and Eventually, a literary agent came calling, and Lafsky quit her job to write professionally. "

8. "I can control what you see on the Internet." - Cho accuses bloggers of manipulating posts to fool search engines.

9. "Blogging just about ruined my life." Another conflict with #1

10. "I'm already obsolete." Cho infers blogging is a dying art.

Better title for Cho's article: "10 Reasons not to believe anything you read on"

Meet Your Dinner

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Don't read this if it's near mealtime! Another timely post from Denny. If you're sitting around planning to go on a diet but you haven't had the willpower, this may certainly help! (Excerpt below:)

This might hurt a little, but it’s for your own good. Put something between your teeth, bite hard, and watch (please, not for children - parental discretion advised):What the Meat
Industry Doesn’t Want you to See

The 2K Bloggers Project

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The 2kBloggers project.
55 million blogs…I’d like to showcase all of them, but I’ve
settled on just 2000 bloggers.Bloggers come from all walks of life! Some are
SEO experts. Some are writers. Some are sports enthusiasts. Some are
affiliate marketers. Some are business professionals. Some are political.
The 2000 bloggers site is displaying and linking to 2000 bloggers who have signed up to be included. Why not add your picture and a link to your blog? Here’s the montage of all the bloggers’ photos

"CBS has a bias. We don’t"

Sean Hannity, who is upset about this 60 Minutes report on active duty soldiers protesting the war. Apparently he never saw this.

More Powerful Than The Energizer Bunny...

Spitzer Steamrolls In Cyberspace

You can't help but LUV the GOV!



A few weeks ago I was at a local branch of my bank. The computers went down for a few minutes, and banking ground to a halt. Two years ago I went for a dental appointment in Mahopac, but they sent me home. Reason: the computer that controls the patient roster and all other office data, which was located "somewhere in South Carolina" was down. The dentist was not able to conduct business that day.

I've always been a fan of "back up" systems. And as I've previously blogged, I would never EVER unplug my telephone from Verizon's network and stick it on a broadband cable syetm. Everytime the cable is out, so's your phone! Our family's had Verizon service going back years and years and years. There were huge snowstorms. Blackouts. Thunderstorms. Our electric went out. The telephone ALWAYS worked.

A lot of radio and television stations today run off computers. No backup. A "Dark Angel" pulse bomb hits, and those broadcasters are done. I wonder how any new faces in broadcasting have ever seen a cart machine? WFAN in New York still usues them. (Watch Mike and the Mad Dog sometime.) If computers collectively died tomorrow, how many radio and TV stations across North America would go dark? A LOT!

Could YOU survive a single day without that trusty PC, iMac or other digital device? Could you leave email for just 24 hours? Take the poll, and after you do, see if you can follow through.
It is obvious that people would find life extremely difficult without computers, maybe even impossible. If they disappeared for just one day, would we be able to cope?

Be a part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place on the internet. The idea behind the experiment is to find out how many people can go without a computer for one whole day, and what will happen if we all participate!

Shutdown your computer on this day and find out! Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?


english français español deutsch português русский norsk italiano

Fuzzy Zoeller Wikipedia Lawsuit

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Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller has filed a lawsuit over the vandalizing of his Wikipedia page, which recently described him as a former wife and child abuser who was hooked on alcohol and prescription drugs. [The Smoking Gun]
Excerpt from that Wikipedia article:
Later Zoeller went public with his alcoholism and prescription drug addiction, explaining that at the time he made those statements, he was "in the process of polishing off a fifth of Jack (Daniels) after popping a handful of vicodin pills". He further detailed the violent nature of his disease, recalling how he'd viciously beat his wife Dianne and their four children while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. He also admitted feigning a ruptured spinal disc in 1985 so as to be prescribed a multitude of prescription medication.

He sought professional help and mended his fractured familial relationships. In May 2006, Zoeller said in an interview with Golf Digest magazine that he hadn't beaten his wife in nearly five years.
Moral of the post: DON'T trust Wikipedia!


CBS 2 cameras were rolling as rats invaded the popular eatery. Watch the amazing video of rats running, playing and eating leftovers off the floor of the KFC at Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street. And to think KFC wants the Pope to "bless" their new fish sandwich!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Warblogging 23 February 07

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Michelle Malkin tips us off to a post: blogs MM: Take time to read this. At 0818 8 February 2007, Team Badger’s 3rd Platoon departed Camp Falluja to return to the CH-46 crash site. The Marine Aviators had been recovered, now we needed to recover the aircraft. The insurgents were claiming the bird was shot down, but some reports indicated there might have been a mechanical failure. The question of why the helicopter went down needed to be answered. And the forces protecting the crash site need to be brought out.

Bahraini blogger emoodz doesn’t hesitate in calling Bush ‘a liar’. “I along with the rest of the world had to live through a long orchestrated buildup of propaganda and lies to rationalize a military attack on Iraq. Like it’s insistence that Iraq carried and manufactured WMDs it is now leading an international campaign that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons,” he writes. “The whole concept of Iran being a threat to the region is just packed lies, I lived to witness two wars/invasions carried out by the Bush administration both were nothing but a total failure by all measures. Maybe I will live to see yet another one.. Just maybe.”

Israeli blog One Jerusalem gives us a virtual tour of Israel’s nuclear plant in Dimona here.

Africa 23 February 07

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing internationally acclaimed Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina. Wainaina is a writer, cultural activist and publicist. He was the founding editor and publisher of Kwani?. He won The Caine Prize for African Writing in 2002. Outside his literary career, he is a leading authority on African cuisine. He's "wintering" at Union College in Schenectady.

Interview I
Interview II
Kenya: Citizens Named Global Leaders
Kwani on the Net

It's a loss to us all when a blogger decides to call it quits. Sleepless in Sudan recently shut down. "Letting go is never easy - and I'm bemused to discover that leaving Darfur is filled with just as much stress, frustration and heartache as living here has been. This blog has provided relief to me not just in terms of self-therapy (at the end of the day, we all just want to have a good rant), but also through the virtual friendships, offers of support, and thoughtful comments that reached me every day through that shaky satellite connection..." (more)

Sanaga Peregrinations posts (Fr) pictures of a recent trip through “the red land of [her] ancestors”, Basaa country in Cameroon. The photo-journey takes us through Edea, Boumnyebel, the pierced grotto of Ngog Lituba and finally the entrance of her village.

Startups in Kenya -”all about entreprenuership, start-ups, venture capitalist, and netpreneurs in Kenya.”
Includes such gems such as a guide to setting up a rural cyber cafe from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

Blog Politique du Sénégal isn’t sure (Fr) whether to laugh or cry about Gambian President Yahia Jammeh’s new healer functions: “[He] has taken up a career as a marabout healer. And he is coming into some success. Commercial, that is because I can’t put my hand in fire for his therapeutic prowesses… Hundreds of Gambians believe, as they line up endlessly to be healed by the therapist president. Fridays and Saturdays for asthma, Tuesdays and Thursdays for HIV.”

Sanaga Peregrinations disagrees (Fr) with commentators who believe Africa is going towards a recolonization by China, suggesting that the point is not to worry about the consequences of Chinese investments but rather to bring local leaders to better manage all foreign investments. She quotes and endorses Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda: ” The failure of Western aid in Africa has little to do with the conditions attached to it, but a lot to do with poor governance on the continent.”

Around the Blogosphere 23 February 07

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Cambodian Singer Pov Panha Pech (pictured) was shot dead this morning.

Dubai-based blogger SS is disgusted with the lack of tolerance he is witnessing around him. “Today, I found myself being attacked… for I spoke about the grace of life and kindness. If kindness and goodness is only something you share with your group/sect/herd/religion - then what’s the point of living under this sky?” he writes.

Jailed Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabeel Sulaiman has been nominated for one of the 7th Annual Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards, which are intended to honour the world’s champions of freedom of expression, according to his support site Free Kareem. Today it is Abdel Karim - tomorrow it could be you!, warns Israeli blogger SnoopyTheGoon. “This is another case when an oppressive regime takes a petty revenge on a blogger. This is another case when all bloggers, no matter of what race, age, gender or political affiliation must spread the word of protest,” he writes here.

Stop Iran War is a site and blog launched by Wes Clark, former NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander. He says “I believe it is critical to give voice to the vast majority of Americans who want to avoid a military conflict with Iran, and I hope you will visit to add your voice to our efforts.”

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pywacket Day

In times past, cats with polydactyly were favoured ship cats and were considered to be the preferred familiars of witches.

Feb 22 is is Takeshima Day , but also the cat’s day in Japan; as James in Japan Prob said, cat’s day is more excited than the Japan-Korea dispute over Takeshima and Dokdo. The blogger also post a cat’s day video on his post. Sample: "... each of the 2’s in 2/22 can be read with the sound “nyan,” which happens to be the sound cats make in Japanese. As a result, somebody declared that 2/22 would be known as 'Cat Day'."
Does this mean cats meow differently in Japanese??????

Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to Prison

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An Egyptian blogger has been convicted of insulting Islam and President Hosni Mubarak and sentenced to four years in prison in Egypt's first prosecution of a blogger.

Abdel Kareem Nabil, a 22-year-old former student at Egypt's Al-Azhar University, an Islamic institution, had pleaded innocent to all charges, and human rights groups had called for his release... WaPo has details. Kareem is planning to appeal. YOU can help!

Previously: Ramadan Shocker

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