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Blog Action Day 2007: Salute to Al Gore

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I dedicate this Blog Action Day 2007 post to Al Gore. Following my article, you'll find additional info on Mr. Gore. Related: (is now live. And Al Gore posted his own webcam commentary)

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint via PC - by Dave Lucas - (Blog Action Day 2007) If you are reading this you're almost certainly at the keyboard of a wonderful device that can help save the planet. If you're just an average guy or gal, tweak your computer so that it can help you do all of your personal and business tasks: email (instead of postal mail) reading magazines, books and newspapers online (as opposed to buying then having to throw paper away) signing up for electronic banking & bill-paying (sync to a Palm or other device so you can have all your info safely stored in 2 places)... and there are more ways you've probably thought of already (feel free to share them in the comments areas below). You may also want to look into alternative ways of POWERING your computer.

If you are in business, try and completely eliminate the paper trail! I know it can be done: if you are a vendor on eBay or, do all of your corresponding with customers via email, and when you send orders out, recycle, recycle, recycle. I know one fellow who went to WalMart and purchased a few large plastic storage bins. He brought them to the offices of businesses he noticed received many deliveries via UPS and FedEx. He asked if he could place the bins in strategic spots for people to drop in cardboard boxes and heavy shipping envelopes. At the end of theday, he'd collect the contents of each box and re-use these materials to ship his merchandise. Besides recycling, this represents a huge savings. A small mailing envelope can cost $1.19 - $1.29 retail. With slim profit margins after paying for postage, it really pays to recycle!

Saving Planet Earth « capsula [art science nature]
interesting event that works as a showcase of the diverse work of artists from design, architecture and textiles backgrounds where the common thread is to help save the planet.

On October 10, Ray Hartley, editor of South African daily The Times predicted that Al Gore was “heading for a unique double: An Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize”. In his October 12 entry, Hartley wrote that the Nobel prize “changes everything”:

There are nay-sayers who believe that Gore is a cynical lobbyist who is using the climate change issue to invent a fresh political career. I disagree with them. I covered the 2000 US Presidential election for the Sunday Times of South Africa and it was very apparent then that Gore was prepared to go out on a limb on environmental issues with no serious political benefit at the polls. What he has done is to popularise a very important issue. How the politics of climate change plays out is a different matter. From sunnier and sunnier South Africa, well done

Also pleased at the news was South African, who rejoiced that

Al Gore has finally won something. And to be honest, if I were him I would rather win the Nobel Peace Prize than the presidency of the US of A.

Another blogger with tongue in cheek was James Opiko at PoliticalArticles.NET, who suggested that

a “Libel” award should be bestowed jointly to Bush, Osama and Hitler (Posthumously) — for unleashing the worst terror on humankind in the last 100 Years.That would still not fully resuscitate America morally, but would restore much of the prestige that the number one nation in the world has lost in the last six years, under the clamps of a Republican THUG administration.

A NetEase report on the news early Friday evening got more than three hundred comments (other NetEase reports had comments turned off), the first one which read:

If this American had won at the time instead of Bush, the world would be a very different place!

谁评的,伊拉克和伊朗参与吧!!Who were the judges? Iraq and Iran too, I hope!!

How is the judging committee set up? Is it just and fair? Why don't Chinese ever get Nobel prizes?

美国人在世界上到处杀人放火,它国家的副总统在拿诺贝尔奖?这个真真正正的国际大玩笑!Americans are everywhere around the world killing and lighting fires, and a Vice President of this country has won a Nobel prize? This is real big international joke!

Mr. Gore advocates environmental protection, and as I see it once represented the rationality and conscience of a modern but split America. But six months ago the news came out that he and his wife, the two of them each year in their home consume 220,000 kilowatts of power, ten times higher than the average American and three hundred times more than the average Chinese. At the beginning I thought this was some political smear, but soon after learned this was the truth from a spokesman of his.


Have any of you seen An Inconvenient Truth ? If you haven't, then you shouldn't be making any absurd conclusions. If Gore had won back in the day, then the world would be a completely different place. He's a ‘greenpeacer', I really admire him! It's him that made a documentary of human destruction of the environment for us to see, and showed us how to care for the earth, to care for our homes! There isn't much to criticism him for.


The peace prize should have gone our hybrid rice expert Yuan Rongping. If it weren't for Yuan Rongping who knows how many people would be starving and how chaotic the world would be. So where's the peace prize?

In Argentina, Louis Cyphre, writes at the group blog El Opinador Compulsivo [ES] that he hopes that this announcement leads to something bigger.
Michael Kanellos writes:
For someone who has a reputation for being boring and wooden, Al Gore certainly is polarizing..."He is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted," said Ole Danbolt Mjos, chairman of the Nobel committee, as quoted in CNN.

Se lo digo en serio, espero que algo bueno salga de todo
esto y se presente como candidato a presidente en 2008.

I'm am talking seriously, I hope something good comes from all of this
and (Gore) announces his candidacy for president in 2008.

Other Keyboards:
White House praises Gore for Nobel Peace Prize

Sources for this post include Global Voices, San Jose Mercury News, Michelle Malkin and the BBC.

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  1. Check out this US Carbon Footprint Map, an interactive United States Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States to Cities. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State & City energy consumptions, demographics and much more down to your local US City level...

  2. Well done. Thanks for participating.

  3. Great post Dave! I loved it! Thank you for writing about it in my blog :) Looks like we share the same opinion about Al Gore xD

  4. Aloha Dave, thank you for stopping by at MWA Coaching this morning to share your link with me. I am doing most that you mention in the use of my pc, on a similar quest to go as paperless as possible!

  5. Al Gore ROCKS! I'm tired of reading backhanded snide remarks by a-GORE-aphobic people who aren't even doing thing ONE to conserve energy or stop global warming. They spend all their time and energy complaining about the impact someone else is having on the world... but what's going on in their own backyard??

  6. Congrats to Al Gore. I think he deserved it!

    I posted a story for Blog Action Day. ;)

  7. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for leaving your comment on my weblog. Just would like to say that you have quite a remarkable and comprehensive post.

    *as commented in my weblog:

    Having visited many third world nations, I must say, that being in a pre-industrial nation could be as good as being an ‘environmental refugee’ - either way, it’s all crap.

    The perception in many third world countries is that environmental conservation is a luxury. Hence, it is the ultimate responsibility of developed nations to assist and aid third world countries in developing sustainable, environmentally-friendly technology rather than the type of approach - which Mr. Gore is opting - that suppresses growth and development.

    Mr. Gore has a fine agenda. His ethos and commitment for Mother Nature is true and most honest. But his implementation and the policies that he forwards furiates many third world countries.

    Now, how does that translates into world peace?

  8. Dave:
    Thanks for stopping my blog and leaving a comment on my Blog Action Day post about environmental PR. Enjoyed reading your post - like the idea about recycling packaging.

  9. Al Gore did not win the Oscar, the award went to the film's director Davis Guggenheim.

  10. Hey Dave- I really need to see that movie now. For shame! I know. Although I didn't vote for him, I am really impressed at the action he's been taking for not only our county, but our world. Go Al!

    p.s. Thanks for peeking at my post. Being vegetarian is harder for some than others....

  11. I think I love Blog Action Day.

    I run a small publishing business and most of the time I feel like I'm one of a very small handful of people, most of whom see each other maybe once a year, who are doing without some good stuff (like a hybrid car {grin}) in order to make environmentally sound business decisions (like printing books on paper that is postconsumer recycled, processed chlorine-free, and more expensive than the usual sheets).

    It's wonderful to connect with other like-minded people through this effort.

    You oughta see my pile of miscellaneous packing materials. I rarely buy any shipping supplies other than tape.

    Thanks so much for your post.

  12. Thanks, Dave, for the link and for the thought-provoking post. I'm especially glad to see the international perspective. In the US, it's sometimes hard to hear opinions nit he rest of the world, especially when I don't speak the language. Thanks for helping to close that hole for us.

  13. Hi Dave, Thanks for the great post. I like the idea of the libel award for Bush too!!! Very much.

    Got some good ideas about reusing OTHER people's stuff for business! I am almost out of smallish manila envelopes ... the guy at the post office commented that the envelope I sent yesterday was from 1993.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog .. and you might want to check out my other blog below.

    ~ Diane Clancy

  14. Hi!

    Blog Action Day was an amazing idea...
    Nice post Dave!


  15. Excellent post Dave. Thanks for stopping by and reading my Shower with a Friend post for Blog Action Day.


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