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“No Dancing da ‘Mãe Ju’ começa-se a dançar às 14h
e só se pára quando nasce o dia”
“In ‘Mãe Ju's Dancing, we start to dance at 2 pm
and stop when the new day comes”
Documentário Mãe-Ju - Caboindex

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Kuduro (or Kuduru) is a type of music born in Angola and immediately exported to Lisbon suburbs in Portugal, hence its two varieties Luandense and Lisboeta. It is characterized as uptempo, energetic, and danceable. Kuduro is easily comparable to Brazil's Funk Carioca from Rio de Janeiro. The songs are produced in precarious garage studios in the outskirts of Luanda.

Kuduro Videos

Kuduro Video clips on YouTube

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Carlos Neves(1) - Costuleta(1) - DJ Cubanito(2) - DJ Dona(0) - DJ Feddy(1) - DJ Kass(1) - DJ Malvado(3) - DJ Manya(3) - DJ Nelo Dias(1) - DJ Nelson Borges(1) - DJ Nike(1) - Dj Nk(1) - Dog Murras(5)[video] - Garimperos(1) - Helder "o rei do kuduro"(7)[video] - Helder Junior(2) - Os Garimpeiros(0)[video] - Os Lambas(0)[video] - Os Turbantes(0)[video] - Prince Russo(1) - Projecto Lunda(1) - Salsilouca(1) -

Come Clean

I've always wondered how important bathing is to human health. Remember the old 1940s movies where Tarzan and Boy were in the drink at least once in every film? Now blogger Katharine Mieszkowski has researched the practice of bathing and throws up a bit of dirt (apologies to French bloggers!)
The thought of a daily shower would have filled the 17th century Frenchman with fear. To splash away with abandon, to open your pores and leave your body vulnerable to all that disease, would be practically asking to get sick. In fact, our bathing habits would have disgusted him, much like his habits disgust us: never washing his body with water or soap, for instance. Or changing his linen shirt to get clean.

Around The Blogosphere 30 November 07

Blog of the Day: New Silence

NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly is about to become the first late-night talk show to defy the writers strike and resume production. Carson Daly, who is not a member of the Writers Guild, will begin taping new episodes, according to the Associated Press and the New York Times.

John Ridley: So the Hollywood writers are winning the public relations war against the major media companies. As an actual Hollywood writer, upon hearing this vital and timely news of our psy-ops victory I could not help but ask the question ... so what? I mean, first of all, how hard is it to win a PR war against giant, soulless corporations? I think even Michael Vick could do that.

Edo from Pink Tentacle introduces the list of nominees for the 2007 robot award in Japan.

DFinitivo [es] writes about the first Chicano Film Festival that took place in Mexico City.

three of her friends who are medical tourists. These women can periodically fly abroad, but could not afford regular health care in this country. Two of them women are white; one is from the Caribbean. Ages 30-58. Two of them had big successes; one almost died.

Zengying points out (zh) that the relation between Medical practitioner and patient is very tense in China.

Today (Nov 30), the Premier of the State Council Wen Jia-bao visits the AIDS village in Hunan, his last visit was three years ago. AIDS activist Hu Jia pointed out that this years, villagers were more anxious than excited when compared with last time. Nothing substantial has changed and this year the police had already detained some outspoken villagers from seeing Wen.

Ma planète: Ellis Island, lieu d’exil universel

Have You Heard (NY CIty Radio Edition)

While walking thru life I've heard it said "It's not how many times you fall down. It's how many times you get up again that count." The turnaround time for re-acceptance into media graces was rather short for the fallen Don Imus. For years the man who was the butt of a plethora of Howard Stern jokes built a following, and whether or not that following can still pass muster will play out over New York city airwaves in the weeks and months to come. To be fair, I admit I never was an Imus fan and his disappearance from radio had no meaning to me. Frankly, I'm surprised at that rather short bit of turnaround time. Is this an indicator of things to come? Is our "I want it now" society applying the theory of must-have immediacy to the time it takes to forgive?

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Things have changed. The I-Man is back! Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby long ago said their goodbyes: Brian Maloney blogged about it w/video back on October 15. Bloggeth Brian:
Regardless of their imperfections, Curtis & Kuby are being replaced by inferior programming in the form of an aging Don Imus, who before being fired earlier this year had struggled to generate ratings for many years.

Even if he somehow delivers numbers this time, which seems less likely than ever, it's doubtful that skittish advertisers will return to his program...The oddest irony is this: as once-stodgy WOR works to bring in a younger, more advertiser- friendly audience, WABC is moving in the opposite direction, striving to be the new voice of New York's nursing homes and senior centers.
Curtis and Kuby went out with their highest Arbitron rating ever - No. 5 among all morning shows.

Reports suggest Curtis is looking to make some noise in electoral politics after being silenced on the airwaves.

Imus will be on a 21-second delay according to the New York Observer and many of his “enablers” will be back, says Alter Net.

Imus' show is being simulcast on a TV network reaching rural and agricultural regions of the nation, RFD TV, which hopes Imus will raise the network’s profile nationwide. (The New York Times). Imus may be back, but the Greaseman can't overcome his fall from grace after a racial remark he made eight years ago, says the Washington Post.

Sportscaster Warner Wolf is moving from WABC to all-sports ESPN affiliate WEPN 1050, according to the New York Daily News.

Imus’ first advertiser is a New Jersey medical center, reports Ad Week.

Here in the Capital Region, we've finished off a week having actual LOCALLY ORIGINATED talk radio in the afternoon for the first time in may years. I think it's great to have TWO local hosts on: if you don't like Host A Topic A, just slide the dial over to Host B Topic B. Sometimes I listen to national host Sean Hannity (and I still will) but it's really great essential to have a choice.

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Livin' in America

Four great articles appear in the current New York Magazine. [details below]

MSNBC is lining up documentaries on sex slaves, murder and prisons for the holiday period, reports MultiChannel News.

Black journalists are concerned that the mainstream media will emphasize any negative qualities of Washington Redskins football player Sean Taylor in their coverage of his murder. The Maynard Institute has the report.

Alii Decker on Literacy Versus Books via YPulse.

Two back-to-back nationally televised presidential debates for the Democrats and Republicans have been set for Saturday, January 5, 7-11 p.m. on ABC, which is airing the debates in cooperation with New Hampshire ABC affiliate WMUR channel 9, says Reuters.

Obama Says He Drank, Tried Drugs As Teen...

Hillary plants question in Republican debate

Liz Benjamin has more on the debate and on New York politics in her post titled News Of The Day

Federal prosecutors have withdrawn a subpoena seeking the identities of thousands of people who bought used books through online retailer, according to newly unsealed court records. The withdrawal came after a judge ruled the customers have a First Amendment right to keep their reading habits from the government. “The (subpoena’s) chilling effect on expressive e-commerce would frost keyboards across America,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen Crocker wrote in his ruling. Associated Press

What happens on the bus stays on the bus.

Little dog vs. pervert.

And four great articles from New York Magazine:
The Pseudoscience of Electability

Arguing about the candidates' 2008 chances is a game even sure losers can play.

Pregnant With Possibilities

Ellen Page is the next Molly Ringwald. And the next Johnny Depp, too.

The Playbook

Is Gossip Girl killing youth culture? A look at the show's centuries-old precursors.

Influences: Wyclef Jean

The former Fugee discusses his inspiration on The Carnival II (Memoirs of an Immigrant).

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Around The Blogosphere 28 November 07

Blog of the Day: World United Bloggers (more below)

Ambiome offers Barcelone en photos, part I

Benji Lovitt reports on the opening of Hooters in Israel - along with photographs.

Montego Bay Day By Day continues her Wordless Wednesday series by posting a photo of a colourful chattel house in Negril.

Ypulse: MySpace saga (remember the teen who fell for the 20-year-old Palestinian awhile back? They broke up....on "Dr. Phil."... MySpace copies Facebook's newsfeed (and plays with the idea of managing identities, i.e. work identity vs. personal identity. Oh and the Move On anti-Facebook Beacon group now has about 27K members)!

Ameer has left a new comment on my post " All Your News Are Belong To Us":
Hi Dave,
Just to let you know that World United Bloggers (WUB) now has no popup ads or any other inline ads. I would appreciate if you could be kind enough to remove that warning in this post. Thank you for linking back to us and for the appreciations.

Vice Chief for Technical Support
World United Bloggers
Child of the Revolution blogs about Cuba's ranking on the United Nations' 2007-2008 Human Development Index.

Eduardo Machado, one of the editors of PEbodycount [pt], received a Investigative Journalism award for his diary ‘Colombia Plan: A Manual Against violence', the first acaount in the country of the very successful experiment in combating violence in Bogota. His piece was published in a Brazilian broadsheet.

The Hong Kong government recently introduced a new regulation which requires animal breeders to have proper license. Some breeders protested that animal should have reproduction right and the license is against such right. Cheung yun-ling argued at that the regulation is targeting at human who has already intervened into animal's natural life and the license is a way to prevent animal abuse [zh].

Blog Stunting, Japanese Style

Time off from blogging or is a bit of 'stunting' going on here?

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Chinatsu Wakatsuki started out as a typical bikini model and later became a TV talk show personality... Gravure idol, talento and blog queen Wakatsuki Chinatsu (若槻千夏) announced this week that she would be taking time off from blogging. Wakatsuki's official blog, “Maaboudoufu wa Nomimono Desu(マーボー豆腐は飲み物です) [ja], made famous in part for her tendency to write about celebrity figures and her own love life [ja], has attracted more hits than any other on the popular Ameba hosting service. The blog hit a record [ja] earlier this year when it drew more than 7500 comments [ja] in a single day.

The final post at her blog today attracted thousands of comments (over 4500 at last count) from fans offering their support. In the post itself, she writes:


My head is all mixed up, and I can't seem to write right now, so please allow me to take a short break from blogging.


To the people who were looking forward [to the next blog entry], and also to those who were not, I'm sorry.


Please give me time. Within seconds of that entry being posted, fans reacted: the comments poured in! Hundreds Thousands of them!

Robert Sanzalone
writes on BlogNation:
Now DON’T confuse this with a Paris Hilton or other bad-girl story. Remember, in Japan it’s REALLY BAD for someone to fake sickness to their employer then go on a cool vacation and brag about it on their blog. Oooooh. That’s baaaaad! Well, maybe not for the rest of the world, but in Japan this type of online entertainment is just too exciting. MUST log in tomorrow to see what kind of craziness she’ll do next.

This adventurous odyssey continued for the past year and even peaked in May with one blog entry gathering over 7,500 comments… IN ONE DAY. Strange? Not really. This week she simply announced she wanted to take a bit of a break from blogging and asked her fans for their understanding and patience. No nervous breakdown. No shaving her head bald. Just a quiet note saying she wants to take it easy for a bit and will decide at some point if and when she will continue blogging. Already over 4,500 comments have flooded the post with readers asking her if she was alright and yes, they would sit and wait for as long as it takes until she came back. Now don’t you wish YOUR BLOG readers did the same?

Would you like to know MORE about Japanese bloggers? CLICK HERE!

Preservation Hall Jazz Band at The Mahaiwe

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If you've never experienced a live performance by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, you're in for a real treat! I caught the act a few years back at Newport. Great Barrington is an easy drive from the Capital Region. The group, which has been touring for more than 25 years and currently, consists of musicians who range in age from 31-88 works to preserve the New Orleans Jazz style. Preservation Hall Jazz Band performs one show only on Sunday, December 9 at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington MA. Showtime is 7pm. Tickets are well worth the $35/$40 admission.

The MPAC Box Office: 413-528-0100 Tuesdays – Saturdays 12pm – 6pm and 3 hours prior to show-times on Sundays & Mondays.

For nearly half a century, Preservation Hall Jazz Band has brought the sounds and spirit of New Orleans Jazz to audiences worldwide. Located in the historic French Quarter, Preservation Hall is a living monument to the musicians and music of New Orleans. Preservation Hall Jazz Band adds Creole spice to your holiday celebration, with an evening of video footage, traditional songs holiday songs, hymns and New Orleans spirituals. Their distinctive sound continues to make history.

“Return to the roots of jazz, America’s great indigenous art form, and don’t miss an opportunity for a performance by the ‘best jazz band in the land’”. The San Francisco Examiner.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 27 November 07

Blog of the Day: Le cahier virtuel, Blog de l'artiste Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret (Canada)

Anastasia introduces the Hannah Montana doll.

Liz Benjamin tells us that Matt Drudge issued a smackdown to the mainstream media in his first interview in four years and reveals that he actually does sleep - and doesn’t take his laptop to bed.

Tonyo Cruz introduces a newly launched webcomic blog that takes on the Phillipine Blogosphere: recently-launched webcomic Blogenyo seeks to poke fun on the events, intrigues, controversies, issues, and trends among Filipino bloggers. The person behind Blogenyo describes himself as “a geeky computer engineer and map fanatic” and blogs at vaes9 and Vista Pinas.

Whitney Matheson: Quiet Riot singer Kevin Dubrow was found dead Sunday in Las Vegas. Here's an audio interview with Dubrow from May.

David Axe is currently visiting Somalia and blogs about his experience: “...a man claiming to be the neighborhood “mayor” ... bustled inside with his thugs, waving at us to put away our cameras. He said we needed his permission to work in the neighborhood — and permission from the government. We said we had government clearance. So he invented a sub-level of clearance and said we needed that, too...”

Khabgard writes that after Iranian governmet banned[Fa] “A Memory of My Melancholy Whores”,Gabriel García Márquez's highly acclaimed book,everybody wants to read it. The blogger adds thousands of Iranians have already downloaded the free version of this book on internet.

To crown the two months of rapid internet censorship, last week the Syrian government decided to block Facebook (The popular social network site) and Shabablek, a very popular local forum for young people, among other websites. Now, cyberactivists are defying the challenge and demanding their freedom of speech.

Sargasso Blog: Make war not peace

Alice Smith LIVE at Borders NYC

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Blending the best of soul, blues, folk and finesse into a cocktail too sweet to resist, Alice Smith performs from her debut album release. Already an underground classic, For Lovers, Dreamers & Me breaks open wide to the mainstream with a new take on New Religion, her first single from the album, to show listeners of all genre that Alice Smith defies definition and commands attention. Be the first to see Alice in her home turf of New York perform and have your Borders-purchased copy signed.

November 28, 2007 7:00 PM
Location: In Store

Manhattan - Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY
View Map
See this store's event list
Join the ALICE SMITH EMAIL MAILING and get up-to-date news, tour dates, contest info and more!

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Around The Blogosphere 26 November 07


Dashy hates Mondays!

The YouTube Republican presidential debate is being televised live Wednesday evening at 8 on CNN from Saint Petersburg, Florida, reports The viewers’ questions will be key, says the Saint Petersburg Times.

David Marx from Neojapanisme posts an interview with Sumie Kawakami, Japanese journalist and the author of the English-language book Goodbye Madame Butterfly: Sex, Marriage and the Modern Japanese Woman, recently published by Chin Music Press. (Sample chapters are available at the book’s website.)

Whitney Matheson: Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ron Moore recently started a blog... Writer/actor Robert Ben Garant (Reno 911!, The State) explains the writers' strike in his latest MySpace entry... Check out this interview with the always-fascinating Crispin Glover.

ABC News and Facebook have joined in a cooperative effort to bring viewers closer to political coverage, says the New York Times.

There is now a Ypulse Facebook profile. Anastasia is hoping for a little interaction... "I plan to use it to promote Ypulse Mashups and other upcoming events. For Ypulse readers active on Facebook looking for a place to discuss youth media or marketing issues, feel free to post comments, discussions, etc. We had a group on MySpace, but nobody really used it -- I'm hoping maybe people will be more likely to start discussions on Facebook."

Word-of-mouth is of major importance in boosting usage of social networking Internet sites, reports Media Facebook has disabled pornographic ads on its site, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Meanwhile, Facebook needs profits to match its promise, says Time magazine.

“Yesterday while at work, I looked on the computer clock, noted that it was past 4:00pm and silently cheered. When did I become a clock watcher?” asks CityGirl.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Crude Awakening: Chávez-Ahmadinejad

The presidents of Venezuela and Iran boasted they will defeat US imperialism together, saying the fall of the dollar is a prelude to the end of Washington's global dominance.


Could Iran and Venezuela act together to cut off oil to the US? And, could such an action generate an oil crisis in the United States? It's all the buzz in political circles.

Last week, Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez made his fourth visit to Tehran in two years to sign more economic agreements with Iran. The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Chávez, say they “admire” each other. Ahmadinejad calls Iran a second home for the Venezuelan president, and Chávez offers support to the Iranian government.

Last year, several left wing Iranian students and blogs criticized the friendly relations between “socialist” President Chávez and the Islamic Republic, where thousands of socialist militants were executed in the past.

Jomhour, a well-known blogger from Iran and Anthony Loewenstein, a blogger and writer from Australia, wrote about the Chávez-Ahmadinejad relationship.

Jomhour says [Fa] that Ahmadinejad after having met with Chávez, exclaimed: “We have plans to extend peace and security for all nations.”
"it seems that the meaning of peace and security get really changed or redefined! How Ahmadinejad and Chávez can bring security and peace to other nations when they impose problems and danger on their own people! …In these two States, words do not mean what they should. When Ahmadinejad claims that there is absolute freedom in Iran, and security and peace will be extended to other nations, it sounds like a joke."
Jomhour says Chávez has created problems for democracy and freedom in his country, and that Ahmadinejad’s government violates basic human rights and represses regular civil society activists.

Anthony Loewenstein writes:

During my visit to Iran in June this year, I noted the unhealthy relationship between the Latin American left and the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. My friend, journalist Rodrigo Acuna, has expanded on this argument.

Adapted from an article posted on GlobalVoices.

Around The Blogosphere 25 November 07

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Some bloggers hand out "awards" like cheap candy to other bloggers. I always have to laugh when I see that! If ever a blogger deserved an award, IMHO it would be Isabella Chen. Ms. Izzy has always been nothing short of brutally honest. You may come away from a reading at her a little red-faced, but you learn a lot. She's a writer, an artist, an internet personality of some notoriety, whose blogging really personifies her weblog into a bit of "deviant art" all it's own. In her own words: is authored by Isabella Chen, practicing artist and online pundit. My obsessions include pop culture and fringe ideas about to hit mainstream conciousness.

I have written for the daily tabloid
TODAY, appeared on Channel News Asia, and acted in Pleasure Factory, screened at Cannes in 2007.

I have also written for
August magazine, FHM and acted in video art by Singaporean artist, Brian Gothing Tan.
On the side and just for fun! I have also written a short BDSM piece for the Best of Singapore Erotica, that had to be wrapped in cellophane when it was first published in Singapore in 2006.

I’m an avid reader of books on popular science and contemporary economics. I personally think the most original popular science writer is
John D. Barrow. He writes books exploring topics like Infinity, Impossibility, Theories of Everything and the inate beauty in the universe.
Of course it was XiaXue who opened the door wide enough so a few other Singaporean bloggers (Ms. Izzy among them) could get exposure... sorta like when the Beatles opened the musical door up wide enough so other British Bands like the Kinks, Hermits, Yardbirds could get noticed too.

On a more somber note, la plume plus posts an article featuring first-hand accounts of human trafficking and the prostitution of African women [Fr] in Europe. Also check out Brazil: On the “Che e-mails” and credibility of journalism

On the Net

I came across a new trojan that hopped aboard my PC, and AGAIN it happened while using a trackback service (Aylward)... same scenario as before... right after going to the trackback site, a grey box appears telling me "WNDYYWI.EXE could not find MSHTR.DLL and will now close." I quickly isolated WNDYYWI and deleted it. Thank God for WinME! These buggers won't run on WinME, which allows me to catch them because they 'close' when they can't find another file they're looking for. Normally, you can't delete these things when they are running, unless you know how to access DOS before entering Windows.

On the Radio

I was twisting the radio dial at home during breakfast when I stumbled upon the Righteous Brothers version of "Little Latin Lupe Lu." How diverse pop music was in the 60's thru 90s... today, all you need is one hit song with somebody saying "Ay, Ay, Ay" in a cute and original way, and all of a sudden you've got a slew of what we used to call "biters" who steal the riff and put it in their own song. Two things are killing Rap & HipHop: the first of course is the language, glorification of violence and dehumanizing of women. The second is stealing riffs or entire songs from others. For heaven's sakes, be original, dude!

We have XM sat radio in the car, and I enjoy popping thru the channels listening to all kinds of stuff. New York City radio is always hot and diverse with a station just about anywhere on FM and AM dials! Albany radio is an entity unto itself: up here people have been buzzing about Imus' return to 770 WABC. Locals are very aware that WFAN 660 and WABC 770 can be received here. The more localized buzz involves Paul Vandenburgh's return to to the airwaves on his own station at 1300 AM. (continued on LiveJournal)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

JFK: Mystery or Conspiracy?

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Over the years there have been many conspiracy theories about the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, assassinated in Dallas TX November 22, 1963. WUSA is reporting that we may be closer than ever to learning the truth of the events leading up to JFK's death:
A Washington author hopes his lawsuit to force the release of secret CIA documents will shed light on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 44 years ago.

Author Jefferson Morley believes those secret records could demonstrate what relationship the agency had with Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who is believed to have shot Kennedy in a Dallas motorcade on November 22, 1963.

"They concern a man named George Joannides, who was the chief of psychological warfare at the CIA station in Miami in 1963," Morley told 9NEWS NOW. "His assets in the Cuban community had repeated contact with Lee Harvey Oswald before Kennedy's assassination."

"Joannides did not disclose his knowledge of what was going on in 1963 to the Warren Commission, even though he was a material witness,. And in 1978 when congress re-opened the investigation, the CIA brought him back as the liaison to deal with the investigators, and (he) never revealed what he had been doing in 1963," Morley said.
It gets better:
Morley, the editorial director of the Center for Independent Media, has written about his investigation in a new piece for In his web piece, Morley also highlights testimony from witnesses who were present at the Kennedy autopsy and who had not been interviewed by earlier government investigations. Those witnesses testified the autopsy photographs relied upon by the Warren Commission did not represent what they saw in person.
So, the autopsy photos were dummied up? If you look at all the parts and players to the JFK puzzle, this latest bit of news is not all that surprising... Michelle Malkin blogs that an alarmingly high number of tinfoil-covered Americans share Rosie O’Donnell 's conspiracy-mongering views. The NYPost reports today on a new poll showing that “Blame U.S. for 9/11 idiots” are in the majority.
[Video] JFK Conspiracy

Afterthought: Speaking of Conspiracy Theory, what happened to LaShawn Barber's Blog? I checked it on three different operating systems with 4 different browsers. It is BLANK. A temporary lapse? Was she hacked? Did she shut the blog down? Anybody know?

Around The Blogosphere 24 November 07

All is well here following Thanksgiving & Black Friday. It's Saturday morning but seems more like a Monday... I'm glad to have two extra "days off" and this little mini-vacation has been a rewarding one for me so far. Back in Albany today, it was quite cold when we arrived at 6:15 AM, just 13 degrees (F) but with no wind it didn't really FEEL all that cold! I didn't select a blog of the day for today: why don't YOU pick one? Scroll down my sidebar and check out two or three of the wonderful blogs and bloggers listed there. If you see question marks or boxes, that means those blogs may be in Chinese, Japanese or Arabic and your computer isn't outfitted with the fonts needed for proper viewing. If you'd like they can be downloaded for free from microsoft (just Google!)
If you are a blogger, check out MyBlogLog. It's been absorbed by Yahoo, so now I can use the same 'key" to unlock the front doors to MyBlogLog, Flickr, Wretch and Yahoo! I'm really delighted to be in the Google and Yahoo families! I'm also blogging just a bit on LiveJournal and regret I haven't had the time to get as fully involved in LJ as I'd like. Someday, when time permits...
Vivir México [es] writes about the agreement signed by Mexico City government and a the ZTE Corporation to provide free wi-fi throughout the city:

El proyecto busca que en 2008 el Distrito Federal tenga internet inalámbrico gratuito para sus habitantes, por lo que el Gobierno capitalino ya firmó un convenio con ZTE Corporation, con una inversion de 100 millones de dólares.
Life in the Armenian Diaspora reports that HaShiSh, an Armenian punk rock band from South America, is touring the U.S.

As new things begin, old things must end. Sokari writes on BlackLooks: The Somali LGBT community have launched a website in the UK which is brilliant news following their formation in 2005. The site is comprehensive with a forum and chat rooms, advice and news.
The aim of starting this group is to create a space and medium for somalian gay and lesbians to access information, share experiences and develop support networks. (more)Tip: also check out Web_20_made_in_africa

End of an entity: Findory shuts down.
The website will no longer carry news, blogs, videos, podcasts, or favorites. The daily e-mails will cease. To ease the transition for users of Findory Inline and the Findory API, empty feeds will be served for a couple weeks.

I am sorry to see Findory go. Though it will not be Findory doing so, I continue to believe that the future will be personalized.

- Greg Linden, Founder,
Happy "Half Year" to Postcard Headlines blog!

Friday, November 23, 2007

France vs. Pirates

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Netizens in France who download music and films without paying for them could find their web access shut down by a government body, under a ground-breaking industry agreement backed by Nicolas Sarkozy, the president. According to the BBC, Sarkozy said the deal was a "decisive moment for the future of a civilised internet".

Net firms will monitor what their customers are doing and pass on information about persistent pirates to the new independent body. Those identified will get a warning and then be threatened with either being cut off or suspended if they do not stop illegal file-sharing.

The agreement between net firms, record companies, film-makers and government was drawn up by a special committee created to look at the problem of the net and cultural protection.

Denis Olivennes, head of the French chain store FNAC, who chaired the committee said current penalties for piracy - large fines and years in jail - were "totally disproportionate" for those young people who do file-share illegally.

In return for agreeing to monitor net use, film-makers agreed to speed up the transfer of movies to DVD and music firms pledged to support DRM-free tracks on music stores.

The deal was hailed by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which represents the global interests of the music business.

Share your view

Forum and poll: Would the proposed ‘three strikes’ policy reduce the illegal downloading of music and movies? Your thoughts are welcome in "comments" or "Blog*spot Comments" below...

France to disconnect web pirates Times Online
France plans to cut off internet pirates MSNBC

Around The Blogosphere 23 November 07

Blog of the Day: Xin Ying (Chinese)

Rising Voices grantee, the HiperBarrio project, is a great example of how underrepresented communities are increasingly able to tell their stories to the world from distant and remote places. Their success lies in the use of new media tools like blogs, videoblogs, and photoblogs to enable communities to to portray their thoughts and creativity.

Marlon James writes a Top Ten list of the types of men men hate. Wizard has a fun countdown of the 50 greatest fictional weapons of all time.

Dallas Penn: Exactly one year ago I begged you to boycott all SEINFELD related projects after the implosion of his latently racist co-star MICHAEL RICHARDS.

Now that the year is up I am ceasing my SEINFELD moratorium. This means that I can go see ‘Bee Movie’ with C.S. this weekend and resume watching what was television’s funniest show evar. (More...) GPS Letter Logger , the new way of tracking your mail

YPulse: Taking parental controls to the next level (screen shots from Vista and the new OS operating system. I wonder how long it will take for teens to disable them...Plus CBS did a whole internet safety feature on "the secret lives of teens." What's funny is that teens' secret live are really not so secret any more when they post about them online).

XiaXue has grown up... she writes "How do young people communicate nowadays? It's ridiculous." has posted audio excerpts from its recent interview with Laura Albert, the writer formerly known as JT LeRoy.

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg: From composting to recycling, a green lifestyle can seem complicated and costly. But you can still live green while saving time and money, according to Trish Riley, the Florida-based author of Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Living ( $16.95).

Cheluca: Ubicar a tu pasado

Megan Meier Re-Mix

Megan Meier would be 15-years old. Instead of celebrating that birthday earlier this month, Megan lays inside her crypt in a St. Charles, Missouri mausoleum — where she's been since she committed suicide last October. But, this story is only partly about Megan and what caused her to take her life. It's also about the responsibility a paper has to report completely and factually on a story it knows will work on people's emotions. In the end, the question is who deserves anonymity?

Megan Meier Suicide Stokes the Internet Fury Machine

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Megan Meier era uma adolescente gordinha depressiva com treze anos de idade. Seus pais a separaram de uma amiguinha por causa de conta no MySpace sem autorização deles. Com o passar do tempo, deram permissão para que ela abrisse conta própria no MySpace, com supervisão.Megan ficou toda animada com o aparecimento de um namorado virtual, Josh. Este a elogiava e a enredou até o golpe fatal: caiu na pele dela e disse que ela era tudo de ruim que se possa imaginar. A transcrição final do papo contém uma frase cruel de Josh, o qual havia espalhado para várias outras pessoas sua zoação da Megan. A última frase de Josh foi: -- O mundo seria melhor sem você nele.Os pais dela preparavam o jantar enquanto Megan se enforcou dentro do seu armário. É o terceiro caso de jovens que se suicidam por serem vítimas de assédio anônimo na Internet aqui neste país doido.Neste caso, o absurdo é que foram a mãe da "amiguinha", uma funcionária do negócio desta senhora e sua filha que aparentemente criaram "Josh." Deleitaram-se com os requintes de flertes enredando a menina até que partiram para a jugular.O Los Angeles Times alega na chamada de capa, clique para o link, que parece não haver castigo previsto para este tipo de crime, crime pessoal, assédio anônimo de outra pessoa. Crimes pessoais são: injúria, difamação, calúnia. Só que rumo ao final do artigo, uma advogada, a diretora executiva de a lebre que cortaria o tesão da tragédia se publicada na primeira página. Tom Zé mandou bem sobre jornais que jorram sangue em "Parque Industrial". Disco "Tropicália." [continued...]

Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Countless Reactions to the Reactions

A love that never was. A wasted life. People are so damn cruel! From

The pieces to the puzzle that was Megan's suicide include a young girl with a deep, deep crush on someone she never met in person and the account of someone who really wasn't who he said he was. Toss in a sudden rejection of Megan by this phantom "friend" and it all came crashing down for her on October 16th, 2006. Her way of dealing with rejection was to hang herself... it wasn't long before bloggers got on the trail of the mother with a cruel sense of humor. The guilty party has been outed, her name, address, phone number, and employer known all over the internet. She's even earned a posting on The Journal says it kept Lori Drew's name out of the paper out of concern for the privacy of her daughter (Megan's ex-friend). There is also the matter that criminal charges were never brought against Drew or the others responsible for "Josh Evans.

Paul Byron also writes: The story was reported a year later in the St. Charles Journal.

Read the entire article here.

Natalee Holloway

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I've been following this case for quite some time. It's a disturbing scenario: a young girl just finishing high school vanishes while on vacation with classmates. Natalee Holloway of Mountain Brook, Alabama, was last seen leaving a bar with the three men on May 30, 2005, hours before she was scheduled to board a plane home with high school classmates celebrating their graduation. Was it murder? Slavery? Kidnap? Too much time has passed with too many unanswered questions. Will The Natalee Holloway Disappearance Ever Be Solved?

(Radio Netherlands) The Hague - Joran van der Sloot, the main suspect in the case of missing American student Natalee Holloway, is to be flown to the Caribbean island of Aruba today - the scene of Ms Holloway's disappearance. Mr Van der Sloot was detained at his home in the Netherlands on Wednesday because of new evidence in the case. Two Surinamese brothers who were friends of Mr Van der Sloot have also been arrested on Aruba, which has an autonomous status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that the new evidence comes from recently monitored telephone calls between the three suspects, the last people known to have seen Natalee Holloway before she went missing two-and-a-half years ago. Her disappearance has received major media coverage in the United States, amid angry accusations that the Aruban authorities have not been doing enough to solve the case.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) The father of missing American teen Natalee Holloway will relaunch a search for her body in waters off Aruba. More...

The Natalee Holloway Timeline : - Detailing Persons, Places, Outright Lies, & her Known Kidnapping, Rape, Murder, & Corpse Disposal Suspects in Aruba.


Natalee Holloway Sold As Slave?

Natalee Holloway Recruited For Porn?

CD's I've Enjoyed...

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Most people like music, and most people have collections of CDs and / or albums and I'll betcha out of whatever number you have there are maybe 4 or 5 that you go back and keep listening to... here are a few I've enjoyed immensely over the past two years:

ALICE SMITH - Do you like stuff the Beatles recorded circa White Album? You'll like Alice's CD. Do you enjoy the more sultry Nora Jones tunes? You'll like Alice's CD. If you're down with a little bit of African world seasoning, you'll like Alice's CD. AliceSmithMusic is something your musical taste has to experience a few times before you decide on the songs you like the best.

THE VERONICAS - Although their most recent CD is real stinker (The Postal Service meets Junk Disco) The Veronica's first CD (pictured) is one of the best guitar-rock oriented girl group CD's I've ever heard: out of the 12 or 13 songs I love around 9 or 10, and that's pretty good! Big question is: who the heck sent these girls out on a wild technopop goose chase? the new CD sounds like a refugee from the post-"Pump Up The Jam" era. Avoid it at all costs!

FRESHLY GROUND - It's so hard to DESCRIBE a song or a sound that song makes, but here goes: for me, South Africa's FreshlyGround invoke a myriad of musical memories, from 1970s soul to Sade to Donovan to The Incredible String Band to Malcolm McLaren to Brenda Russel to Jefferson Airplane to Jaci Velasquez. A happy-sad whipped up folk-soul sound that wraps itself around you and reminds you of all those great performers but sounds like none.

Flutes, violins, guitars, beats... all there in one splendid recording! FreshlyGround may never grow an audience in the USA, but just as Michael Learns To Rock cranked out hits that rocked the rest of the planet during the 1990's, FG obviously has the capabilities to do the same thing now... and they're doing it! The group recently released a third CD. All three are excellent!

M.I.A. - There is no one and nothing like M.I.A.!

Her debut album, “Arular” (2005), sold a modest 129,000 copies but was a critical jackpot, both in the mainstream press and the blogosphere. For her follow-up, “Kala,” released by Interscope Records earlier this year, the original strategy was the conventional one: to pair up with brand-name producers and shoot for pop hits. But things did not go according to plan. Instead the album became, by necessity and by choice, another restless, far-flung journey. [NYT] The album was recorded around the world (Japan, India, Trinidad, Jamaica, Australia, the United States), and apparently just about everything was in play during those sessions: African chants, Caribbean soca, Brazilian baile funk, Western rock, Bollywood tunes, Baltimore club beats. The resulting mix sounds like the index from "The Rough Guide to World Music" pressed through a hip-hop filter, and it provides a perfectly expansive frame for M.I.A.'s worldly lyrical concerns, which tend to revolve around poverty, boys and war (not necessarily in that order). [WaPo]

I have no idea why I love the cacophony served up by 31-year-old Maya Arulpragasam. M.I.A.'s work slowly grows on you, working its way into your brain like a little parasite. The only thing I can compare the M.I.A. lsitening experience to is Tinariwen, although their music is nothing alike. But take a glass of red wine, get together with a few friends on a warm summer night gathered around a campfire on a beach at Long Island, with Tinariwen playing in the background. Music that eventually overtakes your spirit. M.I.A. overtakes your spirit but hits you between the eyes first; that surely is the difference!

TINARIWEN - I recently listened to my three Tinariwen CD's end to end in tandem. When played all the way through in it's entirety, I found The Radio Tisdas Sessions delightful. Friends have asked why I like Tinariwen (Tamashek for "empty places"). I can only answer that, on a quite night while relaxing (blogging) or just lying on the couch, I get into the guitarwork. That's the attraction, the guitars. In the past I have read reviewer's comments that critcized the production / engineering of the first two CDs. Both reviewers felt the songs were faded out too quickly, with little improv. Now that I've listened more deeply, I agree. CD's 1 and 2 would be far superior had the band been allowed to continue the session. Gee whiz, the CD itself certainly has enough room to contain the extra recording time! What's my favourite song? "Matadjem Yinmixan" on "Aman Iman." Love the guitars! Incredibly soothing! Fitted in perfectly with the 4th CD in my changer: the Sunspots label CD re-issue / update of "Havin' A Rave-Up" by the Yardbirds!!!

YARDBIRDS - I took a copy of "Havin A Rave-Up: The Definitive Edition" (Sunspots CD) and added a few other great Y-Birds trax to make a ridiculously wonderful guitar-heavy collection of some of the best music that came out of the 1960s era! If you like guitars, you'll love The Veronicas, Tinariwen AND the Yardbirds. I hope you'll get a few gift ideas from this music sampling: remember there are HUNDREDS of acts out there will all kinds of marvelous sounds just waiting for your ears to hear them!

Black Friday 2007

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As much as 40% of US Holiday (Christmas) Shopping sales are made on Black Friday. Last year I liveblogged from the mall. This year, I'm staying home. I'll be a last minute waiter, a hesitator, a person who shops December 24th at 5pm.

Nevertheless, there are brave souls among us who ARE LiveBlogging from on this Black Friday 2007. Among them, Ryan: "Reporting from the just now warmed up car. It is just below freezing outside (read: bitter, icy, winter, arctic, hostile environment) and we are on our way to Circuit City and Staples. We are doing our best to coordinate efforts here..."

Apple Jumps on the Black Friday Bandwagon

HDTV: You don't have to go broke buying a digital TV!

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This week I finally got around to replacing our 27-inch Sharp TV in the living room. I bought it in 1999 and within 18 months (just out of warranty) it developed problems that we managed to live with somehow, but the set really gave up the ghost this year.

About a week ago I was reading one of the tech blogs (or maybe it was in one of the tech magazines) about how lawmakers were worried that middle and lower class Americans would be deprived of watching TV when all US stations are required to go digital in 2009.

I ventured out to WalMart merely seeking a big old TV I could watch stuff on via my VHS and DVD. The nice big black sets of any brand had been missing from the shelves back in July (last time I thought about replacing the old set) and the cheapest of the "new breed" of TV's started at something like $599 for a comparably smaller screen.

I picked up a 27-inch off-brand set made in Thailand for $178!!!! THAT IS NOT A "SALE" PRICE! This thing gets all the DIGITAL channels as well as analog! When purchasing a set, look for SDTV or CDTV on the box! This guy has all the features you could ever want, all the RCA jacks AND can download new features when offered via digital TV! Kazowies!


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ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y.— Bard College announces the inaugural James Clarke Chace Chair in Foreign Affairs and the Humanities lecture by Mark Danner, on Monday, December 3. The lecture, "Beyond Endless War: Terror, Iraq, and the American Search for Solvency," begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Làszlò Z. Bitò '60 Auditorium of the Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden Center for Science and Computation.

Mark Danner, James Clarke Chace Professor and Henry R. Luce Professor of Human Rights and Journalism at Bard, is a longtime staff writer at the New Yorker and frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books, writing about American politics and foreign affairs, including Latin America, Haiti, the Balkans and the Middle East. He speaks and debates widely about America's role in the world. Danner is author of The Secret Way to War: The Downing Street Memo and the Iraq War's Buried History; Torture and Truth: America, Abu Ghraib, and the War on Terror; Abu Ghraib: The Politics of Torture ; The Massacre at El Mozote: A Parable of the Cold War; and The Road to Illegitimacy. He is also a professor at UC Berkeley.

The James Clarke Chace Chair in Foreign Affairs and the Humanities is named in honor of James Chace (1931–2004), who was one of America's leading foreign policy thinkers and historians. At the time of his death, Chace held the position of the Paul W. Williams Professor of Government and Public Law and Administration and was director of the Bard Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA) Program at Bard College.

Seating at the Danner lecture is on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional information, call 845-758-7414 or e-mail

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