Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama Clone

Dop·pel·gäng·er - a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.

Gerardo Puisseaux lives in Miami and works for the online Spanish-language news channel America TeVe ( He was a construction worker until a few months ago, when he was recruited for a comedic reality TV show because of his resemblance to Obama. Puisseaux’s routine: He shows up, and the cameras capture how people react.

He had a press pass into the Pepsi Center. Despite his height (too short), he looked enough like the presumptive Democratic nominee to cause a stir. [more via latimesblog] [picture] [Video]

Um sósia de Barack Obama tem chamado a atenção das pessoas que passam em volta do ginásio Pepsi Center, em Denver, onde se realiza a convenção do Partido Democrata dos Estados Unidos.

O americano-cubano Gerardo Buisseaux foi contratado por um canal de televisão de Miami para trabalhar como sósia do virtual candidato democrata à Casa Branca.

Gerardo, que apóia Obama, diz que "é uma honra se parecer com um grande homem".

Barack Obama encerrará a convenção na próxima quinta-feira, 28 de agosto, com um discurso em um estádio de futebol americano de Denver com capacidade para mais de 75 mil pessoas.

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    Many believe Obama's sudden rise to global popularity from obscurity makes him prime candiadate to be the ANTICHRIST. According to CNN, a Google search of "Obama Antichrist" finds about a billion results & rising popularity borders on "Cult of Personality". The Bible says the Antichrist suffers a Fatal Head Wound and Resurrects from it, causing the whole world to Wonder.

    If Obama is the one, here is one possibility of how it could happen. Nostradamus seemed to designate "MABUS", which some believe predicts the transfer of power Jan. 20, 2009 (obaMA-BUSh).

    One scenario that may confirm this is if a Shocking 9-11 Style Terror USAmBUSH event takes place, in Nostradamus prediction of Great Power taken by the dark one that comes from slaves. ARYANA (neo-nazis/kkk?) Unsatisfied Thereby". I realize this scenario may seem far fetched, but is politically & technologically possible, & could possibly explain any bizarre event:

    OBAMA took a train following the tracks of Lincoln's Inagruation. Could Obama also follow History of Lincoln, MLK, & JFK in their Fatal Head Wounds with all the Security? Shots Fired? Shock & Awe? Mass Confusion? Stolen Hope? Race Riots/Wars & possible Martial Law? A Miraculous "Resurrection"?

    If Middle East tensions continue to escalate... ALL the World would Wonder even more if Obama resurrected, then ascended on the global stage, viewed as a "savior", crafter & broker of that long elusive Middle East "Land-for-Peace" Deal, would they not?

    Many recent news stories have highlighted the unprecedented security of the Historic Inaugration of the first black US President, because of threats from neo-nazi & racist groups. It seems as though coverage in the buildup to inaugration today centers around Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s accomplishments as well as heightened pride among minorities and those of color. If their hopes are dashed just prior to the swearing in, what kind of climate would that create? Would it not tear at the very fabric of our society in a far worse way than 9-11, as it would be seen as an "inside job" by racist elements within our own country, with the likely outcome of causing race riots/wars and an almost certain civil war.

    Obama's retracement of Abraham Lincoln along the parallel rails of the same train route he took to Washington DC, as well as all the coverage of Lincoln's Civil War accomplishments at the Lincoln Memorial is distinctly interesting. Bono & U2 singing the Song about MLK's "Pride", etc...

    If while the whole world was watching on TV or via satellite, Obama were seen to be assasinated (in spite of heightened security) just prior to taking the oath of office, could that be what Obama has been referring to as "FALSE START", possibly planned?

    I believe that it would NOT in-fact be Obama, but rather an OBAMA LOOK-ALIKE or HUMAN CLONE with Obama's identical DNA. The technology to clone Dolly the Lamb has been around for at least 15 years. Clone the global "messiah", to fake a "ressurection" of "THE LAMB OF GOD"?? Interesting that DOLLY THE LAMB was the first disclosure of a successful cloning!!

    If Obama were to soon afterwards be seen as "resurrected" from his "Fatal Head Wound", it would certainly even further shock the world that had such high hopes taken away so suddenly. Such shocking global events leave a huge impact on the minds of the masses. SUPERHEROBAMAMANIA already borders on "WORSHIP" today, but a perceived "resurrection" would amount to mass mind control on a global scale!! The Bible says the entire world will Wonder after the beast with great Amazement!!

    I realize how crazy this vision I am disclosing seems, and it could be made into a movie like THE MANCHURIAN CANDIADATE, but the world itself is so very crazy lately... Who knows?? If there were to actually be the kind of global elites in positions of power that wanted to consolidate their power via a secret global conspiracy, to prepare the world for their NWO global governance, as JFK spoke of prior to his own assasination, then such a bizarre shocking "disaster" at such a Historic Event would be the perfect way & timing take action!!

    I pray & hope for the true peace & unity of America, Israel with an undivided Jerusalem & the world rather than more escalating global tensions, although I believe the world will get crazier before it gets better, as indeed Obama himself has been saying. True peace is a state of being, not something provided by politicians, even charasmatic ones like Obama, especially with all of the ancient hatreds that still exist between various ethnic groups. True Peace will eventually come when the true Prince of Peace comes from above, as he ascended, after the Great Tribulation...

    Deception abounds today. Jesus said even many of the very elect will believe the coming messianic Imposter's Great Lie & his lying Wonders, as they do not have in them the love of THE TRUTH. Watch and Pray to see through the lies!

    Blessings & Shalom!!


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