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Moments Like This: Gossip Girl The Night After

Hugs & Kisses the order of the day on Gossip Girl... Remote Access has the re-cap, and hey, darned if all the blogs haven't picked up on the "kissing" theme!

Being a fan of film and TV shows, I'm always on the lookout for good stuff to watch (and follow). Regular readers know I'm a "Gossip Girl" fan. Every now and again a television program comes along that attracts a following but has a particular nature or quality that restricts dooms it to a rather short existence. Like the infamous "Summer of Love," no one suspects that the enjoyment of watching / participating will be truncated. The little bubble of admiration and adulation it creates will all-too-soon burst.

Last night's episode was perfect from an artistic standpoint. Filmed a few weeks back during the New York City "snowstorm," it advances the series as the main characters live out the last few months left in their Senior year at High School. I'm not sure how many new eps are in the can, but if you are a fan, enjoy them now!

If you have to catch up, Season 1 is available on DVD, and true to the innovative tone the show has set, there was a commercial for a new Verizon "videophone" which also made a guest appearance within the context of the evening's episode! (When GG began, as a book, the author's vision of the Gossip Girl website and twitter-like cellphone network connecting the site to the characters hadn't yet actually happened in "real time" on the real internet!)

Each week, New York Magazine's website carries a synopsis of the current episode, which gets enhanced by the hour as more and more readers check in and leave comments. It's fun to read, and it's happening right now.

From NYMag's analysis:
Jenny struggled to remain true to her Humphrey-ness in the face of peer and adult pressure, and Blair continued to be torn between the happy-go-lucky golden retriever that is Nate and her animal attraction to Chuck, the fun but dangerous pit bull. "He would almost be scary if he wasn't wearing plaid," Dan remarks, of the latter.
I agree with the L.A. Times Blog observation that the ep's "last 15 minutes were a doozy."

Previously: WHY GOSSIP GIRL?

Two or three or ten years you'll look back and fondly remember. Funny thing is, when the next show like Gossip Girl arrives, it'll be just the same: it will have gone on for awhile before people stop and say "hey, this is cool, I like it!" And just as quickly, it will be gone.

I liked the soundtrack in this week's episode, so of course, either I missed it or they didn't show the slide where they identify the artists and tracks which are usually found on the GG website...

And there's (always) more...

Preview of 'Gossip Girl' 2.21: Serena Elopes

Gossip Girl’s Top Music Moments

So, you're into blogging, microblogging, 15 minutes of fame... perhaps it is time to crank out your own glossy, baby! XOXO!


New York Mag encounters Lady GaGa... LiVe performance scheduled for Saturday, May 2 7:15pm
at Terminal 5, New York, NY

Texting dominates teen communication, but media reports of cyber bullying and texting while driving accidents have some parents questioning whether to allow their kids to text. North Carolina parent Debbe Geiger blogs on the NYT well about the challenges of banning text messaging and whether parents should even try.

Anyone for SEXTing?!?

For the lovelorn: there's lots of advice on andradefe.info --- I was going to link to one article, but then I began to scroll down...

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Monday, March 30, 2009


The appeal of microblogging is both its immediacy and portability. Posts are brief (typically 140 – 200 characters) and can be written or received with a variety of computing devices, including cell phones. TodaysMama.com is one of the first Web sites to offer a microblogging service catered solely to women.

What do you think about it? Do you like the microblog bursts I recently posted here (over the weekend) from my cellphone?
Microblogging And Lifestreaming: A Beginner's Guide
Microblogging is all about spontaneously sharing of-the-moment thoughts, links to websites, or even what you're doing at the moment. You can think of them as a cross between ultra-short blog posts, SMS text messages, and the status notifications you can leave for friends on services like Skype, Facebook or your favorite instant messaging tool.

The content of a micro-blog differs from a traditional blog in that it is typically more topical, smaller in aggregate file size (e.g. text, audio or video) but is the same in that people utilize it for both business and individual reasons."

iPhone Control, Webcam Video, Microblogging Applications for Television to be Demonstrated by ActiveVideo Networks at Cable Show

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More more more about microblogging:
- This PBS article provides a guide to microblogging and Twitter.
- Twitter supplies a FAQ list.
- Robert Scoble discusses microblogging with Jaiku founders (video).
- Jaiku describes the process of setting up a microblog in its guided tour.
- We blogged (old school) about Twitter's background and potential.

Malware via Twitter?

It's a possibility. I got this email over the weekend:
Hi, Dave Lucas (davelucas).

Jason (Sherri400) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Jason's profile here:

You may follow Jason as well by clicking on the "follow" button.
When I clicked on through to see who this follower might be, I landed HERE. And then over here!

Be careful, Windows users! This is a very viral time!

Around The Blogosphere 30 March 09

APRIL 1 is Wednesday... is your COMPUTER ready?

Are you ready for some hard core Xiaxue blogging?

Are you ready for the "fur to fly" and perhaps a little cat clawing? Dawn Yang: Altered images.

Secrets of YOUR stuff (or former stuff) revealed... by Sharon!

Chiller: Friday afternoon, I was at this exact spot four hours earlier! Here's something I heard about Friday on the radio...

Did YOU observe "Earth Hour?" Fauna from ChinaSMACK translated netizens' comments on Earth Hour campaign.

Economica Disturbia (Mercy Me, The Economy!)

Caught an interesting glimpse of a TV program over the weekend where someone questioned why the modern two-income household doesn't equal the buying power / standard of living of the single-income household of the 1950s-60s. D'oh! I've gone over this before. It's so simple.

Change began when silver certificates were no longer issued and silver was no longer used to make our dimes, quarters, half-dollars and "silver dollars." That was 1965-ish.

Next, the bra-burning women-libbers who demanded equality. They got it, but for a price. Housewives suddenly needed to get part tim jobs. Then others began to work full-time. The greedy got wind of this and figured it out: make things more expensive... which led to the need for two people to work instead of one.

Then somebody else came up with the ideas of health-insurance and HMO, and once that got out of control, it was only a matter of time before the "American dream" of owning a home became the target of the greedy... which led to the subprime mortagages and the eventual collapse of the economy. I know that's a bit of a nutshellish stretch, but it pretty well sums it up. The more you make, the more they take. In doing a bit of reading, I found that American households in the mid-50s to mid-60s enjoyed an awesome standard of living. America so beautiful, so bountiful.

Just imagine: back then folks lived in modest but clean houses. Dad worked. Mom was always home. Food, gas and medical care was cheap (no health insurance needed)... Homes actually sold at prices people could easily afford. The majority of credit was a) the mortgage and b) the car loan... and maybe $5 a month for the living room furniture or the TV set. What happened?

The greedy among us took advantage of CHANGE: they were there when the silver was taken out of the money, when the women's libbers were promoting their cause, when somebody thought health insurance might be a good idea... They were there in 1995 to make sure General Motors' electric car project would be killed. That little car could singlehandedly have averted the US economic collapse! (Government thought WAR in Iraq would help the economy. Didn't happen, did it?) If Barack Obama had a time machine, and he went back to save the electric car, GM stock would probably be in the Google range of $300 a share, and I think General Electric would also be doing quite well. But of course, (as I have said time and time again) this is what General Motors WANTED all along: to gouge the consumer by selling HUMMERS and essential auto supplies like OIL and GAS.

Would the home mortgage crisis still have happened? I think so, because although the chain of events leading up to that were also greed-based, they were coming from a different direction. So, this is what happens when there is nothing more to be exploited. Things hit bottom. It isn't exactly the same as what happened in the original Wall Street collpase and ensuing Great Depression, but the "experts" and "observers" are trying hard to make us believe it is...

Speaking of GM, the automaker may be granted an extension of a Tuesday deadline to gain concessions from its main union and bondholders,demanded as part of a U.S.-aided restructuring.

On Thursday, world economic leaders are to meet outside London as the Europena Union is expected to pursue stricter global financial recognition.

On Friday, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on the employment situation for the month of March.

By the way, the abovementioned "experts" and "observers" are now speculating that the economy has already bottomed out. Keep an eye on a few things:

1) Wall Street - let's see how the market fares on Tuesday, Thursday and especially Friday. If you are BUYING stocks, this could be a good week to grab shares of your targeted companies.

2) Home Sales - although no particular news is expected this week, it should be interesting to see if any media outlets release stories about the real estate market - good or bad!

3) Prices of Oil and Gasoline - isn't it funny how once gas got down around $2 a gallon we haven't been talking much about it? Yet it has had some long-term effects. My neighbor had his eye on a certain brand of car for awhile and was jsut about ready to buy when gas went up near $4 a galon. OK - it's back to "normal" now and they're practically GIVING AWAY the model he was interested in. No kidding - before it sold for $22,000 and right now he can get one for $14,500. I asked him about it. He's watching the gas prices s-l-o-w-l-y rise. He's not even tried to get a car loan. He (like many others) is sitting on his hands.

Are we, as a nation, on "pause" when it comes to something like this? I think we are.

Another interesting thing to watch: in Albany, and New York City, the cost of public transportation is about to rise. A 5-day workweek bus pass in Albany going from $36 to about $55 dollars. That's a big jump. Nice weather is on the way. Will this reverse the flock to public transportation?

So many factors at play! And did I mention most people who ARE in need of new cars aren't even visiting showrooms because they have HEARD that "even customers with good credit are not being given loans" - so, why bother?

The plot is thickening. Can anybody guess what might happen next? And we haven't even considered anything like a natural disaster or a terrorist attack or a sudden price spike or financial catastrophe in some area we haven't considered...


It's always good to get away for a few days - it refreshes one's perspective!

Since I got back to Albany Sunday afternoon, I've been catching up on local news, and gee whiz, my perspective is refreshed...

The Sunday Times Union has two particularly moving and disturbing articles by Paul Nelson and Lauren Stanforth about the March 21 fire that took the lives of four residents at a state-run group home in Wells, NY. I was shocked to read that the local building inspector was never allowed to work with the state during construction of the group home, which was only a year old! Also: town and county officials were never given blueprints that could have helped firefighters and rescue workers... AND everybody who did participate in the rescue has been told NOT to talk to the media! No Democracy here! This is such a sad story! SHAME on New York!

For the most part, it seems a lot of negativity is associated with the local group NXIVM and the Bronfman sisters bringing the Dalai Lama to the Albany area. The Bronfman's are doing an incredible thing by getting the Tibetan holyman to visit. Contrary to scuttlebutt, the ticket prices are NOT out of line extraordinarily high. Think of your favorite TV show brought to you by a product you thoroughly hate. What really matters? Your enjoyment of the program or your hatred of something you don't care for?

If you've been following Schenectady Mayor Brian Stratton's loss of confidence in the electrci city's Police force, it dropped another notch over the weekend after yet another officer was nabbed for un-officer-like behavior. How many more?

Did 20th CD candidate Jim Tedisco shoot himself in the foot out of the gate when he wouldn't reveal "Tedisco's Take" on the stimulus package right off the bat? Yup! Everything after does not matter. I see what followed as vicious mudslinging by both sides. I'll betcha a lot of people who support EITHER candidate will just opt out and stay home due to the negative campaigning. Even though some of the content in the ads has been proven to be inaccurate, people these days just aren't in the mood for this kind of "clowning around"

Well, Monday is here and that means back to work - I don't know about you but I love my work!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now back in Albany with a million and one things to do. I have a chicken here that I bought at Stew Leonard's in Yonkers. Dinner will be Chicken w/Pears.
Had some strange dreams last night. One involved music. As if the dream itself had a soundtrack...
Breakfast in NYC before driving back to Albany. Now I need an extra weekend to "recover."

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Had a great time in DC! Met up with some friends from England and should be back in Albany tomorrow!
I picked a great weekend to travel! Just got into DC...

Quick Links 28 March 09

How are YOU handling the "economic crisis" ? - Global Voices' Mong Palatino offers us a Global Recession Survey: Survival Tips and Business Opportunities... while Michele Malkin dishes out some tough talk in The coming G20 riots & the spread of mob rule. Live in New York? Get ready to pay more!
Readers: just a few stops in the blogosphere for you today as I am ultrabusy, having swept though (and gotten swept up in traffic) New York City on Friday and on the way to Washington DC today, with barely a moment to THINK let alone sleep or blog! Ah, life!
Ripped from Drudge: UN CLIMATE SCHEME: Reordering world economy, trillions in wealth transfer, sweeping 'industrial relocation'...

Mutant Palm is pretty sure that China can't create a Chinese Al Jazeera. Why? Check THIS out!


Don't forget about EarthHour!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pop Clips 27 March 09

Should you ever travel through Asia, be sure and buy Coke. Man, it tastes good! Why? It's the Coke of old, the Coke that was once sold everywhere all the time. Now, the treat of all treats can once again (for a limited time), "Mexican Coke" can be purchased LOCALLY! H/T AllOverAlbany - To paraphrase Mr. Food: "ooooooohhhhh, so goooood!"
Proving beyond any doubt that she is not YOUR daughter's role model, Rhianna shows off her new GUN TATTOOS for the camera! And one good tattoo deserves another!
Bad Crisis... Good Crisis...

Have you heard of "EARTH HOUR" ? - Why don't you EDUCATE yourself and PARTICIPATE? Black Iris urges bloggers to post about it ahead of time to spread the word. (Like I'm doing now!)

Amira Al Hussaini got caught out in the rain...

Video Ashton Kutcher Sets Demi's Heart a-Twitter

Now, here's a NEWSHOUND if ever I saw one!

FINALLY: Is there life after Gossip Girl???

Had enough? No? OK - Then worry about this...

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Around The Blogosphere 26 March 09

What can women's handbags hold? Mathilde knows!

Dallas Penn posted RAEKWON x DOOM + U.F.O. = YOU DO THE MATH… "The new DOOM album is supplanting KanYe West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ as the musical inspiration for the diabolical BLU CHEEZ TV music video series."

Esteemed online voices @LeoLaporte and @DaveWiner are sounding the alarm about Twitter's increasing platform dominance. “It’s a very dangerous network because it’s all centralized,” Winer said. The LA Times blogs that the Geek warriors are plotting to overthrow Twitter!

Via StreetsBlog:
The next generation of community-driven reporting of quality-of-life issues -- like potholes, graffiti, garbage buildup, or broken street lights -- is SeeClickFix, software that enables users to populate a map with cases that are then forwarded to the responsible city agency. Much like a 311 system, SeeClickFix is predicated on the assumption that an aware and engaged public that uses technology can get its city government to efficiently resolve problems.

Apple Mac malware: caught on camera via sophos.com — Pob in our analysis labs blogged earlier this week about a new variant of the RSPlug Trojan horse for Mac OS X that he had written protection against. One of the ways in which the OSX/RSPlug-F Mac Trojan horse is being distributed by hackers is in the form of a poisoned HDTV/DTV program called MacCinema.

Linux bloggers are typing If It Scares Microsoft, It's Good For Everyone Else!

I wonder: Are IE8 Users Downgrading or Just Going Back to Work?

Miss Info uploaded Mos Def “Words” (Ecstatic promo) Directed by Coodie & Chike

Michelle Malkin revisits Ann Compton’s stupid question "Could I ask you about race?"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

George Weber UPDATE


KILLED FOR $60: CRAIGSLIST teen charged in WABC Newsman's Death!


CBS2 Slideshow...

Clips from the killer's Youtube page

Cyberian Life

Bloggers worldwide (like Shelo, at left) are pissed off by pop-ups, but where there's a will, there's always a way!

BREAKING NEWS! Congratulations, Facebook friends! You've successfully gotten the message through to user-surly CEO Mark Zuckerberg that the redesign SUCKS. He ordered product director Chris Cox to blog an apology.

African Bloggers and webmasters have a new scam to worry about, affecting those who use Google AdSense. read it, as I'm sure it will give people in other lands sinister ideas!

Making new friends via cellphone.

Making nice via TV:
"We will recover from this recession. But it will take time, it will take patience, and it will take an understanding that when we all work together; when each of us looks beyond our own short-term interests to the wider set of obligations we have to each other – that’s when we succeed. That’s when we prosper. And that’s what is needed right now. So let us look toward the future with a renewed sense of common purpose, a renewed determination, and most importantly, a renewed confidence that a better day will come."
A March 20-23 Zogby Interactive survey shows 45% of likely voters believe the nation is headed in the right direction, a gain of five points from a similar survey completed on March 5. At the beginning of the year, only 14% held that positive view.

VIDEO: President Obama to the Nation, “Give me back that Filet-O-Fish”

In his post titled, Everything you ever wanted to know about Liberia (And more), David Sasaki points out that the first African-American president of any country was the Liberian president J.J Roberts who was born in Norfolk, Virginia.

Editor & Publisher has gone aTwittering...

Ingrid Michaelson has written a song about Twitter.

England swings like a pendelum do...

Now you can join a book club that operates via Twitter!

NBC Local reports A 16-year-old confessed to stabbing former WABC radio newsman George Weber.

Woody Allen writes in The New Yorker "Tails of Manhattan." And, speaking Manhattanese, New York Mag published a Gossip Girl re-cap & commentary which I failed to include it in yesterday's Pop Clips, so here it is now...

Pesky Trojans Make A Comeback

A computer worm is a self-contained program (or set of programs) that is able to spread functional copies of itself or its segments to other computer systems. The propagation usually takes place via network connections or email attachments.

A couple of old-school (2002) worms are being let out onto the digital frontier again. They are easy to spot, most often appearing in Windows warning boxes during start-up. The good news is that you can easily delete them (newer systems have problems loading the drivers, thus exposing the little culprits!)

Opasoft goes by several names: Alevir, Brasil, Marco! and Instit.bat. It is a 'share aware' worm that propagates through unprotected or weakly passworded shares. The worm file is copied to the Windows directory on the victim PC and initialized through one or more of the following methods: From the registry's machine 'run', by direct call to the worm driver (Scrsvr, Brasil, Alevir, Marco!, or Instit.bat) from a run command in win.ini, or indirectly, by run=c:\tmp.ini, where tmp.ini calls the worm driver through a 'run=' entry.

To remove manually: start REGEDIT and delete the key that points to the bogus driver (Scrsvr, Brasil, Alevir, Marco!) under machine 'run'.

Next, open Win.ini with Notepad, or SysEdit and delete the line(s) that start with 'run=' and contains one of the worm's driver names.

Reboot the computer, and delete any of the following: Alevir.*, ScrSvr.*, Brasil.*, Marco!.* and C:\tmp.ini, if found.

Be sure to check for "secondary infectors" carried by Opasoft are Funlove, Spaces.1445, Dupator and Parite.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pop Clips 24 March 2009

Online media network Current TV has so far remained deafeningly silent over the arrests of two of its reporters, Chinese-American Laura Ling and Korean-American Euna Lee, who were detained (accused of being spies) by the North Korean military earlier this month after crossing the border between China and North Korea while they were reporting on refugees fleeing poverty. Reports about the arrests surfaced last week, when the NY Times reported the detention. TechCrunch follows-up...

YouTube: blacked out in China?

Tuesday morning quarterbacking: Gossip Girl!

Other Gossip Girl sites and blogs:26 good TV shows that were canceled too soon.

Blogger on TV alert: The Frugal Duchess (Sharon Harvey Rosenberg, pictured at left)) evites all to "tune into WLRN, an NPR station, on Tuesday, March 24, at 1 p.m. I'll be a guest on Topical Currents, an hour-long show hosted by Joseph Cooper. We're going to be talking about money-saving tips and other frugal living topics.

Listen online, by going to the WLRN home page and hitting the Listen Online button at the top of the page. Of course, if you're in the South Florida area, just tune into 91.3 on the FM band.

And I'm also twittering. I write random stuff that varies from self-promotional blather to insightful, almost haiku word blasts about spring cleaning. Catch me in an over-sharing mood at twitter.com/FrugalDuchess "

M.I.A. named her baby Ikhyd.

Business blogs are abuzz over the Geithner plan.

Bloggers Get 50 Cent Kicked Off Movie...

India Social Media Summit 2009 will be held on 27 Mar, 09 in Mumbai, India. More infos on the summit are available at the summit Twitter and Facebook pages. Follow the summit in Twitter - #SMSummit09.

And... Finally!

Dream Analysis: The Problem With Dreambooks

Dreams can get very weird. Ask LaShawn Barber.

Have you ever had a dream and looked to find an interpretation either online or in a book? I've had NO luck whatsoever in finding any meanings from books. The descriptions associated with symbols in these "guides" rarely coincides with the symbols in my dreams.

I've run acrosss this problem time and time again. I'll share a typical example with you. In the following description of my dream I have removed "local" references which would have relevance only to people in my immediate geographic area.

Summer day. Two busses, a small one and a larger one, headed in the same direction (the opposite direction I was going. I was headed home.) Both were bound for the same destination, although one was going a bit farther beyond that. Both were empty.

The dream book addressed "travelling by bus," "waiting for a bus" and "a bus accident," none of which figured in my dream. I looked up "driving" because I think I was doing that (although I may have been a passenger), headed in the opposite direction, and there was just something short about good financial luck, which I don't think really applies here.

(The local "slant" to this dream: both busses belonged to a bus company that has been out of business since the 1970s. The route number and destinations displayed on the busses do not exist in reality, and have no apparent meaning. The highway itself these busses were traveling on was never served by that particular bus company, nor
were the final destination points. The weather was clear: apparently a typical spring or summer day; not too warm or cold.)

Note: if I had been travelling by bus, according to the book, it means I was on the right track or path to fulfilling my heart's desire. Trouble is, I don't think I was on a bus. But then again, I'm not really sure.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

MediaWatch 23 March 09

There but for fortune... condolences to friends and family of George Weber. The longtime WABC newscaster turned ABC News freelancer and blogger, was found stabbed to death at home in Brooklyn. George was 47.

For years, newspaper executives whined that parasitic bloggers thrived by merely linking to newspaper stories. But they're no longer linking enough: Newspapers now demand Google rig its link-counting system in their favor. [Gawker]

According to Buffalo Geek, the problem with Journalism is...

Even Facebook Employees Hate the Redesign

Bloggers and users of Twitter from El Salvador are planning a get-together called Twittblogs on March 29

Patience (Paciencia...)

It's been some time since Bettina Perroni was featured on my blog! And here she is with Paciencia...

According to Wikipedia, patience is a skill that takes some hominids (Bonobos and humans) to be able to endure any misfortune and difficulty. According to the philosophical tradition, "It is the courage against the evil, and despite the suffering, the man will not be overcome by it”

Thus, we can say that the patient becomes stronger gradually, while the strong always be known patient. Being patient requires an increase in strength when in a logical way naturally fell.

... (Minutes mind blank with absolute silence and I read it again, again, again)

Indeed, patience is not exactly one of my virtues.
I understand that patience is not to seat down and suffer in a passive way while the miracles happen. Oddly, I noticed that the patient images are consistently associated with a chair. Rather, I understand the patience is the grace to wait but investing the energy productively in such a way that seems to reduce the time for the realization of the goal. In a few words it is the fact to act not by impulse but using the brain.

True or not, it is the conclusion which I have after the hard task of learning to be patient, to control my anxiety because I discovered that the opposite, namely, impatience and lack of control, are the wrong path that has led me to undesirable destinations.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Roast With The Most

Talk about a dilemma! Low on cash, can't find my credit card, people comin' over... I whipped up something I call "Beef Impromptu."

I paid $6.53 for a USDA Choice Beef Boneless Shoulder Pot Roast. That was the official title. It weighed in at 3.28 lbs and the best part was I went over to Hannaford's early Saturday morning and baby sported a $1.50 sticker! So, for $5.03, I was in business. I had the other ingredients I'd need at home. A small bottle of Foxwood Wine set me back $4.99! So for ten bucks, I did okay.- Line the bottom of your roasting pan with enough foil so you will be able to wrap it around the meat.

- Rub your roast with salt, pepper, sugar and seasoned salt to taste.

- Place a few smashed cloves of garlic OR some thin slices of onion on the bottom, then set your meat, fat side up, on top.

- Pour in 12 ounces of EITHER Cola OR Bud Lime! (Don't worry about alcohol: it burns off in the cooking. Coke gives a heartier flavor, especially if you decide to thicken the juice with a little flour and use it as a sauce over noodles or, preferably, rice.)

- Wrap and seal the foil top, place it in a 425-degree oven for about two hours.

You may open the foil during the last 20 minutes of cooking to aid either hot sauce or barbecue sauce or other topping of your choice! The end result is tender but not "fall-apart" tender. For sides, I served canned corn and one of those fancy boxed Mashed Potato mixes. I sprung for a 99 cent loaf of fresh rye bread, too! Enjoy!

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One Word: SHARE!

"What is a Meme?" - it's some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions. Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on...

This one was passed along via Facebook friend and fellow-blogger Geoffrey Philp!

I'm spreading it around in different ways, via blog, email and Cbox! YOU are welcome to participate!

Geoffrrey says "It's harder than you think!! Here is what you are supposed to do...copy and paste into your own note, type in your ONE WORD answers and tag a bunch of people - including me..." OKAY, let's do it!

Where is your cell phone............ pocket
Your father......................... deceased
Your favorite thing................. pen
Your dream last night............... wonderful
Your favorite drink................. Red Wine
Your dream/goal..................... satisfaction
The room you are in................. fragrant
Your fear........................... illusion
Where do you want to be in 6 years.. fulfilled
Muffin.............................. Banana-Nut
One of your wish list items......... abundance
Where you grew up................... New York
The last thing you did.............. shaved
What are you wearing................ hat
Your TV............................. big
Your pets........................... fish
Your computer....................... communicator
Your life........................... hallway
Your mood........................... sustained
Missing someone..................... yes
Your car............................ Hyundai
Favorite store...................... WalMart
Your summer......................... bike
Your favorite color................. green
When is the last time you laughed... now
Last time you cried................. recently
Person who emails me................ friend
Favorite foods...................... italian
Place I would rather be right now... Hong Kong
Person I think will respond......... friend(s)

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Saturday Odds And Ends

New videos from Wendy!!!

Desherchobi posts a photo essay of Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh at night.

Hablo Anglais?

I said I couldn't wait for GM to collapse. I could say the same about Time-Warner Cable.

Here's a song I like.

You should always think... before you speak...

This Week's Batch O'Movies

Once again, because the weather is still iffy, I trekked off to the library for movies to watch. These are the ones I review for you today. First, let's do the DVD's.

♥♥♥♥ Rebels Of The Neon God is a 1992 Taiwanese film by Tsai Ming-liang. It is his first full-length film. It tells two stories of Taipei youth. More from Wikipedia (click on the picture)... I liked this picture but the ending felt like when you just bought a bunch of stuff at the store and now you're out of money (and still unfulfilled - you know that feeling!)

♥♥♥♥♥ Planet Terror is a 2007 film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, one of my all-time fave filmmakers! I've seen this one but it's always fun to watch it again! Half of the Grindhouse set. Rose McGowan at her best! (Rose starred in another film I recently watched and reviewed, "The Doom Generation.")

♥♥♥♥ BRICK is a keeper! Even if your hearing is excellent, you may want to turn on the subtitles, as some of the lingo and a lot of inferences will easily escape as audio vapor. The film kept me riveted to the screen! It's set in a California High School, and worldfilm has posted an excellent synopsis/review.

Now onto the tapes --- YES, tapes! The Guilderland and Bethlehem Public Libraries still stock wonderful collections of VHS, many of which have not yet made their way to DVD or VCD.

♥♥♥♥♥ 8MM is slap-in-the-face drama... a very dark and powerful 1999 film exploring the seedy underground world of pornography and snuff movies. Nicolas Cage at his best!

Perhaps I got more♥♥♥♥♥ (less♥♥) out of Humanité because I watched it immediately after 8MM. Would I have been more shocked if I had watched it as a standalone? Less shcoked?
Hard to say. A very sexual and disturbing picture, not for the squeamish.

Last (and least) SPAWN is only for diehard fans... sorry, I'm not one of them. I stopped the tape about 12 minues in. No hearts for this one!

Walking along Canal Street on the way back from breakfast. Once again, Twitter isn't working... More in a few...
Party alert!

All Americans Invited! Aren't you glad your ancestors made it, by whatever means they got here?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sneak Peek

Meet Sara DeBrule !

Sara is the leader of the SPAC Social Marketing Street Team... I interviewed Sara on Friday afternoon during the Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s Board of Directors meeting in the Gold Room of the Hall of the Springs. Watch the wamc.org website Monday afternoon for my story!

HINT: it's all about SPAC jumping into the digital age, via social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and podcasting!

At 3:00 p.m., prior to the start of the Board Meeting, I attended a press conference on new features of SPAC’s 2009 Season. Participants in the presser included SPAC’s President & Executive Director Marcia White, Board Chair Bill Dake, Hyde Museum Executive Director David Setford and a representative from Saratoga ArtsFest.


Actress Taylor Momsen is pictured filming the upcoming episode of "Gossip Girl" in New York City on Wednesday afternoon, March 18. [Photo: gb.cri.cn]

Even President Barack Obama knows... People will talk, and no one is immune from gossip!

We're in the middle of something popcultural. Enjoy it now, because, like other "happenings" you don't know hat you've got 'til it's gone. Of course I'm talking about the CW TV series "Gossip Girl." Capital Region residents take note: The Albany Public Library main branch has TWO copies of GG Season One DVD. This is essentiala for those who would like to catch up, and for those familiar with the series, that last "bonus" disc containing all the making-of and behind-the-scenes stuff as well as a few music videos, is frosting on the viewer's cake.

Meantime, the GG stars (and the series itself) have re-risen in the public eye now that the show is back with new eps. Ed Westwick (Chuck) says he doesn't understand the constant speculation about his sexuality.

Taylor Momsen (photo above) tells Teen Vogue that her new rock band The Reckless would be putting out their album this year and she would start touring with the band around April.

In GG's scheduled ep for Monday, March 23, Serena and Chuck try to extract information from Blair's Russian maid, the increasingly popular Dorota.

One more link: ALL DOROTA!

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What a difference a day makes! Yesterday at this time I was sick as a dog. Today, I've got BOUNCE!

I was up at 5, feeling real good, the TV news still stuck on the Natasha Richardson tragedy. It reminded me of when Sonny Bono died. Watch out for that tree! In Ms. Richardson's case, she had no idea that that day was the last day of her life. Be ready, people!

Pictured: My home computer network...

I'm checking out Thursday morning's papers, playing catch-up. Front page of the New York Post: "Pussy whipped! Diva bashes lover - with her cat." Aftre reading the sory, all I can say, is "Wow, what a bitch!" This 26-year old throws a cat on her boyfriend's face while he's napping... throws a laptop at him... he tries to crawl away on the floor and she catches his head in the doorway and bashes it a few times with the door! OW!

Of course, the AIG / bailout stories continue. Just between you and me, I think the stock market will crash again. The economy is out-of-phase and all it will take to pull the rug completely out from under it is a catastrophe of some sort or another.

By the way, I'm thinking of writing a book. NOT about the economy! More on that in the future. Looks like New York's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is making political headway. He's gained favor with many Republicans. I think he'd make a good Governor someday.

On PBS digital there's an ep of Globe Trekker (used to be "Lonely Planet" in the US) starring my old buddy Justine Shapiro... this ep is relatively new... Dammit Justine, we're gettin' old! On one of the other PBS channels there's Gwyneth Paltrow on some kind of traveling cooking show... Paltrow is also on page 15 of Thursday's Post sitting alongside Madonna at The Plaza Oakroom, and there's a nice pic of Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr snapped while she was en route to the Midtown set. (I'll be there next week!)

There's one story that is really stupid. Talk about WTF! Everyone gaga over "the flying car" that costs $194,000 and will be avialble in 2011. KIds, way before the internet there was a car that did the same thing for a LOT less money (there was another car that doubled as a boat) - neither one of those vehicles was outside the reach of middle class people! The original flying car was featured on Bob Cummings' "Love That Bob" TV show way back in the 1950s!

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