Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Falling From The Sky

What's up with those airliners coming down? Especially Airbuses? The New York Times recalls one of the worst air disasters in U.S. History and its lone survivor, a young boy who had been flying unaccompanied.

A Mohawk Airlines plane once crashed in a residential neighborhood here in Albany, NY

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Merlin vs. the Moon

atching TV Sunday night... I decided to check out the new NBC series "Merlin"... although not all enthusiastic about it, as I viewed the first episode at 8pm, I got drawn in, charmed by the cast, if you will. At 9, ABC scheduled a movie, "Impact," about the moon wreaking havoc as it drew closer and closer to earth. Once I saw the special effects of cars lifting off the ground, it was back to "Merlin," as NBC decided to run a second ep in tandem. I didn't worry about going back the moon... maybe I've watched too many disaster movies. And this particular moonie flick's script simply wasn't plausible.
I'll tell you a true story. Years ago we had this old color TV, one of those TV/Radio/Phonograph consoles, big and heavy. The picture tube was one of the ROUND ones, just to give you an idea of the age of the set, which we purchased for $25 at a garage sale. A visit from the TV repairman to replace three or four tubes got it up and running, and we had it for three years total! One evening, we were watching the "mother" of disaster pictures, "The Towering Inferno." When it came to the scene where the skyscraper was buring and smoke was pouring out, REAL smoke beagn pouring out of the back of the TV set! It was one of those "uh-oh" moments! Quickly, myself and a guest who was over to watch the movie picked up the unit and we tossed it out the front door of the apartment! It soon burst into flames!
Truthfully, ABC's moon movie was totally unbelievable, while we've all heard of and know about the fantasy of King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Merlin et al; it is much easier to believe (translate that to "get into") the tale of a young Merlin and Arthur before he was king, as presented in the NBC series. Somewhere on NBC.com one can watch previously broadcast episodes in the "Merlin" series. Perhaps that is where the viewer "entrapment" factor lies: here is the "missing" part of the story, the principal characters of Camelot in their early days, sort of like being a fly on the wall with the Beatles in Hamburg in 1961 and 2, getting a taste of something never before experienced or documented.

During some of the commercial breaks in the back-to-back "Merlin" screenings there were trailers for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," likely the fianl installment in the excellent series of Harry Potter films. I've really enjoyed them from the very first, especially watching the characters grow! Well done!

As for destruction of the earth, or cataclysmic disaster, NBC is showing "Meteor" in a couple of weeks. That movie may be more on target with what possibly could happen in the near future (and which has been prophecized): meteors or comet fragments possibly impacting land masses on earth. Remember, 3/4ths of our planet's surface is water. The old prophets forecast fragments would strike Europe, particularly France and Spain. A date that has been discussed surrounding such a possibility is 2012. Stick around and see!

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Tweet On You

A lot of people know that hunger is a major problem in Africa, but few people ever think about it, let alone do anything about it. One Twitter account claims to be trying to spread the message with the use of very straight-forward tweets pretending to be from a starving African. TechCrunch has more...

Billie Tweets is a website that pays tribute to Michael Jackson by grabbing the lyrics of “Billie Jean” from tweets on Twitter.

Some new stats on Twitter straight from the source...

-the average user has 126 followers;

-only 20% of its traffic comes through the Twitter website; the other 80% (logically) comes from third-party programs on smartphones or computers

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pop Clips » 29 June 09

Meet the newest Bobblehead. Hmph! It doesn't look like him...

Gawker: Mark Sanford's Argentine Mystery Woman Speaks!

'I'm better off dead. I'm done': Michael Jackson's fateful prediction a week before his death... Michael Jackson's Life in Photos... Jackson's Mom Files For Guardianship Of Kids...African bloggers pay tribute to Jacko...

New York Politics: Rep. Carolyn Maloney sent an e-mail to supporters this morning with the subject line "One step closer tomorrow night," that not only highlights a fundraiser tomorrow at the home of her longtime supporter, Sally Minard, but also seeks to explain the rationale behind her increasingly likely primary challenge to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Liz Benjamin tells all...

Wall Street: Bernie Madoff Gets the Max: 150 Years behind bars!

Washington DC: 'Wash Post' vs. Huff Post: Did Obama 'Plant' Question at Presser? Watch Video Here!

Albany art: Sculpture adds interest to downtown stroll (with video)

LDS: After three years, Brigham Young, the Mormon university in Utah, is allowing students to access youtube! The video portal has been blocked by BYU online filters since late 2005. The ban lifted over the weekend. Too racy for the followers, I guess!

Bloggers Blogging From Iran

"My friends and I like to look like any other teenager around the world, and wished we could wear the colors or the style of clothing we like. It seems unfair and cruel that our basic rights are taken away from us."-Nazanin

Over the weekend, the following appeared in one of my "Around The Blogosphere" posts:
Amazing blog of 19-year-old from Tehran: "I am a 19 years old female student and a blogger in Iran. This blog will reflect my life and the social struggles that young Iranians face. Last week I was contacted by a journalist Victoria Kennedy in the United Kingdom who wanted to do an interview about the recent events in Iran. She found me through my blog."
Victoria Kennedy's article aroused my curiosity, so I decided to try to contact Nazanin, author of the blog "My Diary From Iran."

I told her that I read the newspaper article about her, and found her blog. I wasked her if she could tell me how young people in Iran use and interpret social media... like twitter, youtube, Facebook...

I also wanted to know if she and her friends were affected by the death of Michael Jackson or any other US celebrities?

And I wondered if Iranian pop culture ties were closer to the US, Europe or Asia? What songs and TV shows are most popular among people in their teens and twneties in Iran? Popular books, movies and magazines... that sort of thing. Nazanin wrote me back!

Hi Dave
nice talking to you.its my pleasure to help u in your blog.but my english in not that much good :D i hope u undrestand
well we use internet and social medias like others all around the world.we connect through Dial-up or DSL.we don't have black berry or broadband or stuff like that :D

i can remember when i was 13 or 14 i used orkut,then they blocked it and we used hi5 ,again they blocked and every time we found a new way to connect people all around the world,then we start using yahoo 360, tagged,myspace,facebook and twitter. now facebook and yahoo 360 and twitter and youtube are the most popular among iranians.infact facebook and youtube and twitter are block and we have to open them with proxy with lots of problems but we insist on using them and we share the latest news together.

if you see my facebook home page you can see all of myfriends are talking about the protesters and what happend to them and lots of pictures and movies about them.

yesterday all of my friends were sad about king of pop dead.u could undrestand it from their walls.he was very popular here in iran.infact his boddy is not among us anymore but his voice is alive for ever!

you asked about celebreties,yes ofcourse we follow their news too like others and we listen to their lates songs on the satelite chanels like MTV,Viva,Pmc and many othere chanels but the most popular for song are these.even sometimes we don't undrestand the meaning but we follow and show interest.

we also follow latest fashion on TV MOda,Fashion Tv and ... inspite of we can not reach many of those brands here in my country.and many of youngs try to wear the latest fashion. i myself want to be a fashion designer oneday.but we don't have any fashion design courses here.

culture: i think my culture is mixed up.some likes U.S and try to think and treat like them,some like Europe and some like Asian.but we all are iranian and we have 2500 years civilization.

we also follow the latest hollywood movies on screen.the Cinemas don't show them but we buy them on the cd that are not illegal but you can find them everywhere secretly.

you also asked about books and magazines.we have our books and magazins on stores (i mean iraninan books and magazins)but we don't have foreigner magazines so much bcs the government don't allow for import .but if you search you will find some but maybe not so updated :D

So that's it: the moral of the story here is that the ever-shrinking "small world after all" is really getting compressed! The free-flow of information brings people closer, and nurtures the desire for freedom!

And GUESS WHO ELSE likes to blog? Check out The Official Blog of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran - in Persian, English, Arabic and French. And if you get a chance, read my recent post entitled "I'm Glad Ahmadinejad Won". Here's another excellent blog post I found: Answering Your Iran Questions - Nicholas D. Kristof Blog - NYTimes.com...and if you enjoy poetry, Speed of Life: Poems for the People of Iran by Simin Behbahani ... Oh, and you absolutely MUST read Iran, the arrogance of Empire and the death of Michael Jackson By William Bowles

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The Top 10 Posts on this blog over the weekend...

I keep an eye on my stats. Every Sunday night or early Monday morning I look through the figures to see just what's going on!

1 - Obviously, the biggest thing on everyone's radar was DEATH. Billie Jean - all about the life and times of Jacko, the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. Some characters appeared on PBS tv Friday night, comparing Jacko to Elvis and The Beatles. saying that "The King" and "The Fab 4" weren't really big stars because they only had white fans. HAH? These goofy black dudes went on to say that Michael was this and that. Truth be told, Michael was an enormous celebrity who TRANSCENDED generations, color and culture. Say say say, didn't he turn from black into white somewhere along the way? I think we place too much emphasis on color nowadays. Just let it go. He was what he was - a Superstar. And so was Elvis. And so were the Beatles.
And by the way, I guess I'm just as guilty as others of "ignoring" the death of Ed McMahon. I blogmourned David Carradine, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Friday night on his radio show, San Francisco-based talk-show host Michael Savage fielded a question from a caller who wanted to know why Ed McMahon wasn't covered as heavily in the media as Jacko. Savage muttered something like "because he was on old white man who didn't matter and Jackson is the future." Savage is the exact polar opposite of the black chumps who appeared on PBS. My late Dad would have said "lock Savage and those other guys up in a rooom together and throw away the key."
2 - This 2007 post about how to remove a computer worm has been getting a lot of hits over the past ten days. It must be spreading again.

3 - People always want to make copies of music and music videos! This post attracts a minimum of 5 visitors per day. It's got legs!

4 - Speaking of legs, have you heard that Leighton Meester made a Sex Tape? No, I haven't seen it. A lot of these sextapes are pretty sad. Many were meant to be private. Even if this wasn't meant to be private, I'd feel creepy about watching something that the person is the subject of is probably embarassed about.

5 - Everyone seems to enjoy a catfight... that's the only way I could possibly explain why this particular post keeps 'em coming back. If you are new to blogging, take an afternoon and travel back into Wendy Cheng's archives... with a little boost from blogger, this gal launched a career as what can be described as a "celebrity blogger" - but she's more than that - articulate, outspoken, a little crazy - and she's now a TV star. Wendy's celebrity trek really got off the ground when blogger (blogspot) designated her as "blogger of the month" Or something like that... they used to pick and feature certain bloggers. Hmmm... I wonder if that was BEFORE Google took over blogger? Doesn't matter! Wendy's blog IS "Celebrity 101" - and yes, you too can build yourself into a brand or a star. But don't copy Wendy, or anybody else. Be original!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mulberries & Mice

Just after 1 this afternoon, I took a walk down to the end of my street, where stands a huge Mulberry tree. I wanted to see if I could pick a few berries to serve with a special dinner I'm making. I wasn't disappointed. The berries were plentiful, and clean, having been washed by yesterday's rain. With more precipitation expected today, I wanted to get there while the sun was still shining!

After coming back home, I went upstairs to wash and refrigerate the berry crop. I had to go back outside to check for something I thought I had left in the car. I happened to glance over to the front steps, and there was a little tiny critter there... just to give you an idea of how tiny, I placed my finger next to the creature, and you can see a single dead pine needle on its other side. After posing for the picture below, I rewarded the animal with a cracker treat!

I've seen many other signs of wildlife in the hood: rabbits, chipmunks, ducks, a hawk, bats and several varieties of small birds, notably Cardinals and Blue Jays. The incredible variety of songs I'm hearing tells me there are more birds in the area than there have been in previous years. And let's not forget those pesky squirrels!

Politics As Usual, CITY of Albany Style

This gentleman personifies the phrase "asking tough questions." Whenever I see Steve on TV I'm reminded of that 1980s song "Who Can It Be Now?" by Men At Work.

Move over, you state senate monkeybusiness makers! I got a big kick out of Steve Flamisch's report on WRGB Saturday evening about the "car break-in caper" - a political mystery that is consuming people in the 3rd ward! Democratic Common Council candidate Ronald Bailey's car window was smashed, a briefcase containing nominating petitions for himself, Mayor Jerry Jennings and a few others the only thing taken. Mr. Bailey lost about 300 hard-gathered John Hancocks. Within minutes, a rival candidate was pounding the pavement, according to a neighborhood eyewitness interviewed by CBS6, telling people Bailey dropped out of the race! (Of course, Steve was THERE, in her face!) Amazing that she hasn't been arrested, although 6 reported police "wanted to have a look" at the video. When walking away, she was humming "Da Doo Ron Ron" (NOT! I made that last sentence up! --- But, she may as well have been ---)

D'oh! It's Albany, stoopid! (Now if Steve would just come over and hold one end of the bedroom TV antenna and touch the wall with his other hand, I could watch digital CBS 6-1 and 6-2 all the time. The human touch is the only thing that brings in the signal in that particular room, and I get damn tired of standing there!)

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Quotes From My Recent Tweets

As we grow dreams become plans, which, unlike dreams are subject to the whims and unfairness of reality.

A bend in the road isn't the end of the road unless you don't make the turn!

Every setback is a setup for a greater comeback!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

"I'm glad Ahmadinejad won..."

...writes Douglas M. Bloomfield in his column, "D.C. Report" published in the June 25th issue of "The Jewish World." Actually, I'm glad the Ah-man won too, but for a different reason. First here's what Bloomfield says:
"I was rooting for Ahmadinejad, the demagogic Holocaust denier who wants to wipe Israel off the map, because a victory by the relatively moderate Mir Hussein Mousavi could have created a dangerous complacency that would tempt some in the West to ease up on the pressure to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions, although there is no evidence his views on that are any different than Ahmadinejad's."
Bloomfield is quick to pick up on the finer nuances and greater implications of political events. And he's right. But I'm glad Ahmadinejad won because I still think he can be turned around, "saved" if you will, "persuaded" if you won't, in the fine fashion of Colonel Khadafy. Like Michael Jackson, the Ah-man is a SHOWman. Bloomfield continues on:
"According to Mehdi Khalaji, an Iran expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Khameini's message in declaring Ahmadinejad the winner was to tell the West, "Iran is digging in on its nuclear program" and its backing of Hezbollah and Hamas."
And again, I say that this may be the ideal time for a pow-wow with Ahmadinejad. This guy is champing at the bit to speak to the UN and debate President Obama. And guess what? His holocaust denial, IMHO, is all for show to attract attention. It's working.

The Official Blog of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran - in Persian, English, Arabic and French.

Is JPost behind the 'Iranian Twitter Revolution'?

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Around The Blogosphere 27 June 09

Today I'm going for blogs tackling the thorny topic of IRAN! Iranian protesters appearing in widely disseminated online photos from the ongoing post-election demonstrations in Iran, are now being targeted on website of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It shows images of 20 people with red circles drawn around their faces claiming they have been involved in creating "chaos" in Tehran. Hamid Tehrani reports.

Kathleen Parker trades in conspiracy theories

Amazing blog of 19-year-old from Tehran: "I am a 19 years old female student and a blogger in Iran. This blog will reflect my life and the social struggles that young Iranians face. Last week I was contacted by a journalist Victoria Kennedy in the United Kingdom who wanted to do an interview about the recent events in Iran. She found me through my blog."

Months after the death of Blogger Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, who died in an Iranian prison after allegedly insulting religious leaders, the March18.org site has been set up to remember him and to hopefully keep this story from repeating itself.

Cartoonist draws global attention

Iranian Leaders Gaining the Edge Over Protesters What social forces have been unleashed in the aftermath of the disputed election in Iran?

On Religion For Bahais, a Crackdown Is Old News

Tarzan Finds A Son

People are shedding their old VHS tapes. I find them at garage sales for as little as 50 cents. Over recent weeks I've picked up some classics: "Madonna Live In Italy," "The Warriors," "Soylent Green," "Pulp Fiction" and even a copy of "Schindler's List." Unfortunately, the Guilderland Public Library recently withdrew its entire VHS collection from circulation. The Albany Public Library did that some time ago. So I guess I can consider myslef lucky because I was able to borrow and make copies of several wonderful movies on VHS that I may not see again for awhile.

The series of TARZAN movies starring one-time Olympic swimming sensation Johnny Weismuller delighted movie audiences in the 30s and 40s and television audiences through the 50s and 60s. There are interesting things going on in these pictures, if you pay close attention.

Tarzan + Jane = Joy, and of course the young baby they found when a plane crashed in the neighborhood of their treehouse. The young fellow who played "Boy" later went on to become "Bomba The Jungle BOY" or something like that...

Most of the time when I've seen animal films or documentaries on TV they don't place Lions in the trees. But if you check toward the end of "Tarzan Finds A Son" you'll see that the King of Beasts does indeed hang out in the trees. I can understand how in the simpler technological times of the 1940s these movies offered a Saturday afternoon of escape for kids of all ages.

Fast forward into the mid-1950s where TARZAN movies regularly showed up (along with those "Creature From The Black Lagoon" films) as afternoon TV movies, uberpopular with grade-schoolers. All of the pictures on this post I captured using my Kyocera Wild Card mobile phone.

While the TARZAN series of motion pictures may have not accurately portrayed Africa, it did give viewers a rough idea of what the jungle might be like. Another series of films I enjoy is THE CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION... don't get me going on those 'cause I'll NEVER stop!

The sun has long set on Tarzan, Jane, Boy, Cheetah and the actors who portrayed them. Although some remeber, they are an almost forgotten part of American pop culture. And look at TODAY: In our current pop culture, we are mourning Michael Jackson. 70 years from now will anyone care? ELVIS has maintained a high level of continued popularity, but you know it's funny how THE BEATLES have lost a lot of gorund on the pop culture chart (if there is such a thing) considering the world-wide popularity they enjoyed. Ah, well! Chalk up another one for the "Life-Lessons" category!

Here's a shot of the Tarzan Finds A Son VHS cover art. The movies were all shot in black and white. Many of the motion pictures made in the 1930s, 40s and even 50s were shot in B&W purposely, while others (probably the Tarzan series) were shot in B&W to save the studios money. Even now, movies like "Control" are shot in B&W for that certain "film noir" effect conveyed by the lack of color.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Around The Blogosphere 26 June 09

Somebody tell Gen-Si! Scientists have found a 35-thousand year old bone flute at Hohle Fels Cave in southwestern Germany. Gen-Si is a proficient flutist!

Blogger Hal Turner charged with threatening Chicago-area Judges.

NikAhang writes [fa] “stupidity is the highest ascension”when Right wing media (Sarmaye Newspaper) claim that a BBC reporter paid someone to shoot Neda so that they could record the incident.

In my quest to find a good laptop, The Acer Aspire (Linux version, so I don't have to deal with updates, crashes and WinWorms) has been at the top of my list. Nothing else I've looked at compares, although I wish Acer had a phonejack for dial-up. I also wish WalMart stocked them (they do stock the WinXP version)... Something new crossed my desk: The Gyy features a tiny 8-inch screen and retains its low price point with a bare-bones set of specs (400mhz processor, 128MB of RAM), but it’s the device’s sustainable components that really set it apart from other netbooks. The computer body is composed of bioplastics and biodegradable materials made from starch and cellulose, so end-of-life netbooks are ultra-easy to recycle. Best of all, the netbook comes with solar panels mounted on the back of the display, making it ideal for developing countries that lack grid power. iUnika’s netbook will be on store shelves (where?) "soon."

Blogging Continues

Remember a couple of years ago when certain bloggers proclaimed blogs were doomed--- that podcasts and video blogs "vlogs" were the wave of the future We all know now that was a bunch of BS. Same thing happened when Facebook experienced an uptick, and again when twitter took off. Now, a couple of nuts are at it again, this time claiming that "lifestreaming" is the new thing. I got news for you: it is not. People are not going to stop blogging, period. At least not now, and especially not for "lifestreaming." Trends show twitter use is flat right now, while blogs are still hot, still growing.

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Grace Potter Alive At 5 Albany

I didn't go to the concert and I already told you why. Of course, there's more to the story than meets the eye. Whatever the case, here's a link to videos shot at the event.

Just Wondering...

All the people who have rushed to buy Michael Jackson music within the last 24 hours... What are you thinking? It's going to disappear? If you like it that much why weren't you buying it and supporting Jacko when he was alive and the profit could have helped him out? If there's an artist out there I like, I help them promote their products. AGAIN: WHERE WERE ALL YOU MUSIC BUYERS WHEN THE "KING OF POP" NEEDED YOU?

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Billie Jean

Celebrating Michael Jackson's Legacy
Twitter Venn: Celebrity Deaths
The absolute pinnacle of Michael Jackson's career was not "Thriller" or anything the artsy-fartsy critics at Rolling Stone or (insert name here) will claim. "Billie Jean" was a solid sensational smash in the truest sense. The video is maybe a tad overrated because "it crossed the MTV color line," which is barf because MTV chose to impose that line, broken by Billie J and totally obliterated by RunDMC with Aerosmith. Jacko was a megastar but should NOT be credited with "revolutionizing music videos" because he did not. Look at The Doors 1960s "Unknown Soldier" video, for example. Like Elvis and the Beatles before him, MJ was in the right musical place in the right time. If incorrect attributions continue to emerge I will continue to shoot them down. Also: MJ's collabs with Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney were mutual decisions. MJ did not "summon the eager artists to work with him" as was reported on one TV program I watched last night. "Billie Jean" has been playing in my head... and Man in The Mirror." He was quite a dancer!

See Also:
Michael & Farrah
On The Jacko Death
Jacko's Final Photo

Other Keyboards:
A Fan Remembers

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

FREE Twitter Survival Guide!

So you FINALLY decided to give twitter a go. Or maybe you already signed up, but got "lost" or somehow stopped tweeting... Twitter is like a breath of fresh air on the Social Media scene. I have been on it for just a few weeks now and I have met several interesting people. It is a platform to network with people you would like to meet in real life.

With all the rumors suggesting that Google will soon offer real-time search capabilities, indexing Tweets and other real-time web data, now is a good time to take a closer look at your Twitter presence. Even now, what you tweet can be held against you on the engines, although it can also work to your advantage. As an example, Google is already indexing tweets (albeit not in real-time) so Twitter pages and even individual tweets have already started appearing within Google search results... Mashable has more!

It’s the network, baby! Creating your twitter presence: A checklist.

HootSuite is the ultimate Twitter toolbox. With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.

How to develop your following.

There is an ever-growing variety of Twitter Tools, ever-changing and too numerous to mention! I have detailed some (scroll down) that I like.

If YOU love Twitter, you'll love TweetBeep! Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates! You can even keep track of who's tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL (like bit.ly or tinyurl.com). Now, how cool is that?!

Where does Twitter start and blogging end?

Facebook and Twitter real time updates are used as a type of blog marketing strategy. In no way do I think these sites are going to surpass the blog itself, it is just a new platform to self promote. I do, however, think the concept of Twitter is slowly beginning to fade and the social media forum is about to enter a new phase. Users are looking for something different, more unique to the already popular hobby.

The Twittersphere. "State of the Twittersphere" [PDF] ; [Parody Video]

Blogging and Twittering: a symbiotic relationship.

During the month of May mashable.com ran a "How to" article about creating custom twitter backgrounds. In my short time as a member of the twitterati. I've run across many styles of background. I left mine mostly the gaudy green color that matches my blogspot blog. I'm a huge fan of keeping it simple. Sometimes the backgrounds take away from the content, which in my opinion is the most important thing on the page! Some of the twitter backgrounds folks have chosen are way too "busy" or distracting. Thankfully, twitter hasn't become like MySpace, where on a t1 connection I have to wait many minutes for just the background to load onto my computer!

There is ONE twitter background that I really like because it has functionality... here it is:

How about that! It just happens to be Ben Parr's current layout (or at least it was current in May!) I've been thinking about adding something similar in my left-hand twitter sidebar... I'm going to experiment with teh following:

MyTweetSpace, of which Mr. Parr writes "MyTweetSpace is one of the simplest ways to create a Twitter background with minimal effort. It allows users to create badges, add graphics, play with text, and more to create elegant backgrounds and left-hand text columns. You can even log in with Twitter and MyTweetSpace will automatically update your background." I wonder if that's what he used? Or maybe he used TwitBacks, which "...specializes in left-hand column-based backgrounds."

Heck, I might even end up monetizing my twitter page!


let's see, I'd like to add links to the following

- blogspot blog

- MyBlogLog page

- AboutMe

- LiveJournal page

Indian Blogger Kiruba Shankar announces that he has started writing a book called ‘Crowdsourcing Tweet'. “In the true spirit of the book, 20% of tweets will be crowdsourced. An opportunity for you to participate,” informs the blogger.

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On the Jacko Death

The triple-witching of three celebrity deaths (Carradine Fawcett & Jackson) has fans of many ages evaluating their own lives I began watching the Michael Jackson death TV coverage at the moment BBC jumped on it. The beeb had Jacko deceased while the other networks and newspapers were pussyfooting around. Kudos to the TMZ website, which not only broke the story, but cemented the credibility of non-traditional newsgathering sources over the so-called "mainstream" media. You can bet that today a lot of people will be bookmarking and favoriting the TMZ site. The L.A. Press shot itself in the foot with the concocted "he's in a coma" tale they broke around 6:15pm NY time. Another nail in the newspapers' coffin. Today will be an interesting one.

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael & Farrah

They were awesome stars. Tonight those who idolized the pop star and the actress are certainly analyzing their own mortalities. The magic of recording technology will preserve the times when Michael & Farrah ruled. Sometime in the distant future, when icons of today pass on, if this post and others like it still exist in Cyberia, that someone may conduct a further search and enjoy the works Jacko and Ms. Fawcett appeared in. Farewell. May the sails of the souls catch the joyous winds of Allah's breath forever.

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Around The Blogosphere 25 June 09

Dying newspapers blame GOOGLE!

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! “Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens”, a collection of poems, prayers, affirmations and stories for the Person Living with HIV/AIDS.”
WARNING! Guy Kawasaki's Twitter account compromised; used to deliver malware...developing...
Tweet tweet! Did Shaquille O'Neal learn that he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers via a tweet on Twitter? Du bon usage de Twitter dans le nouvel écosystème de l'information. But twitter is no GoogleTwitter Icon Set? Tip time ! 7 ‘Secret’ Ways To Use Twitter Search!

??? Research conducted by the blog UberCEO.com looked at Fortune's 2009 list of the top 100 CEOs to determine how many were using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, or had a blog -- and found they were mostly absent from the rapidly growing social media community.

Do you understand that the essence of Hip-Hop, ne, of all music, is the sound of the drum and the timbre of the voice? Dallas Penn explains...
Do you write Pay-per-post articles? You'll need to follow XiaXue's example and clearly label them as "advertorials" or "paid posts," otherwise you could be in BIG trouble!
Love, love, love: "My Heart Cries Out For You" Governor Sanford's steamy e-mails to his Argentinian loverbabe!

ESWN translates Ai Weiwei's call for internet boycott on July 1st and some other opposite opinions on the boycott action. There are other actions call, such as this 2009 Declaration of the Anonymous Netizens.

Dr. Izeldeen Abuelaish, who lost three daughters and his niece when the Israeli military shelled his house in Gaza in January, has set up a website in their memory.

And in piercing news...

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No Saving Grace

via twitter: Grace Potter's people done me wrong! Albany show canceled so her Management could put in their own band. SUCKS!

I used to be a fan of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I won't be attending tonight's Alive at 5. My faith in the group was shaken when news broke earlier this week that they wouldn't go on if the opening act wasn't changed. Red flag! Afraid of being upstaged? Today I read the groups new album is being produced by T-bone Burnett. It would make more sense if T were producing a Donna Summer comeback album. The new Nocturnals album is their seventh. They are one of many musical groups whose best works have gone unheard by most of the public. Maybe the new album will click with the people who promote albums, which could be where T's talent and name will come in handy. Should that happen in a big way for Grace, it will be a golden opportunity to harvest the best tracks from the previous six and make one killer-keeper of an album...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Throwaway Society

Jeff Bridges narrates a Hyundai commercial in which he complains about our instant-gratification culture and lack of loyalty. It goes something like this: “If you don’t like your nose, get a new one. If you don’t like your wife, get a new one. If you don’t like your job, get a new one.”

Headline: Music Icon Billy Joel invited to participate in America's First Divorce Expo and Reception being held Tomorrow Thursday June 25th on Long Island.

Soon to be divorced music icon Billy Joel has been invited to join some of his neighbors in the region that just officially untied the knot for the start of a new life.

Organizers and newly divorced Long Islanders will hold a press conference on Thursday June 25th, 2009 at 11:30am at the Harbor Links Golf Club (1 Fairway Drive, Port Washington, NY) to describe the first ever Divorce Expo and Reception being held that night to get troubled couples on the right track. The expo will be a fun night for those to bond with friends and fellow divorcees. A wedding giant cake will be spit with a married couple on top to kick off the festivities at the news conference. Divorce Parties are a multi-million dollar business today. Years ago divorce was treated as a hidden taboo but for some people its a celebration. Long Island has one of the highest divorce rates in the State of New York.

Americas first Divorce Expo and Reception is being held on that night on Thursday June 25th, 2009 at 7:00pm at the Harbor Links Golf Club in Port Washington New York. The 2009 Divorce Expo will offer important information, expert advice, and valuable resources for those in the various life stages that take place before, during, and after a divorce. The 2009 Divorce Expo will offer a great lineup of speakers, programming, and workshops. The panelists and speakers, all experts in their field, will offer reassurance and practical advice on a variety of topics. There will be sessions on the various aspects of family law, including: divorce, separation, custody, parental visitation, spousal support, child support, relocation, orders of protection, business and pension analysis, negotiation strategies and settlement agreements, and all matters pertaining to the courts.

The expo will also feature one of the most sought-after speakers in the field of sexuality, parenting and women's health, Dr. Logan Levkoff, ph.d. Dr. Levkoff appeared on Good Morning America, and has been featured in The New York Times and The Daily News.

The event will take place from 7-10PM at the Harbor Links Golf Club (1 Fairway Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050).

For more information, visit www.LIDivorceExpo.com

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Around The Blogosphere 24 June 09

Neda was shot in the heart last Saturday during a protest of thousands against the Iranian presidential election results that declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad president. Her death was captured on video by bystanders and uploaded to the internet. She died with her eyes wide open, and her last moments reached millions of people. Global Voices' Hamid Tehrani uploaded a link and video-rich post about this young Iranian and the possible consequences of her death.

NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN NEDA: Gary Trieste deconstructs the "Neda death video"...
Shortly into the video, we see blood coming from her mouth. She is not sputtering it out, or coughing it up, as in an inability to breathe. Rather it appears rapidly and self flowing, and runs down both sides of her mouth, almost exclusively. Her center teeth aren't even stained.

Shortly thereafter blood appears to pour out her right nostril . . . Looking carefully in the video, it appears that both the mouth and nostril bleed occurs right after a hand is seen pushing up onto or into them.

These flow patterns appear more to be from a blood bladder timed for rupture when the camera was in the correct position. And the nose bleed appears only after what appears to be a rapid slight-of-hand insertion of blood into her nose.

Conveniently, an anonymous doctor was on hand to provide the CPR, and to try to save her life, provide credible medical testimony, then disappear from the scene.

Now I am nitpicking, but this video was supposedly shot with a cellphone videocam. It really seems a bit too high quality for that, more like a DV camcorder.
Interesting theory... what do YOU think?

Bai-Ling is a cover girl! Here's the link to the mag: as of Weds AM they didn't have the new cover up yet.

Jealousy and the fear that accompanies it is never a good thing! Ya gotta be strong! Unless you work for MTV, that is!

This is it for hip-hop: DJ JS-1 makes an appearance on Regis & KellY! (Video).

Gawker's Gossip Roundup leads off with Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo...

In New York State politics chaos, Buffalo Pundit suggests the entire State Senate be let go...

Unrealistic Expectations

My "to do" list keeps getting longer. Another article to read about the dying newspaper industry. Another website to visit dealing with the state of the economy. An invite to join a Facebook group expressing solidarity with the Iranian people. One thing after another. A couple of articles about life in the 1950s and 60s, one of which point blank explains why it was no good at all. The world whizzing by in a dizzy digital blur. Could it be that the solution, the answer, is to simply lie back, let go, let things take their own course? Are the events we are experiencing the human equivalent of a "natural forest burn" that consumes everything in its path so that life itself can recharge its tired batteries? Change can sometimes result in disconnection and disorientation. Wait out the storm. Patience. An evening will come. When? I don't know. But when it comes, you'll know...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Around The Blogosphere 23 June 09

Pun intended...

If it didn't surprise you that Chris Brown got a slap on the wrist, this might: twitter has flatlined? Micro Persuasion reports.

FBHive, a new blog devoted to the discussion of all things Facebook, has debuted with the revelation that its creators have discovered a hack that can expose some crucial profile data.


Sanjukta at This Is My Truth writes that “India prepares for a never before celebration of Queer Pride with events and pride marches being planned in all of the 5 metros.” Meanwhile, back in Nueva York, Lady GaGa wears a bra outfitted with sparklers. Wonder if this'll catch on in time for July 4th?

Chilling: The Oscar-winning songwriter who composed the 1970s hit "You Light Up My Life" has been accused of raping women who responded to ads he posted on Craigslist.

Geoffrey Philp uploaded Green for Human Rights in Iran

Wa7da Masreya posted an Egyptian rap song [EN & AR] in support of Iran. Meantime, Against Torture in Egypt posted this game - designed by IRCT (The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims) - on the occasion of the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (June 26).

RIP Ed McMahon

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The Will to Repair

Upon leaving work Monday evening, I came upon a car on the side of Central Avenue that had broken down. The owner, a heavy set black lady, had opened the hood and was staring at the engine. I immediately felt empathy. All the times I'd been behind the wheel of a clunker that suddenly broke down. All the times I'd popped the hood and gazed at the motor. As if I could stare it back to life. I once kept an old jalopy in the backyard. Nearly every day I'd open the hood and stare at the engine. It only started once: the day a scrapper came to haul it away. He asked me if I might be able to pull it past the back porch because his tow truck was quite wide. "Sure," I said. Darn thing started right up. I guess it was as glad to be rid of me as I was it.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Pop Clips 22 June 09

Tense? Irritable? Maybe a pet would help...

Be careful what you blog about the Black Eyed Peas... you might end up with a shiner!

I've decided it's too early to write about 2009's hottest blogging babes, so cool your heels until autumn! Meanwhile, check out the most recent list!

Still trying to get that darned blog of yours noticed? Here are 7 ways (originally posted March 2007 - what would add to or change to fit Summer 2009?)

Swine Flu back in the local paper... and looky here: MRSA's back!

More local: Twin Brothers die in head-on ATV crash - no helmets - but would helmets have saved anyone in this case?

E&P reports more and more newsrooms are flocking to twitter!

Palestinian blogger Laila El-Haddad recently took part in a panel discussing the Berkman Center's report Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere.

Another building falls in Brooklyn...

Looking to make a few bucks (long term, that is)? According to Monday’s New York Post, media stocks are making a comeback.

Around The Blogosphere 22 June 09

Sometimes "enough is enough" --- she's engaged in digital battles on principle in the past and once again comes out swinging --- like what she has to say or not, Wendy Cheng (XiaXue) has the last word tweet when it comes to IRAN.

XiaXue has recently embraced (as have I) mobile phone technology as a tool for blogging. Steve Rubel has found something called Posterous. He shares.

Steve also posts video detailing how he's getting ready to Tweet for eBay.

Ambiome turns to Dylan...

MissInfo offers video from the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Radio killed the radio star...

Sokari reports "A survey by the South African Medical Research Council found that one in 4 men have raped a woman and half admitted they had attacked more than one woman."

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