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I might be doing a little twick-or-tweeting tonight... (no promises!) we'll see how things develop...
UPDATE: Turns out I did go out, but alas, in the rain, where cellphones fear to tread!
UPDATE 20:49 This is interesting... I just blogwalked through Michelle Malkin's site and she has had a Halloween open thread up since this morning, which has turned into a religious forum! Trick or Treat for Jesus & Scripture lovers amongst you!

MM also has posted a SCAREY SURPRISE for those of you in NY23!

Around the Blogosphere: ¿Que significa la muerte? - *"An angel coming from the skies* * to your soul"* * * Es tan largo el camino a la luz, tan silencioso, tan inerte… mis pasos hacen eco en el ambient...

LOSING FOR THE WIN… - I watched a little video featuring Hot97 personality Peter Rosenberg give his opinion on who the web’s content creators were. "Rosenberg uses the term “blogger” the same way people had originally used the term “nigger”, as a perjorative class distinction.. He is trying to say that the information and opinions of content creators on the web isn’t valuable." Shame, shame,shame::: shame on YOU , Petey!

Barnes & Noble Planning International Expansion - Want to be the head of's international business? Because they're definitely hiring a whole team, and they're starting at the top.

One of my favourite performers I found via the Net is Yarah Bravo. This is what makes the world go POP!
REMINDER: If it doesn't rain too much on your trick'ertreating, you can extend it an hour!
The Chinese blogosphere is booming. As one of the largest on the planet, it is constantly evolving and simultaneously being set back by the all-too-famous governmental censorship. According to Li Datong, the country’s civil society is being reborn online, as you'll see in this post by Marta Cooper.

Sammuel from Thanks for loving Haiti has launched [En/Fr/Fr Cr] a video contest for the best Haitian National Anthem singer. Sammuel notes "This contest is open to all, with no geographic limit! Please make sure you send a Youtube style video!" The best video will be chosen by the readers and the winner will probably be announced on January 1st 2010, National Independance day in Haiti.

Hey Sports Fans!
USA Today is liveblogging Baseball's WORLD SERIES... you can catch up before the next game by clicking RIGHT HERE!

More HaLLowEEnix!

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Around The Blogosphere 31 October 09 (EARLY EDITION)

Blogger Bai-Ling has a close encounter with a pussycat...

Blogger Billy Corgan has taken to his website to give you his opinion on the swine flu vaccine. Snippets: "Scaring the daylights out of you over a virus or an unseen enemy only weakens us." "I am not a doctor..." and " my heart, there is something mighty suspicious about declaring an emergency for something that has yet to show itself to be a grand pandemic..."

From H1 to HBoo::: the NYT City Room has some last-minute ideas for adorning yourself on Halloween Night! (My fave is "Suit, a sign that says “Republican” on one side and “Democrat” on the other, and a broken glass (be careful): Hiram Monserrate!")

Halloween in CHINA...

MediaBistro:::Esquire's December issue will work with a piece of technology called augmented reality, which can meld real-life images with overlaying forms of media. According to The Wall Street Journal, you can expect the issue to include black and white "web stickers" that when held up to a Web camera will trigger a video playback. Positioning the magazine at different angles will produce different video segments. (M o r e . . .)

Web mutation::: identities and avatars [fr] - did you know that there are "symptoms" of digitalia?
An American psychologist, Marc D. Feldman, a forgé en 2001 l'expression « Syndrome de Muchausen en ligne » pour rendre compte du fait que l'Internet est en quelque sorte le théâtre rêvé pour à la fois pour produire des symptômes et y trouver une audience. Feldman, in 2001 coined the term "Syndrome Muchausen online" to reflect the fact that the Internet is a kind of dream theater for both to produce symptoms and find an audience. La production des symptômes y serait aisée et même facilitée puisque le dire en texte suffit.. The production of symptoms will be easy and even easier since the text just say ..

Dangers of sharing your Facebook with your significant other... Sam Bunn asks" a relationship, what should be kept private and what should be shared? A Facebook account is very personal and can be awkward to share with someone else. If you had the password to the Facebook account of the person you were dating what would you do with it?" What, indeed!

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York has joined a small but growing cadre of American prelates with a blog of his own.“The Gospel in the Digital Age”

So much was said and written about the artificial virginity hymen kit - that Egyptian male blogger Mohamed Al Rahhal just had to buy one. Marwa Rakha has more...

Joel Martinsen on DANWEI highlights a recent painted plagiarism scandal by an artist named Li Yueliang.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pop Clips » 30 Oct 09

Alicia Keys “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”

Yankee Stadium Performance Video

Hitting MickeyD's for dinner? DO NOT RAP YOUR ORDER!

Dennis Hopper has prostate cancer.

Facebook Awarded $711M In Anti-Spam Case!

Slideshow::: WBZ visits the new Harry Potter exhibit at Boston's Museum of Science.

Awwwww!! Appearing on NYC radio this morning, New York Governor David Paterson: "People With 'Agendas' Are Planting Stories Against Me!" » story from Liz Benjamin.

Sen. Joe Lieberman Says He'll Back Republicans in 2010 Congressional Races...

GPS Navigation companies are under stress... from Google!!! :::VIDEO included:::

Speed up your Firefox!

via Michelle Malkin's blog::: Culture of corruption: Democrats Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson under investigation -

Career Breakers

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jaliek Rainwalker Case: Bad Choice of Words

I've been following the news regarding a skull that had been found recently in a heavily wooded area. There had been speculation that it might help solve the case of missing Jaliek Rainwalker.
As a team of state police investigators were searching in the woods off Lake Desolation Road, Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell was hoping that he had the break he's been waiting two years for.

"Hopeful and very optimistic that it was Jaliek," Bell said.

Police believe Jaliek was killed, but they've never found his body.- Newschannel 13

Where in the World...

will I be tonight???


Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11238
at Washington Ave. See Map | Subway Directions Hopstop Popup

Happy Birthday 2 Me

The wisest owl hears all before he flies...

I'm spending the 29th in "analog" mode...

The ancient Mayans believed that the date of a person's birth was the day he or she "stepped into the River of Time" which defined who he/she was and defined his/her relationship with the Universe. If you're into biorhythms, look back on the charts to your own day one. We all start out the same, but take different life-paths. Throughout our days we come to many forks in the road and the direction we take, right or wrong, is of our own choosing.

There are many pathways and doorways that appear and open and close and disappear throughout our lifetimes. It's fun to try and imagine (and we've all done this) what would have happened if on Day X I had done Z instead of Y. The farther back in time the event is the more complex and expanding the possibilities become. The entire course of history could have been changed by one act.

What would the USA be like today had JFK served out his presidency instead of dying in Dallas? Or more recently, had Annie Le lived, might she have found the cure for Cancer? Next question: just for a moment let's say the answer to that was "yes." But she died before she could find the cure. Does that mean the cure will be lost? For how long? Will someone else find it in the same year she would have? In the next five? Ten? Maybe not at all?

If you take this line of reasoning and follow it through, you will discover that almost every event is part of a chain and usually a trigger for other events that follow along the time-line. The number of possible alterations to that timeline if B happend instead of C is incalculable.

By the way, those Mayans were obsessed with time (or so it seems) and devised various ways to map it in calendars far more precise than even th eone we are using now. The way they looked at and understood time is so different from how we perceive and mark time that there is no possible way we can experience ist meaning and passage the way the Mayans did.

Have you ever looked back and thought of all the years you "wasted." WASTED is a bad word - you didn't "waste" any time - I'm sure you dreamed dreams and had relationships and learned things and thought thoughts and created a few things and caused a few commotions here and there along that pathway of "waste."

Although today each of us is the sum total of all the time that we've already served, there is still "time ahead" for change and growth. DON'T ever feel sorry for yourself. Your life is not over until your heart has beat its last pulse.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where did 'Capital Region People Blog' go?

People have been asking what happened to my old Capital Region People blog (AKA Dave Lucas' Archives).

A couple of indivduals had written requesting me to delete certain posts about them, some of those posts contained phtographs they wished to remove from cyberspace. Before you say that is not possible, I know someone who managed to delete every long last trace of herself from the net, and to this day you won't find much of anything about her! I'm still trying to convince her to share with me her "secret formula" for a complete web-wash.
Celebrities with Swine Flu have nothing to do with this post... but wash your hands after clicking anyway!
I didn't want to monkey with the old blog or change its history. I saved it in its entirety using HTTP Tracker, onto a series of CDs. Then I closed the blog out. This accomplished two things: (1) I had a lasting record of my early years of blogging and (2)The people who wanted items deleted were happy. I only wish there had been a way of saving my earliest attempts at blogging on a couple of now-defunct services.

If you value your blog, find a way to save it for yourself. Either as a digital file in the way I did or you can simply print it out. The best method for printing is a month at a time (via blogger, anyway - I'm not well-versed on the other platforms) OR if you blog infrequently, print out one post at a time.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NY Lottery Hotline Gone Bonkers?

Something's up with the automated line one calls to get the latest winning numbers. Tonnight the service is uber-busy, and when I was able to connect, the automation was alternating between English and Spanish (while giving yesterday's results)... i I wonder if there was a software glitch or did hackers get into the system?

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

The Blogger Who Isn't

I just found out that a certain blogger whose website you've probably visited at one time or another isn't real! The blog is actually written by a collective which employed the services of a local model who acted as the base for the composite photograph which appears on the blog! Lots and lots of people have been and will continue to be fooled. (the fictional blogger also appears on twitter and Facebook!) Sorry, I can't divulge the identity of the blogger or the URL of the blog in question!

Walkin' & Talkin'

Albany is getting more and more like Manhattan (at least along Central and Washington Avenues, from about the Boulevard to the Capitol) - just about everybody on the street is talking to somebody else, through a cellphone!

Stop in at any of the little shops and stores selling mobile and you'll see it's standing-room-only as people buy phones and sim cards and other accessories needed to conduct life on the run.

If we lived in Tokyo, as opposed to Albany or Mahopac or New York City, we might be inclined to use our mobile devices while bathing... this blog does not endorse that practice and shall not be held liable for anyone daring to try such an experiment at home (or anywhere else!)

Around The Blogosphere 27 October 09

1 down, 8 to go... Dog lovers click here. Bug lovers go here (I see lots of these particular creatures lately!)

If you like fall shopping along Canal Street as much as I do, keep an eye out for the coppers: NYCtheBlog has the DL...

Netease via ChinaSMACK: tough Chinese chica-bully!

MissInfo::: Jay-Z: him and Alicia will perform “Empire State of Mind” for the Yankees World Series opener...

Gawker::: Mediabistro is now carrying classified listings for straight up clerical jobs with no media connection, because they figure those are the jobs of the future, for many media people. (*More)

Gawker issued an "apology" - "Our ad sales team fell for a malware scam. Sorry if it crashed your computer."

Global Voices::: Writing on Flying Carpets and Broken Pipelines on the eve of their next court hearing, Arzu Geybullayeva says she still hopes that detained video bloggers Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli will be released. She also says that the two online youth activists are an example to others and believes that that the situation in Azerbaijan will improve whatever happens.

Caribbean Book Blog::: "You are Killing our Artistes and Celebrating it".

Russian Camera Can See The Soul

Can this be true?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pop Clips » 26 Oct 09

Dallas Penn blogs about Tastemakers And Influenzas…"The White Housed is going to need to do its best marketing job evar to convince me to take a shot of the flu."

Ella's Blog from the Philippines posts photos of donated goods intended for typhoon victims rotting in government warehouses. The expose has sparked fears that the goods might be misused to support administration candidates in next year's elections.

If it's in the paper, it must be true? Yes? NO! After a news item in the local press reported that a British MP had been appointed as rapporteur on Armenia and Turkey, Unzipped says that it used Twitter to check the accuracy of the story.

The Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore is thinking of drafting a new guideline that would require bloggers to reveal if they receive gifts or money for their articles.

With the number of English-language blogs from Azerbaijan increasing, Emotions on Air, Mind Mute sets a precedent for musings and poetry. Often dark and melancholic, the blog shows that new media can also be a medium for other forms of self-expression.

Freshlyground has a show coming up on 2009-10-27 at 20:30 @ Abu Dhabi Co... in Abu Dhabi, DU, UA

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Preparing For Halloween

Michelle Malkin once adorned herself in an iPhone costume! Maybe this year she'll be an "Android" - or not!

Trick or Tweet: 7 Ways to a High-Tech Halloween

I was in the kitchen, checking the pantry while making my "halloween goodies list" and thinking about a post I'm in the process of writing all about things that were supposed to have happened to blogs and blogging by now --- but didn't. One of them is "the Vlog." Around '05 those "in the know bloggers" were writing how the video blog was going to wipe blogging off the map by '08. Here it is '09 and there are very few Vlogs left.

Another aspect of blogging that the know-it-alls pronounced doomed: the "open thread" and the "blog carnival" - both still going strong! Matter of fact, iPhone pretender Michelle Malkin has a wonderful Saturday Open Thread going on. I get a kick out of them. Hers are like "reading" a radio talk show!

But I digress... this post is supposed to be all about the Spooky Season!!!

You may want to google up some seasonal music: "Who Dat?" by the Commodores is a good one. How about "The Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley? I know, not really a Halloween song, but... there's the "Witch Doctor" by david Seville and "The Purple People Eater Meets The Wicth Doctor" on the Flipside of "Chantilly Lace"m by the Big Bopper. Hmmm, there's also "Season of the Witch" by Donovan, "Witches Hat" by the Incredible String Band, "Monster Mash" by Bobby 'Boris" Pickett, "Haunted House" by Gene whatever-his-name was. You get the idea.

There was a cute song the Kindergarteners used to sing (maybe they still do) called "Halloween is coming."

Halloween is coming...
Halloween is coming...
Did I scare you?

Have you come up with any clever costumes? I wonder if we'll have a bunch of kids running around in Barack Obama masks (remember the Ronald Reagan and George Bush halloween masks??) You could always create a costume yourself. Or follow somebody else's example... You could be an Egyptian god or maybe an "Illegal Alien"...

I managed to find an interesting snack while bloghopping: a Yummy Mummy Loaf, of all things!

Other foods associated with the holiday:

Then, there are creative things you can do with pumpkins (oh, pardon the pumpkin shortage please) such as create a Cylon Jack O'Lantern...

Halloween (also spelled Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. Rumour has it that come All Hallows’ eve, the ancient Celts would place a skeleton on their window sill to represent the departed. Believing that the head was the most powerful part of the body, containing the spirit and the knowledge, the Celts used the "head" of a vegetable (a turnip or rutabaga) to frighten off harmful spirits.

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Oil Refinery Explosion

Hold on to your wallets! The price of gas (already on the rise) is about to jump. The only thing that saved the US Economy from totally tanking last year was MERCY at the gas pumps. I recall around November gas was all the way down to $1.83 a gallon at one nearby petrol station. Looks like this time around it may be $3.81 instead. Nothing good will come of this!

Puerto Rico: Massive Oil Refinery Explosion

Friday, October 23, 2009

Around The Blogosphere 23 October 09

Keep up with Wendy on twitter! Xiaxue writes: "...tonight is the Nuffnang Asia pacific blog Awards!!" Good Luck, Wendy!!!

14 Simple Tips for Super Fast Web Browsing

Balloon Boy Sheriff Jim Alderden blogs "Up, Up and Away," all about the infamous flight and his role in it!

Sarah Palin comes out for Doug Hoffman in NY-23, Where it’s Teabags vs. Republicans vs. Democrats!!!

Professor catches Shakespeare Plagiarizing!!!

Leading up to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) in December 2009, Global Voices offers a sample of online tools to monitor climate change.

Cellphone Non-Users: An Ethnographic Study [Endangered Species]

Competing Groups Press for a '.Gay' Internet Suffix!

Judge Dismisses Ridiculous Craigslist Prostitution Lawsuit, Plaintiff Mulls Appeal - The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is on Twitter!!! Get all of the latest department and crime news and info from the top cops in Vegas.

Repeating Islands blogs about Haiti's International Creole Day... Bangladeshi Photoblogger Ideas R Bulletproof posts pictures of Kali Puja, a festival dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali, which were taken in Shakharibazar, Dhaka.

Elevator antics.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pop Clips » 22 Oct 09

H/T Miss Info:::Angie Martinez got the chance to sit down face-to-face with Chris Brown (who also shot the cover of the new Vibe Magazine in Brooklyn apparently) and seeing as how Hot97 and DJ Enuff were the first to ever play CB (”Run It”) on the radio, and Angie has talked to him many times over the years, it’s only right that he sit down with her for a much more serious discussion…You can hear and see more at Angie’s site

Puff-man Wears Prada!

The Pew Internet for the American Life Project is out with new data about Twitter ... Fanfou is a micro-blogging tool similar to twitter which has been closed down for more than 100 days in China. However, many still have hope that it will be back. Chinageeks translated a blog post by He Caitou discussing fanfou users' loyalty towards the platform.

The CEOs of Verizon Wireless and Google teamed up at the final hours before a planned Federal Communications Commission vote on open Internet rules to say they support making existing 'net neutrality' principles enforceable. Word is the USA is BEHIND other nations when it comes to the availability of high-speed internet access.

Microsoft’s Online Store Gets A Revamp, Now Sells Windows 7 PCs Too!

Another "tech-expert" is out of the loop! Marguerite Reardon writes on cnet "Roughly 96 percent of American households have access to broadband service from at least one service provider, the FCC said in a status report issued last month. But of those people, about 33 percent do not subscribe to broadband. Why? John Horrigan, consumer research director for the FCC, who was on the panel Wednesday, said the FCC is currently conducting surveys to answer that question." To which I responded: SURVEYS??? D'OH!!! It's the PRICE - consumers are either forced to buy "bundled service" with other stuff they DON'T want - o r - pay $39 or more for service that has more outages than the electric company in the Philippines!!!! People are SO dumb! Perhaps we should follow Mexico's example when we think of the Net!

Dallas Penn:::Xbox Fiends Unite!

EWAMT::: Blogging And Social Networking Energize Women In Yemen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Around The Blogosphere 21 October 09

My idea of a good picture is one that's in focus and of a famous person. Andy Warhol

It is written that Andy Warhol used Polaroids for his eventual silk-screen portraits. In 1979 Warhol snapped a shot of Farah Fawcett, which is now going on auction at the Children's Museum of the Arts tomorrow. The 3-inch by 4-inch snapshot is not the one in his Polaroid book, and is already valued at more than $8,000.

WABC 7's Bill Ritter got his tongue tied up on Tuesday night's broadcast calling Bernie Kerik a "former New York City top cock." Video.

on FishbowlNY - David Carr, Columbia University, and the Future of Journalism

Gawker posted A Surreal Night with Arianna Huffington [Twitterati]

A Chinese cargo ship with twenty-five Chinese seamen was seized by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean about 700 miles east of the Somali coastline. Headlines in Chinese news websites except Xinhuanet are all about this incident (Sina, NetEase, Mop, Huanqiu, Sohu, Tom, QQ. )

Kanye West, dead after a two-car accident??? Not true! Amber Rose reacted via Twitter…

Facebook makes local headlines: Siena players go on defense over Facebook... and Facebook membership could prove costly for sex offender.

A little blogging goes a long way for some of us::: Sharon's blogging has lifted her high! Great news, Sharon! Keep on bloggin'!!!!! She writes: "I am relocating to Wise Bread as a steady blogger. I have also helped to launch a frugal video network with Myscha Theriault. Here's why I am changing my online strategy."

Interview @ WPBT: Geoffrey Philp - *Geoffrey Philp*, author, blogger and professor at *Miami Dade College*, talks about his latest book *Who's Your Daddy?

Faites l'amour... et dites le sur les médias sociaux...

Using the internet to organize heinous crimes... On the same website, there's an ad "Find Philippine Bar Girls at Great Prices."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Read blogs using low bandwidth or dial-up connection

As I've added features and services to thie humble weblog, I've always tried to maintain the ability to load the blog with a slow or low-bandwidth connection. Using either Firefox or Flock on a PC running WindowsME via a 28.8 modem, I'm albe to adequately download the blog without too much trouble. I have noticed older versions of IE can no longer handle the blog, resulting in a box popping up saying Explorer cannot load the website, followed by the page going blank. Via wifi on my Fly Ying F003 hiPhone, I can load my blog with Opera Mini-browser. For those of you around the world who are concerned about bandwidth or the cost of internet access, you may wish to try Loband, specifiaclly designed for viewing websites over low bandwidth connections. It bypasses images, formatting and frills, leaving a text only rendering of the page.

MediaWatch 20 October 09

NY TIMES to cut 150 jobs; 8% of newsroom...

Report urges action to preserve 'journalism'...

Top 30 Newspaper Sites for September!

FCC ponders Internet data laws...

UAlbany Remembers "Bailey"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, The University at Albany will remember the life of student Richard Bailey with a ceremony on the first anniversary of his tragic death. During the ceremony, which will take place outside the University Police Department building at the 1400 Washington Ave. uptown campus, the University will also announce the 2009-2010 recipient of the Richard Bailey Memorial Fund. The remembrance ceremony will follow the noon tolling of the University’s Carillon bells.

Richard Bailey was gunned down as he walked home from a friend's house one evening on South Lake Avenue. Bailey was shot once, in the back of the head. Three black males were arrested for the murder. Bailey (as he liked to be called) was set to graduate from UAlbany with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice. He had wanted to become a New York City police officer like his father. The day before he was killed, he had taken the New York City police exam.

To contribute to The Richard Bailey Memorial Scholarship, contact Valerie DiRocco Ruskin, The University at Albany Foundation, at (518) 437-5090. Contributions may also be made online at, or by check, made payable to The University at Albany Foundation and mailed to:

The University at Albany Foundation
Richard Bailey Memorial Fund
1400 Washington Avenue
UAB 226
Albany, NY 12222

Pop Clips » 20 Oct 09

Ah, the Internet! Where one can travel 'round the world, right from the comfort of home!

Not too far from home, President Obama is in New York City today. He might weigh in "a little further than (Robert) Gibbs did on the New York mayor's race," says a senior White House official.

Obama is raising money for the DNC (up to $3 million) and NY-23 Democratic nominee Bill Owens, whose race has become a litmus test for the president and the GOP. H/T Liz Benjamin

Former President Bill Clinton has a protected twitter account, blocking access unless you're one of the six people he's deemed Bubba worthy. Does a twitter glitch allow anyone to glimpse at what Bill's tweeting?

Crime:::Annie Le's accused murderer Raymond Clark is due in court today.

Cute Overload:::Cats And Dog Reign At The Javits Center!

In Sports, Jimmy Rollins lined a two-run double with two outs in the ninth inning off closer Jonathan Broxton and the Philadelphia Phillies rallied past the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-4 Monday night for a 3-1 lead in the NL championship series.

Monday, October 19, 2009

MediaWatch 19 October 09

Want the lowdown on the Blogosphere? Check Technorati!

Previously, I blogged about Conservative bloggers and radio talk-show hosts under fire... well, that fire continues to burn!

Michelle Malkin blogs about Protesting the media culture of corruption - Plus: Reuters punked. And a Balloon-Boy/media conspiracy?

Where does "The News" come from?“Society doesn’t need newspapers,” wrote Clay Shirky in a widely read blog post this March. “What we need is journalism.” Shirky was trying to shift the conversation from the fate of particular institutions to the project of original reporting. But who does in fact break news? Where do previously unknown twists to a story come from? Rather than exploring the question rhetorically, NYMag conducted a little experiment.

The New York Times carries a rare "Postscript" in Saturday's paper -- apparently under legal threat -- raising new questions about those infamous Washington Post "salons" and its editor's past statements about them. *more

British oil trader Trafigura has finally released The Guardian newspaper from a secret injunction preventing it from reporting the so-called Minton Report, after an extraordinary week of online activity. A report from Global Voices.

Killian Mansfield Somewhere Else

For some, life is pleasure. For others, pain. For most, a collision of the two extremes, resulting in various degrees of emotional and physical fallout.

LISTEN to the Songs.

READ The Story Behind The Songs.

JOIN the Facebook Group.

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VIDEO:::Whitney Houston's Wardrobe Malfunction

ffwd to 2.30 mins on the clip to see the moment where Whitney notices her dress has flung open...

Around The Blogosphere 19 October 09

Good Morning! Time for another one of our little trips through the blogosphere!

Cuba::: Yoani Sánchez, keeper of Generacion Y blog, was once again denied permission to leave the island nation to accept the 2009 Maria Moors Cabot Journalism Award.

France::: In a recent blog post, Paris-based Moroccan blogger Larbi takes a closer look at Islamic finance. He writes: “While global finance has collapsed and the world was plunged into a financial crisis like no other, a little village still resists to this wave. It is called: “Islamic Finance”. Crisis? Do not Know! Consider that in 2008, the assets of the 100 largest Islamic banks have increased by over 66% reaching a figure of $580 billion.”

iWorld::: App of the Day Makes It Easier To Find iPhone Apps - The App Store is crowded with tens of thousands of applications, many which do the exact same thing.

Morocco:::The next Earth Day, which falls on the 22nd of April, will be held in Morocco, reports Dominique Lagarde on the blog Nomades Express.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

3rd Sweat Lodge Death

Photograph of the latest sweat lodge casualty... The deaths are being investigated as homicides and James Arthur Ray, the self-help guru that led the retreat is in the crosshairs

Lizabeth Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minnesota became the third victim to die in James Arthur Ray's mismanaged Sedona, AZ sweat lodge tragedy. Lawmen are treating the deaths as homicides, but no charges have been filed...yet. Neuman was among more than 50 people crowded inside the sweat lodge run by "The Secret" master self-help guru James Arthur Ray. An emergency call two hours after they entered the lodge reported two people not breathing. There's scuttlebutt that someone had tossed jimsenweed on the hot rocks inside the sweat lodge to give participants "visions."

This doesn't look to well for our guru! Nobody loves ya when you're down and out! There seems to be a rush to jump on Ray while he's down...this event could end up crushing the "New Age" movement's head... In googling around I found several blogs kept by self-proclaimed witches and warlocks, who regard Ray as a Saint.

Twenty-one sweat-lodgers were hospitalized with illnesses ranging from dehydration to kidney failure. The two initial deaths::: Kirby Brown, 38, and James Shore, 40, DOA at a hospital. Autopsy results on Brown and Shore are pending. More than 100 people attended the funeral for Brown on Saturday at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Otisville, New York, according to The Times Herald-Record newspaper. The avid hiker and surfer who had a passion for art was also remembered as a spiritual seeker. Services for Shore were held late Saturday afternoon at the Hubbard Lodge in Milwaukee.

According to Ray's website, Ms. Neuman was the leader of the guru's Minneapolis-area "Journey Expansion Team." The teams, developed by Ray's friends and followers, meet to exchange ideas on Ray's principles, the website said. The next Minneapolis-area meeting is scheduled for October 23rd.

Ray had rented the Angel Valley Retreat Centre for his five-day "Spiritual Warrior" event that culminated in the sweat lodge ceremony. Participants paid between $9,000 and S10,000 (USD) to attend the retreat near Sedona, a resort town due north of Phoenix that draws many in the New Age spiritual movement.

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Top 40 Radio...

...there isn't any, anymore. And those days are gone...4EVER!

Effective right now, practically all new RCA Victor releases announced in Billboard are on both 45 rpm and 78 rpm records! And that's going to be true of RCA Victor releases from now on! The 45 rpm system is going places fast!

A Chicago Tribune newspaper article by Steve Johnson appears in Saturday's Schenectady Gazette, entitled "Top 40 Radio: It's what people want even if they don't" is a totally misleading tale by someone who has no concept of what new media in the digital age REALLY IS.

I read a much more accurate aricle in a newspaper earlier the same the week, which now I'm sorry I didn't keep: in that case, the author "got it."

"Niche radio" offset the Top 40, very slowly worming its way through the core of Top 40 Radio through the 80s and not leaving much left by the end of the 90s, save for those "countdown" shows. When the internet and pop music intersected, that opened up a whole new direction for music. Today, in 2009, the newspaper industry is at a similar crossroads, but that's a blog post for another day.

The article I read earlier talked about walking through any college campus, and as you pass by open dorm windows, hearing a cacaphony of popular music of many different styles and generations. Where do the students get this music? Off the internet!
What's happening is, Joe discovers "The Beatles" while Tom finds "The Doors" while Julie falls in love with Sinatra and Amy cracks open a treasure chest of late 90s funk-rock-rap, then Bill hunts down any MLTR song, Jackie is astonished that No Angels has so many wonderful hits, Paul is into Television, early Blondie and The Ramones, Dory gets into Billy Strayhorn while Todd chases down psychedelia and Donna grabs all the early 60s folk music she can find...
Because different people of all generations are introducing themselves to varieties of music, stuff that YOU regard as "MTV 80's" or "doo-wop" or "old 90s" is BRAND NEW to somebody else, and vice-versa. The old "top 40" concept can't work anymore because you could play all 40 songs and probably 5 out of 10 people wouldn't have heard any of them. This attitude was highlighted for a brief moment in an episode of the popular TV series "Numb3rs." While I don't recall the exact scene, it underlined the concept I'm trying to enlighten you about here. And that 5 out of 10 might be 8 out of 10 because thanks to the internet, particularly youtube and MySpace, there is a GLUT of QUALITY (and crappy) music out there by people you otherwise would never have heard of and who otherwise could never have produced and recorded a single stitch of music were it not for modern computer technology and the internet.

Sorry , Steve Johnson. You are out in left field. Even Johnson's allegation that there are no "novelty" songs today is incorrect. I can think of three right off the bat... one the UAlbany radio station has actually played the naughty "Smell Yo D**k" uncensored...

Eclipsing the trend away from a "top 40 tune or number 1 hit record" there is at least one ("All That I Want") Christmas song that gained cross-generational appeal, appearing on MySpace, youtube, Gossip Girl and in department store TV commercials.

Lastly, what do you reckon is behind all the music downloading that goes on 24/7? Simple! People DON'T TRUST the internet. They hear a song, like that song, want that song. That's why you have websites like and beemp3... I like that song, I want that song... in the old days I heard it on the radio, looked for it and bought it at the store and brought it home. Now, I listen to a great song on MySpace or youtube only to find it has been taken down a day or week later. So I (and many of you) find ways to DOWNLOAD and save to your computer, mp3 player, cellphone or iPod. (Music industry executives continue scratching heads, wondering why people aren't buying music like they once did! They've tried almost everything to spark sales.)

That "get it before its gone" attitude is what drove Michael Jackson music sales through the roof when the popper passed away: that online mentality of "get it now" crossed over into the physical CD market as people scooped up Jacko's music. A national network newscats showed a woman in a WalMart somewhere in the US, telling the reporter "I gotta get my Michael music 'fore it's gone!" And just where is it going to go, I would have asked!

There will never be (unless we are plunged into a "Dark Angel" world/society) another "Top 40" or "Top 40 Radio" - it's just not possible anymore. It's gone the way of trolley cars, passenger trains, neighborhood banks and evening newspapers. Gone.

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Through the Sunday papers, quickly...

I don't have boatloads of time today. A handful of problems have suddenly come up: one personal, one mechanical and one technical. I feel like I'm being menaced by some crappy ghost hell-bent on making my life a big "life-mess"! I know what you're going to say: things like you "have to sometimes deal with life's punches in the gut" and a bunch of other positive and not-so-positive affirmations that have been deemed appropriate for such unexpected dire circumstances.

Other people will say "s**t happens" - look what happened to Conservatives in the media - more on that on today's open thread on Michelle Malkin's blog. We all endure life's problems. We all get our "recommended dosage" of them, don't we?

At least my problems won't be making any headlines (crosses fingers) any time soon: The Sunday Times Union has a story about "Health Care" - er - more accurately, "Health Insurance" and the lack of it. the paper profiles a couple of 20-somethings fending for themselves sans health insurance.

Next up, a "consultant" has figured out that cellphone companies should be charged more by municipalities for tower placement. No good will come of this. We'll all be stuck with higher cell phone bills. Either as taxes or taxes disguised as "service fees." Thanks, Mister Consultant. Higher bills are exactly what we need in these troubled economic times.

There are stories about The (*yawn*) Baloon Boy and about the Governors of New York and California getting together as "kindred spirits" because both states are mired in so much fiscal muck.

Some guy committed suicide and his corpse sat in the backyard patio for a week, the neighbors thinking it was a Halloween decoration... A "Cruel new typhoon threatens Philippines" ... the Schenectady Gazette has an article about Swine Flu and about another endangered species: "The Pine Bush Moth." First butterflies, now a moth?!? At least thre are people out there who care enough about the environment and ecology to try to so something whenthings are going wrong.

Lastly, I leave you with an interesting advert from pA7 of the Times Union. A full-pager for the Price chopper, where they do a "price comparison" item-for-item against Hannaford. The first column is the Hannaford price. The second the Price Chopper price. Suffice it to say that while I could probably drop by a Hannaford and make my own list of things that are cheaper than Chopper's, I had no idea that you could buy stuff like "Price Chopper" brand Lasagna at Hannaford.

OK, maybe the person who wrote the ad made a slight error there, but at least they could have printed something like "store brand" - and if I buy something like Olive Oil (3rd item up from bottom) - let me go grab my bottle from the kitchen - ok, I have a 17-0z jar of Extra Virgin olive Oil that I paid $3.50 for - the brand is "Mediterranean Market" and i don't recall where I bought it. It's good stuff, though! The oil in the ad is 101 ounces, more than I would likely be able to use before it would lose freshness.

MORE news!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hey! Look who's guest-blogging on!

Politics and popular thinking appear to be taking a few funny turns. The line that seperated Republicans and Democrats has blurred, along with the subset definitions of Conservatives, Liberals and Independents. The group of clear Conservatives, once a tight-knit unit, has broken off into satellites: talk-show host Rush Limbaugh and blogger Michelle Malkin don't seem to have as much in common as they once did. Certainly San Francisco-based author and radio personality Michael Savage has left the accepted structure entirely.

Political cartoonists have likewise ventured off into uncharted territory of thought: Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" recently visited "The Actual Obama" vs. "The Idea of Obama" while Jen Sorensen's "Slowpoke" explored the possibility of iPhones becoming self-aware, deciding humans must die: "In 2025, still at war with the phones, the few remaining humans send one of their own (Obama) back in time to thwart the devices plot." In the strip's concluding panel, a team of Norwegians is sent back to award the Nobel Prize. Both comics appear in this week's Metroland.

Today, quite unexpectedly (or not?), NY-23 conservative congressional candidate Doug Hoffman guest blogs on Michelle Malkin. Mrs. M is a powerful blogger (and author) and I just wonder if the Conservative movement will eventually break away from the GOP and form an actual major political party of its own (not the "conservative line" we know today: something bigger). Any good political party worth its salt contains "warring factions." I can see Mrs. M on one side and Rush on the other. What do YOU think?

A Vengeful Heart

The girl writes "I began working in a KTV in Beijing’s Fatou district and in the beginning, I was not very comfortable but eventually it became no big deal (since I wasn’t a virgin anyway, what did it matter who was inserting themselves in me), and the money did come very quickly/easily."

But easy turned into AIDS, and now one Beijing lady of the night is telling all... including the names and mobile numbers of her clientele! "Beijing and Hebei friends look, are your numbers included? Of course, the precondition is that you have gone to these entertainment places before. If your number is included, then congratulations, you have AIDS."

There is also posted a poll you can avail yourself of.


See A Galaxy TONIGHT

Click on the image for instructions...
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Around The Blogosphere 17 October 09

San Francisco Girls

White Bird

Let's face it. No one gets out alive. We're not going to live forever. We will make the best of time. Before you take off, get educated!

“The difference between being charitable and being a philanthropist is having a strategy,” writes Richard Marker in eJewish Philanthropy, explaining why “You Don't Need to Be Rich to be a Philanthropist.”

For Halloween???

Say WHAT? Justice of the Peace Refuses Marriage License for Interracial Couple - in 2009!!!

Stuff White Kids Like… -from Dallas Penn

How DO you deal with mean commenters on your blogs? Anyone?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweat lodge deaths cast negative spotlight on guru

The Harmonic is a bit off this evening for self-help guru James Arthur Ray. I'll be your guide for this internet experience, at no charge to you!

Sweat lodge deaths being investigated as homicides (photos, video)

Al Carroll on Bay Area Indymedia::: Oprah Winfrey Should Apologize for Promoting Dangerous Fraud

A Native American Chief Addresses Deaths In Sweat Lodge

Autopsy results on sweat-lodge victim could be known as early as Monday

James Arthur Ray: Guru Says He's Being Tested By Sweat Lodge Deaths!

James Arthur Ray's Pre-crime Crimes

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