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Grammy Schmooze:::The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

What's a bigger event for YOU: The Grammy Awards or the Super Bowl? Both equally as important? Neither? Is either event more or less important than Haiti? Whatever the case, there are some who don't care at all about Grammies. I'm typing this post on a Mac which has totally messed up some of the links below, so I had to change them to the style links work just fine... From twitter:


solangeknowles Gave away my Grammy ticket to eat Brazilian food and wear zebra leggings and a Biggie t-shirt.

CBSTweet - Live from @TheGRAMMYs red carpet. #Grammys 

RIPPED FROM DRUDGE: Mary J Blige slams her band at pre-Grammys; Hollywood royalty look on in horror... be sure you read the entire UK Mail article, right down to the comments. Isn't it interesting that Chris Brown is "ZERO" this year, while his ex-punching bag is the toast of the Grammy extravaganza?

twitterers take note: RollingStone RS is covering the #Grammys live tonight. Follow along here:

ChicMom(ChicMom):   is tweeting the Grammys...

Hey, look who else is on twitter! It's algore :::This editorial is exactly right #climate

guardiannews Rajendra Pachauri fails to get British support over 'unsubstantiated' climate report claims 

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Time Passages

Good Morning!

There are some who say that "Living is an art" and there are others (my blogging buddy Bai-Ling comes to mind) who savour every minute of life and live it to the max.

Which side are you allied with?

I was listening to the Michael Savage radio program one evening last week where Dr. Savage remarked that people don't newspapers anymore because the news they print isn't anything you'd want to bring home to your family. He talked on about the political slant of the papers, but as I recall, newspapers have always had political affiliations. I recall my mom telling me a story about how one of our neighbors cancelled her Knickerbocker News subscription when the Schenectady Union-Star came to Albany, because "the Union-Star is a Democratic newspaper." (So I guess the Knick was "Republican"?!?) Well, it matters not because both of those evening dailies are no more... I think Savage is off in the wrong direction on the papers.

Look at it this way: there's a movement going on right now in Albany to "save" the Washington Avenue YMCA. I believe that if the folks trying to "save" it succeed, it still won't be long before the Y closes for good. That particular Y is like a typewriter. It's time is finished. It no longer has any meaning or value in the current day. Sometimes things that fall by the wayside of time "return" - like the phonograph record.

In "New role for the CD?" I wrote: "A generation or two stands between the 33rpm vinyl album with its artwork and liner notes and the digital music CD which is what it is. On Facebook this week Yarah Bravo has been plugging her new CD and mentions she won't be pressing any more hard copies. People who had a copy commented back how glad they were to have an original."

In the same Posterous Post, I wrote how "This morning I heard that a local music distributor is closing several retail shops because people are buying and downloading music online." Turns out the radio broadcast I heard left out an important detail of the story: (quoting from the Times Union) "Trans World Entertainment Corp., the Albany company that operates f.y.e. stores, is closing 125 of its locations nationally, although none are in the Capital Region." Comments on the newspaper article run the gamut, from "’m surprised they will only close 125. I’m surprised they are still in business what with Itunes and the internet. I haven’t been in a music store in a decade" to "Trans World, the company that pioneered selling merchandise at a much higher price than manufacturer’s suggested price! Before Trans World, most dealers reduced prices from the suggested list price."

I see two great marketing opportunities for artists: issue limited edition specially enhanced mixed media CDs, numbered like artists number prints of their works, like "3 of 300" - and - offering an "enhanced download" including liner notes and artwork that can either be printed out or simply viewed on the computer. The CDs have the potential to increase in value over time. Downloaders get more goodies (which cost the artist next to nothing to add to the CD package"

More Good Reading:::

Pearl has "A short interview with DJ Vadim"


Plunge in CD Sales shakes up big labels

One Self – Children Of Possibility

CDs I've Enjoyed

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiti WTF

(Guest Post by Saki Tumi) Published details I read about collapsed nations due to being conqured in war or devastated by disease always carry the notes of bands of men roving and rounding up and raping women. It is the gene of male domination and “only strong survive” mentality which switches on in the human brain. There can be no other explanation.

Michelle Santos writes that she is horrified to know that Haitian criminals on the loose are raping earthquake survivors. “People have become so degenerate it sickens me. World, CHANGE now. Is this what we want to give to our future generations? Lawlessness, avarice and insensitivity to others?”

Many are now pondering the question of international adoption and its legitimacy. Espas Ayisyen and Haiti Recto Verso posted a UNICEF message declaring15 children missing from Haitian hospitals and wondering whether they were kidnapped.

Haitian police have arrested 10 US citizens caught trying to smuggle 33 children off of the earthquake-stricken island. Other children have been stolen and driven to Dominican Republic to be used as slaves and sex slaves.

Be careful when you donate money to Haiti. In case you didn't know the banks are making money off the donations - they get a percentage.

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Blog Morning Saturday!

In this gloomy uncertain global economy, it makes sense to MONETIZE your blog and take advantage of programs and services that help you earn money while blogging! I recommend Hits4Pay: it is one of very few high-paying advertising programs on the net. Signup for free and receive $10 as a Free Reward!

Early mornings and weekday evenings when I'm online I use FLOCK as my browser: I keep just 3 tabs open: GMail, FaceBook and "other" - via GMail I access my Google RSS Blog Reader. Via FaceBook I'm on twitter (with the "twitgether" app for fb-er's) - that "other" tab is for my regular websurfing activities! I run FLOCK via Windows Millenium Edition on my old tricked out PC. Here's how YOU can do it (Run WinXP and 2000 apps on Win98 and WinME!):

1 - go get yourself the latest copy of FLOCK (Google for it)

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3 - KernelEx downloaded and installed in less than 4 minutes on my PC with my puny 28.8 oldschool dial-up modem connection! (During installation it may need to go to Microsoft for a small file, so make sure you're connected... that particular file took just 45 seconds to download.)

4 - THE TRICKY PART:::I've seen posts in online forums where people installed KernelEx but still couldn't use XP programs. You have to right click on the .exe file before you install it. You'll see a box with tabbed files... go to the last file and it will give you options [compatibility mode] of framework under which to install Flock (or any other program) ... the SECRET is that you must choose the OS the program is supposed to run on. If you choose WinME (which would seem to be the correct answer, and fooled me at first) the program will bounce and give you a message that it "cannot install on this version of windows" or some similar message: the messages seem to vary by OS release.

Secret, secret, secret... Let's see what else I can throw atcha: "One of the biggest paradigms that people carry over from their parents is the idea that spending on yourself is extravagant and they feel guilty about it. Recognize this mindset for what it is --- scarcity. You live life once and if you never enjoy your days, fearful that you might need those extra dollars, the you will be disappointed at the end of your life." - Dr. Joe Vitale

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Pop Clips » 28 Jan 10

Looks like both rebelliousgirl and me love Cascada's song "Evacuate the dance floor"...

Recording Academy eyes future of downloads, mixtapes...

Uh-oh! Looks like Obama Girl has had a change of heart! Amber Ettinger (aka obama girl) on Fox's Sean Hanity as I type - talking about how she has fallen out of love with Obama.

A lot of chatter about JD Salinger, his death and his book "Catcher in the Rye" - Here's an old article on the book, and why today's teens think that Holden Caulfield needs Prozac.

Interesting view spreading on the net. The iPad may find its best customer base among the middle aged and elderly. There are some women who are offended by the name "iPad" because to them it sounds like some sort of feminine hygiene product. Ooooo-K! Meanwhile, Adobe Calls Out Apple for Lack of Flash on iPad. The Flash Blog » The iPad provides the ultimate browsing experience?

Grain terror: "Bomb ingredient" found mixed with rice from Vietnam: At least 48 sacksworth!

Hmmmm... I wonder just what it is ... "The best-kept secret in Albany"????

Apartment Hunting in Downtown Albany

I like old buildings. I've been considering a move, and I'll tell ya the new luxury apartments at 23-25 North Pearl Street that Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings showed off today are "way cool" - there was one that had a really nice view of North Pearl. Unfortunately for me, these units are one bedroom, and I need much more space. I need a computer room and an entertainment room for all my media stuff, as well as a home office room (or corner) and a stock room for other materials. Here's a link to the report I produced for WAMC and a bit of Fly Ying hiPhone footage of the Mayor speaking at today's open house / ribbon cutting. I kmow, I should have shot some video of the apartments themselves. Some have brick walls, all have modern kitchens and washer/dryer combos. Hardwood floors too!
RIP J.D. Salinger

I loved the book. Read it when I was a kid.

Around The Blogosphere 28 January 10

Did you watch President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last night? The President is calling for financial reform. He's "getting tough" with banks, it seems! Obama firmly telegraphed the message "I am not a quitter" throughout his speech.
"Rather than fight the same tired battles that have dominated Washington for decades, it’s time for something new. Let’s try common sense. Let’s invest in our people without leaving them a mountain of debt. Let’s meet our responsibility to the people who sent us here." - Barack Obama
Instapundit catalogs comments and commentary here.  Here's the transcript of the President's speech.

Haiti-bashing, Belarusian blog style.

Joe Konrath ::: Digital Book World is a two day digital publishing conference recently held in NY. One hot topic at the event was ebook piracy. The conclusions drawn were:

1. People are stealing a lot of ebooks. (surprise surprise!)

2. Publishers need to fight this with lawsuits, better DRM, takedown pressure, anti-piracy legislation, targeting upload sites, and ultimately fighting the pirates themselves.

Adobe: Flash Apps Will Run On The iPad, Even Full Screen At Some Point - While Apple is being lamented here and there for not supporting Flash on its shiny new iPad!

WordPress Hack – Prevent Your Images From Being too Large

Navigating Radio's "New Normal" - A Conversation with Seth Godin

Audio: The Mix Tapes of Osama bin Laden 

Kosmopolito announces the first anniversary of

Download Google Chrome 4.0

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ::: The Sorceress

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 26 January 2010

Are YOU looking at the car or the girl?

Photojournalist ZORIAH ::: The Haitian Earthquake in Pictures.

Tututina ::: How to get a MILLION HITS on your BLOG!!

Maybe you should take the 2.0 Media Tour!

Going 2 China? Avoid Guangdong! It's the wild wild westeast! VIRAL VIDEO “Pretty Guangdong Pregnant Woman Beaten By Group” may be disturbing to some readers! Here's another violent video via Global Voices!

Also from GV ::: A partylist group in the Philippines wants to introduce a law that would put a ten-year expiration date on marriage contracts. As expected this unique proposal generated an intense reaction in the blogosphere!

Daddy Diddy and Mommy Misa throw son Justin Combs’ a Sweet Sixteen Bash - via MissInfo

Liz Benjamin ::: Harold Ford Jr. compared Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer to parakeets.

With all the recent talk of terrorism, officials say the USA is "unprepared" for a biological terror attack.

Nelly Furtado is using Twitter.


New Commercial Shows Apple iPad Tablet!

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Monday, January 25, 2010


I spent much of my workday reporting on Hydrofracking, The Marcellus Shale, etc. - my contribution is here - there's a more disturbing report HERE that reminded me of Hyrdofrackery! And then there was WAMC's hydrofracking debate...

I coined two words today:  hydrofrackery and hydrofractivist. Hope that's okay! ;)

Around The Blogosphere 25 January 2010


New Age GURU and one of the stars of "The Secret" - James Arthur Ray - gives New York Magazine a candid interview. Also in NYMag: MORE(!) Demi Moore photoshopping?

Gawker delves into "Disaster Chic" ---

Global Voices is running a story about a Russian blogger who was run out of town for marrying a Chinese!

DRAKE is "coverguy."

Put on SHADES when you read Wendy Cheng's Blackberry Bling post!!!

This one is for Streamers only!

It's Raining Again... Welcome to MONDAY!!!

Monday! Aren't you glad to begin a new work week? I know I am! Lots going on today, especially RAIN that's forecast to torrentialize the Capital region.

I've got a feeling today is going to be a verrrrry long day!

Last weeks two BIGGEST stories were Haiti and Massachusetts. I wonder what THIS week will being? Keep an eye on Wall Street and the banks... and Brangelina... Keep the other eye out for news about Andrew Cuomo, the NYS Attorney General who reportedly has his eye on a run for Governor.

The Sunday Times Union featured an interesting story about a home foreclosure. And if you're up to your neck in junk at your place, read the 6-week Clutter Cure!

There was an interview in the weekend Times Union with a 101-year old East Greenbush woman who proclaimed the internet as the most marvelous invention in her lifetime. But the most impressive piece of technology for her came when she was in her late teens; RADIO! She told a reporter that it was so new, so wonderful, that people scrambled to get tickets to go to churches and other gathering places to listen to broadcasts! Her dad purchased a radio kit that afetr assembly you only listen to with headphones... I'll betcha that was one of those "crystal radio sets" that need no batteries or power source!

Facebook and Twitter have really sucked the life out of both MyBlogLog and that ridiculous "Blog Catalog." MyBlogLog seems to still be running. I have three widgets associated with MBL and suspect thay may cease working any day now... or not... I've had widgets before that "stayed alive" even though the supporting service shut down. One of these days I'll get in the sidebar and do some housecleaning.

What about 2010? Somebody wrote me asking my plans for blogging in 2010. Pretty much the same. Bettina Perroni and Saki Tumi will handle guest posts. I'll continue with news, views, my own analysis plus entertainment-related articles, as well as self-help tips. Everyday we'll be looking for interesting posts on other blogs (as well as websites) to present to you in our Pop Clips, Around The Blogosphere and MediaWatch aggregator-style articles.

Say, whatever became of that big "Lifestream" movement? Kinda fizzled out, huh? Like the "Vlog" which was supposed to wipe out the "Blog." Live, learn, wait!

As fellow-blogger Michelle Malkin will attest, when you're in the public eye you're open to attack from loonies.

My thanks to Saki Tumi for Guest-Posting, her first try at blogging outside her native land and language! I told her if she wants to GP again, she HAS to post her picture! Let's see what happens!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Weeks Two BIGGEST stories: Haiti & Massachusetts

The two stories dominating the news the week of Jan 17-23 were the rescue and recovery efforts in Haiti and the aftershocks following the US Democratic Party's loss of "the Kennedy Seat" in the Senate.

Like most of you, I've been following what's been happening in both Haiti and Washington. WAMC and James Taylor raised $550K+ on Friday night. Haitian bloggers and twitterers are wondering what will happen next, as relief operations continue.

Yael, a 16-year old Haitian girl, blogs painful thoughts far removed from common problems of life that she was dealing with a few months ago...
"...none of all these stupidities everyone here wants, really mattered. partying never mattered, fancy clothes, making a big deal about how your hair is done, huge & expensive armored cars, summers at the beach in Miami, having a beautiful body, nice hair… you realize all this was BULLSHIT; that all this was going nowhere, a big nasty pile of POINTLESS time-wasting crap! Now you have to open up your eyes and face reality with all it’s details and find a way to compress years of growing up into these 35 seconds, that changed everything...Now you know what really counts in life… loving your brother more than anything, having the people you care about close to you… or simply being alive, being able to eat, sleep,… nothing else."When Life & Reality COLLIDE
If you'd like to keep up-to-date with this young blogger, she's on twitter.

As for Massachusetts and Washington, there's room for discussion on Michelle Malkin 's blog: MM has a Sunday Open Thread in progress... check it out!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Watching TV Online

(GUEST POST by Saki Tumi) I do this already. Download shows and watch on my widescreen plasma TV screen. Mine can take computer video output so I don't need DVD player. I can watch DVD, VCD, AVI and even YOUTUBE on my TV! So I have many friends --- Utica, NY - Forty-two percent of Americans went online last year to access a television program directly from a network, a new Zogby Interactive survey finds. The survey of American adults finds similar numbers using On Demand (46%) or DVRs (47%) to access television content. Approximately one-third of Americans used a 3rd party internet site, like Hulu, including more than two-thirds of 18 to 29 year olds.

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Plouffe plan is good news for Republicans!

(GUEST POST by Saki Tumi) When going gets tough, tough get going! Something like that! Now, it goes on here with President Barack Obama. The Kennedy Dynasty is finished, like the great Egyptian dynasties of ancient history. The Republicans have the Kenendy Seat, and now they will have plenty of money with new donation laws that have been permitted!

Obama is very smart. He is bringing back to Washington the man who made him President, David Plouffe!

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Concert$ Rai$e Help & Hope For Haiti

James Taylor & WAMC Raise $500K+ for those suffering in Haiti!

(GUEST POST by Saki Tumi) - I hope you had a chance to listen to this wonderful concert last night! It began quite promptly at 8pm and was superb throughout, and for the one cause needing everyone's immediate concern at this time! The audience included residents of Berkshire County and the surrounding region, but several ticket-holders traveled from North Carolina, Quebec and even Shanghai, China's largest city. There's an excellent article with pictures in The Berkshire Eagle, which you can access HeRe!!!

While WAMC held it down on the radio, several TV networks carried a star-studded Haiti benefit concert that aired worldwide:

Jay-Z, Bono, The Edge, & Rihanna Perform “Stranded” (Haiti Mon Amour) Live

Highlights of 'Hope for Haiti Now' Concert

Disney Star Selana Gomez at the Hope For Haiti Concert (photos)

Justin Timberlake Haiti Live Performance Full Video

Hope for Haiti Concert: Madonna Sings "Like a Prayer" (Video)

iTunes.Com/Haiti: Hope for Haiti Concert Album Popular Search at iTunes.Com

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Caring, Sharing Bloggers!

Calling all bloggers young and old!

Show the world you care! Be a part of the "I Blog, I Care Movement."  Here are the rules on how to join:

  1. Copy the "I Blog, I Care" badge and the rules (1 to 6) on this page. 
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  4.  Leave your post's URL HERE!!!
  5. For every fifteen (15) blogs joining the I Blog, I Care Movement, a $1.00 donation will be given to the International Committee of the Red Cross. You can also donate directly here: 
  6. Spread the love and show you care.
NOT ALL BLOGGERS are loving and caring! There are a couple of nuts, "Blog Angel" (and friends) and "Steals From Blogs" who have been dropping X rated links in my C-Box, which I may have to remove, thanks to these "Bernhard Goetz's of the Blogosphere."

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 22 January 10

Paris Fashion Week Pt2: Kanye in spikes, Amber in shreds - via MissInfo (Kanye and Amber walking to the Junya Watanabe men’s f/w 2010 show)(pics spotted on KanyeWest.Us) so…I’ve mentioned before how I heart Amber Rose, right?

Gretchen Rossi Scandal PHOTOS!

Google Co-Founders Plan To Sell Up To 10 Million Shares Over Next Five Years - Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin plan to steadily sell, sell, sell!

NBA Blog Breakdown Kyle Elfrink: The Fanball Sports Network, currently the home to more than 70 blogs about fantasy sports dealing with MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL!

Blogadda  interviews 42 popular Indian bloggers (Part 1, Part 2). Blogadda is the largest community of bloggers in India.

Meet MARKUS - The First LEGAL Gigolo in the USA!

Here he is! Safe, Courteous, Reliable... But he WON'T have sex with men!

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Pop Clips » 22 Jan 10

Jersey Shore Cast: Leo DiCaprio, LiLo Respect Us | NBC New York 4

Haiti RADIO telethon tonight w/James Taylor ::: 8:00pm New York Time, James Taylor will perform a benefit concert for Haiti at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. WAMC will be simulcasting the entire concert and listeners may contribute to the cause by calling WAMC at 1-800-323-9262.

HAITI YES - Keke Palmer

HAITI NO - Global Grind

Life After Casey Johnson: Tila Tequila Gets Her Highs Off of Twitter!

USS Paterson: mates begin jumping ship!

Earth to Howard Stern: Come on Down!

China to US: Ready to RUMBLE over Internet Censorship!

If you or someone you know drives a TOYOTA - THIS IS REQUIRED READING!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pop Clips » 21 Jan 10

I can't see myself wearing this anytime soon! (Latest Fall 2010 fashions via New York Magazine! Meanwhile, NBC4 gets into the times & styles of Christian Siriano on his 2010 Fall Collection.

In the wake of the Mass Upset, politicians are in "re-thinking mode" ::: No doubt sending chills down Kirsten Gillibrand's political spine, Harold Ford Jr. took his first public steps outside of New York City this morning as he weighs a possible US Senate run. Liz B has it all...

Alexia Moore Strippers are on trial, so the tabloids are all over it. +Gothamist

When you pray - do you think anybody is listening? How about this one: Religious Item Prompts Scare On Jetliner... Here's what Saint John of The Cross has to say about those "religious items"...

Somebody, I think it was Bob Grant on WABC radio, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, said something about bad things rarely happening to bad people. As they say, only the good die young. Let's hope that's not the case regarding Britney Gengel.

Politicker NY asks "Why does the Times need 12 months before it introduces a metered system for charging readers for content? Or rather, why announce it so far ahead? Speculation that an announcement was meant to be timed to the release of the Apple Tablet..." aha!

Amanda Ernst blogs that Fortune magazine has tapped veteran business reporter, and former Fortune staffer, Daniel Roth to lead its Web site through an upcoming revamp.

More MainStreamMedia "altered images."

Spotted on a blog masthead: Life might get crazy but it is always entertaining!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When All Else Fails, RE-IMAGINE and RE-PACKAGE!

It has been reported that Mullah Zaeef, the Taliban's former ambassador to Pakistan is using an Apple iPhone in Afghanistan. "I'm addicted," he said, "the internet is great on this, very fast."

Are you familiar with the old song "Rubber Band Man"? Imagine it redone to the tune of "The Taliban Man" - it might help the group spiff up their image! The New York Times is reporting that the T-ban have "embarked on a sophisticated information war, using modern media tools as well as some old-fashioned ones, to soften their image and win favor with local Afghans as they try to counter the Americans’ new campaign to win Afghan hearts and minds." They're going to stop burning schools and cutting folks' ears off, you know, that kind of thing! Hopefully, they'll get a verified twitter account soon! Rock on ye Mighty Turbans!

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Pop Clips » 20 Jan 10

After an avalanche of requests following my previous post, here is the Oriental Sunday cover featuring photos of Christina Chan Hau-man that has HK in a snit!

Reactions to a strong aftershock (6.1 magnitude) in southern Haiti this morning, as relief efforts continue more than a week after a major earthquake devastated the region around the capital.

NY DAILY NEWS: Shameless TV reporters making themselves the story in Haiti...

Saudi girl, 13, sentenced to 90 lashes after she took cellphone to school...

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced a plan to enforce a “real-name” registration system for mobile phone users.

Around The Blogosphere 20 January 10

Tom Legg [DAAI TOU LAAM DIARY]blogs about the dirty act of a local magazine in publishing student activist Christina Chan Hau-man's bathroom pictures in the cover. The blogger interprets the dirty tactic as a mean to silence Chan.

Chan, born April 25, 1987 in Hong Kong, is an activist famous for her stand in the freedom of Tibet. She is a student pursuing a master's degree in philosophy in the University of Hong Kong. She is also a part-time model. She became famous when she protested in the Olympics torch relay in Hong Kong. She held the Tibetan snow lion flag during the relay and engaged in a confrontation with the Pro-Beijing camp on 2 May 2008. She was forcibly removed by the Hong Kong Police Force who claimed it was 'for her protection.'

Though executives at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View surprised many people last week by releasing an announcement of their possible plan to leave China, the epicenter, Google’s offices in China, has remained largely silent since then. However, yesterday afternoon (Beijing Time) Google China released a short announcement on their official blog in Chinese to clarify some rumors:

To clarify some untruthful rumors
January 19, 2010 PM 06:03:00
Posted by: Yun Liu and Wenluo Yang

Over the past few days, we have seen a lot untrue rumors about Google China and Google’s employees: there are reports that we have closed the office in China, and there are some reports that we have employees in China who had recently been notified to leave their jobs. These [rumors] are all untruthful. Currently, Google employees in China are working in the offices as usual, to discuss product development and to communicate with [our] customers. Despite Google executives in the head office [in Mountain View] having recently announced that they will discuss some matters with the Chinese government in the next few weeks, Google China’s employees are still, as always, making an effort to provide our customers and partners with the best products and services, [since] customers and partners are very important to Google.

* Verify people from robots * Avoid Twitter spam * Save time managing your followers!

Entrecard is expanding its user base to regular website owners. From now on, anyone who signs up will have the option to classify his or her site as a “blog” or a “website.” They’ve added new “site type” search field on which also allows you to see what sites are on each network.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 19 January 10

A truly inspiring update from The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: “The reports of violence - we don't get those. Have not seen it. Have not experienced it. Nothing even remotely close. People are helping each other and are warm and kind and humble. I only know one thing - Our hope has not died, it is not buried in that rubble” - observations that are reinforced over at HAITI, Land of Freedom: “NOT ONCE have we witnessed a single act of aggression or violence. Haiti can be proud of its survivors. Their dignity and decency in the face of this tragedy is itself staggering.”

Fashion blogger Cathy Horyn is going to tweet for the New York Times beginning with the fall 2010 fashion season. The news was released via — what else — Twitter.

The Future Is Now… - Starting today I will be blogging over at in an effort to create a juggernaut of content and information like the internets has never before seen!

Internet Explorer ::: a VULNERABILITY NIGHTMARE! (Switch to Firefox or FLOCK, my friends!)

Jamie Samuelsen, the sports director for the morning show on WCSX-FM (94.7), blogs for Hey, Tiger Woods, apologies like McGwire's help!

  "Avatar" gets pulled from movie theaters in China by propaganda officials and replaced with a documentary on Confucius!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 18 January 10

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (2010) Living The Dream…
Martin Luther King re social networking via technology
  Inevitable: Coakley wraps herself in MLK cape

Dream the Impossible Dream: The Jets Live on!
Family Research Council has announced that they will host the 5th annual Blogs for Life, a conference for pro-life bloggers and online social media activists. Blogs for Life will take place on Jan. 22, which is also the day of the 27th annual March for Life in Washington D.C. Tens of thousands of pro-life supporters are expected to take part in the march protesting abortion. -

Unzippedblog tweets that the Armenian prime minister, Tigran Sargsyan, has set up his own blog [AM].

 Sharpe's Opinion reacts sarcastically to the news of the first arrest in the United Kingdom over a Twitter joke:  “Round of applause of the police there. Keeping us safe from those dangerous terrorists who go round advertising their intentions on public social networking websites.”

Troubled businessman-politician Joe Bruno may have trouble replenishing his ca$hbox...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Empathy w/Conan O'Brien

"In the press this week, NBC has been calling me every name in the book. In fact, they think I'm such an idiot they now want me to run the network" - (blog) Hmmmm... what would Jay say to Conan? "Keep your chin up"??? Word is a "settlement" between Conan and NBC is near!

Conan, I feel your pain!

Not once, but TWICE I went through something similar to what you're experiencing! Early in my radio career, I quit my full-time job when I was given a morning DJ slot, only to get a call Sunday night (I was to start Monday morning) from the program director, who informed me they "found somebody else and he was so good we couldn't let him go." I was devastated! But I went over to that radio station Monday morning at 9 and spoke with the General Manager. To make a long long story very short: he gave me some part-time and sales assignments. We became fast friends! The guy they hired instead of me was fired within a year for drinking alcohol on the job. The program director who hired me was fired for reasons I won't disclose. I was promoted to program director!

My second career mishap also involved radio: I was given a position as lead anchor for afternoon drive on a very popular station. This time the frantic call came on a Friday afternoon (I was supposed to start Monday) from the fellow who hired me, the News Director, who profusely apologized: the station had been SOLD and nobody knew until it was a done deal. The entire news staff, including the fellow who hired me, were immediately dismissed! Luckily, my full-time job at that time ran from 11 am to 7pm, so it was no big deal!

Everything happens for a reason, and looking back, I'm glad things happened the way they did! Maybe someday Conan will feel the same way. Maybe Not ;)

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If you saw a penny on the street, would you pick it up?

"Find a penny, leave it be....and bad luck will come to thee"

Ever since I can remember I've been aware of the phrase "find a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck."

Only in recent years did someone point out that the good luck comes only if the penny is face up.

Someone else told me that if the penny IS face up and you pick it up, you have just used up your allotment of luck for that particular day. Who to believe?

I could ask the Penny Priestess, but she appears to be quite busy answering penny-anty questions!


yahoo ANSWERS advises "if it's heads pick it up...if it's tails turn it over and leave it on the ground"

PS: a more common variant of the second couplet (next to the penny image above) is: "give a penny to a friend and your luck will never end."

Happy B'Day Bettina's Blog!!!

"Sometimes I feel small when I discover millions of interesting stories. I started writing to give sense to my experiences. I walked and discovered that passions can be shared, that emotions can be lived and that reflections are never ignored if they are written.

That is how I got this way… sharing a few words that come out of my soul, by intuition and without any doubts are enriched by the magic of your presence.

I always live taking risks provided they can be measured, I love extreme sports and music, I am also a tireless traveller, altruistic, enthusiastic. I enjoy to cook, read about ethnic groups, play my guitar and love my familly and friends..." - Bettina Perroni

My dear blogging friend South of the Border, Bettina Perroni, recently celebrated her blog Génesis: Origen de mis pensamientos' 4th Birthday! Hola Betty! Congrats! Below you'll find the English version of Un ciclo mas...

The adventure of this blog started in January 10th, 2006, 4 years ago. A countdown and a brief presentation pushed me to write, without knowing where my words would be read. At that time I just wanted to express myself. Have a space to release the angels and demons that live inside of me, giving free rein to my imagination, raise my voice occasionally and satisfy my free will.

Genesis: Origin of my thoughts was created by impulses. In this blog I have immortalized joys and tricks, I have driven out few demons of my paradise and I have removed the dirt that tends to be accumulated when the thought is not renewed, leaving here pieces of conscience and inspiration.

To my surprise, I discovered that someone else was interested in reading my writings. That encouraged me to continue with this adventure to the point of becoming a wonderful escape mechanism. The literary harvest as of today is 56,000 references of this blog by Google, 37,300 references of Bettina Perroni on the Web, 1,285 users, read in 40 countries, 37th in popularity in Mexico, but especially a very good network of friends.

This is much more than I expected!!

... And despite the demands of real life have weakened its ranking (which I never aspired), a larger number, a number less does NOT takes away from me the satisfaction.

Four wonderful years have passed as normal. Resurrecting, reinvented, reborn and experiencing what happens to all human beings. Receiving as an inheritance the learning based on falls and illusions, unfeasible dreams, unsuspected situations but also pleasant experiences that leave a good taste in the mouth. That's how I taste this time ... Super delicious!

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Haiti: Proof That Life Can Turn On A Dime

Five days after the terrible earthquake which has partly destroyed the capital city, Port-au-Prince and others like Leogane and Jacmel, it has been very difficult for rescuers, medical teams and humanitarian services to reach the population and help the survivors.

Certainly no one in Port-Au-Prince could have imagined that within minutes, their city, their lives would be changed forever. Like the innocents of Pompeii, the innocents of Haiti perished in a flash. Much of the coverage of the destruction in the earthquake's aftermath has been focused in and around Haiti's capital city, Port-au-Prince. But many other areas close to the 'quake's epicentre have also been affected, as bloggers are quick to point out. Haitian's pleas for water issued via Twitter and other media highlight the severity of the situation.
French collective blog Etats du Lieu posts a rant against what they feel as an abandoning of Haïti by the French government. So far, says the post, it has handled the issue with not much more than an emergency phone number, 100 fire fighters and a few million euros, whereas Haïti shares with France a mostly dramatic history and has been a founding member of francophonie [Fr].
Here's a poignant post from Michelle Malkin "Prayers for Haiti" - I have two Haiti earthquake posts Earthquake Haiti & Helping Haiti.

DON'T download the GOM Media Player!

There's a video player being promoted by BlogUpp! called "GOM" - my advice is: AVOID it! DO NOT download it! VLC Media Player does everything GOM claims to do AND MORE with NO HASSLE! It even works on older Windows OS like Win98 and WinME! IT IS FREE is not "crippleware" abd you'll be totally satified with VLC! There's even a VLC for MacOS X!

If you download GOM, it'll get "stuck" in your registry. You'll have to go on a dangerous, virus-laden huntr for a warez version, crack, warez password, patch, serial numbes, registration cods, key generator, pirate key, keymaker or keygen for GOM Media Player!

(This is NOT an advertorial!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Video On Your Blog WITHOUT Sacrificing Bandwith or Load Time!

I'm not really thrilled with the way my blog loads in browsers, especially on lower speed connections. I also find it difficult to load certain blogs, even on highest-speed T1 lines.

Every blogger who wants to keep existing and attract new readers should keep in mind that many people around the world are still on dial-up, and a lot more are on "low" high-speed (usually poor DSL connections) internet.

I'll give you a couple of examples. there are two ladybloggers, Marzie and Lady Java. Each has three or more blogs. Even if I let the browser "sit" on any of Lady Java's websites, it just can't bring it home. Now, this may be geographical, as I notice the page trying to load items with a .my extension and something called "" which freeze the browser... there's another "" that totally hangs the browser (firefox - forget IE, it won't fully load on IE) for ultra-long periods of time. Eventually, you end up with a nearly complete load. I've notice on IE my blog does the same thing. It's not my computer, either: I checked it at the public library and an Internet Cafe. Something changed with IE.

I tried loading in the OffByOne browser: the entire blog (and all images and any badges not connected to java scripts) was there in 5 seconds flat(OffByOne ignores all java and java-widgets)! loaded just as quickly. I wish there was a way to show you a screenshot! Needless to say, if you're on dialup or your computer has limited resources (or both), OffByOne is certainly worth experimenting with!

Okay, here's the rundown: is still "stuck" and half-loaded on firefox, 5 minutes after I connected to it. (At least I was finally able to "drop" an entrecard, which did not appear via OffByOne!) But in 5 seconds I had everything I needed via OffByOne! UPDATE: 10 minutes in, most of the blog is loaded, save for something from "" which may be another badge or widget. 12 minutes in, the blog is 100% complete! UPDATE AGAIN: wait a minute! I did get a Yellow Triangle in a square on the sidebar, with this accompanying text "The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." Hmmmm...

I had asked a blogging friend in Singapore to put my blog through a similar test. It takes a bit longer there to load there than it does here in the states. I'm going to clean out the sidebar soon: I've been waiting for yahoo to pull the plug on, since they announced last month they would no longer be supporting it. Once that's gone, there are a total of 3 java-widget-thingies that I'll have to remove from the sidebar. Oh well,less clutter!

One of Marzie's blogs, Meow Diaries, (which I really enjoy reading) loads very quickly, but her other two are so busy with widgets and scripts, they kind of "half-load." Now, when you encounter these kinds of blogs and the blogger decides to include imbedded video, that can be disaster for those on dial-up and low-DSL. That's why I don't like to imbed videos: instead, I use "snapshots." Now, this is NOT an advertorial post or an endorsement for snapshots. It IS a way that all bloggers who want to offer videos (even if the blogger is on dial-up) can do so without slowing down blog loading time.

Example: I have selected a video from YouTube, which you can watch HERE. BUT WAIT! Before you go ahead and click on the video, instead just place your cursor over the link. The "snapshot box" will open. If your connection has enough oomph, you can watch the video right in that box. (You can enlarge the size of the box if you want to!) By linking videos this way, you don't make your blog take too long or just be plain impossible to load with certain connections and through certain browsers!

Also: You can grab a screenshot or a picture related to the video and place the link underneath it, so that when surfers mouseover the picture, again the "snapshot box" will display the video (or they can "click through" to view the video directly!) Try it: mouseover the picture!

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