Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blips Across The Blogosphere

Another case of "sour grapes" regarding the Entrecard program: Business Sphere blog reporting "After nine (9) months of being an Entrecard user, the last three months of which being in the Top 5 of the most popular blogs in all categories, I left the network... users visiting your blog are on a “drop and run”, then “bounce” away to go to the next blog, spending just 5 seconds on your blog...Many Entrecard user blogs have viruses and Trojans. That’s why everyday there are users leaving Entrecard because of this problem..." I left a comment on the blog (not sure if they'll approve it, so here it is:)
I disagree. As I pour through traffic reports provided by various metering services I use, people who arrive at my blog thru search engines are just as likely to spend a few seconds and bounce as entrecarders. Having said that, since Cornyman published his ghost-dropping article, I've not only seen traffic increase but several entrecarders have actually stayed on my site (a few as long as 1 hour or more, bumping up the "average time spent" indicators) People place too much value on "traffic" and "hits" anyway - and that takes all the fun out of blogging! As for viruses, anyone who doesn't have a good firewall and anti-virus program in place shouldn't be surfing the net!
Other commenters who have left Entrecard report drops in traffic and Alexa ranking.

Speaking of comments::: This disheartening incident was recently brought to my attention: a blogger unleashed an ad hominem* attack against me. My crime? I reported an experience I had trying to leave a comment on that weblog, which I dare not visit again. That's too bad, because perhaps a virus worked its way into that blogger's script which redirected the comment process to an advert. Now, we will never know!

*Attacking an opponent or critic personally instead of answering / resolving the argument.

Keep in mind::: BLOGGING is ALL ABOUT "Freedom of Expression!"

And MOST OF ALL::: It should be EASY to leave a comment on a blog, not a hassle!

If YOU are an entrecarder, take the program with a grain of salt, for what it's worth. I take pleasure in cultivating the dial-up droppers, because they will spend more than 10 minutes on my blog once they arrive.

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David Paterson: Deconstruction Zone

Where have you gone, Dick Ravitch? Our state turns its empty purse to you.   (apologies to Pixar/Disney, Simon & Garfunkel and anyone else who thinks they need one)

The New York Governor's undoing may not yet be finished. There are political observers and media commenters who, like circling vultures anticipating an excellent meal, are paused in a "good things come to those who wait" hover. Speculation is rampant.

The $64,000 Question is whether David Paterson will, as he has vowed, (despite "An accumluation of obstacles") complete his term. As Friday evening closed in, I heard a couple of radio voices wondering if the New York Times had MORE bad news for the Governor.

Indeed, there's been a flurry of hits on a now dated and relatively obscure post on this humble weblog (aren't they all obscure after a week or more?) leading me to entertain the thought that there may be more information which is possibly "on hold" while the Times (and other powers)wait to see if Paterson is knocked out of the box within the next 4 weeks or so. Andrew Cuomo won't have to have to make any moves, if he doesn't want to. Cuomo's office could carry out its investigation into Paterson and the State Police, and possibly either clear the Guv -OR- fail to come up with "enough" of whatever "enough" is to make any clear cut determination. THAT would open the door for another shoe to drop. Think about it!

One thing that's for sure, when it comes to NY politics, nobody outdoes the Empire State. NOBODY!

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MUCH MORE DISCUSSION:::Weekend Open Thread » NY Daily News [Liz Benjamin]

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Accumulation of Obstacles...

..included in David Paterson's Friday afternoon speech in which he excluded himself from the Governor's race. He vows to complete his term in office; some critics give him four weeks. Others in the news dealing with accumulated obstacles include former Congressman John Sweeney. Do you see these men as brave or arrogant? Can you empathize with their human frailties? Would you wanna be in their shoes? Judge not, lest ye be judged.

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fluffy BLOGOSPHERE Friday!

Freaky Facebook Friday:::Facebook Glitch Sends Sex Chat to Wall Street Journal [Disasters]

"I Cannot Run"
David Paterson ends his reelection campaign. 

New Nigerian Scam ::: Pretty smart to come up with this. Imagine if they used their brains to actually better themsellves --- like this::: A Nigerian author published by a Kenyan has been nominated for Best Book in the 2010 Commonwealth Writers Prize.

Old Twitter Scam:::Getting Twitter-Hacked Improved My Social Life [Phisher Of Friends]

Chalk one up for ME::: I was finally able to get the mysterious "Big Boobs" header removed from the top of the incoming traffic list in my sidebar! (Until the hackers figure out how to get it back in place, that is!) The TRUE HEADER is "AOL Search" --- beware of other scams too!

No Satisfaction for Albany Talk Radio "Listeners"

I'm still laughing about the foolish accusations raised by Albany tea partiers that the Obama administration had a hand in silencing local talk radio station WROW am590. Sheeple, it's all about $$$$! First the sheep-peeps were annoyed and rallied to get Glenn Beck back on local radio when 590 flipped formats. Now that he's back they're still not satisfied! So they've scheduled another rally for Monday.

The local "tea party" wants a piece of the Capital Region broadcasting pie:
Want to help buy a radio station so we are in control of our own destiny? There are a number of patriots who are hoping to organize 1000-1500 shareholders who will each invest $1000 to bring our voices back to the radio. If you are interested email Steve Vasquez at
Good luck with that! It's easier written than done. My guess is San Francisco-based Michael Savage may be the next talk show host removed from area air. We'll see!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fluffy Friday


Cat roulette!

Egyptian blogger Tarek Amr (ar) winked at a cat and it winked back at him.

The latest Newark Airport security breacher? A pussycat!

Around The Blogosphere 25 February 10

Image adapted from Biarkan Roti Kacang Merah Dengan Labu Labi nya

Supporters rallied in Washington DC in support of jailed Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer. Kareem has been behind bars for three years. He is serving a four year sentence for insulting Islam and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Greek bloggers react to the financial crisis facing Greece. The socialist government elected last October is battling currency speculators while trying to avoid defaulting on the country's debt. blogs [RUS] about a new online initiative: government-sponsored blogger schools that emerge in Tomsk (Siberia) [RUS] and Dagestan [RUS].

Did the NY Times' Governor Paterson "bombshell" finally explode? The Times saved the best for last.

Rhode Island High School fulfills teen fantasy by firing every single teacher, all at once!!!

Will there be layooffs at Al Gore's CurrentTV???

Yarah Bravo aka Captain Love Bubble types she launched her new "GOOD GIRLS RARELY MAKE HISTORY" Live show! The first show was in Dresden / was an intimate show... ...and it was PACKED!!

Got a passion for state comptrollers? Want to mix it up with the likes of Curtis Sliwa? NY1 is looking for you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


If you scroll down the blog a bit you'll see my two "snow-posts" featuring fotos taken in the vicinity of the State Capitol Building looking toward Albany City Hall at 2pm Tuesday and then from my front window in the wee hours of Wednesday. All of the area schools were out, and this is the first real dose of the white stuff we've seen during Winter 09-10! Just think, perhaps in a month from now, and most certainly in two, we'll be outdoors in light jackets or maybe even shorts! That's the great part about living here in New York and New England: the variety of weather! Never a dull moment!

Alas, it seems our local TV weatherman aren't in alignment when it comes to the next snowfall's arrival time and how much will be dropped, so we'll just play it by ear!

Why I don't like js-kit comments!

I saw a post on Lady Java's blog that I wanted to comment on. No problemo, correto? Incorreto! js makes you go through a "sign in". I did - or did I? A box popped up offering a variety of ways to sign in, I chose twitter. Then - as a huge grey box dominated the screen, indicating that things were "loading" I had to listen to a commercial for WOOLITE! WTF?!?!

5 minutes passed (I was on BROADBAND, not dial-up, mind you!), after which a big grey box displayed this message:

"The page isn't redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."

I never got the opportunity to comment on the post.

But they DID manage to make me listen to the ad!

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Revenge a dish breast served cold...

It doesn't get much colder than this!

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S Word Wednesday


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Albany City Hall 2:00pm 23 Feb 10

The snow begins...
This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Around The Blogosphere 23 February 10

2 from Xiaxue::: Wendy shares breathtaking photos in Camwhoring with the ring light as well as a batch of fun new videos!

Be a fly on the wall::: Chelsea Clinton wedding plans!

Behind the scenes::: TV News Anchors are still having sex...

Lama Lama ding dong tweet tweet::: The Dalai Lama has officially joined Twitter. Pat Austin posted an article about His Holiness' visit to DC.

Bloggers who make blips of any measure across the blogosphere are all too familiar with those commenters, anonymous and otherwise, who are little more than troublemakers - modern day electronic vandals. Well, chalk one up for the vandals: The South Dakota House State Affairs Committee voted 10-3 Monday to kill a bill that would have required those who operate Internet sites to keep logs of Internet Protocol addresses so they could identify people who contribute libelous messages anonymously or under false names. Snippet from The Washington Post:
The bill would have required operators of Internet sites to keep logs that would provide the identification and location of those who post comments without giving their true names. They would have been compelled to provide that information only in response to a court order in a libel lawsuit...lawmakers said a federal law protects operators of Internet sites from liability in lawsuits dealing with defamation.

Pat Powers of Brookings, operator of the South Dakota War College blog, said the government should not force bloggers to keep information on those who post comments because that could discourage people from debating political ideas...[article]
How internet censorship works in China. [Mouseover and click on graph]

Michael Savage often refers to computers as "porn machines." The people behind porn are very smart: I have a widget way down in the righthand sidebar of my blog which counts where incoming links have originated from. Look at number one, then go to that site and you can't find a link to my blog anywhere! It wasn't always like that: "Google" is the title and URL that belongs in that position. In China, MOTHERS are getting together against internet porn.

Remenber "..everything in the world is based on money and power." Those words come from The Livesay Family Weblog out of Haiti.

I see many opportunities for bloggers (like me) who get a lot of good ideas and material from newspapers... The New York Times is going to make websurfers PAY to read blogs!

If you thought MySpace was coming back, forget it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Personal Blog 2010

Armed with hard copy from "The Steve Rubel Lifestream" and Saki Tumi's laptop, I spent a good part of Saturday afternoon tweaking my Facebook page.

Saturday morning as I was bloghoPPing I was thinking about ways to improve my turtle computer's speed, as well as laying plans for a little template and design modification on my blog here. I ran across a couple of interesting posts regarding Entrecard here and here.

After lunch I printed out "Three Ways To Manage Your Attention With Facebook" and jumped on Saki Tumi's laptop to do some Facebook housecleaning. Saki uses FLOCK as a social broswer adn I was able to make FLOCK work on my old WinME PC.
I explain HERE How YOU can run WinXP programs on Win95, 98SE and WinME!!
But you know updating and organizing is better done on a faster more modern machine... I logged into twitgether and up popped a tweet from my old buddy cornyman - something about getting rid of entrecard and cmf ads - so I clicked through and found it was not corny but a chap who wears the hat "dragonblogger" who decided to dump the advert services.

I left a comment and got to thinking about the values of such services and about "getting hits" and "traffic" and all that. I'm looking at my blog more as a writing aide, enabling me to craft articles while at the same time commenting and chronicling events (and people) I'm interested in. So, like Mr. Rubel, I'm beginning to view my online activities as more "social" if you get my drift, with Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and yes - entrecard - all components of a "hub" - for rubel, Facebook is becoming his hub, while for ME, my blog is becoming the hub. But IS THAT A GOOD IDEA? What if I tried to log in one day and my blog was gone? I know people that have had that happen to them! I do have a LiveJournal but admit I really haven't kept it up... I should do a better job there! At the same time, I'm thinking of unveiling a "dial-up" version of my blog... more on that later!

"The Blog 2010" for 99% of bloggers out there should be (and many blogs I've seen since joining Entrecard ARE) "hubs" or - dare I say it? Personal diaries - just like blogs were in the early 2000's! We've gone back to the roots of blogging!

Nowadays, everybody runs ads (to make a little bit of extra money, and that's good) and almost every blogger has either a C-Box or a MyBlogLog widget ... there are a lot of memes and features... things like Music Monday, Wordless Wednesday and Marzie's Fluffy Friday... and y'know what? I LIKE all that stuff!
How do YOU follow your favourite blogs? RSS is yesterday's news! GOOGLE READER is the best way to go, IMHO! Thinking about Facebook as a blogging tool? THINK CAREFULLY! I use Facebook from time to time, but only the "share" option. You can see how it works by checking out this post (look for the Facebook logo and click on it).
So with this blog, I'm walking in two worlds: I'm the "personal blogger" just like you who is writing original articles, sharing links to other blogs, recipes, commenting on current events and pop culture, whining about this and that. I'm also the "pro blogger" - although that in itself entails walking in a few different worlds as I blog from my perspective as a broadcast journalist, pop culture historian and "internet personality."

A: Back when I hosted "Dave Lucas WorldWide" on Capital Region Radio and over the internet (We were pioneers! Streaming and allowing listeners to interact via chat as well as the radio station's toll-free number!) my producer was an amazing fellow named Lance Matthews. He coined the term "internet personality" and when years later someone on another blog labeled ME "internet personality" I decided to keep the tag as it reminded me of the good ol' times I had with Lance and his gal-pal Lisa!
The blog of 2010 is a "personal catalogue" that can be both a gateway to and a reflection of the blogger's activities on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else bandwidth might go!

ARE YOUR WIDGETS DOIN' YA WRONG? I have one hardfast rule for my blog: when a widget misbehaves. Whether it screws up the layout by changing size or breaking frames, adds an annoying pop-out or pop-under, slows down loading time or does something else it shouldn't --- it's gone! I remove it, and it never never comes back. Take a look at your own blog as it loads and watch the bottom left corner. It may help you pinpoint items that are slowing down or adding dead weight to your blog!

ENTRECARDERS: That good advice from the people administering the program is better than they even thought! Keep that widget HIGH up above the crease: I notice that many heavy-loader blogs display the widget below the crease or make droppers have to search for it, only to find it and then discover they can't click on it because it's not 100% there!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Albany, Interrupted

When I picked up my Sunday papers, I could not believe my eyes! There, on the cover of the Albany Times-Union, a Tom Keyser story dominating the front page, headlined "Web powers thriving music scene" sub-headlined "Capital Region bands find hope in collectives as the recording industry changes."

My first thought: "they scooped me! They got my story!" My second thought: "Did I blog or tweet or mention anything on Facebook about this?"

Back in mid-January I interviewed several members of the B3nson collective at their Myrtle Avenue house for a story about the changes that have happened in the music and recording industry that I'm working on for WAMC.

I couldn't wait to get home and read the newspaper article.All the way home I'm wondering "is it the same as my story... will my story still hold up... will people think I got my idea from the newspaper..." and on and on... you know how the mind works. You think of this, that and the other as you try to figure out the why of something else...

But it's all good! Turns out the newspaper story ("...available only to readers of the Sunday Times Union. It will not appear online until Monday) spins from a different P.O.V. and, so when my radio piece eventually runs, Tom's article will make a great "companion story" to link to! As an added plus, I recorded an interview with an Albany native who is active on the National music scene, which I'll be including in my version. At right,  a snapshot of Alex Muro I took on January 15th when I was a guest at B3nson house. Alex has a particular wit and charm that's likely to carry him along through life no matter what road he eventually finds himself on! Mouseover and click on Alex and you'll be spirited away to B3nson's website (if not, just Google for it!)

If you're motoring down Albany's Hackett Bouleveard, hang on to the wheel, lest you might lose a wheel... there's a KILLER hole on the road where Hollywood Ave. meets the Blvd:

Let's stay on Hackett Boulevard... down the road apiece, CDTA buses have been making their mark on the pavement! A fellow who walked by as I was taking pictures told me the residents across the street have had it with the buses, standing there and idling, and making the road hazardous. It's all because the #6 bus had its route extended: I still don't recall ever seeing anyone except the driver on those 6's when they pass thru my neighborhood. Below are pictures of the ruts and damage the behemoths have caused... if you mouseover and click on them you can view enlarged images. Hmmm... you don't suppose the ground underneath is unstable and a sinkhole could open up, now do you?

On Saturday morning I ran into one of the nearby Stewart's for milk... (there are 3 witin reasonable walking distance from my house!) the plastic jugs all looked like they'd been splashed with sewage. You'd have second thoughts about picking one up by the brown-spotted handle! 

That product on display at the very same Stewarts where a female clerk refused to accept three empty Stewarts liter soda bottles because they hadn't been "washed out with hot water." I'll betcha if a customer complained about the stains on the milk jugs she would tell 'em "go home and wash it off!" I bought my milk elsewhere.

The photos were shot Sunday morning. I didn't think to take pictures on Saturday - I should have! Some of the cartons were so badly stained you couldn't read the labels! Sunday morning I was in a different Stewarts: same situation. I asked the clerk about it; she chuckled "they come in a crate, haha!" D'oh! I don't care if they come in silk bags. How hard would it be to hose the containers off or grab a few wet paper towels and clean 'em up? If I ran a store, and product arrived in such condition, my customers would never see it! I'd either clean it off myself or send it back!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

"The Secret" REVEALED:::James Arthur Ray is BROKE!

The Harmonics of Wealth have left James Arthur Ray's building...

Guru charged in sweat lodge deaths says he's broke, according to a Washington Post article by Felicia Fonseca... Ray was charged earlier this month with three counts of manslaughter stemming from the deaths of three people following a sweat lodge ceremony.

"No gag order ruling by judge in sweat lodge case" (News from Indian Country)

James Arthur Ray Claims He's Broke; That's Funny, He Wasn't Broke Before ... [Phoenix New Times (blog]

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Paterson's Poison::: Closing Thacher Park

Anyone who has lived in the Capital Region for any length of time has been to Thacher Park. Although the pool closed right after Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings made a "big announcement" in 2007 with The State Parks Commissioner, promising that millions would be spent to upgrade Thacher's recreation and pool area, work was never begun...  nothing ever happened.

Deep in my heart I KNEW that once they tore up that Thacher Park Pool, that was the end. The end of dozens of wonderful amazing summers in the Heldebergs: at the pool, on the trails, playing tennis, picnicing, checking out the view from the Overlook. All of the Albany kids who grew up taking the 1pm 10 cent bus rides along Delaware and New Scotland which delivered us to the park in the scorching summer heat and brought us home at 6pm. And the never-to-forget Fall Season, stopping to view the foliage from the Overlook after a drive out to Indian Ladder for Hot Cider and Donuts!

Take it all away, all the good stuff. But if Thacher closes, there's ONE person who will be blamed: Our "accidental" Governor David Paterson. Once loved, once so dear to those who relish in serendipity, this is it. He shot himself in both feet! The people can forgive and forget a lot of "stuff" but when you shut Thacher Park down, well... And what about all of those other parks? Places I am certain are just as endearing to their local residents as Thacher is to us!

The word came late morning Friday to the WAMC Newsroom. I wasn't shocked at all. Like I said, once they closed the pool I knew it wouldn't be long until Thacher reached the end of the line. In gathering information for my story on the Parks that aired Friday evening, I ran across Anni (pronounced ON-e) Murray, who says she may never have moved to Albany had there been no Thacher Park.

Ms. Murray has created a Facebook page to Save Thacher Park as well as a Twitter page.

Stop the closing of John Boyd Thacher State Park - The Petition Site

New York State Park Closures

Albany political activist Joe Sullivan was up posting on his blog very early today about Thacher, pointing out that more money was SPENT on Penguins than will be saved by closing Thacher:
...the 2 million dollar grant that Congressman Paul Tonko recently delivered to Siena College for Penquin study in Anarctica.
Question! WHY is Siena College, supposedly a private Catholic University, always getting these sweet money deals? This is the same Siena College that for years played thug rap music on its far-reaching radio station, the kind of rap music that promoted violence and abusing women! Incidentally, they did so well with the (c)rap music that commercial radio station JAMZ once actually begged them to stop because 88.3 was killing the Altamont FM in the ratings! They worked out some kind of little deal, which is the real reason why the rap stopped on WVCR.

And while we're talking radio, Joe Sullivan recently posted some ABSOLUTE NONSENSE on his blog about 590 WROW pulling the plug on talk radio because of the Obama administration, or something like that. Not quite - it was simply all about money. 590 was getting hammered by Talk1300, losing $$$ in the process! Better to dismiss the staff and simulcast for the time being! Besides, there's PLENTY of talk radio available in the Albany market: WAMC, WRPI, Talk1300, WGY, WABC from New York City... and if you love oldies on AM try 740 at night, which comes booming in from Toronto!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

5 Years Ago On My Blog: February 2005 Snippets & Memories

Time flies, they say! I was just looking through my archives and landed on blog pages from February 2005. If you were among the readership back then, how many of these articles do you recall? You'll be surprised at what you may have forgotten! Keep in mind that although I've included a few links, I'm not sure they'll work anymore...

Tom Nattell

He'll never be forgotten. Local poet and legend Tom Nattell is gone. Dead from cancer. Just a few short weeks ago, I spoke with Tom by telephone, and he told me the story of how the cancer came about. An irritation on his tongue from a tooth sharpened in the course of dental work got more and more aggravated and became a sore. And that was the doorway through which the cancer came. I felt miserable after we spoke, and decided to run a 2003 interview with Tom on the following Sunday's Capital Region People. The Albany Times-Union coincidentally ran a piece on Tom that very day. Tom was a trailblazer on the Albany poetry scene. The good things he did and the people he inspired will always remember Tom and his work. Pray for Tom's soul. Pray for Peace.

Small Kindness

Yusuf Islam and his wife, Fauzia, have been visiting the Indonesian province of Aceh which was devastated by the recent tsunami to deliver sympathy and give immediate financial assistance to grief stricken families and children there...

The 56-year-old, once Cat Stevens, now goes by the name Yusuf Islam. He is preparing to open a branch of his charity, Small Kindness, in Aceh to aid children who lost their parents. Yusuf Islam also took part in a special benefit concert in Jakarta attended by the Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Hate Mail

Three or four electronic hate-mails recently appeared in my in-box. One didn't like the attention I've given Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and his Small Kindness program aiding Tsunami victims. Another was irate that I was commenting on the Armanious Family murders. Yet another was full of hatred over the Capital Region People program about the Schenectady High movie, "Nowhere To Hide."

Destroying Religion?

The modern movement to destroy organized religion certainly has its roots in Hitler's Nazi Germany. In a message marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, the pope called the Nazi extermination of almost 6 million Jews, 3 million Poles and hundreds of thousands of Gypsies and homosexuals "the final tragic outcome of a program of hatred...a crime which will forever darken the history of humanity."


Sunday, February 6 2005

This Sunday on CRP, Ferheen Shaikh and Jawad Beg, the outgoing Vice President and President of the Muslim Students Association at RPI visit the program. Ferheen and Jawad share their experiences as members of the on-campus group.

Jawad mentions the local MSKP: The primary goal of the Muslim Soup Kitchen Project is to aid the homeless and low-income people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, by serving them free food on a regular basis. This project is calling for help from the entire Muslim community in the Capital District in various capacities.

Miss Jones Back at HOT 97

Tarsha Jones was away from WQHT for two weeks after broadcasting a song that referred to tsunami victims in racist terms. Asian community groups protested and pressured advertisers to withdraw from the station.

So Proudly We Hail...

A Mont Pleasant middle school student is taking her freedom-of-expression fight to federal court, claiming Schenectady school officials have no right to ban her from wearing a handmade red, white and blue necklace to class. Click HERE to read the Albany Times-Union story by MICHELE MORGAN BOLTON.

On Suicide and Murder

The passing of author Hunter S. Thompson came up in conversation this morning. Why would anyone (outside of the terminally ill) want to take their own life? It was reported that Thompson was apparently upset over growing old. Well, who doesn't grow old, and who doesn't suffer from disease or bad eyes or bad teeth or falling hair... it is part of the process and cycle of life. I would hope that everyone reading this aspires to live a long, fruitful and productive life. Never stop. Never stop learning, being, doing, and don't get stuck in 1985 or 1997 or 2001 or whenever. Move and flow with the river of time, embrace and enjoy this life God has given you. Teach your children to do likewise.

I can't believe I wrote this stuff back in '05! Sometimes it is helpful to visit what once was.

At Last, The Weekend

Although Monday was a holiday, by the time my workday was over, I was ready for it. I'm sure this cold I caught has contributed to my overall blah feeling. I've been invited out for a few events over the weekend, but I think I'll cancel. I have some things to do around here, so I'll just take it easy. Look for me on Facebook, maybe... I may just take a 24-hour break from the online scene.

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few More Snippets of Info Before I Ride Off Into The Night

Curley and General Bow didn't bother sticking around. They saddled up and rode outta here before sunset!

Well, now the "thinking cap" is off. No thoughts of clever names for this post. I was just watching AP flash video on Saki Tumi's laptop of the latest news headlines. Some dude tossed a baby off a bridge. Another idiot burns his house down and crashes an airplane into an IRS office building. A Zebra runs loose on an Atlanta highway. People are caught on camera fighting aboard city busses in California! We're in some sort of mad swirling spiral of events!

No doubt about it: it's tough out there for journalists!

Discussion on LinkedIn about "Journalism and Objectivity" - David Bresnahan ::: Objectivity Makes Journalism Better, Not Worse ... among responses, Latrice Davis commented regarding fairness, balance and accuracy, citing a 2007 entry posted on her blog.

Sometimes it tough getting the word out: famous amateur film-maker, Hu Ge, recently madecrafted a new satirical piece on the Internet censorship in China. The 7-minute video, 'Animal World: the Home-living Animal' is styled as an animal-planet type of documentary and has attracted hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of a few days. More...

Global Voices also takes a look at Hindi blog-posts regarding the Bollywood film 'My Name Is Khan' and discovers reactions to this picture have more to do with the cultural politics in India than with the aesthetic value of the movie itself.

Well, time for me to call it a night! I'm sure something else will happen before morning breaks!

Crystal Mangum 3, Facebook 1, WordPress 0 - Are YOU Keeping Score?

I thought really, really hard and then decided I'd fool around with the title, instead of just naming this post "Pop Clips" or "Around The Blogosphere" or "Net Notes" etc. Everybody likes "scores" so I tossed out a few numbers...

I just posted a little while ago on the perils of dial-up... but THIS must have shocked the s*** out of bloggers everywhere (H/T TechCrunch) ::: Outage Takes Us And 10,199,999 Other Blogs Down - As you may have noticed, TechCrunch was down for an extended period of time this afternoon. In case you haven't read about why yet, it's because WordPress went dark..

FACEBOOK TIME ::: It's amazing the way things happen on the Net. Just when everyone tells you that a certain something is the greatest thing to hit the web since hyperlinks, something else comes out of left field and knocks that other something right out of the address bar! So... is Facebook the REAL "Lifestreaming" app that has emerged? I commented on Steve Rubel's post.

China Beat has an essay based on the script of a talk Ying Zhu gave at Google’s New York offices on February 12, 2010, discussing the relation between the rise of critical mass and the shifting state-society relations in China.

Duke False Rape Accuser Charged With Attempted Murder - I never thought I’d ever write the name “Crystal Mangum” on this blog again. Back in March 2006, the then-prostitute and stripper accused three Duke University students of having their way with her... DALLAS PENN also blogs CRYSTAL

Two more interesting Women of Color appear on NYMag's Approval Matrix: 125-year old (awaiting documentation) Juana Bautista de la Candelaria of Cuba and Rebecca Skloot's book "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"...

2010 and Still on Dial-Up...

There are blogs I love to visit, but they choke my dial-up connection with images and widgets etc. One is Larry Brauner's excellent and the other is Marzie's flagship blog Mariuca--- How the heck can I visit the blogs I want to and read and enjoy them and make comments and drop entrecards etc.? No, I can't use broadband. I have a Nellie Bell of a MacGyvered PC that flat out REFUSES to connect via broadband! (It also resists any attempt to install updates or just about anything else, for that matter!)

The PRO about being on dial-up is that I can adjust my blog so that I know if it displays OK on my system, other dial-uppers around the owlrd <--TYPO!  shouldn't have difficulties displaying it on their system. Er - not quite... I have a couple of accessories that can (and do!) slow it down under certain conditions, and I am coming out with a dial-up version of this blog! Give me TIME :) LOL! Whatever the case, people are still using dial-up! And, people are still trying to figure out ways to make it go faster!

The other day, for the very first time while on dial-up, I was able to visit the abovementioned blogs and drop entrecards within 2 minutes! Previously, I considered myself lucky if either blog would fully load in 15 minutes (let alone waiting for the Entrecard to load, which always seemed to be one of the LAST!) My happiness was short-lived. I had been barreling through websites (well, as fast as one can barrel on dial-up) looking to pick up speed while browsing and commenting and dropping. I found this, which somehow led me to another place and ultimately to a Firefox plug-in that was truly amazing... until...

When I opened up a new session the next day, Firefox was DEAD! It opened for a second, vanished, and a box appeared onscreen ::: "Error launching browser window:no XBL binding for browser" ::: Darn! To make a long story short - I didn't panic! I've encountered so many computer failures over the last seven years NOTHING surprises me or makes me flinch. The fix for my problem was simple: I ran a search for a file named "chrome" - making sure it was recently dated and then re-named it to "Chrome-backup" - and all was back to what was.

I use a web accelerator which is basically a giant cache. It is configured so that when I visit a blog, the "standards" - the layout, template, graphics, widgets, etc. are already stored in my computer, which is set to display new material only, i.e. fresh text and images. Using that system, I am able to visit websites and blogs that would otherwise take as long as 30 minutes to fully load (or else they'd freeze the PC, which is more often the case!) It got me into some trouble with theCornyman, as mentioned here. I've been looking for a way to refresh my cache without deleting then waiting hours for all my sites to re-load in that cache.

Wings, eh? Not quite! MY wings are broken!!! The following is not to be taken as a smear against other blogs or bloggers. These are just the facts, ma'am, as told by a frustrated dial-upper, ME!

Bogged Down on Dial-Up!

I had an idea which I tested earlier today on a public library computer. I thought I could visit blogs and save them on a CD and use the saved data to update my cache. What was I thinking! It wasn't possible - didn't work. The saved html files all displayed everywhichway on my PC's Firefox, plus there were "error" messages galore!   One of the blogs I visited, "Blogs With Wings" is a site that supplies entercarders with links to dozens of blogs, promising "all entrecards are above the crease." Yeah, right! BLOGS WITH WINGS= BLOGS WITHOUT WIDGETS!  I spent about 15 minutes onsite and ran across several blogs with NO WIDGET AT ALL As I randomly clicked on links --- including a blog my PC has had interactivity issues with before, "Man Overboard," which I also enjoy (and which also has no widget anymore!).

There were other blogs listed by the "bog angel" --- that's what I felt like - like I was wading in a bog --- that did have the entrecard widget but you really had to hunt for it --- and you had to WAIT WAIT WAIT even on a broadband connection! Even though the angel promises: "Also, if your site becomes extremely slow or difficutl to load, this may also be cause for removing it from the list." Let me explain it like it is:::

I'll tell you what happened. A blog is like a pet. It's always demanding attention. there's always a problem, always a spelling, typing or keyboard error, always a technical issue, always something. I'm sure that the Blog Angel, God Bless'er,  has her wings full managing that site. Bloggers need staff members! Even WITH help I still have problems. I have Saki Tumi and Bettina Perroni helping me, but there's still too much to do. Too much blogging, tweeting and facebooking, not to mention IM-ing and emailing! Gheesh!

I did learn one helpful thing in my quest for speed on a phone line:

To use Gmail without having to see all those advertisements, use the mobile version! Why didn't I think of that? I read it on an abandoned blog. It’s faster to load than the HTML and flash mode. Very useful if you have a dial-up connection or if you hate to wait for all the ads and "Buzz" to load!

By the way, does anybody else have loading problems with Google BUZZ? It surely doesn't load on my home PC: I wouldn't think of attempting it. BUzz loads in after 22 minutes on Saki's laptop. It freezes my computer at work. The PC at the public library just flashes me back a big, blank white screen, and I have to call the attendant for help, and they have to log the computer off...


==> I want to compile a list of QUICK-Loading blogs displaying Entrecard widgets. These blogs should load easily on older computers chained to dial-up. When I have a list of 50, I'll publish the URLs. After that, pick the ones that interest you, and include them when you're making your "entercard rounds" each session. You can leave the URL in the BLOGSPOT comments... JS Kit is taking the Haloscan-powered comments down soon. Thanks!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OLYMPICS 2010 ::: Lindsey Jacobellis Goes Down...

...and other Pop Clips » 17 Feb 10

Have you been following the Olympics? Every time I turn on the TV an athlete is falling down or crashing into something! Most shocking (aside from the luger who was killed in a high-speed crash) was Lindsey Jacobellis' performance. The greatest SBX racer of all time was disqualified.

She's not be confused with Lindsey Vonn. The LA Times posted hi-res Olympix...

Here's one for a Fluffy Friday: Catolympics!

And here's the latest "Flash Mob" event!

"Lost" recap: The simple things in life are all complicated.

CRUISE the WEB w/Betsy Newmark!

Who are YOU following on twitter? Who follows you? Do you follow back? Do you cut people off your list if they don't follow you back? Here's Bettina May's URL.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 16 February 10

The living Neda Soltani became quite afraid for her life, since suddenly became "the face of the face of the struggle in Iran" despite not being the woman who was shot.

The citizen video recording the death of Neda, an Iranian woman during the presidential election protests in Iran has won the George Polk Award in Journalism. This amateur and anonymous video spread throughout the world and became a symbol of the Iranian Resistance and citizen journalism. Unfortunately, the Neda incident also demonstrated how quickly WRONG INFO could be spread via the Net! (Even to the point where Main Stream Media CONTINUES to display images of the WRONG Neda!)

See blogger MICHELLE MALKIN at NYU tonight FREE!

I was beginning to wonder about this whole global warming thing...

We're aware of Google having fixed privacy issues in Buzz::: Rebecca MacKinnon opted back in to the service, sharing her observations on how Buzz is being received by Chinese users.

Buzzzy Just Beat Google To A Search Engine For Buzz  !!!

Will the rise of the iPad bring the end of college textbooks? Only if professors get on board. Jason Bakker of Campus Media Group explains…

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Do-it-yourself Music Monday

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On Valentine's Day I published my list of Hottest Blogging Babes for the year 2010. It almost DIDN'T get published this year, partly because I believe that lists, no matter how carefully compiled, always manage to leave something or someone out. Lists, especially those involving things like weather and pop culture are culled from limited sources of data, accurate but imperfect.

Having typed that, I will call your attention to a list of "sexy songs" released in recent days. While it contains 50 popular tunes, I disagree with #1 and many other songs charted, so much so that I made a list of my own which I am much more comfortable with. The "official" list picked Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" as sexiest song (What were they thinking!), and some feel it's because of the MTV video that accompanied it when it was first released. Hmph! A thousand times sexier and more provocative was Appolonia 6's "Sex Shooter" - 3 gals, six you-know-whats.. It was banned by MTV, although there may have been a broadcast of a "clean" version on USA Network's 1980s "Night Flight" program.

Here's my Top 50 Sexiest Songs

1 - LOUIE LOUIE by the Kingsmen Banned (for awhile) from 1960's radio. Forbidden to be played by bands or deejays at high school dances. "I felt my xxxx lie in her xxxx" mis-heard words were like sins amplified in the fertile imaginations of listeners! And when the song did get "snuck in" to the dance playlist right under unsuspecting parents' noses, you would blush today at the suggestive dance moves exhibited by otherwise "normal" young students! (For more suggestive dancing, there's "Hide and Go Seek (pt 1)" by Bunker Hill)

2 - TOUCH ME by The Doors Morrisonus Erectus! Some would suggest that "Light My Fire" could be substituted. I don't think so. Hot song. Not the same effect! ;)

3 - NOTHING TAKES THE PLACE OF YOU by Toussaint McCall How many high school students got their first sexual thrills slow-dancing to this one? They're all older now, but play this forgotten tune for them, and... (Song is featured in the original "Hairspray")

4 - MORE MORE MORE by Andrea True Connection Disco-era jollies from then porn-star Andrea True. Her group was a one-hit wonder!

5 - More than a fifty. Hundreds of tunes by JAMES BROWN, ISAAC HAYES, SOLOMON BURKE, MARVIN GAYE & BARRY WHITE ::: These guys were truly awesome! Marvin Gaye made even the National Anthem sound sexy!

All of these songs are google-able. For example, type "Louie Louie Kingsmen youtube" in the searchbox or "Louie Louie Kingsmen mp3" depending on whether you want video or just some sound for your player. Here's how to save videos and covert them into Video Discs or mp3s.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

12 X 12 ::: Hottest Blogging Babes 2010

This year's Top Ten may shock you! It's expanded to 12 - a dozen hotties!
Why 12? So you can order a calendar, of course! JK! LOL!

Once hunted by "witch-doctor assassins" - Mombasa-based Mwanaisha Abdalla a.k.a Nyota Ndogo (Kiswahili for Small Star) is one of East Africa's leading singer-songwriters. Her weblog has been running for 3+ years. Another blogger who uploads to youtube, Nyota blogs everything about herself as an artist from a personal perspective. Early in 2009 she created a scene in Mombasa’s Mwembe Tayari market, when she confronted a man who called her a whore. She also engaged in what African press labeled a "feud" with DJ Pinye. Nyota is one of the new faces "head hunted" by Baraka FM to join its on air personalities! Her blog has been quiet for a few months. Maybe she'll post when she gets a break from performing.

The popular Chinese actress aka the "most widely read blogger in the world" Xu Jinglei goes down in history as the girl who exposed Technorati's complete lack of credibility or meaningfulness. And let that be a warning to YOU. Don't throw the netbook out the window when your PR drops to 2. It's BS, not PR!

Behind that Mona Lisa smile, Liz Benjamin knows things that you and I don't... the New York Daily News columnist / blogger has been a regular on our list for more than a few years now!

The world's favourite cat-butt sniffer boasts a legion of fans. Shokotan's Blog began in November 2004, and in June 2009, the number of updates per day reached as high as 231. Do I sense the presence of a "staff" or is this kid just bloggazooey? Anywayy, Shoko is credited with creating Sukashi Kashipanman, a parody of costumed Japanese superheroes.

Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly --- "growing up" right before our eyes --- makes you wonder if she'll still be blogging in 10 years (if there ARE blogs in 10 years!) Her narcissistic rants have morphed into more serious adult topics with a little twist of humour and a "hands-on" approach to life, Kim's blog is simply outstanding! *HINT* mouseover and click on the pictures of any of the 12 wonderful lady bloggers and you'll be taken to special destinations!

Checking in at #7 is the lovely and all-knowing Miss Info aka Minya Oh. Formerly a writer and reporter for BET, Miss Info is currently an on-air radio personality at the New York City hip hop / R&B station Hot 97. She is also a journalist who has worked for the notable hip hop industry publication The Source. Oh was a Music Lifestyles editor at Vibe Magazine (where she presently pens the monthly advice column "Ask Miss Info"), Rolling Stone, and a former Managing Editor for XXL. She has appeared as a popular culture pundit on the weekly VH1 program, Best Week Ever.

French rapper / blogger / superstar Gen-Si has opened her career to us, which we eagerly follow every day on It's not often one gets a glimpse of an artist "coming up" - Merci, gen-Si, and the best to you in 2010!

Wannabe like Xiaxue? Meet the master!- Monica Tang

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Monica has been around, making a splash in her own special way... over the past six months this Norsewoman's presence in the blogsophere has been kicked up a notch! Here's a snippet of self-confidence, from Miss M

Skrevet om meg

Er det ikke sånn at man får et mer realistisk bilde av en person om det er andre enn personen selv som kan beskrive dem? Dette er en samleside der hvor dere kan finne linker til andre steder på nett der hvor jeg er blitt nevnt. Kanskje bare i en liten setning, liste men kanskje også et helt innlegg. Sortert etter dato de ble publisert.
Jeg får trafikk når jeg blir linket til, og jeg vil gjerne gi litt trafikk tilbake. Derfor har jeg satt opp en liten liste her :)
Hvis du har skrevet om meg må du gjerne fortelle meg om det. Det havner opp i denne lista. :)
2009 juli -
2009 januar – juni
2008 juni – desember

Michelle Malkin (née Maglalang; born October 20, 1970) has got it all... good looks, talent and a burning desire to spread her Conservative views! On TV, radio and in her blog and books Michelle tackles the difficult topics and goes where other pundits and political bloggers fear to tread.

Pictured at right with soulmate DJ Vadim, International hip-hop artist / performer Yarah Bravo blogs and Facebooks like the trooper she is! While Yarah's been touring the planet now for several years, she's more and more being regarded as a serious blogger, something that began when Vadim was diagnosed and treated for ocular cancer. He's made a full recovery and she continues to make a name for herself! MySpace Blogger Mrs. Vadim has crafted / contributed to a spirited bunch of festive hip-hop videos you'll easily avail yourself of on YouTube!

For a major international film star whose English skills are a work-in-progress to take on a blogspot blog and share her pictures, music, poetry and soul with the masses puts outrageous over-the-top Bai Ling in a unique class with the likes of Xu Jinglei, Gen-Si and Xiaxue.

Bai Ling uploads all of her posts from her cell phone, from wherever she is, interrupting whatever she happens to be doing, which can be happening just about anywhere on Earth!

Watching a shy teen-ager from Singapore blossom into an outspoken blogging queen, a TV star and now an International Sensation has been an amazing ride! The 2009 cutting-edge re-design of her website, her knack with Photoshop and now her storybook romance has transformed Wendy Cheng into a bride-to-be wedding planner - something that if you or I had written as a novel and offered it to a publisher they would have thrown us out of the office. Things like this don't happen in "real life." Oh yes they do!


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