Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 and Still on Dial-Up...

There are blogs I love to visit, but they choke my dial-up connection with images and widgets etc. One is Larry Brauner's excellent and the other is Marzie's flagship blog Mariuca--- How the heck can I visit the blogs I want to and read and enjoy them and make comments and drop entrecards etc.? No, I can't use broadband. I have a Nellie Bell of a MacGyvered PC that flat out REFUSES to connect via broadband! (It also resists any attempt to install updates or just about anything else, for that matter!)

The PRO about being on dial-up is that I can adjust my blog so that I know if it displays OK on my system, other dial-uppers around the owlrd <--TYPO!  shouldn't have difficulties displaying it on their system. Er - not quite... I have a couple of accessories that can (and do!) slow it down under certain conditions, and I am coming out with a dial-up version of this blog! Give me TIME :) LOL! Whatever the case, people are still using dial-up! And, people are still trying to figure out ways to make it go faster!

The other day, for the very first time while on dial-up, I was able to visit the abovementioned blogs and drop entrecards within 2 minutes! Previously, I considered myself lucky if either blog would fully load in 15 minutes (let alone waiting for the Entrecard to load, which always seemed to be one of the LAST!) My happiness was short-lived. I had been barreling through websites (well, as fast as one can barrel on dial-up) looking to pick up speed while browsing and commenting and dropping. I found this, which somehow led me to another place and ultimately to a Firefox plug-in that was truly amazing... until...

When I opened up a new session the next day, Firefox was DEAD! It opened for a second, vanished, and a box appeared onscreen ::: "Error launching browser window:no XBL binding for browser" ::: Darn! To make a long story short - I didn't panic! I've encountered so many computer failures over the last seven years NOTHING surprises me or makes me flinch. The fix for my problem was simple: I ran a search for a file named "chrome" - making sure it was recently dated and then re-named it to "Chrome-backup" - and all was back to what was.

I use a web accelerator which is basically a giant cache. It is configured so that when I visit a blog, the "standards" - the layout, template, graphics, widgets, etc. are already stored in my computer, which is set to display new material only, i.e. fresh text and images. Using that system, I am able to visit websites and blogs that would otherwise take as long as 30 minutes to fully load (or else they'd freeze the PC, which is more often the case!) It got me into some trouble with theCornyman, as mentioned here. I've been looking for a way to refresh my cache without deleting then waiting hours for all my sites to re-load in that cache.

Wings, eh? Not quite! MY wings are broken!!! The following is not to be taken as a smear against other blogs or bloggers. These are just the facts, ma'am, as told by a frustrated dial-upper, ME!

Bogged Down on Dial-Up!

I had an idea which I tested earlier today on a public library computer. I thought I could visit blogs and save them on a CD and use the saved data to update my cache. What was I thinking! It wasn't possible - didn't work. The saved html files all displayed everywhichway on my PC's Firefox, plus there were "error" messages galore!   One of the blogs I visited, "Blogs With Wings" is a site that supplies entercarders with links to dozens of blogs, promising "all entrecards are above the crease." Yeah, right! BLOGS WITH WINGS= BLOGS WITHOUT WIDGETS!  I spent about 15 minutes onsite and ran across several blogs with NO WIDGET AT ALL As I randomly clicked on links --- including a blog my PC has had interactivity issues with before, "Man Overboard," which I also enjoy (and which also has no widget anymore!).

There were other blogs listed by the "bog angel" --- that's what I felt like - like I was wading in a bog --- that did have the entrecard widget but you really had to hunt for it --- and you had to WAIT WAIT WAIT even on a broadband connection! Even though the angel promises: "Also, if your site becomes extremely slow or difficutl to load, this may also be cause for removing it from the list." Let me explain it like it is:::

I'll tell you what happened. A blog is like a pet. It's always demanding attention. there's always a problem, always a spelling, typing or keyboard error, always a technical issue, always something. I'm sure that the Blog Angel, God Bless'er,  has her wings full managing that site. Bloggers need staff members! Even WITH help I still have problems. I have Saki Tumi and Bettina Perroni helping me, but there's still too much to do. Too much blogging, tweeting and facebooking, not to mention IM-ing and emailing! Gheesh!

I did learn one helpful thing in my quest for speed on a phone line:

To use Gmail without having to see all those advertisements, use the mobile version! Why didn't I think of that? I read it on an abandoned blog. It’s faster to load than the HTML and flash mode. Very useful if you have a dial-up connection or if you hate to wait for all the ads and "Buzz" to load!

By the way, does anybody else have loading problems with Google BUZZ? It surely doesn't load on my home PC: I wouldn't think of attempting it. BUzz loads in after 22 minutes on Saki's laptop. It freezes my computer at work. The PC at the public library just flashes me back a big, blank white screen, and I have to call the attendant for help, and they have to log the computer off...


==> I want to compile a list of QUICK-Loading blogs displaying Entrecard widgets. These blogs should load easily on older computers chained to dial-up. When I have a list of 50, I'll publish the URLs. After that, pick the ones that interest you, and include them when you're making your "entercard rounds" each session. You can leave the URL in the BLOGSPOT comments... JS Kit is taking the Haloscan-powered comments down soon. Thanks!

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  1. Nice, accurate and to the point. Not everyone can provide information with proper flow. Good post. I am going to save the URL and will definitely visit again. Keep it up.


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