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Pop Clips » 30 April 2010

Bai-Ling BLOGS about enjoying a beautiful day...

The Technium explores our "data-drive" lives!!!

NOW EAT THIS! Kimberlycun BLOGS "Ok, so I’ve been consistently taunted by members of #porkgang for having never tried this supposedly awesome siu yuk (chinese roast pork) in Pudu. Considering I grew up in Cheras and with its proximity to Pudu and all, I admit, it is quite embarrassing that I’d never heard of the place..." -read the rest-

AdVeNtUrEs in SoCiAL NetWoRKinG ::: via MicroPesuasion ::: Do you "cross the streams?" In other words, do you co-mingle your personal and professional social networks? This is a tough question to answer. In this essay (which is also my Adage column next week), I present the pro-side of the argument. I also opened up this discussion on Facebook. As I travel the world, however, I am hearing distinct argument for keeping these separate. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and I discussed this yesterday. He (correctly) called me "an edge case." So with this in mind, consider this Part I!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

M.I.A. - All the way!

You gotta give her credit! Just when you thought you'd saw it all, M.I.A.'s controversial new video for Born Free seems to have had the desired effect, notching up a flotilla of web coverage. This is nothing less than one would expect from a cutting-edge artist. M.I.A. once again demonstrates her commercial prowess and "mainstream" appeal. YouTube yanked the video on Tuesday citing "pornography" and "gratuitous violence." My friend Joanne graciously provides a link ::NSFW:: A ne pas mettre sous tous les yeux. Erykah Badu's recent naked stunt has NOTHING...and I mean NOTHING on this vid!

On Monday, April 26, the 34-year-old singer-songwriter/rapper / revolutionary sent up the following message on her Twitter, "MIA TRACKLIST FOR LP COMING JUNE "YET UNTITLED" OPEN TO SUGGESTION AT @_M_I_A_ #miap4k," alongside an image of the tracklisting.

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OffenderWatch ::: Presser with the Albany County D.A.

TV cameramen and reporters look on as Albany County District Attorney David Soares and others detail the rollout of "OffenderWatch" at Albany Police HQ.

“OffenderWatch” allows community members free access to a website to view sex offenders living in an area surrounding any address they wish to search. A picture of the offender is included in the search. :::::More:::::

The Albany Police Department purchased “OffenderWatch” last year with the capability to expand the program county-wide. Through the “Making Crime Pay” Program, DA Soares used dollars seized from criminals to purchase to the program for all other municipalities within Albany County.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 Ways To Become A Famous Blogger!

If you want to become known around the blogosphere, there is a code you must type by!

BONUS ::: How To Get Your Blog Ready For 2012

1 ::: GIVE YOUR BLOG A UNIQUE NAME - My blog began life as "Capital Region People" and then "Dave Lucas." Some prefer to call it "New York's HOTTEST Blog" (as dubbed so on a Chinese forum a few years back). Your blog needs an IDENTITY.

2 ::: COME UP WITH AN EYE-CATCHING LOGO OR PICTURE - "Image is everything" and in case you haven't noticed, I have TWO distinct images I use: one is a picture of me and the other a cartoon graphic. You must create an illusion for the masses to identify with. A "sticky" profile picture!

3 ::: SELECT A UNIQUE "HAT" OR NICKNAME AND USE IT ON TWITTER, MySpace and as your "blog signature" and when you participate in online forums. This is as much a part of your "online persona" as the logo/picture. I pretty much just use my name and sometimes my DJ name "DaveyBoy."

4 ::: BE ORIGINAL! Stand Out! In a post dating back several years, blogger Ambra Nykola worte "Your audience wants to read original stuff, not rehashed trash that they have already read six times over. Be original. You want to be a producer most of the time. It's OK to be a reviewer or a pointer sometimes too. But if you want to be a rock star (blogger), you gotta deliver the originals. Do you know of any cover bands playing Madison Square Garden?

Nothing irks blog readers (blogders) more than some idiot who sends out a tweet with a catchy headline that links back to a blog that only has a link to another person's blog. A big time-waster! Don't do that! Back to Ambra: "you may wonder if anyone is reading. When your audience is small, this is when you need to be giving your best performances. Wow them with your blog virtuosity, even if you are playing to only one or two readers. It may be helpful for you to pretend as if you already have a large readership. It's sort of like air guitar for blogging."

5 ::: WRITE! Post articles about topics you are passionate about! Don't be afraid to vary your repetoire! Engage your readers. Ask questions. Encourage dialogue! Post ORIGINAL images whenever you can! Join writer's groups like Seeded Buzz to help promote your articles!

Don't be a copycat! I've often read people speculating on who will be "the Next Instapundit" or "the Next (Insert Popular Person)". Along with this comes tips on how to become an A-list blogger. Newsflash: we don't need another Instapundit. We need YOU to be YOU! Bring what you have to the table and stop trying to emulate the success of others. Throw out the hope of attaining someone else's level of success. I promise your blog will be much more successful as a result.

6 ::: PROMOTE! Use twitter, tags, Digg, StumbleUpon and pinging to get word out about your latest post! Use trackbnacks whenever you can, and by all means, LEAVE COMMENTS ON OTHER BLOGS along with the URL of your relevant post! Use to find out who ese is writing about what you've written about! See what THEY say! Add your comments! Provide an RSS feed!

7 ::: TAKE CONTROL! You wrote it, you posted it: now don't be afraid to stand up for it! Increase the strength of your reputation by joining services like MyBlogLog and creating new threads on forums. There are many different types of alliances you can establish.

8 :: BE RESPONSIVE! Answer all comments and other interaction from other bloggers and from readers! Don't dismiss (or get offended by) important criticism! Don't play the part of a "wounded" blogger! Boo-hoo-hoo! If there is a falling out or a problem, resolve it, don't run from it! Confront it! Don't hide your head in the sand like an ostrich!

9 ::: BE SMART! There will be days when the last thing you want to look at is your weblog. A good rule of thumb: if you don't have something to say, don't upload a post. Do not check your web stats each day. Just let things flow initially. Avoid "get hits quick" schemes. Use social networking services (Facebook, Twitter, MyBlogLog, Blog Catalog, Entrecard) to establish friendships and expose your articles.

10 ::: RECIPROCATE! Comment back when someone leaves a comment on your blog! Visit their blog! If they drop on your entrecard, drop back (or advertise on their blog! Say "hey" once in awhile to those who check in on your C-box or tagboard. Participate in memes and causes!

TRAFFIC TIP ::: Get a sitemeter of one sort or another so that you can monitor your blog traffic. Wednesday night (New York Time) around 7:30 (Thursday morning in Southeast Asia & Australia/NZ) is the best time to post. My biggest traffic day in April 2010 was Thursday, April 22nd. The following data is four years old, but IMHO still valid.

* The highest traffic in a month comes in the first and third weeks of a month, with more hits during the end half of a month.
* The highest traffic days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
* The highest traffic in an average day comes during 0800 – 1400 PST (1600 – 2200 GMT).
* Most comments are posted between 0900 – 1400 PST (1600 – 2200 GMT).
* People are more likely to comment on a post on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Some say it's important to "blog everyday", but I say that it shouldn't be done at the cost of quality and purpose.

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Here are links to articles that may help you achieve blogging success:

Use LeapFish to quickly and easy list a websites Compete statistics and even list an estimate value of what the website is worth?

Creative Writing Attitude ::: Everyone wants to read want what you are going to write. After all, who doesn't want to be amused and entertained?

Good writing is a fundamentally important skill, in academia and beyond.

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Pop Clips » 28 April 2010

Ah, the WONDERS of the "twin P.S.'s" ::: PhotoShop and Plastic Surgery!

Lies Hebbadj is currently making the headline news because his wife was fined for driving while wearing a niqab and because he said himself that he has three more households. His statement led him to be suspected of polygamy and therefore possiblyof French gaming welfare laws. Although many bloggers, including Rokhaya Diallo in her blog post support Lies Hebbadj[fr], blogger L’Arabe [fr] wrote a note to Hebbadj: “Petite explication entre quatre yeux” (Eye-to-Eye explanation) asking him to tone “it” down (fr).

Sandra Bullock turns to motherhood...

And just in case you thought the economy was getting back on it's feet...

Honduras ::: NO FUN for journalists! The Knight Center's Journalism in the Americas blog writes that Honduran journalists have been using bullet-proof vests and their faith in prayer [es] in light of the number of their colleagues that have been murdered in 2010.

Here's a blogger proud to let you know she longs for a clean colon, but it's so confusing! Hope she's handier with other bathroom supplies! XOXO! LOL!!!!

Are You?

Are you filled with fear and anxiety? Slow down time!

Are you BORED? Create something out of PAPER!

Are you into African fashion chic?

Are you fed up with useless crap on your facebook? BANISH IT!

Are you worried what will happen if you lose your Android? DON'T BE!

Are you missing Conan O'Brien?

Are you aware that Filpinos are upset with another comedian, Adam Carolla?

Are you interested in a CHINESE "Avatar" theme song?

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Pop Clips » 27 April 2010

She died the morning of March 27.

Eva Markvoort's family plans to hold a memorial service that will run in a live stream on her blog at 7 p.m. ET Friday.

Philippines::: 2010 iBlog Summit

CHANGE is not always a good thing. Many bloggers report having problems trying to upload images with the new photo uploader on blog*spot. Bloggers with slow connections are having a very difficult time. NOT TO WORRY! Go to your Blogger DASHBOARD and click on "Settings" then scroll down until you find the option to revert back to the "old photo editor." Once you've uploaded your chosen image, you can re-set back to the new uploader/editor to use the other features, if need be!

I'm experimenting with a few techniques: everything on this post below this line is experimental. i.e. some of the links may not work or display on your browser or computer. I'm fooling around with some direct text lifting off of twitter. Some tweets are just too good to let evaporate on short notice, so I'm looking to give them a little extended virtual life by including them here. It's part of adapting this blog to the future. Tonight I'm accomplishing this using the Flock Broswer, There are a lot of other CHANGES coming (not from me, but the 'powers' that be, like Blogger, Wordpress, Google, Facebook, etc.) that many of you won't like or appreciate. Stay tuned!

via CBSitweets ::: Sing your way to the Tony Awards! Enter your video at now -

oliviasperanza Can't get enough of this video! LMAO

BlazingMinds Classic ::: Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland - The Review

M.I.A. has just released this extremely graphic and violent video for "Born Free," which features a SWAT team rounding up redheads. A mob of rebel ones are wearing red keffiyehs. I don't think I need to say anything else about the point she's trying to make here.

#nowplaying 27 April 2010

#bloggers ::: are they journalists? THIS CASE may decide!

#tavigevinsen #tavigevinson ::: Somebody complained to Blogger about 14-year old Tavi Gevinson's fashion blog, so they took it down. Well, it's BAAAAACK! Here's what happened, and from an earlier post, Tavi defends her blog against those who enemize it.

#nipplegate ::: People sure love to complain about stuff! Here's one from China, where a TV weathergirl gets beaten up for apparently not wearing a bra while giving her forecasts. The post has several screenshots and video! One commenter on the post assumes a Confucian air: "It is faster to become known by revealing a little."

#poiltics ::: more revelations from Ashley Dupré.

Election monitoring website, Sudan Vote Monitor, was blocked for six days last week. Reporters Without Borders called for a total unblocking of the site.

#facebook ::: New York Magazine reaches out to social networkers...

#twitter ::: Comandante Hugo Chavez soon joins the twitterati!

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#nowplaying 26 April 2010

#RomanticallyChallenged is the focus of a mobilizing force of twitterati! Alyssa writes: " us get the title of the show to trend on Twitter on Monday (4/26), starting at 7pm Eastern/ 4pm PST, by including ‘romantically challenged’ in all of your tweets. Last week we made an attempt to trend the show using a #hashtag but we think the #hashtag may have been too long for it to trend... The point is to tweet as often as you can and add ‘romantically challenged’ to your tweets. I will be in the audience of Dancing With The Stars tomorrow! Fun! But they will take away my cell phone and I won’t be able to tweet. I need you guys. I hope you will hold down the fort and raise awareness for the show by getting ‘romantically challenged’ to trend!" Follow Romantically Challenged on Twitter!

#photography ::: Plethora of pictures posted by Bai-Ling.

#art ::: .: Histoire nocturne :. © from Evelyn Dumont Illustratrice Colors of Poulili Tous droits réservés ! © by Poulili

#cartoonwars ::: spread to Palestine and Israel conflict.

#movies ::: Fox has added a DRM code that is rendering some DVDs of "Avatar" unplayable!


From the blog that brought you the very first Music Monday, here's FATS!
TIP ::: You can watch the MM video without leabing this blog. Simply mouseover the link, wait for the snapshots box to appear. The video icon will show up in the snapshots box. Just click on it, and away you go! Happy websurfing!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

"I will fly with you..."

A friend loaned me his DVD of the movie "Avatar." I just finished watching it. I'm glad I waited until all the hype and hoopla died down. It's an amazingly well-constructed motion picture on all points. Storyline, plot, quality of acting and special effects.

Unlike many people who were physically sickened by the theatrical 3-D, I was just fine, watching it on my non-3D TV set! I felt UPLIFTED after watching. I suppose if you asked me what I may have learned or felt, I would have to say that the message in the film is that we are all interconnected in a spiritual way that not everyone experiences or appreciates on a personal level.

I now understand why the picture is so highly regarded. I give it "two thumbs up" but won't recommend you watch it, much as I would not recommend you try LSD. "Avatar" is in a class of its own. Some will be moved, others disturbed by it.

Stephen Hawking: Aliens exist but don't talk to them -- it's too dangerous...

Many people reportedly succumbed to weeks of unhappiness and depression after viewing the film. I fail to understand why folks would react that way. Was the 3-D overpowering?  Of course, I don't understand why some people choose to commit suicide or murder, either. Those are actions I cannot see myself ever taking. Oh, there was a show on PBS a few weeks back about a fellow who had an incurable illness and went to Europe for an assisted suicide. I guess that's a little different, in a Soylent Green way. I agreed with that particular fellow's decision to leave.

Did YOU see "Avatar" - and if so, what was your encounter like?

#emergingdiseases ::: Beware the Northwest Fungus

There's a fungus among us, and it's not a good thing. Some folks are trying to blame the outbreak on Global Warming. But through the centuries and decades there have always been threats of disease. In the middle ages it was plague. In the 18-19th centuries Smallpox and Scarlett Fever. In the early 20th century people were scared to death about Typhoid and influenza. Then polio. The "Big C." Aids. Flesh-eating disease. Mad Cow. Swine Flu.

Today, a rare, dangerous fungal infection called Cryptococcus Gattii has been quietly spreading from British Columbia southward to the U.S. Pacific Northwest. I first heard about it while listening to the car radio.

I wonder if one reason why we might fear this disease (and others) is because we are "too clean." We use too many disinfecting cleaners and hand sanitizers. We don't let our kids get "dirty enough" when they're outside playing. This Cryptococcus thing attacks the brain. Interesting to note that, to date, almost all cases have involved people between the ages of 15 and 95. Very few children have gotten the fungus infection, which also appears in domestic and wild animals.

It is absorbed through the lungs and the symptoms of the infection, which can appear from weeks to several months after exposure, include chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, fever and a cough lasting weeks. A report on the fungus was published in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Pathogens. Edmond Byrnes from Duke University was the lead investigator of the study. The mortality rate of the fungus is 25%, considered unusually high.

Scientists at Duke are calling for awareness and increased vigilance about the CG fungus, but doctors caution that while increased research is needed, the new strain is not of major concern to the public. That makes me feel better!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

#PopCulture 23 April 2010

Kindle is now available on PC!

Martin checks in with a WARNING FOR TWEETERS!

And you thought Malaysians were angry! China Hush blogs about the online culture of Chinese angry youth (fenqing) by referring to the most recent attack of Michael Wong (a Malaysian Chinese singer and composer) in Renren net.

Chief Boima of WFMU's Beware of the Blog  decided to track down the origins of the “Waka Waka” song, which is the 2010 FIFA World Cup Anthem to be sung by Shakira in South Africa. Check out his post to see the many different versions that have made this Cameroonian song universal.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Site Speed in Google Search Ranking Algorithm

Google recently announced that they would start considering the speed of a site as one of the ranking signals that they use to rank pages in search results. Why is Google interested in speed? Searchers presumably associate the quality of the page they land on with Google’s brand. If a page that Google ranks isn’t topically relevant, the searcher’s Google brand experience is negative. Google is taking that a step farther with this algorithm update, implying that a site that is slow to respond or load will also result in a negative search experience that reflects poorly on Google. [MORE]

Experimenting ::: I took 5 random blogs, including mine, to use as "guinea pigs." On my macgyvered home PC, my own blog takes 3:28 to load on dial-up. MyMariuca takes 5:50, Xiaxue takes 8:00, LadyJava NEVER fully loads, Orient-Lodge takes 2:00. The same blogs load fully in under :60 when connecting thru wi-fi on my Fly Ying F003 HiPhone.

According to results, we're all doing well, meeting, exceeding the Google site speed benchmarks, as far as I can determine. More data follows.
PageRank 4
Alexa Rank 142,509
PageRank 3
Alexa Rank 60,454
PageRank 5
Alexa Rank 37,545
PageRank 0
Alexa Rank 954,447
PageRank 0
Alexa Rank 48,524

 Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB

1dave-lucas.blogspot.com103.71 KB0.1 seconds0 seconds

2mymariuca.blogspot.com34.88 KB0.09 seconds0 seconds

3xiaxue.blogspot.com107.59 KB0.11 seconds0 seconds

4ladyjava.org170.79 KB1.06 seconds0.01 seconds

5orient-lodge.comERROR0 seconds0 seconds

Click here for help with low bandwidth.

Google recommends the following  free tools that you can use to evaluate the speed of your site:
  • Page Speed, an open source Firefox/Firebug add-on that evaluates the performance of web pages and gives suggestions for improvement.
  • YSlow, a free tool from Yahoo! that suggests ways to improve website speed.
  • WebPagetest shows a waterfall view of your pages' load performance plus an optimization checklist.
  • In Webmaster Tools, Labs > Site Performance shows the speed of your website as experienced by users around the world as in the chart below. We've also blogged about site performance.
While site speed is a new signal, it doesn't carry as much weight as the relevance of a page. Currently, fewer than 1% of search queries are affected by the site speed signal in our implementation and the signal for site speed only applies for visitors searching in English on at this point.

Common issues to watch for….
  1. Make sure images (and Flash SWF files if your site has them) are small but still viewer friendly and optimized.
  2. When using JavaScript frameworks, you should always use the compressed or minified versions.
  3. Most important: your website hosting service needs to have fast, redundant connections to multiple Internet “backbones” or have minimal “hops” to multiple backbones. Your hosting service’s backbone is what drives traffic to your site.
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Earth Day 2010

It's the 40th Anniversary of the very first Earth Day... the world is in greater peril than ever. Earth Day 2010 represents a pivotal opportunity for individuals, corporations and governments to join together and create a global green economy. More than one billion people in 190 countries say they'll be taking action for Earth Day.

(BONUS: Read about the man regarded as the founder of Earth Day,Ira "the Unicorn" Einhorn).

Pete Grannis, commissioner of New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation, stood Monday on the summit of Prospect Mountain in Lake George to celebrate 40 years of environmental accomplishments, but he says there is more work to be done.

Your comments and updated Green Tips are solicited!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bloggerbabes Battle! Cat Fight Online!

It's the biggest tiff to hit the web since Xiaxue Vs. Dawn Yang! Two filipinas fight over who speaks writes better English! In this corner, highly educated ZUVEENA faces off against the scrappy TWERLYN. Read what they've written, then YOU be the judge! Who wins????

"I know who I am and I don’t need to explain myself further. Who ever would want to read her comments and my comment, it’s now for you to judge who’s the one with an attitude that stinks like a dead corpse." - Twerlyn

#nowplaying #themorningafter 21 April 2010

It is said that if we could hold out, joy comes in the morning. The bad news is, everybody has a bad night at one time oranother. The good news is there will be a morning after. Welcome to the morning after!

#twitter There's nothing funnier than people of a certain age talk about Twitter. So, naturally, David Letterman's conversation with Demi Moore last night—one that ended with a Twitpic of the pair—was cringe worthy to the nth degree. Also, apropos of nothing: Ms. Moore officially ages backwards.

#inspiration ::: I've run across these words, in one form or another, several times over the past few weeks:
You want the inheritance of your earthly father to pass on to you. So, why should you sit there and be in need when your heavenly Father has left you everything? Your Father is rich, and He left everything to you. However, you will not get your inheritance until you ask for it. Demand what your Father left you. That degree, that promotion, that financial breakthrough has your name on it!
#Eyjafjallajokull, les photos ::: That damn volcano has already cost airlines an estimated $1.7 billion. Prepare to pay a surcharge for breathing on your next flight!

#sex ::: Amanda Mutamba Muhunde’s poem is dedicated to raising awareness of survivors of rape in conflict zones in parts of Africa and breaking the silence. [Sokari]

#gonefishin ::: Birth control pills being flushed down toilets are creating a "toxic stew"

#privacy ::: Now, thanks to Google's new Government Requests tool, you can track how nosy your country is from the "privacy" of your own home!

#mainstreammedia ::: The UK TimesOnline has “vanished” from Google!!!!

#rip GURU, who passed yesterday...

#blogging ::: In Paraguay, where 88% of the population speaks the indigenous language of Guaraní, there were no blogs in this native tongue, until blogger and journalist Mirta Martínez decided to begin writing in Guaraní as a way to promote the use of the language. More from Global Voices.

#music ::: Geeky Music Visualizations

#politics ::: All the president’s Goldman Sachs men... By Michelle Malkin

#technology ::: Here's looking through you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Media Watch 20 April 2010

MediaBugs -- an open-source, correction-tracking service -- was launched publicly today with the goal of helping to build trust between journalists and the audiences they serve.

A newspaper publisher embraces citizen journalism... After you read the story BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE COMMENTS!

On Tuesday, Xconomy launched in Detroit: Xconomy is a journalism startup with a look and feel that's part trade pub, part community blog and part old-fashioned news wire.

Job seekers! WRVO is among several stations receiving a grant to hire journalists to cover technology’s impact on the economy of upstate New York. They’re accepting applications for a reporter.

In HOT water ::: The New York State Theater Institute and its director Patricia Snyder.

Shake-up at Ning "ruffles some feathers," as blogged by Larry Brauner...

Durianburgdavao reports on the death threats received by veteran Filipino journalist Marites Vitug after the publication of her book, Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court which is critical of the inner workings of the Philippine judiciary.

Many prognosticators worry about how Fiji's proposed media ownership law will affect the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fiji Times. But a former staffer said in Cafe Pacific both foreign and local management are to blame for the paper's fall. Meanwhile, Fiji Today reports that Fiji's government has created a list of “subversive” blogs.

Truth, Blogging and the American Way

Why would a blogger in Malaysia post about an American debt collection company and tweet about it: "No More Miss Nice Gal! | Mariuca" ??? BECAUSE SHE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!

But MAYBE not for long: foreign blogs may soon be scrutinized and blocked from appearing on US Computers! International bloggers may wish to avoid content tangles! I recommend they follow the example of Wendy Cheng (XiaXue) who ALWAYS discloses adverts on her blog. If you write a blog (or send out tweets, or maintain a facebook page), you owe it to your readers and yourself to tell the truth!

As of last December, the US Federal Trade Commission ruled that American bloggers who review products must disclose any connection with advertisers, including, in most cases, the receipt of free products and whether or not they were paid in any way by advertisers, as occurs frequently. The new rules also take aim at celebrities, who will now need to disclose any ties to companies, should they promote products on a talk show or on Twitter. [details].

Any ADVERTISING should be clearly marked or otherwise identified as such! #ad if it's a tweet or "sponsored post" if its an article. Here's an ad from my blog, with FULL DISCLOSURE at the top of the post! I uploaded a different post this week that could have possibly been interpreted as an ad, but it was NOT, and I let my readers know, spelling it out clearly: "... this entire post is NOT an advertorial nor any sort of paid ad of any kind!"

While Americans are subjected to a barrage of TV and radio spots offering debt relief, with many hoping for an Obama credit card debt relief program, there are warnings out: DEBT COLLECTION COMPANY ABUSES CONTINUE!

Tobias Boyland was arrested last June for running a debt collection agency that threatened people: State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo shut down Boyland’s company last year because of allegations that his employees used violence to collect on debts.

Debt collection companies are now using blogs and bloggers! And, deceptive as they are, failing to ask bloggers to disclose to readers that the posts are really PAID ADS!

"Angry blogger" Marzie (Mariuca) blogs and tweets about being angry - but if you look closer, the "anger" is really an "advertorial" for a California-based U.S. debt collection agency! The post refers to an "irresponsible client," but the only irresponsible party is the blogger herself, who fails to disclose any sort of advertorial relationship with the debt collection company!

BLOGGERS! Be responsible, and DON'T LIE!

I nominate Marzie for the next Blogging Blunders award.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pop Clips » 19 April 2010

via New York Magazine ::: A new generation of tech entrepreneurs in the city is trying to overthrow old media and build a better New York—with the help of their iPhones. Are they dreaming? Definitely. But in a good way.

The NYPD has launched a probe into the behavior of Deputy Chief Michael Gabriel, after he allegedly made inappropriate advances and sent "Twilight" themed texts to Detective Dawn DelValle-Sanchez, who initially did not report them...

The Wall Street Journal has sold more than 3,200 subscriptions to its iPad app since the device's April 3 release date, says a memo from Journal managing editor Robert Thomson published by The Business Insider.

The sixth annual Deutsche Welle Best of Blogs (BOBs) Awards have come to a close, and the Global Voices community is celebrating the winners.

Brian Whitaker reports on a vote buying scandal surrounding a poetry contest in Kuwait here.

Yes, even politicians have fun with photoshop!!!

#MusicMonday ::: Annette & The Beach Boys!

From the blog that brought you the very first Music Monday post, here's a gem! Utica's own mouseketeer Annette Funicello teams up with the Beach Boys for "Monkey's Uncle" !!

HINT: you can watch & listen without leaving my blog! Just mouseover the picture, wait for the snapshot box to appear and then the video icon inside, click on it and you're good to go! ENJOY!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Times More Blog Traffic For Free!!!

There's way too much useless and time-wasting information out there. Example::: I followed a link from someone's twitter tweet, something like "Get boatloads of blog traffic" - the link led to some guy's blog where he wrote "I just saw the greatest article about getting boatloads of traffic to my blog so I bookmarked it, blah blah blah." He provided a link to the superslow loading website where he got the info, and it turned out to be a 2006 article on a blog that I had seen bazillions of times before.

Forget those links from twitter - it's probably something you've already seen!  Too many twitterers are signing up for automated feeds and other B.S. programs that are to the twittersphere as weeds are to your lawn! There is ONE BLOG I recommend - at least for now - it's relatively new, as its owner is posting more timely content more frequently and happens to be an entrecard member. Bookmark or otherwise placemark 10 Times More Blog Traffic For Free... you won't regret it!

NEW to entrecard or thinking of joining? Need a banner to promote your blog? Here ya go!

VIDEO:::Tutorial EntreCard Drop System

Hey, it just dawned on me... I sorta just did almost the same thing I described above! Only this time, your visit here has VALUE ADDED because you can jump to my landing page and read more quality posts! It's a WIN WIN WIN situation!


One more before you go: here's a service you'll find very helpful in getting the word out about you and your blog! It's a great promotional tool which I wholeheartedly endorse! Just mouseover and click on the image! Oh, and by the way, just so we're clear: this entire post is NOT an advertorial nor any sort of paid ad of any kind!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Manhattan, Blogging via Cellphone On An Overcast Saturday Morning...

Paralyzed by the Volcano:::Europe stays indoors for now. Hmmm... I'm listening to a newscast about all of the Europeans stranded at Kennedy Airport. Adding one thing to last night's post about the Volcano and the Economy: one would think that all that jet fuel not being consumed might reverse the upward spiral of petroleum prices? Don't count on it! The crafty modern-day oil barons will more likely just "freeze" prices (and make more money that way!)

The earth has been doing a lot of quaking and shifting, so I would guess it's only natural it would pass a little gas via volcano! Any additional disaster of any kind would most certainly chip away at economic recovery. I'll keep watching. So will you.
0815 Netbook Update: Travelers are stranded all across India, Asia and throughout Europe! (I was stranded someplace once, and didn't like it a single bit!)

via "Nadia's Live Mobile Experiment" ::: "We have a contemporary history of Egyptian immigrants being illegally smuggled out of Egypt to southern Italy by sea. If I could only find those smugglers and get me a trip on the return route back to Egypt. But where does one find a smuggler? Follow me in Twitter for the updates on how the drama of it all (yes, I’m being very dramatic about it) unfolds."
Have you ever noticed how many times it's the "firefighters" who set the fires?

Funny how government agencies always seem to be able to lose valuable data quickly...

Here's a look at a Doctor's ironic mistake.

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This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

(Preface) The Volcano & The Economy

Ash takes cash::: The Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in London says that the high atmospheric pressure over the Atlantic is dictating that the wind strengths and the cloud will stay in northern Europe. However, should the pressure change, the cloud could move more toward the Mediterranean.

Our modern society is so fragile! When a volcano erupts, the whole world gets a major case of paralysis! It's happened before, and it will happen again. Early this week there was an article on Forbes that mentioned the possibility of oil reaching $100 a barrel, which would mean gasoline prices would also increase. Of course, that's the last thing our little budding "economic recovery" needs. Many times on this humble weblog I have pointed out that if pump prices, at any time, spike up past $3, brace for another crash. A few blocks from where I live, regular today was selling of $3.03. Now, that's not too bad. But once it gets around, say $3.49, people will start cutting back on other things to pay for gas. Whatever degree of "consumer confidence" consumers were feeling, will quickly turn cold.

Watching BBC World News tonight I learned that the thousands of cancelled flights due to the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland are costing the airlines dearly... Upwards of $200 Million PER DAY... and that's just the tip of the iceberg volcano!

Amazingly enough, there are some observers who think the volcano will have little or no effect on the economy! Huh? WTF? MarketWatch says the fallout from the volcano is "not yet an economic calamity" ... the last time this particular volcano erupted, back in 1821, the eruptions lasted for more than a year. MarketWatch is also trying to figure out why the price of Gold is suddenly falling. Could it possibly have something to do with the volcano? Just a thought!

Let's just say that every gain we've seen over the last six to eight weeks may soon be wiped away in a flash. Besides the airlines' losing revenue, BBC profiled some stranded travelers who were cleaning out their bank accounts trying to pay for food and lodging in places they could not leave, while other travelers spent all of their money finding alternate means of transportation to intended destinations DESPITE the expense!

If you thought the economy was in a perilous state before, watch it if the volcano continues to erupt...

I hope I don't end up posting "The Volcano & The Economy, Chapter One."

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#nowplaying 16 April 2010

So, you've had it with the likes of "AVATAR," have you? Waiting around for the last Harry Potter flick? A new Tom Cruise movie (No, not the hoveround dude!) is coming out in June... Cameron Diaz co-stars in the film, directed by James Mangold. The blog CINEMATICAL tries to gauge the picture's value. The L.A. Times blogs that "Cruise seems to be the best part of the film."

Top Malaysian blogger babe Kimberly posts from nuffnang, making a spectacle of herself (and others) in the process...

Ever wonder why LiveJournal bans javascript? Word comes that a new Trojan virus, packaged to look like a downloadable Hentai game, could publicly expose your private internet activities. When users boot up the "game," the virus takes a snapshot of their web history, posts it to the web under their name, then charges $15.49 to remove the information from the internet.

iPad runs nation!

Pop star Madonna shares her motivation to help Malawian girls: Having lost my mother at such a young age, I felt a close connection to these children. Their stories had touched my own. In a country of 14 million, a staggering one million children have been left alone with the responsibility of raising each other.”

Hall of Fame to Unveil New Baseball Card Exhibit Saturday!

They are simple pieces of cardboard – and yet so much more!

Toy… treasure… time capsule. Baseball cards have captured the imagination of fans for more than a century, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is celebrating that history with the opening of a new exhibit entitled The Ultimate Set.

Loaned by Ken Kendrick, long-time collector and managing general partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the collection of 25 cards – which will be unveiled to Museum visitors this Saturday, April 17 – spans decades and represents many players. This collection demonstrates how half a century of history altered the business of baseball cards and the game itself.

“Ken has chosen this time to share his collection with baseball fans, and we could not be more pleased and thankful,” said Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson. “There's no better place than the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown to feature a collection of such prestige and reverence. We are honored to share his treasures with visitors on their pilgrimage, as The Ultimate Set is the perfect multi-generational Museum exhibit."

The exhibit features cards from Kendrick’s collection, which he began as a child in the 1950s, including: Topps rookie cards for Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle, Henry Aaron and Sandy Koufax; a rare Bowman 1954 Ted Williams card; and a T206 Honus Wagner card once owned by Wayne Gretzky, the game’s most famous collectible.

“It is an honor to have the National Baseball Hall of Fame showcase my collection of some of the most unique baseball cards in existence at the exhibit that will launch later this week,” Kendrick said. “It was always my intention to share these cards with baseball fans and what better place to do that than in Cooperstown.”

The exhibit is located on the Hall of Fame’s second floor adjacent to the Today’s Game exhibit.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Social Networking ::: What's Old is New Again!

Social Networkers! You think you're part of a cutting-edge "new breed" of digital human? You're WRONG! The early BBSers and CompuServe subscribers were the first true onliners who engaged in social networking! In the mid-90s I ran my own BBS. You could dial my telephone number and get connected to my own little computer world. My how times have changed!

Harry Ramble remembers OUR FIRST FRIEND

An Accenture survey shows 85% of Malaysians use social networking at least occasionally followed by India (83%), Singapore (81%), United States (75%), China (73%), Germany (52%), France (50%) and Japan (28%). Among the eight countries, Facebook was found to be theused most often by respondents.

Jeremiah Owyang has assembled an impressive array of Social Networking data - go ahead, bookmark it and read it or print it out when you have time!

Twitter's No. 1 focus is now on revenue, and the social-networking Web site wants to reassure software developers that they will get a piece of the growing pie.

Facebook is now the single largest repository for user-generated content such as pics, video, links and comments.

Bits & Pieces 15 April 2010

 Blogger Babe BUZZ  Liz Benjamin has been named Anchor at the political show Capital Tonight on Time Warner (YNN).  She will remain a Freelance Columnist at the New York Daily News, where she covers politics in New York City and state government.  Elizabeth will also be writing Capital Tonights’s new State of Politics Blog.

Celeste Katz takes over Liz's old spot on the DN's politics blog!

Light After Dark
reports that US R&B singer Akon will perform in the Maldives on the 23rd of April. The Maldivian Facebook Community has set up a group called “we support Akon live in maldives”  and to counter it there is a group Called “we DONT support Akon live in maldives”!

ArabTweeple is the first directory indexing more than 15,000 Arab Twitter users.

Iran: Has blogging become less popular since the election?

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