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Pop Clips » 31 May 10

Thousands of Germans turned out to welcome 2010 Eurovision Song Contest winner Lena Meyer-Landrut as she arrived at the airport of her hometown of Hannover. Meyer-Landrut. The 19-year-old high school student won Saturday's song competition with the catchy pop song Satellite. [youtube]

This year's Eurovision Song Contest drew to a close on a Saturday in a televised finale which attracted approx. 125 million viewers worldwide. But while some media reported lagging interest in the 54-year-old competition and concerns about spiraling costs, countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia continue to take it very seriously.

Geekical ::: Steve Jobs introduces the Death Star

10 Free BlackBerry Applications To Help You Boost Productivity

My Entrecard Top DroPPers for May 2010!




# of drops
Earn money online 31
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The Ad Master 31
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The Sewing Mom 30
Life With Roxxymetal 29

#MusicMonday Memorial Day 2010!

Next, follow this link and give thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to Manage Offensive Blog Comments?

What is the best way to curtail offensive comments from appearing on your blog?

Some readers use commenting in thoughtful, intelligent and spirited ways. Others, like David Funk and Mariuca, apply their sharpies to the screen,
UPDATE 5/31 1215hrs ::: Hopefully ashamed and embarassed (or trying to protect their names)the perpetrators behind the hate blog have inserted a redirect into the script which takes anyone clicking on it to a porn site. I have included a link to the Google cache of the original page.
angrily tossing word-bombs and even posting pictures that are offensive, cruel, hateful and / or inappropriate. Still other bloggers, like Lady Java, can't accept a little critcism in the comments (she went 'over the top' when this reader commented regarding a problem he had posting a comment to her blog) and end up banning anyone who dares to challenge them on any issue!

As with any nice thing, we want to continue to have comments. But if comments cause more distraction than they are worth, there's always the chance bloggers will have to put them up on a really high shelf, digitally speaking. The way to accomplish that is by password protecting or otherwise locking one's blog.

Few things make me more upset than to read an article on a blog and then check out the racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, dogmatic, anti-Semitic, or libelous comments posted below it.

OPTIONS ::: Here are a few ideas that run the spectrum from free-for-all to thought police -- of course, there are pros and cons to each:

(1) Remove the ability to comment entirely » Of all the options, this is the only one I'm opposed to.

(2) Hold all comments until they can be read by the blogger » This would limit harmful comments, but it would also delay immediacy and "bounce" that could lift the post and spread the article and topic across the Net.

(3) Allow comments through until someone complains that one is bad » This is the system that I use: most sites do this one, although many times you'll see a notice on blogspot or wordpress that the "comment must be approved before it will appear" which brings us back to (2)!

(4) Ban all anonymous online comments » This system would require all commenters to be "registered" or "verified" or be among a select group of subscribers. Unfortunately, there are kinks. I've had several "spam" commenters fly in under the radar posing as legitimate blogspot bloggers. I keep an eye out for them now, and any comment added to older posts gets "flagged" for my approval!

SO ::: Are COMMENTS (and stretcthing that further, C-Box and ShoutMix) becoming an issue for bloggers and blog readers out there? If they are an issue, why so? What do you suggest as the best way to monitor what comments are posted?

I was going to do this as a "poll" but I think I would rather enjoy reading your raw thoughts on this...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Life

Just yesterday we lost former child-actor Gary Coleman. And now:

RIP DENNIS HOPPER ... of "Easy Rider" and "Blue Velvet" fame...

Some times it is good to consider death. What if you were told that you had 24 hours, just two sweeps of the hands of the clock, before you would die. Who would you reach out to? What would you like to do that you've never done? What favorite food would you like to eat? Is there a movie or an old movie or TV show that you would want to watch one last time? A song that you would enjoy hearing again? A person you would like to embrace or say "thank-you" to? An old friend or an elderly relative you've almost forgotten about? A charity you would like to help?

Here is your mission: How do you know that you DON'T have 24 hours left? Make those changes and seek out those experiences. If you are successful, you'll never look at yourself in the mirror the same way ever again.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cuomo-lot? (And other New York State News)!

Just in time ::: All New York State parks will be open for Memorial Day weekend and beyond, but not all the usual services will be available everywhere.

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Kahn today upheld his previous temporary restraining order blocking Gov. David Paterson's administration from enacting the proposed furlough plan as well as any additional delays to the 4 percent raises which went into effect for state workers on April 1. [details]

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan today announced the passage of legislation to reform the state’s charter school system.

The legislation (A.11310) would raise the cap on charter schools from 200 to 460, helping to ensure that New York State will have one of the nation’s most competitive applications for federal funding under the Race to the Top (RTTT) grant program in time for the June 1 deadline. This measure, in conjunction with a strong teacher evaluation system authorized earlier in the week and funding for long-term assessment of student achievement, will help ensure that New York State receives maximum RTTT funding.

In an extended interview with WAMC's great Joe Donahue, NY Governor David Paterson weighed in on state parks, the budget, furloughs, the Superbowl coming to NYC in 2014, and his friendship with Andrew Cuomo.

Democratic Party faithful at the convention in Westchester cheered Cuomo's remarks on social issues like gay marriage and abortion rights.

Also, legislation requiring manufacturers of computers and other electronic gear to accept old equipment for recycling appears headed for final approval in New York.

Liz Benjamin blogs state news 24/7 HERE. City of Albany residents can keep up with the Fort Orange Club and other stories of local interest HERE.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


WHAT- Former Fashion Institute of Technology professor Lori Thomas and Bra extrodinaress and author of The Bra Book, Jené Luciani join dozens of models attired in periodic brassieres celebrating the 100th anniversary of the invention of the modern bra and the launch of a new advancement in medical technology developed by Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh. Alizadeh, will introduce the Big Apple’s first human bra, which uses a woman’s own skin to form a natural internal bra inside her chest. Women who have undergone the new internal bra procedure, called Naturabra, also will be present.

Dr. Alizadeh’s NaturaBra™ Breast Lift technique uses the excess skin traditionally discarded in mastopexy surgery to provide more support to the underside of the breasts. This excess tissue is placed beneath the breasts and attached to the chest wall, giving the breasts more structural support, which can allow them to stay in a higher position for a longer period of time.

WHEN - Friday, May 28, 2010, Noon

WHERE- 360 8th Avenue,( corner of 28th Street) Manhattan, Matt James Gallery opposite the Fashion Institute of Technology Campus

BACKGROUND- In 1910, Mary Phelps-Jacob of New York City bought an evening gown to wear to an upcoming party and was frustrated with the corset because it was visible underneath the sheer dress. With the help of her maid, the 19-year-old socialite sewed together two pieces of fabric and some ribbon to make a less visible bra. It was the first modern day bra and the first with a patent (received in 1914). Before this, women were expected to wear uncomfortable corsets to support their busts – a social convention that was contrived 350 years earlier by Catherine de’ Medici, wife of King Henry II of France. Phelps-Jacob, who patented her bra design under name of Caresse Crosby, eventually sold her patent to Warner's, which continues making bras today. Bras are about a $15 billion industry today in the United States.

About Dr. Kaveh - Recently named to Castle Connolly’s “Top Doctors: New York Metro Area,” Dr. Alizadeh is president of Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, the nation’s largest and longest running private academic plastic surgery practice with offices in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens. He also directs a clinical research division that has trained over 100 of the newest and brightest plastic surgeons in the country.

About Jené Luciani - Jené Luciani is the author of “The Bra
Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Fit” (BenBella Books, 2009). The fashion, beauty and lifestyle editor, expert, host and broadcast personality can be seen regularly doling out tips and advice on local news outlets all around the country.

Five County Report Highlights Most Dangerous Albany County Intersections for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

One of my assignments today was to cover a news conference at the convergence of Washington Central & Lark in downtown Albany. The finished story is here... As I continue to experiment with creating and editing videos on my Fly Ying F007 I practiced a little by recording the presser. The first speaker is rather soft-spoken and difficult to hear, but if you fast forward to about 5:11 in, the sound improves somewhat. The direct URL of the youtube video is here.

Initially the video was 1:15 in excess of youtube's 10-minute time limit. I trimmed it down with Microsoft Movie Maker, taking a short snippet of footage off the beginning and then rolling back the edit from the end of the clip to just under 10 minutes. Needless to say my video work NEEDS work, but that's okay - we live, we learn!

If conditions are just right, the Fly Ying in video mode captures excellent audio. The F007 also has an audio recorder, which creates files that can be sent via e-mail. I tried to do that last fall during election night coverage, but there was some sort of problem with the t-mobile server (or as is many times the case, there's some bizaare adjustment or alternate means of sending the file that I haven't yet discovered).

A five-county report released today by AARP demonstrates that older New Yorkers are disproportionately represented in bicycle and pedestrian fatality statistics. In Albany County alone, 10 people were killed while walking or bicycling and another 883 people were injured between 2006 and 2008. People over the age of 60 are disproportionately represented in the fatality statistics, comprising 30% of bicyclist and pedestrian deaths although they make up only 18.5% of the county’s population. A 2007 report revealed similar disparities in the New York City metropolitan area.

“By 2025, people age 65+ will comprise nearly 20 percent of the population,” said Lois Aronstein, AARP New York State Director. “Yet two-thirds of transportation planners and engineers say they have yet to begin addressing older people in their street planning. This report further illustrates the need for safer roadways for pedestrians and bicyclists through Complete Streets legislation.”

"Cancer risk can be reduced just by taking a brisk walk around the block a few times each day," said Sherry Tomasky, Advocacy Director with the American Cancer Society. "But people shouldn't have to worry that by trying to improve their health that they are actually putting their lives in peril by walking through dangerous intersections. Incorporating regular exercising into our daily routines is important to prevent cancer and so many other health issues. Creating and maintaining infrastructures where people exercise safely, and for free, is key. This is why the American Cancer Society is strongly supporting the Complete Streets legislation."

The report, which covers Albany, Broome, Erie, Monroe, and Onondaga counties, outlines a series of steps that can be taken to reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries on New York’s roadways:

· Pass “Complete Streets” legislation (S.5711-Dilan/A.8587-Gantt) current pending in Albany. Complete Streets would create an approach to road design that balances the needs of people of all ages including pedestrians, bicyclists, people with disabilities, automobiles, and public transportation users.

· Allocate resources to enhance and expand the New York State Department of Transportation’s Safe Seniors Program. The program has been successful but is limited in scope due to lack of sufficient resources.

· Establish a public/private task force to develop future policy recommendations to the Governor and Legislature on how New York can develop its communities and roadways to make New York State more livable now and in the future. The task force would include key state agencies, developers, aging and pedestrian advocates, as well as municipal officials.

AARP is strongly advocating for the passage of Complete Streets legislation by the end of the legislative session in June.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stay Balanced, Stay Focused, Stay Cool!

Many of you are right now also logged into Gmail, Facebook and/or twitter. So am I! I'm also writing online, reading news, checking political and financial websites, and having fun! I believe it's best to "mix" one's activities online. Some of you are still using AIM, others have moved onto Skype. It's all good!

I'm still trying to decide whether to dump the old blogroll... I don't see too many of them anymore, not there like were circa 2005. I've grown comfy with Blogspots' comments system, because it works quite well on my PC. I guess I really don't have too many complaints. I've got ads: through Google, tmi Wireless, Entrecard, Adgitize, Project Wonderful, plus I sell 'em on my own as well... there's money in my PayPal account... MyBlogLog is still around, after announcements it was to have been discontinued... even if it goes I still have Friend Connect through Google.

ENTRECARDERS: When I checked earlier this evening the going rate for ads here was at an unusually low 128ecs! Now is the time to buy - don't worry about the "wait" because you know I always post fresh content! If you want to go another route, I'll run your entrecard ads on this and two other blogs at a BARGAIN price: USD$29 for ONE FULL MONTH!

For the time being I'm pretty much satisfied that I chose to stay with blogspot. I've learned how to get around on it rather well, and I do have back-ups on LiveJournal and Posterous.

So I wonder what the next big blogging thing will be? I'll be spending the late summer nights fine-tuning things here, as I expect that beginning in September I'll be quite busy both at work and here at home with the blog as the US elections draw nearer.

Thanks for visiting my blog - whether you are here everyday, or you just come for the music mondays, or only read the political or financial posts, or if you simply stop and drop an entrecard: you're part of my online crew. I hope something I've written about or linked to here will enrich you or help you in some way. Time go offline now. It's been a beautiful "my kind of" summer day. Goodbye facebook, twitter, gmail, blogspot... See you tomorrow! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a card game to get to before 10 o'clock!

Awesome BBQ Evening

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go just right?

I had one today! We just came back inside after the most amazing barbecue! I took ordinary steaks and a few hot dogs and salads and voila, we had a helluva good feast! I really didn't do anything special, but for some reason everything TASTED spectacular. I guess that's what counts! It was way too hot to cook indoors.

I took one of the huge 1980s boom boxes out of the attic and we plugged it in on the back porch. I must commend Fly92 - the music and Marissa the deejay were top notch! Radio hasn't that good around here since NYC's Hot97 was Hot103 and could be picked up in Albany in the summertime!

Unfortunately, Fly92 just showed a great book in the radio ratings. That means that someone at ABC will soon make some changes to the people or the music to screw it up. They always do that, without fail. A "brainy consultant" comes along and - Fly92 will tumble down a coupla notches. I hope it doesn't happen for a few months, because everyone who enjoys popular music has no quarrel if you set the FM dial to 92.3.

WFLY now gets a button on my car radio along with just three other Capital Region stations, WAMC, WRPI and WEXT. All of the other FM slots are assigned to New York City stations.(Of course B95.5 and WPLJ are on the same frequency, so...)

Happy SUMMER Night!

#nowplaying 26 May 2010

#Rihanna is the new Slash!

#football Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo has “dumped” Kim Kardashian's derriere and has been observed "cavorting" around Corsica with Ruskie model Irina Shayk ::: So, what's there to know about this hook-up? The devil is in the details!

#RelayKL Run Kimberlycun, Run!

#money People who are owed money by companies who offer sponsored tweets MAY NOT GET PAID! These services have MINIMUMS at which users can "collect" or "cash out" - word is that they may take the money and run ::: Cornyman is concerned!

#oil On this day in history: Discovery of first commercial oil field in the Middle East, 1908! Cap that, BP!

#candy Another reason to eat CHOCOLATE!

A Hershey Bar at bedtime for me virtually guarantees night visions! I've always been fascinated by #dreams (The Jesus Dream; Angel Dream; DreamStorm) ::: here's a great blog for dreamers!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill ::: Wake Up, People!

Paraphrasing tonight's NBC Evening News : "the oil could continue pouring out of the earth for the rest of our lifetimes."

THINK for a moment - do the math -

All that oil that has so far spilled - the blood of our Earth Mother - how much GASOLINE could that have been refined into? How much jet fuel? Home heating oil? Don't you understand?

The bounty of wealth from that well, had BP properly extracted it (by my calculations) should have LOWERED the price at the pumps to about $1.99!

In truth, had there been NO "accident" offshore, gas would now be close to $3.55! That's what "big oil" was planning! It's all about MONEY! Dirty, green MONEY!

Now that Americans are BEGINNING, just beginning to fathom what is going on, BP will "turn off the cameras watching the leak" tomorrow as they attempt to plug it. Really? Plug it? Something rotten is going on here. We are being collectively lied to! Aside from what has become a MAJOR ecological disaster, we now know that there is more oil being harvested than we can imagine. The supply is truly endless, and the prices we are paying for all those fuels are greatly inflated, robbing us and our children of the standards-of-lives we deserve.

Giant silk moth found outside WTEN Studio!

Mothra Junior?

Here is one of several photos via facebook of a giant silk moth (Hyalophora cecropia) found outside the WTEN studio on Northern Blvd. tonight (May 25). Watch NEWS10 @ 11 tonight, as Steve Caporizzo will share more photos and video of this guy! - H/T Johnny

DELL Streak Tablet

Move over, iPad! The Streak tablet is much smaller than its iPad counterpart, though larger than your typical smartphone. That's right! You can make PHONE CALLS with the device!

Dell introduced the Streak, a tablet with a 5-inch touch screen and the Android OS, May 25. Unlike the Apple iPad, the Streak is also a phone, offers multitasking and can support Adobe Flash for viewing video and animations.

The JooJoo, the Adam and the iPad are fairly large compared with the Streak. As a matter of fact, with a 5 inch screen, it is slightly larger than the largest smartphone but a lot smaller than a full fledged tablet. "Not too big, not too small. Just right!"

Pop Clips » 25 May 10

And once again, it's TILA TIME!

It's tough being a reporter in the field! Well, things, conditions, situations aren't all THAT bad in a place like Albany or New York City, but if you are on assignment in a place like Thailand...

Former WNYT Newschannel 13 anchor Ed Dague ::: Responsibilities in a Republic - A few months ago, I sent an email to United University Professions telling them they should be ashamed of their television commercials.

RIP Jay Gallagher ::: long-time chief of the Gannett’s Albany bureau and a former reporter for the Rochester Times-Union.

Ambiome poses for a pretty picture.

Monica Tang poses for snapshots.

Kimberlycun defines "special people."

Wendy explains what Jipaban is all about...

Didja miss it? TV Writer has the "Lost" series finale recap.

And here's a "24" Series Finale Recap!



Chinese Boy Chained Like A Dog Outside Beijing Shopping Mall While His Father Works!

Travel Advice ::: Hotels and Feng Shui - Stay where the luck is!

One Big Happy

Hmmmf. Do you ever feel like your life (since the advent of social networking) is ONE BIG UPDATE?

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Whether you want to or not.

Meet The Idiots Responsible for the BP Oil Leak Disaster.. use the locator to see if any of them appear on Facebook!

Increase Traffic! Get More HITS... your blog or website or both, with SWEEVA!

Ok, kids, this is a brand new opportunity, y'know, "ground floor" and all that. Your big chance to build traffic to your struggling blog and make BUNCHE$ of CA$H (in your best-case scenario)!!!! I've read a lot of good buzz around it, so why not try it? Let's see what goes! Who wouldn't want visitors beating a path to his or her blog? Clicking and joining and what-not?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Life, Death, War & Politics: Pixellated & Digitized

"The internet is truly the boulevard of modern communciation." - Dave Lucas

It appears as if the torch has been passed: from Osama Bin Laden to Anwar al Awlaki, who recently appeared in a chilling video served up by the media arm of Al-Qaeda. In the fiery interview piece, the American-born Yemeni preacher (linked to the suspects in the Fort Hood shootings and Christmas Day attempted airliner attack) calls on Muslim U.S. soldiers to kill their fellow servicemen.
Anwar al-Awlaki (also spelled Aulaqi; Arabic: أنور العولقي Anwar al-‘Awlaqī; born April 22, 1971 in Las Cruces, New Mexico) is an Islamic lecturer who is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Yemen, and of Yemeni descent. With a blog, a Facebook page, and many VIDEOS , he has been described by some as the "bin Laden of the internet," and by others as the "Islamic Jim Jones".
Shades of the "Trojan Horse," perhaps? We really should learn more from history. America seems to have gone adrift: On TV the other day, a couple of capital Region "talking heads" were nyuk-nyukking about Andrew Cuomo's announcement that he will indeed run for Governor of New York. The suggestion that Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings might be a potential running-mate sent SHOCKWAVES thru the media. Let me paraphrase: "O how politically incorrect to have two white males running for such an office." My friends, that line of thinking is illogical and irrational. I guess if it was two black males it would be okay? Or "gee whiz, last year's top team members on the Chicago Bulls were black, so this year we HAVE to have two Asians in order to be fair." Anyone can see through that kind of "B.S. P.C. think" Except the mainstreammedia!

It's time the media stopped judging people by the color of their skin, and instead focused on what individuals can DELIVER to the political process, and whether they can best serve their constituents. I believe that at this particular time, Cuomo-Jennings would be a win+win for ALL New Yorkers. Don't even bring up color! And if you REcall, it was Carl MCcall that tripped Cuomo up on his last "throw my hat in the ring" outing for the Governorship. Truth be told, Cuomo should never have gone up against McCall. At THAT time, Cuomo was, in my opinion, "not ready" for the candidacy. So, he shot himself in the foot. But that injury has now healed... and I've gone off-topic. Let me bring it home: America, you must return to VIGILANCE. Too much PC is no good for you and me!

Back to Anwar al-Awlaki: he also revealed via video (transcript by the Middle East media monitoring organization MEMRI) that he’s not too busy dodging drones in Yemen to keep from reading Washington DC think-tank literature on the issue of moderate vs. radical Islam.

“Americans do not want an Islam that defends the causes of the Islamic nation ….They want an Islam that is American, liberal, democratic, peaceful and civilized,” Awlaki rails in the interview. The kind of moderate Islam favored by the United States “has been mentioned and promoted in some of their reports, for instance in a report by the Rand Corporation,” he says.”

The Rand report to which al-Awlaki was referring is this 2007 one “Building Moderate Muslim networks,” which argues that moderate Muslims need the organizational tools to counter radicals, who while constituting a tiny percentage of the population, “have influence disproportionate to their numbers.”

While al-Awlaki was delivering his internet message, back in New York Andrew Cuomo delivered one of his own. Cuomo may be trying to stay back from the "circus is coming to town" mentality that mesmerized the press when first George Pataki and later Eliot Spitzer ran for Governor. I recall watching Spitzer's Inauguration on TV and feeling shamed by the way fellow reporters were fawning over him: it looked like objectivity had been blinded. Some of the media people looked stupidly giddy! Don't get me wrong: there was nothing wrong with covering the story. But Mr. and Ms. reporter please don't act like Elvis fans who have just been granted an audience with the King! Maybe that sort of behavior is New York-ish: I've looked at tapes of President Obama's inaugural and although critics and conservative pundits argued that Obama was a "media darling" I don't see any reporters exhibiting "Obamamania" the way reporters in Albany displayed "Spitzermania."

Oh, and what about Spitzer? I like the guy. The state suffered when speared with the story of his indiscretions as Governor, but he is very smart and you really have to give the man credit for being able to face what happened, pick himself up, dust himself off, and carry on!

Al-Qaeda and New York aside, what do you think MORE people are talking about and looking at than BOTH of those stories put together? A piece of...
* SIGH *

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Bloggers' BASH update!

"Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with destruction. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongue they speak deceit." Psalm 5:9 NIV

Beautiful girls with destructive keyboards!

There's apparently no "getting along" as the battle continues between Twerlyn and Zuveena. A "war of words" and insults traded between two ladybloggers suddenly grew legs and now wings! It's outta control! There had been chatter online about filing a lawsuit, now a moot point since a "revenge" campaign has been launched, which incidentally fits Eli's description of LIBEL to the proverbial "t" :::

Eli @ Business Sphere commented on Lainy's Musings:
Libel is a form of written defamation of character. A libelous comment is one that involves a false statement of fact about another person, that was conveyed to a third party or was published and damaged another person’s reputation, honor, profession or livelihood... To prove the elements of a libel charge, it is important to show that Zuveena’s comments published in Twerlyn’s blog against Twerlyn, my dear Lainy and the others, are false and resulted in damaging their reputation or caused mental anguish, shame, sleepless nights or put them to public ridicule.

Looks like the tables have turned on that angry mob of bloggers against Zuveena, who have set themselves up for a lawsuit! Check out the names of the individuals who are contributing to this hateful website, and beware of them as you navigate the internet!


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#musicmonday ::: 2 from Rie Fu

From the blog that invented "Music Monday!" - Rie fu's songs are often bilingual, since she is fluent in both English and Japanese ::: Her latest album "at Rie sessions" was released on 31st March 2010, and is her first self-produced album. Many of the tracks on the album feature duets with other notable singers, and were recorded at Rie fu's home.

Mouseover the links below, wait for the box and then you can view the videos without leaving this site!

Rie Fu - Until I Say


Wanna keep 'em? Follow the instructions below!

[Save Video as flv or 3gp] [Convert to mp3]

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 23 May 2010

OK, I stuck around online a few minutes more than I had planned...

While 2010 may be the "year of Andrew Cuomo" here in New York, elsewhere it may be shaping up to be the "year of the Republican " -or- perhaps "time of the teabagger"??!!

Hope & Change Ripples Across the Pacific: Republican Wins ‘Obama’s Hometown’ for First Time in 20 Years - "Please disperse! Nothing to see here!"

Religion Online :::
Catholic bishop's sanitized blog site back online
via GMA"The old site, which hosted Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma's blog – – displays a message that it has been removed. ..."

Complain About Your Dropped iPhone Calls… With Science - We just saw a great product at the TC Disrupt Hack Day. It's basically a class action lawsuit generator against AT&T that uses your actual call drop data ...

Sesame Street Funkbox… - I was listening to some MF Doom on my hardrive archives which made me dig for these joints… Sesame Street orginal score is HARD! Do you hear those horns?

New Music: Drake x Jeezy, The Roots and Soulja Boy x Justin Bieber - New Music: Drake ft. Jeezy “Unforgettable” (Radio Rip)

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon...

Just got back from Montreal a little while ago. Saki Tumi stayed behind for a job interview (tomorrow) with a radio station up there. As I exited the car I went to toss a few items into the recycling bin, when something bounced off my head, and perhaps by divine intervention (or eXtreme coincidence) landed in my hand (a perfect catch)! Here's a photo:

"Tweetie" is resting comfortably. My neighbor is a wildlife interventionist who has taken care of many animals and just picked the little birdie up a few minutes ago! I just hopped on the Net to check my emails and thought I'd share this with you. I'll be back online (maybe) around 7 or 8 tonight, if nothing comes up!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Andrew Cuomo ::: Running Man!

I love the way the Cuomo-ites sprung this on us! A surprise Saturday announcement, via the Net! Savvy! So...

Now that Andrew Cuomo has announced (via the Net) that he is officially a candidate for Governor of New York (+ there are those rumors he'll ask our beloved Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings to be his Lt. Gov), we may want to ponder "Quotes About Politics and Politicians".

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Here's to "Watercolor Living"

I met Charisa Smith last year when she was at the LOB in Albany supporting an overhaul of New York's Juvenile Prisons.

Charisa is a graduate of Harvard University’s undergraduate History Program (’00) and has a Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School (’05). She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Michael Rockefeller Fellowship, the Harvard Foundation Award for Outstanding Contributions to Race Relations, the Harvard History Essay Prize, and the Arthur Liman Public Interest Law Fellowship!

I knew she was one of the "special" people who walks among us, but I had no idea of the depth of her writing talents until I became aware of her book "Blending Colors from Life : Trenton's Own Watercolorist, Tom Malloy" - Art lovers worldwide are familiar with Malloy's watercolor cityscape paintings.

Charisa turned a lifelong friendship with Malloy, the former Artist Laureate of Trenton, New Jersey, into a unique storybook - She'll be in Harlem this evening for a book signing at Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe! Sadly, Tom Malloy passed away in August of 2008, at the age of 95.

Friday, May 21, 2010

#nowplaying 21 May 2010

Serious Stuff ::: THIS is why your parents always tell you to "be careful," and why they worry. It happens way too often, and always unexpectedly.

Is Baby Alice’s ‘Piña Colada Boy’ the Ultimate Summer Song?

How about the Ultimate Spring Trip, in photos taken by Xiaxue!

Beyoncé - HALO [alternate video version]

The second annual Nigerian Blog Awards was launched May 10th.

Dalai Lama tweets to Chinese citizens about Tibet...

China Internet Tip: Can't reach YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter? Try Freedur!

A new reality show called The Fabulous Beekman Boys is putting Sharon Springs on the map. The show follows a gay couple from New York City attempting to start up a new organic goat farm in Schoharie County.

Sean shares a video of the best 2010 World Cup commercial he has seen so far.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Words Go A Long Way

People often wonder what gave former New York State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno such a magnetic personality. I met Mr. Bruno face-to-face exactly once. It was at an outdoor event where I was engaged in conversation with one of Bruno's aides. Suddenly, the Senator appeared, and the aide, who obviously wasn't expecting Bruno, stumbled through a hasty introduction. As I shook hands with Bruno, his warmth and charm were immediately apparent as we exchanged pleasantries. He asked me who I worked for, and "how is your family." It wasn't hard to see how a gentlemen so well-known for injecting the magic words "thank-you" when warranted in interacting with others has such a level of charisma.

Sometimes it is serendipity that becomes a factor, or maybe timing, or maybe just a genuine concern that telegraphs through to the heart of its target. That happened once when US President Bill Clinton spoke with the leader of North Korea: ""What President Clinton said on the plane ride home was that Kim Jong Il told him, 'You were the first person who reached out to me when my father ... died, even before my allies. I've always remembered that and I've always respected you for that and I've always wanted to meet you.'" Words that were remembered as if they were etched in stone. Words that carried.

Time Has Come Today!

Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first synthetic living cell. We get the story from BBC.

The Australian ::: How scientists created the first artifical life.

#nowplaying 20 May 2010

#immigrants ::: Little girl grills Michelle Obama on immigration... WaPo posts reactions.

#facebook ::: A Facebook group known as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” has caused the world's largest social network to temporarily lose nearly 45 million members! Moral of the story: you shouldn't go looking for trouble...

#doors ::: Last week one of the digital PBS TV channels presented "The Doors - When You're Strange" :::which reminded me of the possibility that Jim Morrison may be still out there, alive. After all, it can be done. One can drop out of sight... The 2010 digital version of what one can and cannot believe and what the limits of authenticity are is presented here. “Tom DiCillo’s When You’re Strange is a meticulously crafted, exhilarating ode to one of music’s greatest ensembles, The Doors,” says Johnny Depp. “Watching the hypnotic, hitherto, unreleased footage of Jim, John, Ray and Robby, I felt like I experienced it all through their eyes. Here, Jim has been resurrected to remind us that he is to this very day, one of the most significant frontmen/poets/shaman to ever grace a stage while the band behind him kept the music alive, adding fuel to an already raging ride into history. As a rock n’ roll documentary, or any kind of documentary for that matter, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. What an honor to have been involved. I am as proud of this as anything I have ever done.”

#twitterday ::: Svetlana Gladkova points out that today is the 140th day of the year!

#beerweek ::: it's also

#phonewars ::: Millennial Media: Android Ad Impressions Rise 77 Percent In April, iPhone Sees 8 Percent Drop

#pinoy ::: 365 Great Pinoy Stuff makes “a random list of Filipino stuff that makes Filipinos proud, happy, nostalgic, elated, high, inspired, hungry, hopeful, confident, comforted, excited, intrigued, entertained, mystified, homesick– you name it, all the feel good experiences we ought to have.”

#OMG ::: a male cross-dresser shows up at a metropolitan McDoanlds!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tweet Like A Rock Star!

Now that you're a famous blogger, shouldn't you be tweeting? You've gotten your blog noticed, and I promise you it's just as easy to get some attention for your tweets!

Microblogging with twitter is easy, but before you saddle up with the twitterati, I have put together a collection of tips for you! Remember at all times that Twitter is a two-way relationship: I try to reply to at least a few messages each day. If my followers can find a few seconds for me, I can find a few seconds for them.

The first thing that Twitter users look for is valuable information. Post something recent that would boost up the urgency. Increase your influence by posting useful content. If you post something useful, you can be sure other people to Retweet. The rest is simple - the more people retweet it, the more people will see your name. This will allow a lot of people to see your name and you will indirectly get more followers.

Twitter is a powerful communications medium, but it becomes useless if we just send out Tweets advertising useless information and ridiculous links. People will not look for our Tweets if they know that every one is just another ad. Malaysian tweeters are notorious for tweeting the same BS ads over and over again. They get around twitter's restrictions by slightly changing wording and URLS. On the other hand: people are following us because they're interested in us. Let followers know when something of note is coming up... make sure that you

Choose the very best twitter name / handle /hat that you can possibly come up with! It will become part of your customized Twitter URL such as or Doing this creates a static address for future search indexing, which also helps usability for other cross-channel promotions (like showing off your blog). Keep your twitter ID short and sweet so it'll be easily tweetable and re-tweetable! Give your twitter account a jumpstart:

Optimize your Twitter Bio so it includes the most important, mission-critical phrases for you and your blog or website. Take advantage of all 160 characters! (They give you 20 more characters than a normal tweet.) Your bio is consistently indexed so its contents are what provide your Twitter page with its core relevance. :[More]: Now, ready, set...

Twitter has proven to be a significant traffic driver for bloggers and others using the space to share links. If you do share links, use one of the many URL shorteners available (TinyURL and are two common shorteners). I try whenever possible to use the, as it tracks click-throughs for the specific links you share on the platform. even has the power to track links in aggregate. For example, if multiple URLs were created and shared by separate users, all leading back to the same URL, the service can track and report click-throughs for all of them in aggregate. also tracks clicks over time, so you can see when people are clicking your links most.

Brainstorm up more ways to build the link reputation of your twitter social web address. Integrate your Twitter URL into your blog whenever possible (check my sidebar)! You could also integrate your Twitter URL within your site's header or footer, helping drive your Twitter URL up in the search engines.

[The first characters of your tweet may have the most impact on its future SEO value.]
Wherever possible, start your tweet with a primary keyword phrase to theme each message. Take advantage of any "active lingo" or buzz words as this will enable you to capitalize on timely searches on those terms. The "lead-in" of each tweet is important for SEO as it will determine what appears in the tweet's title tag when it shows up as a search result on Google. Approximately 42 characters are factored into each tweet's title tag, including the account name, as well as the initial characters of each tweet. Keep in mind that your full tweet and all its characters are still being indexed by major engines!

I see this a lot today. It's probably more popular than the old "trackback" feature was back in '05! This allows readers to share your articles through retweets!

Make sure your tweet’s character limits allow for optimal "retweetability"� If you want a message to proliferate on Twitter, keep it under 120 characters, counting spaces so that your followers can easily add RT @YourHandle in front of the tweet.

COMMAND ATTENTION (via #hashtags, words and phrases)
99% of the time whenever I post a new entry on my blog, I tweet it with the word "BLOG!" in front. Sometimes I make use of #hashatgs to call attention to a particular post or to classify or otherwise identify it. Some tweeters like to place brackets "[]" around keywords. Brackets make your tweet stand out and allow others to find your tweet and quickly determine whether it's something they may be interested in. And, while thinking about BLOGS:

There's a bit of disagreement over what days or hours of the day are best. The digital world is 24/7. For me, the optimal times are between 7 and 10 - that's PM or AM. Remember, when it's 7am in New York, it's 7pm (or close to it) on the other side of the world. Tweet at times when the most number of people on the planet are likely to be awake.

Check in first with Karen at Blazing Minds for "You Wanted Twitter Tips, You Got Them!" (Parts ONE and TWO!) and you'll need a good set of tools to track your statistics!

AND ::: Just as there are abandoned blogs there are also abandoned twitter accounts. What do you do when the twitter name you wanted is taken?

Beware of getting caught in another's "following frenzy" - when I received email that
Kaila Strong ( 3751 followers - 4090 tweets - following 3426 people) was following ME, I went to her twitter immediately, where I could see she was blindly adding followers. No reason to follow her back, and I knew that she would UNfollow me in a few days (or even hours) when she figured out I wasn't going to follow her back!

Here's an easy way to check the health of your twitter account: Friend or Follow

4 Easy Tips to Powerful Online Charisma

How To Write a Twitter Bio That Gains You More Followers

Sometimes you have to just "give it a rest." Don't fret over losing followers, but do try to tweet at least once a day so that your stats are fresh when followers are going through their accounts deleting inactive tweeters!

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#nowplaying 19 May 2010

Pat Austin is PUZZLED ::: "Every now and then I check my sitemeter and look at the things people are searching for. I can't tell you how many people find my blog while searching for "Kevin Johnson Michelle Rhee Sex". Austin asks ::: "Is there some sex tape we should know about?"

Author Kelly Van claims that James Cameron's "Avatar" is based on her unpublished book "Sheila the Warrior: the Damned," an action romance set on the planet of "Tibet." Gawker posted the entire lawsuit. Maybe Cameron should consult with Kaavya!

The issue of managing a multi-identity is at the heart of "I Am the Media" with the idea of a schizophrenic existence of individuals torn between their lives and their offline lives online...

I've had first (*ahem*) hand experience with this during my world travels. Public restroom, no toilet paper... what DO you do?

Annie Paul ::: rumours that 'war' was going to break out ...

NBC hasn't placed a single program in the Top 20! The peacock is losing its feathers? I read where Ghost Whisperer and New Adventures of Old Christine are missing from CBS's fall schedule. Could there be room for these shows at NBC? Would they help the ratings? NBC should have brought back Merlin for Season 2 in a better time slot! (But that's a story for another day!)

Speaking of teevee, who among you doesn't like actor Gary Sinise? Here's a reason to like him even more ::: He tweets!

Miss Info chats LOST.

Malcolm X birthday...

Voice from Gaza remembers Al Nakba.

Facebook Topples Steve Valente, Raises Hopes For Ashley Marie Carroll

Steve Valente's facebook pictures caused a stir in the Capital Region. "I was in college then and I've grown up a lot since then," Valente, 23, told the newspaper. He said most of the pictures were from his freshman or sophomore years at the university. "I didn't feel it was appropriate to go back and edit my postings..."

Turns out those postings were Valente's undoing. From the Albany Times Union:::
"In Bethlehem, where the $88.2 million budget passed 3,276 to 1,678, voters doubled the walking distance for high school students to one mile. The change required a public referendum, and the vote was 3,396 to 1,491. The district will save an estimated $10,600 next year in transportation costs. In Averill Park, voters approved the $55.4 million budget by a 2,184 to 1,288 vote but rejected the bus purchase plan 1,808 to 1,246. The school board race, which was heated to begin with amid residents' ire about the closing of two elementary schools, had seven candidates seeking three board seats. The contest got even hotter when Steve Valente's re-election campaign was rocked by disclosure that that his Facebook page promoted beer- chugging and contained quotes mocking gay and disabled people.

Valente was the only incumbent turned out of office. He finished sixth in the field of seven."
How to DELETE your Facebook account.

Did you ever wonder what you were really sharing with non-friends through Facebook?

The EFF has reported on the slow shift away to a more public Facebook and this chart illustrates how much the default settings have eroded privacy.

Facebook is also being enlisted to help solve the "missing persons" case (of the type where "you know the rest" factors in!) of local Ashley Marie Carroll.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Perfect "10" Diet

For years, various diets (dietary plans) have come and gone and come back again. For this digital "always ready" information society we are all part of in 2010, the perfect diet involves some going back to basics.

Rule # 1 - Don't deprive yourself! Everything is okay in moderation. For example: you're eating vegan or vegetarian but you've invited to a special function, say, a "class reunion." Unless it's absolutely against your morals or religion, don't be left out! Feel free to eat whatever everyone else is! You'll feel more comfortable, you won't be labeled a "weirdo" and no one will look at you strangely. Having said that, keep in mind that there will be a lot of choices at the table, and it's up to YOU to make the healthiest ones possible! You can fast later in the month or drink juices and eat natural foods for a few days to make up for the "setback."

Rule # 2 - Hydrate! That means, drink plenty of water. Keep a water jar in the ref. Canned tomato juice and pineapple juice are good for ya, especially if you don't have a juicer. Just stay away as much as possible from fattening diabetes-causing sodas and sugary drinks.

MILK is okay: if you don't really drink milk often (maybe you have some in your cereal once or twice a week) get REGULAR WHOLE MILK. Not skim. Not 2%. My weight loss I partially attribute to switching to whole milk.

COFFEE is CRUCIAL! If you drink the stuff, know that coffee raises levels of "good" HDL cholesterol and improves the ratio of HDL to LDL ("bad" cholesterol), reducing the risk of heart disease. Researchers found that drinking 4 or more cups of joe per day lower a person's risk of being hospitalized for heart rhythm problems (arrhythmis) by 18 per cent!

Coffee plays a key role in my weight-watching program. A cup at lunchtime with 81mg Aspirin.

Rule # 3 - Lower salt intake and don't obsess! Don't get carried away by a notion that "such and such" isn't good for you! Reduce the amount of salt used in cooking (find other flavor enhancers, like herbs) and try not to add extra salt to your dinner plate. I use finely ground sea-salt mixed with an equal portion of the supermarket iodized variety.

Rule # 4 - Set new standards and a new timetable. If once a week you go out with friends and end up at a fast food joint, go ahead, eat that hamburger. It will not kill you! Just make sure you limit yourself when you're eating foods on the "restricted" list! See Rule #1! Your biggest meal should be breakfast. I get up in the morning around 0500, drink a galss of grapefruit or cranberry juice, go through my exercise routine, take the dog out (that's my early morning walk) and then start making breakfast at 6. I don't eat from 4 hours before bedtime on! My cut-off time is 7pm. If I feel hungry, I pour a big glass of water. I usually fall asleep anywhere between 10:30 and Midnight (depending on what I'm doing- if I'm watching TV, I'll doze off before the show's over!)

Rule # 5 - Bring on the fruits and vegetables!

Rule # 6 - Vitamins are important! Your doctor should be able to tell you if you have deficiencies of any particular vitamin or mineral. Follow any recommendations you receive. A multi-vitamin with phyosterols will probably be just fine for the average person. EAT foods rich in vitamins C and D, and Omega3.

Rule # 7 - Supplements too! Anyone concerned about cholesterol should be adding Omega3's (Smart Balance Products), Phytr and NIACIN, the B-vitamin that helps keep levels where they should be. Now, you can't eat at McDonald's and KFC everyday and think Niancin will help. No no no! But if you take 500mg of Niacin with each of your three main meals, you'll be good to go another 100-thousand miles!

Rule # 8 - Body / Tummy Health! Your stomach should not hang out or bulge out or spill out over your pants. Following the dietary guidelines I'm giving you should help: you're also going to need to walk at least 30 minutes a day, and if you can find time to excersise, that's even better. DITCH THE SODA! Especially DIET soda! Every fatty I see is lugging and chugging a 2 or 3 litre bottle of diet soda. It's just plain NO GOOD FOR YOU!

If you can squeeze in biking with your walking, that's great. If you're already into yoga or you have tapes or DVDs you work out with, or one of the stair machines, that's even better. the key is to psyche yourself up and keep at it! If activity gets cumbersome, that's when you need to map it out: maybe do 3 days a week on the stair machine, 4 days a week biking and / or walking. Mix it up and substitute one activity for another if you wish.

Rule # 9 - Raise your spirits! Whether it's online or in-person, it's easy to find like-minded people trying to stay healthy... get socially and emotionally connected to friends, family and community!

Rule # 10 - Sleep! Haven't heard that one before, have you? Make a good night's sleep a priority. If you grind your teeth or snore, a mouthguard will likely help. f you get quality sleep you'll have improved energy and mental clarity that will enable you to keep your goals or "whiteboard" in focus.

What about fasting?

Hey, fasting is cool! I do it myself, and you can too, whether it's just for a day or a few days. Leave the long drawn-out "cleansings" to experts, and check with your doctor before making severe dietary alterations. Good Luck, and I hope you'll become a big fat loser soon!

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#nowplaying 18 May 2010

#blogs ::: If someone is coming to your blog today, you’re already providing a valuable experience. What would make it worth paying for?

#China: Blogger interrogated after criticizing Shanghai EXPO 2010

Dragonblogger advises "Just make sure not one day goes by without you getting a new link for your site."

#android ::: Amazon Kindle App Headed To AndroidTechnology
Android Phone Fans - Amazon's finally announced that they're bringing a version of their Kindle app to Android devices later this summer. The app allows users to browser Amazon's online book store to download and read eBooks directly on the device.

#windows ::: Fix Windows 7 and Windows Vista – 50 Windows Fixes in One Utility!

#online ::: Cyberplex Picks Up Tsavo Media For $75 Million

#power ::: Japan-based Malawian blogger Clement Nthambazale writes about a Solar Engineers Project, run by barefoot engineers, which has won Africa’s biggest Rural Electrification Award. The solar project, which has electrified Chimonjo village in the central Malawi district of Salima has brought a new dimension to the rural villagers' lives.

#itunes ::: Did you know that you CAN add music and videos to your iPod WITHOUT iTunes?

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