Saturday, July 31, 2010

Entrecard Champions!

Thanks to all of July's ec droppers!

A large number of entrecard participants routinely publish and thank their "Top Ten Droppers" at the end of each month. According to EC, those are the "Entrecard users who dropped their card on your site the most in the last 30 days."

MORE IMPORTANTLY (and no one gives public thanks) are the 10 blogs that give you the most bang for the buck; the ones you advertised your blog on and gave you back the most number of visits! EXAMPLE: Look below and note that 68 websurfers clicked on my ad on Zimbabwe Blog during the 24-hour period my widget was displayed on that blog! That's awesome! HINT: These are the blogs you seriously want to consider interacting with, commenting on and perhaps purchasing other types of advertising from, if that option exists!

Widget shown on # of clicks
Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog 68
Comics Legends and Lore 54
Out of the Mundane 39
Online Social Networking 34
..::AdGitizeR::.. 32
Free US Classifieds 27
CAP News 24
Orient Lodge 21 20
zenbananas 20

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Facebook Delivers The Ultimate Kick In The Pants!

The personal details of 100 million Facebook users have been collected and published online ! The bad news: they will now be unable to make their publicly available information private. The list was reportedly posted by Ron Bowes, an online security consultant, on the Internet site Pirate Bay.

the 2.8-gigabyte list is available to the public via BitTorrent

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Albany's New Police Chief ::: Steven Krokoff

The City of Albany now has a police chief! Acting Chief Steven Krokoff has been promoted and officially sworn-in. That happened today at City Hall. I covered the event for WAMC. I shot video and took a few pictures with my little Fly Ying hiPhone. Below the video there's a picture I took with the phone of Albany County Legislator Brian Scavo. It has a strange sheen to it, almost like an oil painting!

I know I know! I absolutely need to get a better videophone!

I think I may have inadvertently changed a setting on the camera. The hiPhone camera has numerous settings, many more than my Virgin Mobile Kyocera does... If I get time over the weekend I may play around with the hiPhone a little more, see if I can take some pictures and enhance them with my computer's photoshop-like software. Who knows? Perhaps I'll become a photo-artist, Like Leonard Nimoy...

C-SPAN Radio Expands Mobile Distribution on AudioNow!

Available to every mobile phone listener without downloads or the need to access data services.

(July 29, 2010, Washington, DC) –C-SPAN Radio today announces a partnership with AudioNowTM that allows listeners to access the station’s programming live by dialing (202) 626-8888 on any phone 24 x 7.

“As an organization that advocates for greater openness in American government, C-SPAN is committed to providing the information people need when they need it on any device, wherever they are,” says Kate Mills, General Manager of C-SPAN Radio. “In today’s mobile society, we need to move with our audience and this technology gives our listeners yet another way to access the political and policy process of government they rely on C-SPAN for.”

“Listening to radio should be as simple as pressing a single speed dial button for the more than 80% of the market that do not access data services on their phones,” says Elan Blutinger, a Managing Director of AudioNow. “C-SPAN’s rich content is a national institution and it will now be available to every mobile phone listener without downloads or the need to access data services.”

(Note: Calling charges and plan charges may apply – users should check with their telecom provider.)

C-SPAN Radio is available in the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area at 90.1 on the FM dial. Area residents can listen to C-SPAN Radio in their homes 24-hours a day, and commuters can listen to "Washington Journal" and "Washington Today" in the morning and afternoon drive-times respectively. Beyond Washington, C-SPAN Radio is also available on XM Satellite Radio channel 132 and can be heard via the C-SPAN Radio App for the iPhone and iPod touch.


Guest Post by Bettina Perroni (Bettina's been MIA for awhile. She's back now, and it's all good!)

I recognize this place, is good to be back, to this life that has been designed on my own image. It's nice to come and see that the words are not gone. On the contrary, are still alive, dancing in the environment and the change of order gives another meaning to my voice. That is how I recover a fundamental part of my existence: writing.

It feels good to get home. It feels good to breathe the scent of apples, read messages left under the door, feel occasionally glances in the morning ... walk barefoot, and also be reflected again on this old mirror but with a new smile.
My photos, my small trophies, my major incidents, everything makes me so happy.
No matter how far a pilgrim walks, he will never forget his land. That`s how we act, running through the distance to find at home what we could not find somewhere else. I know what it means to me. This is the perfect retreat (my blog) to start celebrating the miracles of everyday.

There are many things to say,

Still many things to offer
Although in my territory there is always a risk of a spontaneously co- existence, because I cannot afford to be fragile to the morbid, nor weak against insecurity.

There's No Place Like HOME!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Digital Aborigines...

...I like that phrase - it's used by Aldon Hynes on his popular "Orient Lodge" blog. So let's get down, dirty and digital :::

Want To Increase Your Digital Influence? Mars Dorian suggests (among other things) "Network With The Influencers".

Be sure to check out More of Kanye West’s Facebook performance: “Mama’s Boyfriend” from BLOG by Min!

Speaking of Facebook, there's trouble brewing on the digital frontier: Google is looking for a way to get a bigger piece of the social networking pie...

I Got Great News From Twitter!

Another sad batch of "followers" have signed off my account:

* 3dtvsglasses has stopped following you
* MRMIFreeReport has stopped following you
* Chris_Wesley has stopped following you
* axiomaudio has stopped following you
* GothamLimousine has stopped following you
* ScarlettaMedia has stopped following you
* Plus 1 other(s) who left Twitter for one reason or another

These so-called "followers" had high hopes that I might follow them back. Haha! If I'm following someone or something, it is either because I am interested in them or enjoy going through material they relay via their twitter accounts. (I also periodically the list of those I follow, cutting just about anyone who hasn't tweeted in more than a month) Good Riddance to all of the above!

The Search is ON...

Do you find the myriad of dating sites online perplexing? Do you know which ones have excellent "track records" and are you aware of the differences in the fees these digital agencies charge, and how they collect them? has done all of the legwork for you. Simply choose among the list of best dating websites, and select the system or service you believe will work best for you! It's oh-so simple!

Who sends faxes these days? You'd be surprised! Despite the ability to email files, many individual people and companies prefer to have that "hard copy" via fax! has also assembled a list of the top online fax providers, looking carefully at particular features and benefits including how easy the service is to use, what the pricing structure is and what kind of customer service you can expect to receive! Now you can compare online fax services and choose the one that's right for YOU!

Searching For God Knows What? Honestly, if you're looking for a great place online to find consumer product reviews, look no farther than!

Blog Tune-Up Time!

When was the last time your blog was checked out by an expert? For a limited time I am offering to critique your blog. I'll analyze your blog's layout. Peform a battery of benchmark tests, including SEO, load time and what you can do to make improvements. I'll evaluate your blogging skills and tactics in a personalized report that will tell you "what needs to be done and how it should be done".

Your Blog Tune-Up INCLUDES:

1 » an honest, point-blank report about your blog
2 » a complete blog analysis that will tell you what's wrong, or right
3 » a guide to setting up your goals and how to achieve them
4 » tutorials, tips, tricks and the best resources
5 » personal consultation via telephone (because I believe it's especially important that you have ready access to thoughtful advice and insight that comes from experience. And it's just as important to work with someone who can help you use that information in a way that supports the pursuit of your unique, individual blogging goals.)

Best of all: it's only $10 (US) AND as an added
BONUS, I'll place your 125x125 advert on one of my blogs for FREE!

Here's how to order...

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Saratoga Police Get Rosetta Stone

This morning Saratogians are buzzing about the cops ::: You see, when police responded to a backstretch stabbing at Saratoga Race Course on Saturday night, none of the officers could effectively communicate directly with the victim or witnesses, all of whom apparently spoke Spanish exclusively. Now the police chief has taken the bull by the horns, word is he'll be issuing Rosetta Stone tapes/DVDs to EVERY officer. But given the number of dialects of Spanish-speakers from different countries and "street Spanish" - can the cops pull this off?

And what if, one day, there's an incident between a couple of Quebecois? Will the cops be issued French tapes? Just wondering...

(Source: Schenectady Gazette)

What next? Mexican Officials to Patrol Staten Island Following Latest Bias Attack - maybe they can follow the Hudson River upstate a little bit?

Hmmm... maybe the officers should be sent to Skidmore College to learn Spanish (at taxpayers expense, of course!)
At a Saturday meeting in Middlebury,VT Mexican nationals came from a wide geographical area. “They come from far and wide... we even have some from Saratoga, N.Y.

Seriously: New Yorkers, especially upstate, SHOULD have a working knowledge or at least a smattering of Spanish and French, considering our proximity to NYC and Canada. And a little Chinese in the mix isn't a bad idea. Certainly in a day trip to Montreal or the City and the Chinatowns there, one could avail onself of a bit of "field experience" in trying to interact with non-English speakers and bi-linguals.

On a recent trip to Montreal I was in a department store where there were two girls in their early 20s cashiering at one of the checkouts. I made a remark to one of the girls who just stared back at me blankly: her colleague began laughing and said "she doesn't know what you're talking about! She just learned English!" So I said back to the other girl "Oh, new to English," to which she responded IN PERFECT ENGLISH "Yes, I just finished an 18-month crash course so I could have better chances of finding work." So, if you have the right teacher you could master the basics of a language without picking up any discernible accent!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Indonesian Fashionistas Have Mastered the Art of Weblogging!

Although bloggers Xiaxue and Monica Tang post from time-to-time fashion and glamour articles sprinkled with bling, these Indo-gals are all fashion, all the time!

Speaking of fashion blogs, check out The Fashion Cafe and Joanna Ladrido's "Only the Marvelous"... Hey, 11-year olds can fashionista-blog too! Also be sure to check out The Three Chies!

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Pop Clips » 27 July 2010

SNOOKI, the rest of the Jersey Shore cast (and even Angelina) showed up to ring the opening bell today on Wall Street!

Have you ever sent off e-mails in your sleep?

NO MORE ROOT CANALS! Would you like to restore your teeth to good health and reverse cavities?

Federal Ruling Allows iPhone Users to Alter Software...

UAE: BlackBerry is security threat...

'Unlocking' cell phones to switch carriers also made legal...

Commentary::: Why do our children pick up our less flattering traits?

Ah, not always! The French may have stumbled upon a way to save American newspapers by making the paper interactive! Actually, I have a great idea for an "interactive newspaper" which I have already shared with at least one major newspaper editor. I won't reveal it at this time, but stay tuned!

New York Governor David Paterson on Jersey Shore...

How many more? It was a terrifying ride for two children with their mother allegedly drunk behind the wheel.

Care for mousecrap with your weiner?

Jazz On Your Cell Phone

If you don't have a mobile broadband plan, no worries!, recently featured in the 2010 Issue of “Jaziz Magazine”, has teamed up with AudioNow to give listeners access to the station’s programming on any mobile phone simply by calling 443.261.3113 from any mobile phone.

"We are excited to share this news with our listeners, who have been waiting for this new way of listening to their favorite jazz station based in the Washington, DC metro area,” said Chris Acton, President of . "As a leading broadcaster in our market we need to reach the majority of the market that rely on standard mobile phones. With so many major market terrestrial stations, is the fastest growing jazz place to go to hear the artists you love. AudioNow is an affordable and innovative alternative to delivering our programming to a demo of listeners who otherwise would not have the ability to listen.”

Reston, Virginia-based AudioNow is the leading provider of proprietary single-stream technology that allows broadcasters to reach listeners on any mobile device without increasing bandwidth costs. A Recent NYT report noted that over 80% of mobile phone listeners do not access data services and rely on standard mobile phones. The venture-backed company's focus is to expand the free and open distribution of radio to any mobile device because a public with easier access to more information is empowered to make better choices. AudioNow listeners now exceed 12 million listener minutes monthly and growing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 26 July 10

Snooki got snooked by the New York Times!

NYMag to the rescue, pointing out that, "there will be no ramifications to the piece — no angry publicists to appease, no future access to be cut off — which was why it could afford to be so harshly reflective of the author's feelings. And yet, it wasn't quite a breath of fresh celebrity-profile air. The very fact that such candor is only seen when the subject has no real power is what makes it a cheap shot."

Two steps back ::: The Albany NY Times Union "re-designs" the paper's main landing page, going for a "1999 look" that makes users hunt and peck for news, and guess how "new" or "old" the articles are.
Those unhappy with the TU website makeover will likely scramble to find it on other sources: maybe one of the TV stations will develop a fast-loading time-stamped user-friendly page... And then, There's this :::"The switch from reading news on printed ink-stained paper to computer screens, iPads and smartphones is a strange one. In the past it was only the young and tech-savvy. Now it’s everyone. Just as the music industry suffered an upheaval in the wake of too much connectedness, so did journalism."
When it comes to local TV news in the Capital Region, WNYT Newschannel13 was the winner, hands-down over the weekend... as I channel-hopped Saturday and Sunday, Channels 6 and 10 were leading newscasts with *ho-hum* Saratoga and "Saratoga hat" stories, while 13 was killing them with up-to-the-minute reports from Dan Bazile as well as the latest on area crime cases. The weekend staff is to be commended! Talk about kicking some news butt!

Miss Info ::: MTV2’s SuckerFree Summit: debating hip hop with Bun B., Fat Joe, Ron Artest, and the rap blogosphere

New Book: I and I Bob Marley - * * *"I and I, Bob Marley* is a work of creative nonfiction.

Last week Facebook announced it has reached 500 million "active" users, as boss Mark Zuckerberg puts it on his corporate blog. What a milestone! That means after India (1.18 billion) and China (1.33 billion), Facebook would be the third largest country in the world!

Adolescents' Facebook Posts Found to Be 'Puerile' but Not Actionable ::: Judge also dismissed a negligent-supervision claim against parents, saying a computer does not constitute, as required by N.Y. case law, a 'dangerous instrument' More...

Here's the proof that anything you upload or post DOES NOT stay "in cyberspace forever"

Women have been using cosmetics for eons...

A whole new concept of enlightenment takes Southeast Asia by storm...

Russian social network ВКонтакте found itself among top Twitter trends. It happened after millions of Russian users were not able to access [RUS] the social network because of a failure [RUS] of a local power station. Some bloggers started the online panic [RUS], explaining the blackout by the police actions, however, soon the functionality of the website had been restored.

Visiting London (UK)? Hire a bike!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 25 July 10

Enterprise Software Is Sexy Again - This guest post was written by Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of

Maximize Content Value: Find And Write For The Right Audience - Most bloggers use the word “you” somewhere in their content. But they usually don’t place any thought on who that word is targeted at.

New Music: Lauryn Hill “Repercussions” - New Music: Lauryn Hill “Repercussions” Mikey: New or old, it’s almost impossible not to feel this unreleased Lauryn Hill. So smooth and simple—perfect.

[Video] Introduction to Nazra for Feminist Studies Fatma Emam, one of the coordinators of the organization Nazra for Feminist Studies, provides a history and overview of the organization, as ... More »

Google redesigns its popular image search service

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Sunday with M.I.A.

On Popcast, The New York Times's music writers Jon Pareles, Jon Caramanica and Ben Sisario discuss MIA's new album, "/\/\/\Y/\."

Well, here she goes again! MIA is once again acting like sour grapes and lashing out at not only Lady GaGa - which she seems to be doing at a regular rate these days - but also The Big O... ALSO...

M.I.A. and Oprah supposedly had a bad encounter at a recent event where the talkshow host was making a speech about the cultural significance of Lady Gaga.

According to M.I.A., both reports are BS!

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Recently Departed...

RIP ::: CBS, NPR Journalist Daniel Schorr Dies at 93 - Bill Cowher's Wife Dies of Skin Cancer

Van Plew v. Madeo

You never saw this post coming!

The real lesson to be learned from this controversial Capital District incident, is that NOTHING is what you think it is. You might think there is protocol or sensibility to any given situation. That is not so. A series of events carries no guarantee things will play out the way you expect them to.

The Albany teacher shot to death in western NY a few months ago when he wandered into the wrong house in the middle of the night probably didn't have a clue that he was entering the last minutes of his life.

Thank goodness the Bethlehem teen involved in the so-called "Ding Dong Ditch" ("Nikki Nikki Nine Doors") prank didn't succumb to a similar fate. Thank goodness he is just a suburban kid and not some tough punk from a project that wouldn't have given a second thought to rendering the Van Plew children fatherless.
DING DONG DITCH ::: Ashton Kutcher brought the old prank back to life in the spring of 2009
Point is, that whatever situation you may find yourself in or you should chance upon in 2010, expect that anything can (and sometimes will) happen. The keyword is CHANCE. Think before you act or speak. Be ready. (And be careful!) The trouble is we are often completely blindsided by unfolding events, kinda like when that car comes out of nowhere, t-boning yours.

Outcomes cannot always be predicted. The way people or police act in any given situation is no longer "textbook."

The Bethlehem Incident isn't over yet. It is a disaster for everyone involved. Maybe that's why the Albany County D-A doesn't want to get involved. The waters of discontent are circling the drain, threatening to drown those who get trapped in the sink.

Around The Blogosphere 24 July 10

Plasticzilla (Dawn Yang) has company! foxyseven posted the PHOTOS on LJ!!! (To think it all started with Arissa Luna aka Arissa Cheo!)

4 Posts 200 Comments and Lesson Learned - Many people have been talking about blog comments but no one was sharing actually results and numbers. So I wanted to share my results and my tips

Forum Site Lefora Gobbled Up By CrowdGather - Los Angeles based CrowdGather, which offers forums for online communities, has aquired the assets of Silicon Valley based Lefora.

With summer in full swing, many netizens have been searching for 60s surf music, including Monkey's Uncle by Annette w/Beachboys!

Halcyon Molecular’s William Andregg: “The Only Way To Reach The Stars Is To Live Longer” - This week’s episode of Speaking Of… (video below) features the founder/CEO of Halcyon Molecular, William Andregg.

Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother' episode 3

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Summertime Is Healthy Time!

For years, various diets (dietary plans) have come and gone and come back again. For this digital "always ready" information society we are all part of in 2010, the perfect diet involves some going back to basics.

Rule # 1 - Don't deprive yourself! Everything is okay in moderation. For example: you're eating vegan or vegetarian but you've invited to a special function, say, a "class reunion." Unless it's absolutely against your morals or religion, don't be left out! Feel free to eat whatever everyone else is! You'll feel more comfortable, you won't be labeled a "weirdo" and no one will look at you strangely. Having said that, keep in mind that there will be a lot of choices at the table, and it's up to YOU to make the healthiest ones possible! You can fast later in the month or drink juices and eat natural foods for a few days to make up for the "setback."

Rule # 2 - Hydrate! That means, drink plenty of water. Keep a water jar in the ref. Canned tomato juice and pineapple juice are good for ya, especially if you don't have a juicer. Just stay away as much as possible from fattening diabetes-causing sodas and sugary drinks.

MILK is okay: if you don't really drink milk often (maybe you have some in your cereal once or twice a week) get REGULAR WHOLE MILK. Not skim. Not 2%. My weight loss I partially attribute to switching to whole milk.

COFFEE is CRUCIAL! If you drink the stuff, know that coffee raises levels of "good" HDL cholesterol and improves the ratio of HDL to LDL ("bad" cholesterol), reducing the risk of heart disease. Researchers found that drinking 4 or more cups of joe per day lower a person's risk of being hospitalized for heart rhythm problems (arrhythmis) by 18 per cent!

Coffee plays a key role in my weight-watching program. A cup at lunchtime with 81mg Aspirin.

Rule # 3 - Lower salt intake and don't obsess! Don't get carried away by a notion that "such and such" isn't good for you! Reduce the amount of salt used in cooking (find other flavor enhancers, like herbs) and try not to add extra salt to your dinner plate. I use finely ground sea-salt mixed with an equal portion of the supermarket iodized variety.

Rule # 4 - Set new standards and a new timetable. If once a week you go out with friends and end up at a fast food joint, go ahead, eat that hamburger. It will not kill you! Just make sure you limit yourself when you're eating foods on the "restricted" list! See Rule #1! Your biggest meal should be breakfast. I get up in the morning around 0500, drink a galss of grapefruit or cranberry juice, go through my exercise routine, take the dog out (that's my early morning walk) and then start making breakfast at 6. I don't eat from 4 hours before bedtime on! My cut-off time is 7pm. If I feel hungry, I pour a big glass of water. I usually fall asleep anywhere between 10:30 and Midnight (depending on what I'm doing- if I'm watching TV, I'll doze off before the show's over!)

Rule # 5 - Bring on the fruits and vegetables!

Rule # 6 - Vitamins are important! Your doctor should be able to tell you if you have deficiencies of any particular vitamin or mineral. Follow any recommendations you receive. A multi-vitamin with phyosterols will probably be just fine for the average person. EAT foods rich in vitamins C and D, and Omega3.

Rule # 7 - Supplements too! Anyone concerned about cholesterol should be adding Omega3's (Smart Balance Products), Phytr and NIACIN, the B-vitamin that helps keep levels where they should be. Now, you can't eat at McDonald's and KFC everyday and think Niancin will help. No no no! But if you take 500mg of Niacin with each of your three main meals, you'll be good to go another 100-thousand miles!

Rule # 8 - Body / Tummy Health! Your stomach should not hang out or bulge out or spill out over your pants. Following the dietary guidelines I'm giving you should help: you're also going to need to walk at least 30 minutes a day, and if you can find time to excersise, that's even better. DITCH THE SODA! Especially DIET soda! Every fatty I see is lugging and chugging a 2 or 3 litre bottle of diet soda. It's just plain NO GOOD FOR YOU!

If you can squeeze in biking with your walking, that's great. If you're already into yoga or you have tapes or DVDs you work out with, or one of the stair machines, that's even better. the key is to psyche yourself up and keep at it! If activity gets cumbersome, that's when you need to map it out: maybe do 3 days a week on the stair machine, 4 days a week biking and / or walking. Mix it up and substitute one activity for another if you wish.

Rule # 9 - Raise your spirits! Whether it's online or in-person, it's easy to find like-minded people trying to stay healthy... get socially and emotionally connected to friends, family and community!

Rule # 10 - Sleep! Haven't heard that one before, have you? Make a good night's sleep a priority. If you grind your teeth or snore, a mouthguard will likely help. f you get quality sleep you'll have improved energy and mental clarity that will enable you to keep your goals or "whiteboard" in focus.

What about fasting?

Hey, fasting is cool! I do it myself, and you can too, whether it's just for a day or a few days. Leave the long drawn-out "cleansings" to experts, and check with your doctor before making severe dietary alterations. Good Luck, and I hope you'll become a big fat loser soon!


When a Salad Stops Being a Salad - ....and really just becomes a melange of fats and extra totally unnecessary calories on your plate. Cobb and Chef's salads immediately come to mind.

Why walking a little can go a long way— What if there was something simple you could do every day that would burn calories, be good for your heart, and help you stay young. You'd do it, right?

30 Minutes a day... to a Healthy Heart

The Master Cleanse

Friday, July 23, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 23 July 2010


The Indian government Thursday unveiled a computer it hopes will put millions of Indians in front of a keyboard. (Vibhuti Agarwal article)

Watch out what you write, bloggers! China's most popular male blogger Han Han recalls being baffled when a publisher told him he could not run an article because it mentioned a person ordering a dish of lamb.

Salma started blogging at the age of six to keep in touch with friends and family. Under the supervision of her parents, this young Moroccan blogger likes writing short stories and sharing her daily encounters at school with the rest of the world. More...

Introducing a New Generation of Multi Blogs Advertising System - Everyday, there are new ideas generated inside our new Famous Bloggers Club and private community, I didn’t have the chance to mention the club before, may...

Clicker Adds Mobile Apps, Social Sharing, And Check-Ins To TV Guide For Online Video -

Make way for change! Twitter is ramping up for some big-time tweaking...

Cell Giants are Battling in the Blogosphere ::: T-mobile vs. Sprint.

This week launched the fashion blog StyleBistro ::: Selita Ebanks is guest-editing. I found this interesting discussion after I noticed Google prompting for "What is Selita Ebanks race?" And of course Ebanks is a big hit on celebrity gossip websites.

New Music: Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj “2012 (remix)” - New Music: Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj “2012 (remix)” Mikey: Jay Sean scores with another hit, for real though, this is the sound of Cash Money Records.

Saving Money (and Time) Online!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ People are buzzing about Billy, "The web's smartest savings club." Billy's really helpful for those of us SO uber-busy in these digital times. Think about it. The ability to save money (on everything from groceries to cell phones to college tuition!) coupled with the ease of getting things done, online, in your own time!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ I'm planning a move in the near future, and luckily also offers relocation services... For example, let's say you're thinking of packing up and moving to Texas! New place, new adventure, new job... Austin is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the Lone Star State. Billy offers "Austin relocation services" to ease the transition from where you are now to where you wanna be!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Billy can help you get situated in other places, too... cities like New York, Chicago, L.A. ... and has a moving checklist and other features to make it all painless!

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Ensure Safe Secure Postal Mail Delivery

Most of us don't give our mailbox a second thought - I'm talking about the PHYSICAL real-world box where the postman delivers your "snail-mail" - something we take for granted, until:

- A couple of Halloweens past pranksters tore the metal mailslot out of my front door. Had I known about Mailbox Exchange I would have had a much easier time replacing it! The installation of proper equipment is required for delivery service, as my neighbor discovered after his wall mount mailbox disappeared from the side of his house! He had to drive to the post office to pick up his check!

- If you live in a rural or suburban area, your roadside mailbox could be hit by a vehicle, crushed by a snowplow or damaged by vandals! Subject to state laws and regulations, a curbside mailbox must be placed to allow safe and convenient delivery by carriers without leaving their vehicles.

At our summer retreat in Mahopac we keep a brand-new "spare" mailbox in the basement, ready-to-go should anything happen to our roadside receptacle. Better to have an not need than to need and not have. (Customers should discuss the types of approved equipment permitted for their structures with their postmaster before purchasing and installing delivery equipment.)

Mailbox may refer to:

  • Letter box, copper box, or other sturdy material compartment, or slot for incoming postal deliveries
  • Post box, a physical box for outgoing postal deliveries
I recommend Mailboxixchange, a distributor of high quality residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes, with over 2500 mailbox and curbside decor products. (Order Toll Free at certain times of day; Order Online Anytime. Visit their website for details).


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pop Clips » 22 July 2010

Is the girl in this photo Arissa?

What do YOU think? Blogger Josh writes "The girl whom Xiaxue said Dawn Yang copied from head to toe (Arissa Luna aka Arissa Cheo aka Arissa Zhen Shan) quoting much evidence in her blog back in 2008 is currently being reported by Chinese Media associated with 吴建豪 Vanness Wu as his Girlfriend."

The Dawn Yang / Arissa Luna thing continues to generate interest, years after you thought it was over!

Bugging President Obama!

Growing old SUCKS big time!!! Proof Positive ::: Rock Stars, THEN and NOW!

A Plant to avoid when gardening.

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Bloggers Making Headlines

A blogger is asking for help! Let's give LARRY a hand!

Suburban displeasure ::: The Albany Eye has been dormant for some time, but the blogger behind it is caught in the crosshairs of the public ear in what has become fodder for Capital Region talk radio. (Times Union BLOG)

TIME Magazine ::: Blogger and Former WGY talk show host Mark Williams is on the outs with the "Tea Party Express"

Shocking disclosure ::: A gossip website for high-schoolers is run by a 31-year-old man who also runs an amateur porn sister site. (Gawker)

Watch a promotional documentary about Whive. Whive is an East African social network created by Kenyan blogger John Karanja.

The media in Zambia, a country which for a long time has only known the Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and the Post for stable, corporate-style newspapers and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation and newer private TV and radio stations, is being turned on its head as bloggers as well as citizen broadcasters enter the media space.

Cigarette hater ::: Xiaxue takes a stand against smoking.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 21 July 2010

Remember Lonelygirl15, that fake YouTube vlog filmed in some guy's bedroom, starring an actress pretending to be adorable jailbait? It's now a $5 million web production company. [link]

Kim ::: So you're a work-at-home wannabee success? Kimberlycun built her career from the ground up. Not only that, she demonstrates the correct way for a blogger to present an advertorial!

Legend ::: Here is the highly anticipated video for Nicki Minaj’s “Your Love” from her upcoming album dropping Nov. 23rd. Videos are provided for the North American and world audiences. Vulture also offers a direct link.

Bethlehem Blog ::: Not-so-merry pranksters...

A once-Socialist society has a new social network, "just for bureaucrats," according to Profy!

Conservative blogs mum on Tea Party!

Pete Seeger & Mark Ruffalo at the State Capitol in Albany

Activists united against hydrofracking gathered at the State Capitol in Albany on Tuesday to make their message heard - Iconic American Folk Singer and environmentalist Pete Seeger, took a break from celebrating his 69th Wedding Anniversary to attend the rally. Pete made up a wonderful song for the occasion, and here's my cheesey doesn't-do-it-justice cellphone video:

Seeger was joined outside the Senate Chamber by Actor Mark Ruffalo:

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