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President Obama's Remarks at Ft. Bliss (TRANSCRIPT)

10:54 A.M. MDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. (Applause.) Everybody have a seat. Well, listen, I am extraordinarily honored to be with all of you today, and I want to thank General Pittard, I want to thank Command Sergeant Major Dave Davenport, who have shown such extraordinary leadership here.

I wanted to come down to Fort Bliss mainly to say thank you and to say welcome home.

I’m going to make a speech to the nation tonight. It’s not going to be a victory lap. It’s not going to be self-congratulatory. There’s still a lot of work that we’ve got to do to make sure that Iraq is an effective partner with us. But the fact of the matter is that because of the extraordinary service that all of you have done, and so many people here at Fort Bliss have done, Iraq has an opportunity to create a better future for itself, and America is more secure.

Now, I just met with some Gold Star families, and yesterday I was at Walter Reed. And there are no moments when I feel more keenly and more deeply my responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief than during those moments. I know we lost 51 fellow soldiers from here in Fort Bliss. A lot more than that were injured, some of them very severely. A million men and women in uniform have now served in Iraq. And this has been one of our longest wars.

But the fact of the matter is that there has not been a single mission that has been assigned to all of you in which you have not performed with gallantry, with courage, with excellence. And that is something that the entire country understands.

There are times where, in our country, we’ve got political disagreements. And appropriately we have big debates about war and peace. But the one thing we don’t argue about is the fact that we’ve got the finest fighting force in the history of the world. (Applause.)

And the reason we have it is because of the men and women in uniform, in every branch of service, who make so many sacrifices, and their families make those sacrifices alongside them.

And so the main message I have tonight and the main message I have to you is congratulations on a job well done. The country appreciates you. I appreciate you. And the most pride I take in my job is being your Commander-in-Chief.

It also means that as we transition in Iraq, that the one thing I will insist upon for however long I remain President of the United States is that we serve you and your families as well as you served us.

So we spent a lot of time over the last couple of years making sure that we’re increasing our support of veterans: that we are making sure that our wounded warriors are cared for; that some of the signature injuries of our war, like post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, that we are devoting special services there; that we’ve got a post-9/11 GI bill that ensures that you and your family members are able to come back and fully contribute and participate in our economy; that our veterans are constantly getting the care and honor that they have earned.

So that’s part of my message to the country. And one of the great things about the last several years has been to see how unified the country is around support of our veterans and of our men and women who are currently serving.

Now, I know that, as I said at the beginning, our task in Iraq is not yet completed. Our combat phase is over, but we’ve worked too hard to neglect the continuing work that has to be done by our civilians and by those transitional forces, including some folks who are going to be deploying I understand today. And I’m going to be talking to them later.

The work that continues is absolutely critical: providing training and assistance to Iraqi security forces because there’s still violence in Iraq, and they’re still learning how to secure their country the way they need to. And they’ve made enormous strides thanks to the training that they’ve already received. But there’s still more work to do there.

We’re going to have to protect our civilians, our aid workers and our diplomats who are over there, who are still trying to expand and help what’s going to be a long road ahead for the Iraqi people in terms of rebuilding their country.

We’re still going to be going after terrorists in those areas. And so our counterterrorism operations are still going to be conducted jointly. But the bottom line is, is that our combat phase is now over. We are in transition. And that could not have been accomplished had it not been for the men and women here at Fort Bliss and across the country.

The other thing that I’m going to talk about this evening is the fact that we obviously still have a very tough fight in Afghanistan. And a lot of families have been touched by the way in Iraq. A lot of families are now being touched in Afghanistan. We’ve seen casualties go up because we’re taking the fight to al Qaeda and the Taliban and their allies.

It is going to be a tough slog, but what I know is that after 9/11, this country was unified in saying we are not going to let something like that happen again. And we are going to go after those who perpetrated that crime, and we are going to make sure that they do not have safe haven.

And now under the command of General Petraeus, we have the troops who are there in a position to start taking the fight to the terrorists. And that’s going to mean some casualties and it’s going to mean some heartbreak. But the one thing that I know from all of you is that when we put our minds to it, we get things done. And we’re willing to make some sacrifices on behalf of our security here at home.

So to all of you, and to your families, I want to express my deepest gratitude, the gratitude of Michelle, the First Lady, and our entire family. But also I just want to say thank you on behalf of the country, because without you we couldn’t enjoy the freedoms and the security that are so precious. And all of you represent that long line of heroes that have served us so well generation after generation.

You know, when I was talking to the Gold Star families there, there were some widows dating back to World War II, and then there was a young woman who had just had a baby and had just lost her husband. And that describes the arc of heroism and sacrifice that’s been made by the men and women in uniform for so many generations. You’re part of that line, part of that tradition, part of that heroism.

So what I’d like to do is just to come around and shake all of your hands personally, to say thank you to all of you, to say thank you for a job well done, and to know that you are welcome home with open arms from every corner of this country. People could not be prouder of you, and we are grateful.

Thank you very much, everybody. (Applause.)

END 11:03 A.M. MDT

The 20 BIGGEST Magazines Of 2010 So Far (PHOTOS)

This list is not really all that surprising...
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Around The Blogosphere 31 August 10

Controversial radio talker Glenn Beck has launched a new news and opinion web site. TheBlaze will be edited by Scott Baker of Breitbart TV.

Gawker ::: Ultra-conservative Christian mega business ministry Focus on the Family wants all these gay people to stop talking about child bullying, because they're pushing a secret agenda to turn America's kids into homosexuals, and that is not what Jesus intended.

Trouble in the world of internet affiliate marketing ::: "Let’s call them “musical-chair product launches.” Oh, and let’s not forget the once pricey product you paid a marketer just a few weeks ago now being given away for free as a bonus to buying from their affiliate link during someone else’s product launch." ...:::Details:::...

New on Blogspot ::: a visitor counter and a "popular posts" widget!

The 2.0 Meeting of Blogs and New Media was held August 12 and 13 in Managua, Nicaragua. Global Voices summarizes the conference via images, podcasts, videos and blogs.

The blogs and projects that presented in the event:

EARLWATCH ::: Hurricane Earl Projected Path [Weather.com]

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Pop Clips » 30 Aug 2010

Bai-Ling loves the camera, and vice-versa!

If you don't read another blog post today, check out "The Blogging Language as I See it" , from Famous Bloggers by Hesham. This is a MUST read for all netizens!

Russia ::: UNSAFE for those of dark skin colour...

Joe DeMicco ::: Facebook’s Advertising Model and You.

Facebook has started rolling out another round of changes... Larry B has the update...

Hungry? Try some Banana Jam!

Will the Internet Kill the Oxford English Dictionary?

New York Times ::: Alexander Nehamas on Plato’s criticisms of poetry.

#musicmonday HAND JIVE

Johnny Otis was a musical holdover from the previous decade who had a monster hit in the summer of 1958 that at the time sounded "futuristic" - the chart-topper was essentially a "swan song" for Otis, like "Kokomo" was for the Beach Boys!

Lead guitarist on "Wille and the Hand Jive" is Jimmy Nolen, who would join the James Brown band in 1965. Nolen developed the distinctive "chicken scratch" or "chank" sound that would become James Brown's trademark funk sound. Nolen was with the Johnny Otis Show from 1957-1959. Johnny Otis wrote "Willie and the Hand Jive" and sings lead vocal. The single was released in the U.S. on Capitol Records.

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Around The Blogosphere 29 August 10

This Week's Top Downloads [Download Roundup]

New Music: Skillz “Adam” (DJ AM Tribute) - Yesterday marked one year since the passing of DJ AM, rapper Skillz takes time to give a heart felt tribute in his memory

‘Restoring Honor’: The Day After Wrap-Up & Whitewash - **Written by Doug Powers The challenge: to trivialize this in order to label it as irrelevant: No simple task.

Upcoming Posts! - One of the primary aims of this blog is to stimulate discussion about Caribbean books and events that celebrate our writing.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization Is Important - search engine optimization is to attract new visitors to a company’s website. However, much can be done ...

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#nowplaying 27 August 2010

Haven't heard from Gen-Si in awhile ::: the french rapper-diva (One of the world's 12 Hottest Blogger Babes) writes that she is back on twitter!

Greater Surbiton writes about the controversy surrounding Rihanna's upcoming concert in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

RFE/RL's The Power Vertical writes about rapper Noize MC's new song: “After spending 10 days in jail for performing a song mocking police at a music festival in Volgograd, the irrepressible rapper has released a new [song and video, RUS] — mocking the police.” Robert Amsterdam's blog calls the new song “sarcastic apology rap.”

ESWN translated an online forum post on a typology of Hong Kong Internet Commentators regarding Aug 23 Manila hostage incident.
I just noticed: this post is the 4,001st to appear on this blog! Fancy that!
Visit this blog and you could win 100 Bucks!

Aaron Short ::: Seniors Gone Wild!

New York City ::: 311, 411, 911: Could They All Be Blogs?

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#nowplaying ATB 26 August 10

You gotta read this!!! XIAXUE proves once again (as if she needed to) why she's the Queen of all Blogs! Wendy writes Everybody hates Bloggers! So everyone's heard of the nasty food blogger who tried to ask for free food. And I'm gonna blog about this too, even though many in the blogging community already have...

Michael Castro announces in his blog Poder 5 [es] that he will be live blogging from a teacher strike in San Juan. He is also tweeting about the strike at @MichaelDCC.

For every modern laptop ::: Call phones from Gmail!

Video Gallery: 4 Futuristic Technologies From Japan’s NTT - Here's a summary of a series of articles techcrunch posted over at CrunchGear earlier this week.

Miss Mexico 2010, Jimena Navarrete, now Miss Universe 2010, exhibited her enthusiasm via her personal Twitter account (@ximenaNRXimena Vega says [es] Mexicans have forgotten about one of the most important problems the country is currently facing: femicides in Ciudad Juárez.

Gawker ::: Michael Enright, accused of stabbing a Muslim New York City cab driver hardly has the background one might expect from someone charged with a hate crime committed in a drunken rage. More »

WOMM-LP 105.9FM 'The Radiator,' Burlington VT'ds community radio station, can now be heard on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad anywhere with the new free Radiator app available at the iTunes store. The Radiator is a licensed, "low-power" noncommercial radio station launched in 2007 to serve the Burlington region. It's managed by the volunteer crew of Big Heavy World and programmed by more than 70 local DJs.

FT.com ::: Facebook is now worth as much as $33.7bn based on secondary market transactions, giving the privately held company an implied valuation greater than the market capitalisations of publicly traded internet stalwarts such as Ebay and Yahoo. More »

While Facebook has become synonymous with social networking in the US and Europe, the picture is very different in Brazil, where Google's Orkut is king of the hill. Facebook wants to change that...

#technology ::: The Pallophotophone

The Schenectady Film Commission and Proctor’s will be hosting the 5th Annual Electric City Film Fest & Expo at Proctor’s GE Black Box Theater on September 26th from 4PM to 10PM.

I'm quite interested in a device that will displayed called the Pallophotophone, an audio recording device developed by General Electric researcher Charles Hoxie ca. 1922. Hoxie took the name of the device from the Greek words for "shaking light sound".

The pallophotophone was a sound-on-film system which could record and replay multiple audio tracks on unsprocketed 35mm Kodak monochrome film using a photoelectric process that captured audio wave forms generated by a vibrating mirror. It is thought to be the world's first effective multitrack recording system, predating magnetic tape multitrack recording by at least 20 years.

Among the material on the surviving reels is the earliest known recording of the NBC chimes, a broadcast of a high school basketball match (believed to be the world's second-oldest recording of a sports broadcast) and an historic 1929 recording of the 82-year-old Thomas Edison, with Henry Ford and President Herbert Hoover, speaking on a broadcast commemorating the 50th anniversary of the invention of the incandescent light bulb! A portion featuring Edison is available below. The recovered audio sounds to me exactly like a modern tape which has some wrinkles or oxide missing, but does not mask the recording’s excellent frequency responce.

In the past I've referenced the abysmally poor quality (at times) of video shot with my Fly Ying hiPhone. "It sucks low-definition images from a dreamy and hazy parallel world in which fast-moving objects and people leave ghostly contrails." That sounds like a very accurate description! But actually, it describes another device... can you guess what it is? Not in a million years? It was a 1980s Mattell PXL VIDEO recorder made for kids that used AUDIOcassettes to record and playback images! You can see PXL footage HeRe and hErE!

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The Somali language into English is like an oversized person into a fitted shirt, always needing some stretching to make sense... K'naan

Every now and again a nice, fresh talent shows up on the music scene... K'naan is remarkable!

Talk about living the dual life!!! K'naan (pronounced /ˈkeɪnɑːn/[1]), born Keinan Abdi Warsame (Somali: Keynaan Cabdi Warsame, Arabic: كنعان عبدي ورسمهKin‘ān ‘Abdī Warsamah) in 1978,[2] is a Somali-Canadian poet, rapper, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist.

Keinan, means "traveler" in the Somali language. His aunt, Magool, was one of Somalia's most famous singers. K'naan's grandfather, Haji Mohammad, was a poet. He is Muslim. K'naan spent the early years of his life listening to the hip-hop records sent to him from America by his father, who had left Somalia earlier. When he was 13, K'naan, his mother, and his three siblings, older brother, Liban, and younger sisters Naciimo, Sagal left their homeland and joined relatives in New York City.

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Pop Clips » 25 Aug 2010

Searching for Alien Life on City Streets.

Digital Dilemma ::: Three teens who were on a 69-name Facebook hit list posted on the social networking site have been killed in the past 10 days in a southwestern Colombian town.

Miss Info ::: Incarcerated: Lil Boosie’s new album title is the most literal title ever - Min writes "There’s been much recent debate on whether the “realness requirement” in rap has changed. Credibility and believability used to be such a make-or-break issue…and there were always stories of artists feeling tested and compelled to prove their mettle. The days of Slick Rick shooting his cousin, or De La Soul thugging out folks at the club, are over."

Video ::: Check out "La rentrée des poules" from des fraises et de la tendresse by Laurent.

Photo ::: Bill And Hill Rock Out In The Hamptons

Newspaper ::: They punch horses in Cohoes...

Wordless Wednesday ::: Saratoga

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Around The Blogosphere 24 August 10

Hurricane Andrew: 18 Years Later - When Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida on August 24, 1992, my family was unprepared for the disaster.

Cold Wind and Rain - The cold wind and rain arrived on Cape Cod this week, soon after we did and an old folk song with 'cold wind and rain' in the lyrics

Video: John Legend & The Roots at Miss Universe 2010 and Big Boi on Late Show with David Letterman - Leading up to their collaborative LP Wake Up! that drops on September 21, John Legend & The Roots took to the stage at the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant!

Uncommon Sense and Blog for Cuba report on the arrest of blogger Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabal.

Time Once Again to Play ‘Write the Headline for MSNBC’ - "Unwanted advances"

Sam Pratt has created a mobile app for Hudson blogs...

10 Best Web Design Articles at MMO Social Network - Today we are going to do our weekly MMO round up. This round up is all about web design articles that were submitted to MMO at one point.

Apple Looking To Slice Up Cable 99 Cents At A Time - The wheels are in motion. The rumors have persisted for a while now that a new Apple TV is approaching...

A site for Bloqosfer 2010 [AZ] to be held in Nabron, Azerbaijan, on 10-12 September has been launched at http://www.bloqosfer.com/2010. The hashtag #bloqosfer10 is used on Twitter.

Travel Tip! Going to the Philippines?

Stay off the Bus! (ANY Bus!)

Aside from yesterday's brouhaha ::: A family from the USA died in a horrible bus crash in the northern part of PI. "Road accidents, often involving old buses and careless drivers, are common in the Philippines. (Not to mention new buses with bum brakes!!!)

Fifteen people were killed last month when a bus slammed into a concrete wall in Cebu, the Philippines' second biggest city.

Twenty-one people, among them Iranian medical students, were killed a month earlier, also in Cebu, when a bus drove off a cliff." :::Details:::

Tuesday Thoughts

What things do people blog about the most and what blogs are most popular? Blogs like Boing Boing (and my blog here) might be classified as "magazine" blogs, because rather than be restricted to a niche, you can find all kinds of information here, as well as many reasons to become a reader / subscriber / follower.

I blog about current events, things we all have on our minds, anything from politics to celebrities to blogs / blogging, and everything in between. Plus I bring you "Around The Blogosphere" posts which aggregate the very best content from some of the finest blogs out there!!! So, please bookmark this blog or use your favorite method of saving / following my URL. Thank-You!

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." - John Maxwell

The more you think you know about places and people in this life, you'll find there is so much more that you don't know...

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Around The Blogosphere 23 August 10

Facebook Founders Call The Social Network ‘Fiction’

The Blogs That Got Away, Or Every Blog Must Have A Rejected Name.

Bai-Ling has been dreaming...

Kim has been wondering about the existence of God...

A Heart-wrenching post from Fauna ::: The Saddest Young Girl of Qi Xi Jie, Chinese Valentine’s Day...

Mashable ::: 26 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

Three Good Reasons for Not Engaging in Social Media

Quote of the day: "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending" ~ Maria Robinson

Philly Bloggers Must PAY!!!

The city of Philadelphia wants to charge bloggers $300 to continue posting on their blogs! While this fee would apply to professional or money-making blogs, it also applies to blogs created by residents as a hobby or part-time blogs that make no money. Additionally, bloggers are required to pay taxes on any earnings they received from the blog, however small the profit. AP reports that some bloggers are complaining that the fee would impinge on their free speech and would discourage dissent. They also say it's unfair to require business to taxes if they're making only $25 or $50 a year. No bloggerly love from the "city of Brotherly Love."
The motto, The City of Brotherly Love, came from William Penn, the English Quaker, who envisioned the area as a place where anyone of any color or background could live together in peace and harmony, thus, the motto about brotherly love.
What do YOU think?

#musicmonday ::: Avast Ye Captains!

Can you hear me or am I all alone?
Blow home my true love's ship to me.
Once a lifetime twice a day - If you don't work you get no pay.
She couldn't wait another day for - the Captain of her heart.

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world ~ Capt. Trip

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Hundreds... Thousands... Millions...

Last week the folks at entrecard emailed a notice that they had uploaded a post to their blog inviting members to "guest blog" about the program.

I've shared many of my EC experiences with you here on this little blog of mine.

The entrecard society is a "world within a world" which has its own particular set of rules. For example, there are blogs you can spend a thousand or more EC's to advertise on, while there are blogs you can place an advert on for 64EC or 8Ec or even 2EC...

EACH of the two blogs shown in the screengrab carries a "PR 3" - here are real-time SEO stats (PR, Google info,
Yahoo info, Msn info, Alexa ranking, Today Unique visitor, Today Page view, Yesterday Unique visitor, Yesterday Page view, Total Unique visitor, Total Page Views and Users Online)

SEO Stats powered by MyPagerank.NetSEO Stats powered by MyPagerank.Net

Which one is the better one to advertise on? (OK to leave your thougts in 'comments' below!)

My advice: enjoy entrecard, accept it for what it is with all of its nuances, idosyncracies and limitations. Should you grow tired of dropping EC's --- STOP! Leave the widget and whenever you run into an EC onanother blog, "drop." It won't hurt to take a "vacation" from dropping once in awhile! Here'sthe email EC sent me:
Hi Entrecarders,

So you have something you want to share with Entrecard users? If you got a story on what you're doing to improve your Entrecard experience, how to grow your web traffic, or any advice that'll benefit our users, we want to hear from you.

How it works:
We're going to make this extremely easy. Just email support@entrecard.com with "guest blog post" in the subject line. Send us your blog post and we'll read it over. If we like it, we'll post in on http://entrecard.com/blog/. Be sure to include your name, email, and website.

Team Entrecard

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#nowplaying #trends 22 August 2010

CAPITAL REGION ::: Do u know what UAlbany #MoveIn Day looks like? Check out this video! http://bit.ly/dt4GND

WORLD ::: UK official decries video game with Taliban role http://bit.ly/dbPX7f

The WikiLeaks Debate: Journalists Weigh In!

H/T SubaBat Absolutely valid; this needed to be said. RT @Asohan:@m2dayorg: The truth: Racism is rife in Malaysia: http://bit.ly/9fYebb

FASHION ::: Just in time for Fashion Week, MSMPR 24 Seven blog caught up with Liz Auerbach, Senior PR for alice + olivia. In this exclusive interview, she dishes on her Southern roots, what people made fun of her for in high school, the magazine she had every issue of growing up, and much more!

Planetary Perils ::: Global Warming is NOT caused by humans, Mr. Al Gore, UN, Hollywood & Other Deceivers of our Planet. http://fb.me/F77TDwJR

The Next Big Scare ::: FLU PLAN SCANDAL AHEAD. BEWARE of the VACCINES. http://fb.me/Fxm89Dw3
Swine Flu Hoax EXPOSED! The Global Awakening | Health News, Primary Care News, P.. http://retwt.me/1Oqwo

Les archives de l'archéologue Howard Carter (tombe de Toutankhamon) en ligne http://twlr.me/16W

Rarin tweets ::: Are Mobile Phones Pushing Cyber Cafes Out of Business? | ICTWorks http://ow.ly/26P0U #ict4d (via @ICT_Works)

We interrupt this blog for an important message:

PLEASE, consider making a donation to the TIP JAR (see the very top of the right hand sidebar on the blog) so Dave Lucas can continue blogging.

We now return you to your originally scheduled Programming. Thank You!

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Around The Blogosphere 21 August 10

A Blogger’s Personality – 3 Personality Traits you Need to Succeed - A Blogger’s Personality – 3 Personality Traits you Need to Succeed...

Washington Post (blog)
Plans are going full tilt for a new blog to be written entirely by sports fans who live around and in the DC area! The blog itself will launch in September. 2.

‘Crash the Tea Party’ Teacher Now Unemployed — If Only There Was a Movement Dedicated to Improving the Jobs Market He Could Join - TEA: Taught Enough Already!

Rightwing blogs lead war on Islam in America ::: The Guardian -"Here I am in my chador, my burka," Geller jokes to the camera in one of a string of video blogs campaigning against Islamic "world domination" shortly ...
Related Articles »

Is Search Now A Strategic Industry in China?

RSS Runner for iPhone ::: BusinessWeek -Adding feeds is a breeze--you can search for blogs and other content by name or URL--and the app acknowledges the king of the RSS hill by making it easy to ...

Miami Gamers: Join me at the GamerTag Radio x 2K launch party for Mafia II - we’re in Miami, beach! Just got to MIA. Today, naptime and melanoma. Tomorrow, joining the GamerTag Radio family and the 2K Games crew for the launch of ...

Friday, August 20, 2010

And YOU thought Obama was "tech-savvy"...

Guess who among US politicians is a "twitter zen-master?" None other than Senator John McCain! Politico sez a new report has named McCain the senator with the highest “Digital I.Q.,” a metric based on use of social media, including frequency of posts and number of followers. McCain has over 650000 "fans" on Facebook, and over 1.7 million followers on Twitter!!! So who has Johnny been following?
via The Phoenix New Times ::: Ironically, many analysts have given partial credit for McCain's downfall in the 2008 presidential election to his failure to embrace social media and reach young voters as effectively as Barack Obama.[...]
"I kind of think she might be too good looking to go to jail." —John McCain on Snooki (who was recently arrested for disorderly conduct) during an interview on a Phoenix radio show. Previously, the Jersey Shore star called the 73-year-old senator "really cute." Tweet Tweet Tweet On!

Let BILLY Manage Your Next Move!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ People are buzzing about Billy's Savings Club is a lifesaver for those of us SO uber-busy in these digital times. There's nothing else like it. You can save money (on everything from groceries to cell phones to college tuition!) simpy, quickly, easily, online, in your own time!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ My younger brother is planning a move from Indianapolis to Chicago, and luckily Billy.com offers Illinois moving services... New place, new adventure, new job... The Windy City is one of the largest metro areas in the USA!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Billy can help you get situated in other places, too... Billy not only has movers in Chicago, but also in cities like New York and L.A. ... and Billy.com has a moving checklist and other features to make it all painless!

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Around The Blogosphere 20 August 2010

What is The Blogger’s Atlas? It's HOT and it's FREE!

Ambiome ::: Ma mère est sur Facebook…

This you know ::: There's a vast gulf between the people you actually hang out with and the people that Facebook thinks are your friends. Now, read this ::: Why Facebook Places Won’t Kill Foursquare.

Miss Info ::: Drake celebrates 1-million Twitter followers! (I hope he's not trying to follow all of them back!)

Gawker ::: Rod Blagojevich Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment!

Dr. Laura ::: I Have a Black Friend! And a Gay One, Too!

NBC4 ::: Here is New York State, Suffolk County is considering starting up a "Pet Abuser Registry" where animal abusers would be treated like sex offenders!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blindsided By Trouble

Trouble is an evil elf,
I strive to keep upon my shelf,
but oft times in blink of an eye,
he's at it again,
this little guy...

I'm thinking tonight about how incredibly easily and quickly one's path can be crossed by evil Mr. Trouble.

Let's see now... there's dr. laura n word, tiger woods sexting, mel gibson mouthing... Dr. L is quitting her radio show, Tiger's playing golf like an amateur, and Mel - didn't we already give him a second or third chance?

Who has withstood the ravages of Mr. Trouble? Woody Allen weathered his personal storm with the Mia / SoonYi thing. Eliot Spitzer picked up his pieces. I guess some folks have teflon, some don't...

Don Imus was deeply embroiled in a race-related scandal, but he also recovered and returned to the public eye. Roman Polanski is an enigma of sorts: I wonder if the cultural conscience feels so darkly about what happened to his wife at the hands of the Manson family that the recent rape charges don't matter...

And what of Ira Einhorn (you know: the Unicorn?) - he still has, to this day, legions of devoted fans or followers or whatever you would call them.

Why can Mr. Trouble collapse some people's tents but not others?

One of his latest victims: NY State Senator Neil Breslin. Time for CBS6 to revive the "asking tough questions" advertising promotion!

Around The Blogosphere 19 August 2010

"Fixed" beauty contest? The “2010 Miss Hong Kong” finals ended with #13 Toby Chan [Chen Tingxin] grabbing the crown. Prior to the competition, it was exposed that her travel agency boyfriend was a sponsor of the Miss Hong Kong pageant, with rumors that the winner was predetermined...

Twitter has introduced ‘Twitter Tales‘, a collection of stories from users about how the service has helped them or affected their lives. @natashabadhwar, an Indian tweep from New Delhi was featured in the life section.

Famous Bloggers ::: How to get an Affordable yet Professional Looking Logo for your Blog - Recently, I’ve created and launched a few different websites. It wasn’t long before I started to feel embarrassed by the logos on these sites. Sure, I have...

The upcoming Commonwealth Games in Delhi are expected to bring a number of things to the city: athletes, tourists, and, less excitingly, traffic. To help monitor the situation, the Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) have started using Facebook to collect information about traffic violations. The project has recently caught a lot of attention from the mainstream media, social media and the common man in India. Global Voices has more...

Photo Slideshow ::: Bill Clinton visited Haiti for the second meeting by the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday Aug. 17, 2010.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#drlaura Rapid Fall From Grace

I woke up this morning to the news that another pop culture icon is falling...

We've all heard the old saying "the bigger they are the harder they fall," and we've seen it happen so often in recent memory: Mel Gibson, Nadja Benaissa, Don Imus, Tiger Woods, Rod Blagojevich, Eliot Spitzer, and now, as unbelieveable as it seems, long-time radio personality Dr. Laura (who bills hereself as "America's #1 Female Talk Radio Host") is leaving radio! (Up until a few months ago her show had been broadcast in the Capital Region over talk1300 - you can bet they are SO glad they dumped her before this!)

Dr. Laura quit her show on Larry King Live. Why did Dr. Laura Schlessinger quit? Saying the N-word 11 times to a caller on the air just isn't acceptable! (Not in these times!) So, what's next? Dr. Laura promises that she will "speak her mind more freely." Is she a real doctor? Dr. Laura’s doctorate is in physiology. Following text written by guest blogger, Saki Tumi:

Here's what happened! Dr. Laura Schlessinger was talking to Jade, an African-American caller, looking for some advice and sympathy for the way she is treated by her Caucasian husband's family and friends. The conversation triggered DR. L to invoke "the N Word" - it all went downhill from there!


Female caller: Is it OK to say it?

DR. Laura Schlessinger: Well, it depends on how it is said.

Female caller: Is it ever OK to say that word?

DR. Laura Schlessinger: It depends how it’s said. Black guys talking to each other seem to think it’s OK.

Female caller: But you’re not black. They’re not black. My husband is white.

DR. Laura Schlessinger: I see. So a word is restricted to race? Got it. Can’t do much about that.

Female caller: I can’t believe someone like you is on the radio spewing out the (bleep). I hope everyone heard it.

DR. Laura Schlessinger: I didn’t spew out the (bleep) word.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everybody heard it.

DR. Laura Schlessinger: Yes, they did.

Female caller: I hope everybody heard it.

DR. Laura Schlessinger: They did and I’ll say it again (bleep). Why don’t you let me finish a sentence? Don’t take things out of context. Don’t NAACP me.

Female caller: I know what the “n” word means and I know it came from a white person. And I know the white person means that.

DR. Laura Schlessinger: All right. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Can’t have this argument. You know what, if you are that hyper sensitive about color and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry out of your race.

What do YOU think about what DR. Laura said?
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Nothing makes me go GRRRRRRRR! faster than something that screws around with my blog! Especially ANYTHING that "pops up." So when I saw this I took immediate action (details after the screenshot). I haven't used "payperpost" in many many moons, and I was infuriated when I saw this appear on my site!

Here's the line of code you have to remove from your blog script or template: it contains the following URL -


Do this carefully (as in make sure you have about 5 to 25 minutes of time you can devote to this, depending on your level of comfort working with code) If your blog or website has a large script, go to your script editor, "select all" - "copy" and then "paste" the copy into wordpad or a large capacity text editor.

Search for tinyurl.com/2b5ojn and delete that line. If you can't find the line back in your template or script by looking for it manually, simply "save" what you've put in the text editor, then "select all" then "copy" and now go back to your dashboard template, do another "select all" and "paste" then hit the dashboard's save button and you're all set. (Make sure you didn't - or your text editor didn't - make any other changes. TO BE SAFE - keep a copy of the original template AND if your service - blogspot does this - lets you download and save your template or blog, do that too!)

When you're all done, call up your blog and refresh the page on your PC to make certain that all is well.

I show NO MERCY when programs, services or widgets F with my blog!

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