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Ending out the year 2010, I'm cleaning out "My Documents" when I find a post that I wrote for a blog contest. This may actually be the rough draft, or possibly more post than I submitted to the contest. I didn't win, and I'm not sure who did. I do recall the contest made me jump through so many hoops I started asking myself if it was worth the bother. To put it bluntly, it was a real pain in the ass.

If you're going to hold a contest for bloggers, K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid)!

In 2011, you'll see some changes here on my weblog. I actually mourn the loss of MyBlogLog and the associated widgets and benefits that came with it. Of course it is yahoo's decision to "sunset" the service. I've added One True Fan (and blogged about that here)... in the new year I'll be stepping up my regional blogging activities for those living in or interested in NY-VT-MA. I'll also be doing more in the way of book reviews. By far, the most popular FEATURE on the humble weblog is the "Around The Blogosphere" series, where I visit and review other blogs. I'll continue to feature guest articles from Bettina Perroni and Saki Tumi and a few new bloggers who have asked for the opportunity to post here.

Going into 2011, for those of you hoping to either (a) make a name for yourself or (b) make a little ca$h money with your blog, you've come to the right article.

You and your blog will go nowhere without a little help from friends, neighbors and fellow netizens! Look to enhance and improve the “community” aspect of your blog by including links to message boards, blogs and feeds and to such social-networking sites as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Before you begin, make sure your blog LOADS QUICKLY AND EASILY on broadband, dial-up and mobile phones! Dragonblogger recently redesigned his clunky site that never fully loaded on my homePC. Now, it's up in 10 seconds! Strip out ANYTHING, any widget, any service that may be stopping visitors from ever seeing your blog in the first place!

OK, your load time is good. Now, get that blog moving! Don't copy the "next blog" - but by all means join somebody else’s startup service: you just never know when the next twitter or Facebook or whatever else will come along. So when confronted by a "new service," JOIN it! Sign in, use your BRAND NAME, sign out, that's it --- so if it grows bigger, you're there! I was on MySpace and Facebook for about two years each before I began using them! When twitter got to be all the rage, I rushed to sign up only to find that I 'd already registered, quite some time ago! Hurray for me! That's why you can see my tweets at and not!

Tempted to spend a few dollars promoting your blog? TEST the waters first. Market researchers and pollsters do this. They sample a small percentage of the bigger picture. Better to lose 10 bucks in a small campaign than 100 or more in a large one! “If You Can’t Sell the Shirt, Don’t Give It Away”: A direct quote from GitHub founder Tom Preston-Werner, whose company only spends money when it can see a direct impact. (of course, you have to be a forward-thinker and look ahead to any BENEFITS that might stem from a "giveaway." Think back to Metallica, who always gave away cassettes of their music at concerts, or to mid-1990's AOL, which gave away tons of diskettes to entice people to try AOL out on their home PC's!)

So you're dead SERIOUS about blogging, huh? Go HERE!

Wanna advertorialize? You know, "get paid for your post"? NOBODY, nobody, nobody does it better than Wendy Cheng. More likely, you know her as XiaXue, the cute girl from Singapore who just kind of fell into "celebrity" -er- "blogebrity" status, after Blogspot, by chance, made her a featured blogger! Go to her blog and check out those advertorials firsthand. You will be so amazed! And if you've published any "advertising posts" yourself you'll be so ashamed you'll want to delete them (but don't do that, it wouldn't be fair to the advertisers!)

Everyone needs help. They just don't always know it!

Truth be told, no one can guess what the next "big thing" in the digital sphere will be. I was talking to a gentleman recently whose Dad had spent decades with AT&T. The company blew its chance to corner the cellphone and videophone markets early on because executives didn't think ANYONE would want to carry around a telephone to use "Skype" or send what we've come to know as "instant" and text messages back and forth with other users!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

MY Top 10 most-read posts of 2010

These are the posts that visitors were drawn to read over the past 12 months on this humble weblog! #'s 1, 2 and 3 captured 75% of the traffic represented by all 10 articles!

(1) Hottest Blogging Babes of 2010

(2) Dr. Karen Woo: Afghan tragedy

(3) Time Travelers Revealed in Old Pictures

(4) BOOK REVIEW: Dark Night of the Soul

(5) Make Copies of youtube videos

(6) Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg

(7) Delete Facebook Account

(8) BOOK REVIEW: The Typewriter Is Holy

(9) 011001010011101101110101

(10) Freihofer's Donuts

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[Wordless Wednesday] Journalism 101, @UAlbany...

Putting the deceased on trial, eh?

Me love Ghost!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#NatalieMendoza leaving #SpiderMan ::: Fiasco or Fabulouso?

On the day before Christmas, New York State Department of Labor spokesman Leo Rosales said that a new set of security measures was properly in place when “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” with music by U2’s Bono and The Edge and directed by Julie Taymor, resumed on Broadway.

IMHO, the broadway play Spiderman is the biggest waste of time and money ever. Undoubtedly, massive egos of people like Bono and Edge are pushing this nonsense. Some critics long to see Julie Taymor arrested! Bono, Edge & Julie should just toss money out of the top floor windows at 30 Rock. They'd make a lot of people happy! The performers seem to be cursed, and who the hell cares about a broadway version of Spiderman? Even the movies got a little too over the top carried away. There just isn't that much substance to Spiderman in 2010... an elderly friend of mine, a fellow who just turned 70, was a Spidey fan as a kid. He says there was no reason to even think Spidey could be transformed into a motion picture. Not everyone agrees. If YOU have any opinion on this, leave a comment down below!

Now of course we did have the original 1950s TV Superman, followed by the 1960s Green Hornet and Batman shows, but these were in the more "believeable" realm, if such could carry the cargo of belief. NYT reports that Natalie Mendoza — the actress who plays Arachne, a major villain invented by Julie Taymor — is leaving Spider-Man. Mendoza suffered a concussion on November 28 while offstage, when a rope holding a piece of equipment swung into her. She continued with the show despite a doctor's recommendation, with her last performance coming on December 20. She also was shaken up by the serious injuries to Christopher Tierney, the actor who fell twenty feet and is currently recovering from a “hairline fracture in his skull, a broken scapula, a broken bone close to his elbow, four broken ribs, a bruised lung and three fractured vertebrae.” Arachne is expected to be taken over by soft-porn glam queen America Olivo, the understudy. Lotsaluck, America: break a leg - er - or not - hmmmf...

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Attention Geeks! IP over Social Network...

The following is taken entirely from a blog post that mysteriously disappeared from the net, with the message "Blog Decomissioned" appearing at the URL where Geert's blog once lived!

Sometimes people and technology just AMAZE ME. I got invited into the IP over Social Network Facebook application. It’s a fascinating view on taking your friends as neighbor RIPng routers processing IPv6 packets.

I have no idea on how to explain this… Just load the application and be amazed! It’s a literal take on your friends as peers and a real network topology map as a result.

How often have I thought about “if only people were routers” or of you are mad at somebody “damn, I’ve got to depeer him“. Well, now you can! It’s a networkers dream come true; and a nice tool for all the peering whores out there ;)

IP over Social Network is a Facebook application which allows any Facebook member to create its own IPv6 virtual router for free and build an IPv6 network over the Facebook Social Network! [Statistics]

Once you have created your virtual router by installing this free application, you can then add up to 12 interfaces (i.e. links) connected to your other friends’ routers. IPv6 packets can then be exchanged over those links and of course, like in all IP networks, can be routed to any destination over the network (including a special gateway to the IPv6 Internet of course)!

This application intends to be educational: so, each time you connect to this application and you explicitely run the Central Processor Unit (CPU), your router will work slowly by indicating in details what it is doing:

1. processing incoming packets (stored in a queue) one-by-one
2. building and updating its routing table (the map of destinations)
3. forwarding packets to other destination
4. generating Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) packets
5. updating statistics

When you are not connected to this application, your router is going in sleep mode and stops forwarding packets… So, come often to this application: at least once per day else the IP over Social Network will not work smoothly ;-)

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Surf The Net While You Still Can!

10 Signs You May be Relying Too Much on Technology

Lebanese blogger Mir was surprised when she was alerted by gmail of an unusual activity in her account; where an IP mapped to accessed her account at 3am. She shares her story and a screen shot in this post.

So, while we are still able to surf the net freely ::: Music from Saharan cell phones is a compilation of music shared between cell phones owners in Mali. Just to clarify, the music was not collected from “discarded” or “abandoned” cellular phones as has been reported. It’s a sort of funny, the notion that one could find memory cards or cellphones lying around in the trash.

♫ A Gift of Music ♫ from the twitterer featuring a magnificent BBC performance by Yasmin.

A New Year will shortly be here!

As 2010 exits and 2011 begins, you may be looking back -or- forward -or- both ::: here are some very insightful words to keep you focused! H/T Geoffrey Philp

Famous Bloggers' Hesham evaluates 2010...

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Yuka Yoneda Yuka Yoneda ::: Top 6 Green Transportation Stories of 2010 – Vote for Your Fave!

Six ways to reuse old jeans!

6 Errors To Avoid When Starting An Online Business


20" in Central Park, 24" in Brooklyn, 24.2" in Newark, 16.5" in Boston, 31.8" in Elizabeth, NJ... better a "late White Christmas" than none at all, eh? Have a listen to my winter storm report that ran today. Erin Durkin of the NY Daily News filed a story from the tube...

Some children apparently believe Santa lives in Chelsea!

And now: the Santa Claus story you didn't want to hear...

The 2nd Snowiest Place in the USA is right here in NYS!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Safe Entrecard Dropping While Avoiding Splogs

Some EC members have become concerned about "splogs" and website bearing EC widgets that transmit virusses or malicious software.

Here is how you can avoid any problems when reciprocating drops:

SPLOGS ::: One dropper sent Entrecard a list (actually two lists) of a hundred and twenty of these 'splogs' ... it's up to EC to de-list them! In the meantime, recipro-drop only on blogs you know and trust... if you are NOT SURE, then

CHECK ANY BLOG YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS OF! If you click on the link here, you'll see Norton giving my blogging friend Martin's "Cornyman blogreviews" a clean bill of health! Put Martin on your "trusted" list!

If you ever run into any kind of strange loading problem with any blog you regularly visit, run the URL through the above test. Norton will report to you if anything is wrong!

The Day After Xmas ::: The Fat Boys & The Beach Boys ~ Wipe Out

In my own special way, I thought it would be nice to share an old summer memory on this, the day after Christmas!

New York Winter

The hands-up display on the walk signals seemed to be telling me to "stop" and enjoy the magic of a NY winter's day.

Out walking earlier this morning in the cold grey kind of day that somehow signals a snowstorm is coming.
Winter Storm Warning In Effect From 4 PM This Afternoon To 5 PM EST Monday... The National Weather Service In Albany Has Issued A Winter Storm Warning For Heavy Snow...Which Is In Effect From 4 PM This Afternoon To 5 PM Monday. Instructions: A Winter Storm Warning Means Significant Amounts Of Snow Are Expected Or Occurring. Strong Winds Are Also Possible. This Will Make Travel Very Hazardous Or Impossible.
I was up early this day after Christmas morning. Just sitting down to the computer around 0900 with a hunk of homemade cherry cheesecake and a steaming hot mug of coffee. The Nutcracker Suite playing on a classical radio station. The situation is idyllic!

Oh, I had breakfast around 0445... My holiday actually began on the 24th, with calling and emailing old friends, preparations and church services. Today, I was up quite early, after one of the best Christmas's I've had in years! Xmas Day was jampacked, but so fruitful, with fun, food and gifts. And so much to be thankful for.

Today is my holiday "Part Three," as I always cook my traditional Xmas dinner on the day before or after, depending on the day of the week the 25th falls on in the calendar year. I'm expecting people from out of town... they're driving up and should be here by 4pm. Dinner is at 5:15 and according to the weathermen, a "significant snow" is due to begin falling in late afternoon. A day late for the traditionally longed-for and fabled "White Christmas," but this snow will be welcomed by all. Glad I got a few "chores" done and hit the store for last-minute items this a.m.!

I hope YOUR holiday is/was blessed as well. Some folks regard the entire period from 12/24-1/1 as "holiday." I go back to "ordinary" mode on Monday, but like everyone else, will mark the start of the New Year.

After arriving back at my place last night, bringing in the gifts and catching up on the news, I spent a couple of hours websurfing before finally turning in around 11. I don't remember how or where my starting point was, but I landed on blog after blog whose sole purposes were "How to make money online," "How to make your blog better" and "How to make your blog better so you can make money online." While the writers behind these blogs are without doubt sincere and good people, just a few are making significant income online via blogging. It struck me that for many bloggers, they're blogging to try to make money, and missing what a weblog really is supposed to be all about!

I left the following comment on one of the blogs I visited:
"This is just the cynic in me coming out : I've been websurfing today and see an overabundance of blogs and blog articles devoted to helping people write and produce better blogs. Is the dog chasing his/her tail? Blogging was originally a personal showcase. I've been blogging since around 2004, and I must say that one blogger who has stayed true to the original model (and has become very successful at it) is Wendy Cheng, who blogs as - there seem to be so many of us bloggers searching for traffic, like a march of men crawling in a desert, looking for a waterhole..."
I cited Wendy because ever since day one of her blog, "her blog IS a blog." Although she fell into a pile of luck and made a career as a "blogebrity," Wendy has remained true to blogging's promise and purpose: she blogs about her life, her opinions, and posts photographs. She can have fun, she can be sassy, she can be controversial.

Wendy was a teenage in Singapore. An ordinary girl, who, had there been no internet, probably would have lived the life that any ordinary girl in Singapore might have lived. She started a blog, as many ordinary girls in Singapore did. But for some reason, the blog hosting platform known as "blogger" or "blog*spot" decided to make Wendy's "XiaXue" their "featured" blog on the blogger homepage.

Things went up from there. I guess you could say her blog went "viral" and then "international" and she was able to use her cute looks to attract sponsors. She also enhanced her beauty with Photoshop, and made no apologies for it!

All kinds of great things happened for Wendy, and all she did to get them was to be Wendy! She even met her American husband thanks to the net! Their story is a bit longer than that, but suffice to say once again, without the internet, none of that good stuff would likely have ever happened. And I don't think Wendy ever bothered worrying about "better blogging" or "increasing traffic" or "bounce rate" or any of that rubbish!

The moral of the story: go forth and blog, and don't get all crazy about it. There's no cause for alarm if you only have 10 visitors a day (unless maybe you quit your day job believeing you could be the next overnight blogging sensation - it ain't gonna happen!)

HaPPy HoliDays!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Albany Hostage Incident UPDATE

Currently reading - the story has more versions than "Jingle Bells."

Early Thursday evening, media outlest reported "two people were removed on stretchers" (we assumed suffering from the long ordeal) and one police source hailed the end of the incident as "peaceful." BUT...

By 6pm, one TV station reported that the hostage-taker was wounded by a single bullet, while another report surfaced that both hostage-taker and hostage were wounded. Later it was reported that the single-bullet wound was to the hostage taker and was "self-inflicted."

NEXT it was revealed that ONLY the hostage-taker was shot, twice, by police. Now, we're up to FIVE shots, every single one "missing a vital organ" --- Hah? It would be nice if police would more accurately convey details of incidents like this to the media.

I suggest designating a SINGLE spokesperson as THE ONLY source for newspapers, radio and TV to go to for final outcome information. And of course, that individual should be AVAILABLE and even SCHEDULE an official announcement.

---SeNt fRoM My FlyYing HiPhone via t-mobile---

Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Very Young...

...what will you leave us this time?

Cat Stevens - Oh Very Young (live)
3 min - Sep 27, 2006
Uploaded by geofront88

Added OneTrueFan

Because "MyBlogLog" is about to "sunset," I have added the OneTrueFan toolbar which appears at the bottom of the blog. The wibiya toolbar is still down there... to access it, just move your mouse over to the right hand side of the OTF toolbar and you'll see a marker where you can "x out" or close the OTF toolbar. [For many of you on dial-up, or using older browsers, the OTF toolbar may not appear!]

Please excuse my typing errors! I have a pesky keyboard which has a few characters that stick! I don't always have the time to go back and make corrections, so please be forgiving! ;)

I'm keeping the Google friend connect widget - I tried that Facebook Connect Friend thingy + the Facebook "Networked Blogs" widgets, but I really didn't like the way they slowed down load time on the blog, especially with dial-up. There are still many thousands of people still using dial-up to get online! Mobile users may notice I've rolled out blogger's new Mobile format. It makes reading this weblog a lot easier on your smartphone! Thanks, blogger!

I'll leave MyBlogLog up until it actually stops working. I'm also thinking of trimming down the old "blogroll" --- most blogs nowadays don't carry the listings anymore --- mine is a throwback to 2005 --- sometimes I like to keep little reminders of what blogging once was --- I know I have a couple of readers who have followed me since 2004, and they have encouraged me to KEEP the blogroll (but as I said, it may need an edit!) Of course, I'll keep my oldest dearest blogging friends, people like Wendy Cheng, Geoffrey Philp and Michelle Malkin, because their blogs are the greatest, and I'm not at all shy about telling you that I have used their blogs as models from time to time!

And a tip-of-the-hat to my fellow Entrecarders! I may not "drop" everyday like I used to, but I'm staying active because I really enjoy the interaction and have made some new blogging buddies along the way! (shout-outs to Gee and Aldon!)

What do you think about blogging in general and the future of blogging in 2011? Feel free to comment!

Pop Clips » 24 December 2010

There's still time to help a needy family have a nice Christmas!

Conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage has filed a lawsuit against his syndicator Talk Radio Network, claiming TRN is attempting to force him into “indentured servitude.”

Speaking of radio, Dr. Alan Chartock’s much-anticipated predictions for 2011 are up on the Times Union blog!

XiaXue sends out a pretty Christmas Picture from Texas in her "Santa baby" post

In THE ALCHEMIST'S KITCHEN Susan Rich uploads a post "Blogging Extends Storytelling: Geoffrey Philip - Discovering a New (to me) Blogger"

How to Hit the Right Mix of Traffic Sources may surprise you... maybe not!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Albany Hostage Incident ::: They gave the hostage-taker a soapbox!

For much of my workday today, I was down in Albany's Pastures neighborhood covering the hostage incident. I was particularly impressed by a really snotty female reporter whose nose was up higher in the air than anyone I've ever run across! Oh, well, you know some people think their poop smells like flowers... maybe she was just having an "I'm special" kinda day, like these CBS folks were... aside from all that, I wonder if giving the hostage-taker airtime on TV was the appropraiate thing to do? Actually, I can say NO it is not, and this may likely lead to more criminals requesting airtime. They say the hostage-taker chose YNN because he knew the cable news channel's reach extended statewide. This could be an ad bonanza for Time-Warner, who might plug it like this: "When so-and-do took hostages in downtown Albany, he didn't call dish network! He called YNN!"

The figure at the very center of the photo is Mayor Jerry jennings who arrived on the scene mid-morning to asess the situation. "Our best people are working on this," said he.
But TeeVee stations aren't the only media outlets bending over to accomodate criminals: reports that the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, "cooperates fully with a lonely Islamist crank intent on sowing hatred and social divide, by referring to his efforts at self-publicity as “a nationwide poster campaign” by multiple “fanatics” linked to (but actually nothing to do with) the banned Islam4UK."

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Share the Spirit! Help A Needy Family Make It Through Christmas.

Friends, these are difficult times. The worst of times for some. There is a family with good hearts looking forward to the holiday time ahead. But for them, the coming Christmas looks a little sparse.

They are neighbors, good people, who have fallen on hard times but haven't fallen down low enough (i.e. "lost everything") to qualify for free government relief and church-related hand-outs. They're on the edge of the abyss.

I'd like to raise anywhere from $300 to $500 - I know they'll appreciate whatever amount comes in. While it may not seem like much, it can help with holiday groceries and a few presents!

If you'd like to help, any amount you can give by clicking on the gold "Donate" button under the masthead to the right of Google Ads on the sidebar of this blog will be appreciated. (Right now, taht account is totally EMPTY - so every penny that goes in between now and noon New York time on Christmas Eve will be given to the needy family.) No amount is too small, but let's keep the minimum at USD $2, okay? THANK-YOU and Peaceful Blessings!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Craig 7" TV with DVD model CTV 1703 specs

Looking for a neat holiday gift that's sure to please but EASY on the pocketbook? CVS has the Craig 7" TV with DVD model CTV 1703 in stores for $99.99 - some weeks on sale for $79.99 and if you're lucky (and you hold a red CVS courtesy card) your register tape might spit out a "$30.00 off any Craig TV" coupon. That happened to me! Actually, it was on sale for $79.99 and I got the thirty bucks off... total: $49.99 + $4 sales tax!

It's pretty easy to set up. Comes with remote control, antenna, AV in/out jacks, earphones, car charger and in-home power source. The hard part: digital TV reception. It's all about location and antenna placement. There are places in my house where I barely get one channel and other places where I get fifteen! My main concern about the TV feature is simply being able to watch local news in the early morning. When I'm at my desk, I have a mini-movie theater that enables me to watch as I work online... "ultimate digital multitasking???"

I stuck "specs" in the title of this post hoping to catch other folks who might be wondering about this little unit. It plays DVDs, Video CDs, audio CDs as well as files on SD/MMC/MS memory card - there is also a USB port!

The Craig can play .avi files that have been burned onto cds as data files! It reads WMA, mp3 and jpegs too!

You can adjust picture ratio, closed captioning, etc.

Have a look at the owner's manual in Adobe [PDF].

Any questions? If so leave them in the comments (look for the link below) and I will give you the technical answer you seek and/or my opinion, or maybe both! NOW YOU CAN USE FACEBOOK COMMENTS TOO!

Hi: I was wondering if you could comment on the channel signal meter when using an external antenna. I am looking for a portable unit to help me point my antenna in the attic. Looking at the manual it does seem to give an SNR reading. So my guess is that as you change the antenna position the SNR value will change dynamically. Is that right? Thanks/Peter on Craig 7" TV with DVD model CTV 1703 specs

Hi Peter ::: YES the value will change according to signal strength - it's a nice feature this unit has!

Here's a bigger picture of the unit with some of the accessories displayed.

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About that Double-Dip Recession...

Like a wire-walker, the economy is carefully balanced right at this moment. The neighborhood Mobil station is still dispensing gasoline at $3.25. I'm glad we have places like Stewart's Shoppes and Citgo stations, where gas today is selling for $3.17 and $3.13, respectively! Whether they realize it or not, these businesses are helping keep other businesses open! If gas were more than $3.25 at these establishments, you would see dramatic Christmas shopping cutbacks! Keep watch on those oil prices...

There's technically nothing "wrong" with my previous "double-dip" economic prediction. It's just that a number of things have come together to put the economy on "hold" - gas steady at $3.25, President Obama extending the bush Tax cuts and Unemployment benefits, plus deep discounts at stores like K-Mart and Wal-mart. (Retail stocks were little changed on Friday as stores geared up for the last shopping days before Christmas.) These events are also a drag on any sort of economic recovery we might be anticipating. So don't get too cozy. I'll update that ddip post in a New York minute if things begin to slide. Yeah, that's it - IF and WHEN...

Friday, December 17, 2010


American musical genius Captain Beefheart [Don Van Vliet] and his magic Band are one of those mid-1960s groups whose songs lived on thru the 69-70s "Psychedelic" music craze along with other underrateds like "Love" and "The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band" and obscure tunes like the original version of "She's A Very Lovely Woman" (popularized by Linda Rondstadt) and "Live" by the Merry-Go-Round.

Truth be told, there was such a volcanic wash of music between 1966 and 1969, it's no surprise that a lot of sounds (like DIDDY WAH DIDDY) got lost in the lava. That was at a time when people in, say, Denver CO had never heard the #1 single in Chicago, and vice-versa!

Captain B recorded 12 studio albums between 1965 and 1982!

Captain Beefheart

Ella Guru - Dichotomy - 2004 - 2:30
Frownland - Dichotomy - 2004 - 1:51
My Human Gets Me Blues - The Captain's ... - 2006 - 3:19
Sugar 'N Spikes - Dichotomy - 2004 - 2:32
Listen on: Rhapsody - Pandora

::::::::::Anybody out there remember Harumi?::::::::::

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Around The Blogosphere 17 December 2010

Blogger Tavi Gevinson takes a look at Black Swan.

Get ready for another (Oh, no!) TeeVee singing competition: PASTE reports that reality-TV mega-producer Mark Burnett’s latest project will be a singing competition for NBC called The Voice of America. Naturally, like all of the other singing competition rip-off shows, this one will be based on the Dutch show "The Voice of Holland." Yawn, yawn, yawn and yawn!

MYTH!!! Teenagers are abandoning blogs, while members of the "G.I. Generation" are flocking to Facebook. These are two of the findings in a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which put out a similar "Generations" report last year. REALLY?

From the report:
"The primary adult data in this report is based on the findings of a daily tracking survey on Americans' use of the Internet. The results in this report are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International between April 29 and May 30, 2010, among a sample of 2,252 adults ages 18 and older, including 744 reached on a cell phone. Interviews were conducted in English. For results based on the total sample, one can say with 95% confidence that the error attributable to sampling and other random effects is plus or minus 2.4 percentage points. In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting telephone surveys may introduce some error or bias into the findings of opinion polls."

EDITOR's NOTE ::: "telephone interviews" are so 20th Century! All of the people I know under age 50 have cell phones, not land lines, and I am 99% sure the "folks" who participated in this research were contacted via land lines!

Georyl reports ::: CMF Ads Removes SSN Requirement For Cash Outs

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Codes & Commandments To Live By

We've all heard of "affirmations" such as the ones promoted in "The Secret." Go back in time and you have the "48 rules" and "The 10 Commandments" ::: there are "positive thinkers" and "quotes of the day," and then there are those concepts that have "taken root" in my brain.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try it seems all the positive thoughts and affirmations in the world can't make us feel better after someone or something has really hurt our feelings. another old phrase "cuts like a knife" would apply there. So "suck it up" and muster the best of your thoughts and memories when those trying times come.

Now here are the things I have found to be so very true in life:

(1) It is better to need and not have, than to have and not need. Pick up that extra item when it's on sale. You won't regret it! An extra this and that here and there always seems to come in handy, and when that "time of need" arises, will jack up your "satisfaction" level considerably!

(2) You've heard the saying "Live each day as though it were your last." Inspiring? well, more inspiring is "treat every person you meet as though you know this is THEIR last day on earth." Kinda puts a new spin on it, doesn't it? Every living person, even the most vileous, in his or her heart wants to be forgiven and wants to be loved the way they once were, either by a parent, friend, spouse or lover. Certainly don't be an idiot, but do give your care, concern and attention to those who cross your path today.
This week, you will encounter:

1. A man who was badly abused as a child.
2. A woman who's recently lost a baby.
3. A child whose family lost their home in foreclosure.
4. A person battling a life threatening illness.
5. Someone who's lost faith in everything.

You'll recognize these people. They'll be the ones you silently call rude, nasty, impatient, stupid, annoying, insensitive or slow.

You could send them your blessing.

It would matter.
(3) The last is a twist on the old "Footprints in the sand" verse, where when the second set of prints disappears for awhile, that's your time in life when you were so weak that Jesus carried you.

This time the analogy is a well in the desert, strategically located at the point where no man or beast could go on without quenching the thirst for life's water. The well has a rope and bucket. The bucket has a small hole in the bottom. When you lower the bucket to bring up water, you can't fill it because it runs out the hole, but by the time you bring it up there is ENOUGH to quench your thirst. And the hole "fixes" it so that no one would care to steal the bucket, thus it will always remain there for thirsty travelers.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turn your iPhone into a SpyPhone!

The PatriotApp links your iPhone to U.S. security and law enforcement agencies via the Net and allows you to report anything you want at the touch of a button! Now, even YOU can be a spy!

Has YOUR email account been compromised by the Gawker scare?


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pop Clips » 14 Dec 2010

Lil' Kim v Nicki Minaj ::: Opinions on the feud ...

Not since the Hatfields battled the McCoys has the world seen anything like the Kim-Minaj enmity!

R&B crooner and sextape star Ray J shares his thoughts on the whole Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj rap beef situation. He told Power 105.1: "I like Nicki Minaj ..."

Female blogger dilemma - If you are anonymous - you must be a fat ugly loser in real life. If you show your identity and you look ugly - You should do plastic surgery. If you show ...

Lonely blond leaker seeks hottie WikiLeaks leader's Web-dating profile

Jackman Injured During Oprah Show taping Down Under

While on the Chelsea Lately show, Lucy Liu shed some light on her guest appearance on UK Band The Bullitts track, “Close Your Eyes”, which also features Jay Electronica. Lucy also revealed that she is featured throughout the group’s upcoming LP as the character of Amelia Sparks.

Does Getting Ahead Mean Getting Out? - Among the reasons why Parth Vaishnav, a Bombay university undergraduate, can't wait to leave India for the United States?

The Malaysian government has imposed a five-year moratorium on medical programs across the country, with the aim of shifting the focus from quantity to quality as the number of medical graduates continues to increase every year. Is this a good policy intervention? Bloggers react.

RIP ::: Richard Holbrooke, the US Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan. On Friday, Holbrooke was rushed to the hospital with a torn aorta. He went through more than 20 hours of surgery, but passed away Monday.

Albany: International Center For Rap and Hip-Hop!

Exciting news on the street today! Kids buzzing about the "new" Albany High, which they say will be divided into 4 schools, one of which will teach students how to make rap and hip-hop CDs. Once the school is up an running, about 600 rappers & musicians a year will be graduating, and that means jobs and a new future for Albany as a center of the music industry. Some of the junior high students on our street are already writing material and getting performances down.

This is great news on another level: The old Albany High simply isn't working. The students run the school, and run wild on city streets every afternoon on the way home. One of the High's other schools will teach kids how to get involved and become community activists (think Barack Obama) and another school will be outfitted like a courtroom, to help students gain experience with governance and the legal system.

Not sure how long it will take to get everything up and running, but it can't come soon enough for the troubled High!

Back in the 1980s people were worried about the US becoming a "service economy" - they hadn't foreseen the rise of the internet and the digital age - so now we are looking at becoming instead, an "entertainment economy," with the new High putting Albany right dead smack center of the cutting edge! Ride the wave, O Albany!

And Albany, if you don't think hip-hop is "where it's at" - you better CHECK OUT THIS!!!!

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December was the month that was for the Fab Four!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Expecting to fly? Might as well, it's Monday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saina Nehwal ::: BAD (minton) GIRL!

"It is like a dream come true," Indian badminton ace Saina Nehwal said on Sunday after defeating China's Shixian Wang to win the Hong Kong Open Super Series title! Saina is being held as a "new icon" by countrymen... (she's actually been a 'rising star' for about 5 years now); she tells the Times of India "The win here is special since I was dissappointed after my quarterfinal loss at the Asian Games. I was focused on this tournament and wanted to win it here."

Earlier this year, the 20-year old broke into Badmintons' Top 5, telling reporters "Once you are in the top-10, it is very difficult to climb even one place."

The Hong Kong tile, combined with her two super series title in Singapore and Indonesia this year, has brought her on the threshold of being the number one player in the world. She was also crowned the Commonwealth Games champion in New Delhi.

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Metrodome Collapse

Trending on twitter and Google this afternoon (as the rain hammers the Capital Region) is the collapse to the west of here, of the Metrodome, from heavy snow. There's a lot of video being shared on this but making the most sense of the situation is Julie Fallon, writing on "Mother Nature has given Brett Favre at least another 24 hours to recoup from injuries that have put his starting streak in jeopardy."

Around The Blogosphere 12 December 10

Sister Feng in New York City! (more below...)

It's that time of year when Pop Culture most remembers THE BEATLES ::: this is the month they went viral in the USA (I'll be posting on this during the week- you won't want to miss it!) and also the month John Lennon was killed.

Do we need local teevee news at 0430? CBS6 starts it Monday. I think it's a great idea! I'm up at 0430, and catching up with news and weather at that time is perfect for me! This will definitely get me off to a better start, so when I'm out on my morning run, I'll be able to frame up a few story ideas. Usually I rely on radio news, because I have no time to WATCH anything between 0600-0700!

Sister Feng’s New York Job Interview With Sinovision - Chinese internet celebrity Sister Feng interviews for a job with Sinovision, an American Chinese-language television station ::: "The news director that interviewed her praised Luo Yufeng as not being the way China’s media publicized her as being but rather an independent-thinking, frank and sincere, clear-eyed, and quick-thinking person." Fauna has posted background videos as well as translationss of Sister Feng’s latest [Sina Weibo] microblog messages!

Last Tuesday, the students at I.S. 192 in Queens, NY got a visit from Fabolous for the New York After-School All-Stars (ASASNY) program. Loso spoke to the students on proper internet usage on social networking sites like Facebook & Myspace.

Here is a poem about Jerusalem.

Dragonblogger ::: 14 Reliable Alternatives to Google Adsense

Do you really want to waste your time with Adsense, etc? Here's where the money is! A Newbie's Guide to Publishing :::The Bestseller Shift - In just a week, Amanda Hocking has sold over 10,000 ebooks. Who is Amanda Hocking? She's a self-published paranormal romance author. Check out her blog.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello, Dan Lynch!

Dan Lynch and Paul Rutherford recently published former NewsChannel 13 Anchor, Ed Dague's new book, "Six and Eleven; A Television New's Anchor's Story". Ed enjoyed a very successful signing at the Bookhouse and has several more signing dates scheduled. Below is a youtube link with highlights of Ed's recent signing;

For a complete list of upcoming signings or to order on-line visit Ed's next appearance is scheduled for later today, December 11th, 1-3 pm at Borders in Clifton Park.

Dan Lynch will be joining Ed for signings on December 17-19th. Come say hello to Dan. He will be signing his recent novel "A Thunder of Captains". Ed's book is quickly becoming the local favorite for the holidays.

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Goodbye, Mr. Roboto!

I don't know about you, but it's about time these robo calls were regulated! Next on the agenda: those annoying calls from that newspaper company! I'm hoping our legislators will get to that eventually!

NEW YORK, NY (12/10/2010)(readMedia)-- The New York State Consumer Protection Board (CPB) alerts consumers to new protections and laws that address telemarketing practices which "game the system."

The Do Not Call Law is one of the State's most important consumer protections. Individuals who register their personal land and mobile phone numbers on the federal Do Not Call Registry are afforded some relief from annoying telemarketers. The new statute, advanced by the CPB, augments New York's protections against many deceptive and bothersome telemarketing practices. In particular, the amendments to the law:

  • Expand New York's "Do Not Call" Law protections to "robo-calls" including those that only leave a telemarketing message;
  • Restrict unsolicited telemarketing calls to the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.;
  • Require telemarketers to disclose at the outset of the call the nature of the goods or service they are selling; and,
  • Grant the CPB subpoena power to better investigate complaints.

"New Yorkers have the right to avoid harassment from telemarketers," said Governor David A. Paterson. "This law adds teeth to the existing law by expanding the definition of a telemarketing call to include prerecorded, unsolicited messages, and giving the Consumer Protection Board more authority to investigate companies using deceptive practices in the telemarketing industry."

"Restricting telemarketing calls to the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and applying the State's Do Not Call Law to 'robo' calls will help to further reduce unwanted telemarketing calls and safeguard the personal privacy of New Yorkers," said Mindy A. Bockstein, Chairperson and Executive Director of the CPB. "This new law, which also strengthens enforcement, provides all the more reason for consumers to place their telephone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry."

The law takes effect TODAY December 11, 2010.

More than 12 million New York telephone numbers are registered on the Do Not Call Registry. The CPB encourages all New Yorkers to add their personal telephone numbers to the Do Not Call Registry.

For additional Do Not Call and other consumer information, visit or call the CPB toll-free at 1-800-697-1220.

The CPB, established in 1970 by the New York State Legislature, is marking its 40th anniversary as the State's top consumer watchdog and think tank. The CPB's core mission is to protect New Yorkers by publicizing unscrupulous and questionable business practices and product recalls; conducting investigations and hearings; enforcing the "Do Not Call" law; researching issues; developing legislation; creating consumer education programs and materials; responding to individual marketplace complaints by securing voluntary agreements; and, representing the interests of consumers before the Public Service Commission and other State and federal agencies.

Another Week In The Bucket..., is it Saturday already? And still on the to-do list: holiday shopping! I had a pretty productive week... only missed one of my scheduled events, the "exit interview" with NY Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch (another reporter had already pulled the assignment, unbeknownst to me!) Wonder if RR uttered his infamous "seed corn" reference?
Bill Clinton: Obama 'Made a Good Decision'
Nationally, the "big story" revolved around President Obama throwing the keys over to Bill Clinton! Doug Powers blogs the details... MSNBC compares the two Pres's...
Too late for me to cover: First (and second) veto by Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, who said "nyet" to Councilman Anton Konev & friends budget provision to keep Bath #2 operational.

More hyperlocal news: the trial of DeVon Callicutt, accused murderer of Richard Bailey.

Interesting was the "collapse" of NYC OTB and suddenly NYRA is talking about shuttering Saratoga again.

More interesting was the meeting of the New York State County Executives in donwtown Albany Friday afternoon. They attended a New York State Association of Counties meeting, folowed by a luncheon, followed by a press conference. Here's Fox23's coverage with a link to the full report. To hear the county execs tell it, both "on mic" and off, the Empire State is rocketing toward financial doom. They're wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming that change will come when Andrew Cuomo takes over as Governor. Let's hope so!

Most interesting: activists report the finding of cancer-causing BPAs on receipt paper. The toxic substance is on the surface of the paper and rubs off onto money and the inner linings of wallets and purses. All of my news stories are on the radio station website.

Good news regarding jobs: NextAct of Colonie reported a huge increase in job postings in just the 24-hour period from Thursday to Friday, and the State Labor Dept. is pushing on in efforts to help the unemployed land work.

In sports, the SIENA men's BB team defeated again. So what else is new?

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Friday, December 10, 2010

And Now It's Cold Outside...

...not for long. They say it'll warm up by Sunday.

Clone Blog Spawn?

A number of look-alike blogs have sprung up throughout the Entrecard network. They're all similar. automatic. Mechanized. For what purpose?

Some of them are using machine-dropping when visiting other EC sites. They use a script on a Linux computer that does all the hopping and dropping automatically. The dropper doesn't have to watch the computer: he or she simply executes the script. It goes from blog to blog, reading the SOURCE code, finds the EC widget, auto-clicks on the "Drop" bar, and moves on! I monitored an IM conversation where a user

Who is behind them and why? What do YOU make of them? Here are the urls of just a few of their number: (you'll notoce the styles and layouts are eerily similar!)

[cut+paste in your browser window, please - this blogger was too lazy to code in the uRLs!]

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 09 December 2010

Pictured: Yarah Bravo!

The Winklevoss twins are at it again! Tyler and Cameron, the crew-rowing siblings who walked away with a $65 million settlement after suing Mark Zuckerberg, have filed another suit against the Facebook founder, saying they didn't get enough last time. More »

As the debacle over election results continues, Haitian bloggers discuss the mounting unrest in their country, which further complicates efforts to deal with the cholera epidemic.

Saeed Malekpour
,website developer, is facing the death penalty in Iran for allegedly designing “adult” websites. A few Iranian sites wrote Malekpour was the main manager of hard porn Avizoon site and he is not a political prisoner.

President Bill Clinton weighs in on WikiLeaks

Julian Assange’s London Arrest, Chinese Netizen Reactions - Translated Chinese netizen reactions & comments on Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange's arrest, criminal charges of rape, & the hypocrisy of Western democracy.

A leak of another kind! Semi-nude saucy fotos of Christina Aguilera leaked by computer worm dropper-hackers: I ask - now why would you make yourself vulnerable like this by posing for such pictures? Could the 30-year old be looking to attract a deal from Playboy or another publication of that ilk?

Although I have yet to meet him on person, fellow-blogger Geoffrey Philip is one of about five bloggers I would absolutely love to have face time with! Stephen Bess writes about Geoffrey's Dub Wise!

How to start Windows in safe mode

Safe mode is very useful if you think you may have an infection on your computer, or if there is some other problem with Windows. Safe mode is a way to start Windows with the minimum of applications and facilities running. Consequently, viruses and the like are not invited to the 'safe mode' party.

New Video: Young Dro feat. Gucci Mane & T.I. “Freeze Me” - The official video for Young Dro’s “Freeze Me” with help from T.I. and Gucci Mane! And from Dallas Penn: Soulja Boy By The Numbers… - Soulja Boy has several million TWitter followers, yet only managed to sell a little more than 13,000 copies of his latest album in its first week in stores.
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