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Bettina's Blog ::: 5th Blogiversary!

Guest post by Bettina Perroni

I present my blog. The best blog in the world lol (for me):::

The blog is old. As of January 10 five years on the Web. Its content has been a source of inspiration for some criticism for others. Millions are unaware of its existence but it does have thousands of visitors who have become loyal readers.

All that the author-or I - ever wanted to do was to make this space a personal diary. "Genesis: Origin of my thoughts" rather than a recapitulation of experiences, is the cave where Bettina Perroni has released all these thoughts. Some truths have leaned between the lines, but there are pitfalls when writing.

Why Genesis?, Simply because I believe in the existence of an end ... even in the "happy endings." My belief is based on the constant changes that occur the birth of new stages, new experiences. In short, I born in a different way to the reality in each of my writings. I like to approach life objectively, directly ... but just to watch me pleasure myself from a different perspective, challenging the destination to see when you make a mistake.

I am author, actor and observer of my own decisions and I critique, and judge my own actions.

This blog has allowed me to survive, get over, my fear of flying.
Here I am in love, I am disappointed and I have prospered. Sure, let me get close to people that I can not physically see and be where I can not.

You see, you have me here ... and now

you and me.

Surreal but possible;)

So I LOVE MY BLOG and I look forward to the day when this space very soon will wake up with a new look (as new as mine). How many times I needed this blog ...

Maybe you also need a blog.

Can your local TV news staff do this?

I watched it on the telly over the weekend. I wonder if John McLoughlin tendering his resignation over at WTEN led to WNYT's desire to spread the video below?
WTEN announces McLoughlin's replacement: a cub reporter!
What videos could WTEN respond with? Demetria Ganias covering any Nicki Minaj tune? How about John McL himself answering the call with his own rendition of This little number!

Top Entrecard droppers January 2011

Here they are.

The folks who dropped most on this humble weblog.

But far more importantly, there was a single blog that I purchased adverts on that totally outperformed all of the other ec blogs my widget appeared on! Not only did I get "hits' ::: I got HIGH-QUALITY traffic! People who actually STAYED for awhile to read my articles!
That blog belongs to Kimm!

Monday Morning Message

Friends, here we are, smack dab in the middle of wintertime! The last day of January begins our new workweek, and we'll be into the short month of February by the time it's all done Friday at 5pm!

I have a busy week ahead: the radio station fund drive take splace all week. On Tuesday we have Governor Andrew Cuomo out with his budget proposal. Wednesday meteorologists peg as the day of the next Northeast snowstorm, and we're not certain of its track. Will New York City get dumped on again? Will the storm reach the Capital Region and Saratoga? Stay tuned!

I've been awfully busy over the last several days, a trend I expect to continue. You must excuse my lack of more frequent posting for the time being. And know that the release of the 12 Hottest Blogging Babes for the year 2011 is coming soon.

Looking over the weekend Times Union I find Albany news doesn't seem to change very much. The local landfill is still running out of space. The newspaper continues to chase down any dirt regarding NXIVM and its founder Keith Raniere.

A national story that caught my eye was one about a rich woman who went wacko and killed her teenagers! Kids can indeed be "mouthy" but in this case mom blew her top! The NY Daily Nx has details and pictures from Facebook.

Last week's most interesting picture was that Reuters photo of lightning striking Mt. Shimone as the Japanese volcano erupted.

Imagine seeing TWO suns in the sky!*** The TU on page A8 (Sunday) may have the answer to why the Mayan calendar ends at the year 2012: the imminent explosion of Betelgeuse!

I had some issues with Saki Tumi's laptop, and let me tell you, what a difference a good disk cleaning program can make!

Wishing you a good week - I'll post when I can, and of course you can always find me on twitter!
*** From WikiPedia ::: The creation of the Crab Nebula corresponds to the bright SN 1054 supernova that was recorded by Chinese astronomers and Arab astronomers in 1054 AD. The Crab Nebula itself was first observed in 1731 by John Bevis. The nebula was independently rediscovered in 1758 by Charles Messier as he was observing a bright comet. Messier catalogued it as the first entry in his catalogue of comet-like objects. The Earl of Rosse observed the nebula at Birr Castle in the 1840s, and referred to the object as the Crab Nebula because a drawing he made of it looked like a crab.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Around The Blogosphere 30 January 2011

Entrecard Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The popular hybrid advertising/social blogger's network is having a "dashboard" dilemma: Droppers can't reciprocate the way they are accustomed to! "Serious error: We have a bug in our software..." read »

Brazil: Exclusive Internet Interview with the Founder of WikiLeaks

Read this post.
Brazilian netizens were invited to participate in an exclusive and collective interview with Julian Assange, founder and editor of the polemical WikiLeaks. Assange explains why he works with mainstream media – though he never fails to criticize it. Egypt: Hosni Mubarak Appoints Vice-president (Politics)
A. Fatih Syuhud - In other countries vice-president appointment might not be a news at all. Not in Egypt. Since, Husni Mubarak have not appointed any VP during his 30-year rule.

Egypt: Solidarity Pours in from Around the World

Read this post.
On Saturday, in different cities around the world, people demonstrated in solidarity with the Egyptian protesters. This is a round up of some of the videos of the marches posted!

Entrecard Error?

Hmmm... Entrecard is not working today. If you can't do your reciprocal dropping, here's a new program you can join and get started in while waiting for EC to come back up.

So, you're not dropping 300 (or 600 or 900) today?

Have you joined AFFILIATE LIGHTS?

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Additionally ::: Blog Engage is now offering free submission to Blog Serp a sister site of blog engage. The products page for blog engage has been updated, and so far their affiliate program already has 4 sales for their members and that's only the start of this money train.

So if you can't be droppin' get HOPPIN' on board the Affiliate Lights money train!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cyber Storm Troopers

Egypt Shows How Easily Internet Can Be Silenced ::: USA To Follow?

Earlier this week, United States Senator Joe Lieberman brought back a bill he first introduced last summer that would give President Obama power over privately owned Internet providers and computer systems during a "national cyberemergency." The revised version of the Lieberman-Collins bill now includes language stipulating that the federal government designation "shall not be subject to judicial review." It also expanded the president's purview to include "provider of information technology." Given the government's rush to cut off access to WikiLeaks for a few thousand embarrassing but dated diplomatic cables, it's hard to trust their definition of a "cyberemergency." ~ New York Magazine

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Found new music! #mylauramichelle

Love listening to music online? Check out Laura Michelle! Laura, your stuff is awesome, but you need longer cuts and real videos to get the message out! You might wanna borrow a page out of DJ Vadim & Yarah Bravo's book: UPLOAD, BABY, UPLOAD!

Strangefruitmusicblog has a nice article featuring DJ Vadim's "Beautiful" video, which I understand has been one of the all-time most-popular posts on "the twitterer" blog...

...and DJVadim himself tweeted the alert on a shortandsweet post entitled DJ Vadim Presents the Electric: Life Is Moving By: ND McCray.

#ff Man is a Social Being...

Although, like everyone else, I have some concerns when it comes to Facebook privacy, from time to time I search Facebook for someone interesting to friend whom I don't know personally. I think it adds to the mix and matter of social networking. Life (and internet social networking) is often about DISCOVERY via reaching out to others. Digital Grifter Schnooks know this [Schnook 1][Schnook 2] and work it to their advantage, harboring less than honorable intentions, which yield unhappy results.
Wanna delete that Facebook account? Here's how.
Speaking of DISCOVERY, did humans cross from eastern Africa to Arabia around 130,000 years ago? This could be an addendum to the excellent PBS documentary THE JOURNEY OF MAN.

The latest wave of PR updates has shaken and stirred the blogosphere. I found a nice site for investigating your blog backlinks.

About #ff

Follow Friday is simply an understood way of promoting other people on Twitter – anyone you think your followers should also be following for any reason.

How to participate in Follow Friday:
1. type Follow Friday and/or #ff (upper or lower case is fine) anywhere within a tweet
2. list the @name of the Tweeters you recommend

If you want your Follow Fridays to be more effective (increase how many new followers they get), you can also craft a reason why you’re giving them the Follow Friday and why you think they’ll be a great follow for all your followers.

Goodbye Johnny

Word's out that veteran Albany local TV reporter John McLoughlin has tendered his resignation. John is among the Capital Region's "Big 3" reporters: 3, big powerhouse guys who know the ropes blindfolded: John, Ken Screven of CBS6 and Bill Lambdin of Newschannel13.

Cecilia Martinez writes in the Troy Record: "Looking forward, McLoughlin said he hopes to continue to work in the news business, but has not made any plans. " Which has led to speculation that the two-week notice JMcL gave WTEN may have been "forced"???

No one is "safe" from the hand of fate and the hands of time. Change is inevitable. We all realize this.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Does this ring any bells for you? If yes, click here!

How long before this page comes down?

Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Lights

Are you looking for a chance to make a little extra money while blogging, tweeting, facebooking or whatever it is you do online?

I have joined the Affiliate Lights program.

It looks like a good opportunity: check it out!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bloggers are blogging about...

The State of the Union address: "The president said we need to increase American exports. The greatest export that America manufactures at this point is nostalgia..." [Dallas Penn] ::: "The White House loves to talk about global “competitiveness,” but refuses to support competition in our government-run K-12 schools monopoly. “Sputnik moment” — or Sputter-nik moment?" [Michelle Malkin] ::: "Unfortunately, Obama, for reasons of inexperience or character, is not willing, when push comes to shove, to confront power and entrenched interests in either domestic or international politics." [Harry Kreisler]

If Search Engines Played Jeopardy, Which One Would Win? - The recent victory of IBM's Watson computer against human competitors in an exhibition round of *Jeopardy* got computer scientist Stephen Wolfram thinking...

Instant Gratification via the Digital goddess ACCESS

I remember [only about 5] years ago trying to find "Words Enough To Tell You" via search engine.

The simple song by the Mascots was one of three on a flimsy floppy "flex' vinyl recording [3080 FLEX TOPP-SKIVAN 1965 MED PEKKA LANGER MASCOTS, MERRYMEN, SHANES (SKIVAN I EN PÅSE) 1965 BILD JOURNALEN S 567 SV VG] that looked like those once attached to boxes of cereal. The girl who lived down my street had it and I made a cassette copy. As I tried to find it on the Net, circa 2006, I found... Nothing. Not on Google, Not Yahoo, Not Dogpile. But NOW, TODAY... here it is!

These days one can even find Harumi, and Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies... Having typed that, I know there are still some items that can't be found...YET... also not too long ago, Robin Lane & The Chartbusters' "When Things Go Worng" turned up online!

BONUS: Merry-Go-Around, the band that used to open for The Jefferson Airplane has found its way onto youtube: check out LIVE and YOU'RE A VERY LOVELY WOMAN (yup - they created the original, later made famous by Linda Ronstadt):

We live in a time when people demand to have everything RIGHT THIS MINUTE, and that includes ACCESS to the past!


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

U:P:D:A:T:E ::: It's BAAAACK! Thank-you, Google!

Return of the (laptop) Hunter

As the end of the new month of the new year draws near, I am resuming my quest for a good, reliable laptop computer that has all of the features I need and want. The one factor that has been eluding the equation is money, but like it always does, will materialize at the proper time.

By coincidence or perhaps by design, I've been bumping into people carrying laptops all last week and have had the opportunity to examine the machines firsthand.

I need a lappie with a strong OS, built-in wi-fi, all-purpose CD/DVD, at least 3 USB ports, micro-card port, various audio-video in+out jacks, able to accept a network card AND a telephone line for dial-up. A machine with lots of disk space... I know what programs I require. The need is both personal and professional. Anybody who'd care to help me in this quest is invited to contribute via the "donate" button at the top right hand column of this humble weblog.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Trending 24 Jan 2011

"The reason we’re often not there for others…
is that we’re not there for ourselves."
~ Pema Chödrön

The girl Dawn Yang / Yeo modeled herself after, Arissa Luna / Cheo (Zhen Shan), is back in the spotlight: is reporting that South Asian singer and dancer Vanness Wu has denied any patch up with heiress Cheo.

But there's been some TWEETING going on...

Arissa is no stranger to controversy!

Speaking of controversy, this item, via Miss Info ::: Vybz Kartel addresses skin bleaching controversy with Hot97 morning show...

Here's a heartwarming interracial tale of love vs. tradition ::: How I Bought My South African Bride tells how a BBC cameraman navigated through social strata to marry the love of his life...

RIP Jack LaLanne ::: Legendary fitness guru Jack LaLanne, who pioneered televised exercise shows, passed at the age of 96. His agent Rick Hersh says LaLanne died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia Sunday afternoon at his home in Morro Bay on California's central coast.

Are YOU "LinkedIn"? Larry B offers excellent advice on how to best make use of the specialized social networking platform.

Take a little motoring excursion through time... Travels With the Amazing Bertha Benz

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GOOD NEWS UPDATE! - 25 January 2011

Technology and geeks screw real people up again!

The geniuses banished "reader" from the gmail toolbar!

Gmail people are suspicious: one thinks HERE's WHY GOOGLE DROPPED READER FROM GMAIL- I have NEVER used the photo link. I use the reader one all the time. This is a silly ploy to try to get more people to use the photo tool.

Commented another: "Let's just hope Google comes to its senses and at the very least allows us to manage/customize the links shown at the top..."

Around The Blogosphere 24 January 2011

From time to time, I get emails from budding bloggers with all sorts of questions. I never seem to get around to answering them all. But now there is a place where you can go online and drown yourself in excellent advice. Make sure you have a few hours and a snack on hand, because you'll never find so much knowledge in one single place... this is like the Stargate for Bloggers!

There has been ongoing debate over how important Google PageRank is. I say it is not all that, certainly nothing you wanna slit your mousecords over. Remember, successful blogging is all about traffic and backlinks. You've heard that before, yes? Now, for some added oomph: The Art of Linking.
Perhaps you've heard that Google's PageRank patent will be running out soon. Dragonblogger has details - set your pop-up blocker to "full strength" to avoid the "PopUp Domination" annoyance, then click HERE!
Also check out Aldon Hynes' post on Orient Lodge ::: Managing Personal and Corporate Brands Online


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pop Clips » 23 Jan 2011

Last night in France, Shakira was a double winner at the NRJ Music Awards - click for details...

Starting a trend ::: female politician says she'll be packin'...

Wanna grow your baby kid to be "Asian-smart?" New York Magazine has the INSIDE SCOOP! The article says ::: "But that hardly matters. The American parents who are reading the Tiger Mother’s tale aren’t looking to copy (Amy) Chua’s cruel coldness; they’re smart enough to edit that out when they try this at home. It’s her daughters’ success they’re after." ::::: "It is not only true that many non-Chinese are befuddled by and cannot understand the true secrets to Chinese success here and abroad, not a few people of my generation and even those younger of our ethnic Chinese minority — who despite going to the best schools here or in the West — also tragically no longer remember how our penniless immigrant ancestors painstakingly earned success through decades of blood, sweat and tears, though years of guts, grit and jia kho."~ Wilson Lee Flores

RadarOnline is reporting this morning that Keith Olbermann was told he'd been canned within hours of going on air Friday for what would be his last MSNBC show... Lawrence O'Donnell's 10pm show will replace Olbermann at 8pm, and Ed Schulz will get the 10pm slot.

Italy's Francesca Schiavone beat Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova 6-4, 1-6, 16-14 over four hours and 44 minutes in the Australian Open.

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Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia Abortions

Presenting Resident Medical Evil ::: He rationalized his macabre habit of cutting off dead babies’ feet and saving them in rows and rows of specimen jars as “research.”

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

SmAlbany Spirit

From time to time people have referred to the Albany, NY area as "Small-bany." Friday's presidential visit underscores why. It was embarassing to me as a journalist to watch some of the teevee nonsense, such as training cameras on the skyspace above Albany International Airport where it was reckoned Air Force One would be coming in for a landing. And the narrative as the plane landed! Imagine a TV newscast where the main story tracks the journey of a snail across a driveway. There's just so much you can say about an event like that.

Noteworthy: the way all of the reporters, cameramen and technical people come together at events like this! I've posted a few pictures - can you guess who the people are in the photos?
Urban Dictionary
A pejorative nickname for the capital of New York State, Albany. So called because of its diminutive size, especially compared to New York City.
This spelling is preferred over smalbany, since it preserves the rhyme with ‘small’ and avoids the pronunciation AL-bany (which is, as far as most New Yorker’s are concerned, a city in southern Georgia).
“So, you’re from upstate? Where? Syracuse? Buffalo?”
“Ha, I wish! Nah, I grew up in Smallbany, where the only thing to do at night is drive to another city.”
Then there were all of the Schenectady business owners that were giddy and had somehow convinced themselves and others that President Barack Obama was planning to stop by their particular establishment for lunch. How ridiculous! (What less would you expect from a place where it takes several days to round up a few loose cows?)

Sadly, this wasn't the first time Obama had visited the Capital Region. He was in Troy and toured HVCC about two years ago. Do people in Chicago or Kansas City act the way Capital Region People do when the Pres stops by?

The other 'SmAlbany factors' include the city's inability and/or unwillingness to support any type of local sports team, and that more than 50% of property is tax-exempt, belonging to the state and to nonprofits. It has been said that "if Albany wasn't the State Capital it would be nuttin'."

To give you further insight, the SmAlbany blog hasn't been updated in years!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Press Pictures at GE Schenectady, January 21, 2011

TRANSCRIPT ::: REMARKS BY PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ON THE ECONOMY General Electric Plant, Schenectady, New York -January 21, 2011

1:03 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, hello! Hello, Schenectady! (Applause.) It is good to be in New York. (Applause.) Now let me just begin, if I’m not mistaken, Governor Cuomo* -- who is going to be an outstanding governor -- (applause) -- he tried to give me a Jets hat. (Laughter.) I had to refuse it. I had Secret Service confiscate it. (Laughter.) But I will say both the Jets and the Bears I think are slight underdogs, so we’re going to be rooting for the underdogs on Sunday. (Applause.)

In addition to Governor Cuomo, I just want to acknowledge Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy is here. (Applause.) Two great friends of mine and great champions for New York in the United States Senate -- Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are here. (Applause.) Members of the congressional delegation from up this way -- Paul Tonko, Chris Gibson, and Richard Hanna are all here. (Applause.)

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is here. (Applause.) The outstanding mayor of Schenectady who flew up with me because we had an event down at the White House for mayors and he was on Marine One and Air Force One and he looked like he was having a pretty good time -- (laughter) -- Brian Stratton is here. (Applause.) And from Albany, Mayor Jerry Jennings is here. (Applause.) Thank you.

Now, Jeff, thank you for the outstanding introduction, and thank you, GE. It is great to be here. I just had a chance to see some of the high-tech steam turbines and all kinds of fancy stuff that’s being made here, being manufactured here at this plant. And it is unbelievably impressive and it’s part of a proud tradition, because GE has been producing turbines and generators here in Schenectady for more than a century.

A lot has changed since those early days. We’ve seen technologies transform the ways we work and the ways we communicate with one another. We’ve seen our economy transformed by rising competition from around the globe. And over the years, in the wake of these shifts, upstate New York and places like it have seen more than their fair share of hard times.

But what has never changed –- we see it right here at this plant, we see it right here at GE –- is that America is still home to the most creative and most innovative businesses in the world. We’ve got the most productive workers in the world. America is home to inventors and dreamers and builders and creators. (Applause.) All of you represent people who each and every day are pioneering the technologies and discoveries that not only improve our lives, but they drive our economy.

Across the country, there are entrepreneurs opening businesses. There are researchers testing new medical treatments. There are engineers pushing the limits of design and the programmers poring over lines of code. And there are workers like you on assembly lines all across the country, eager to create some of the best products the world has ever seen.

There are students training to take new jobs by their side. In this community, GE is building one of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing facilities to produce state-of-the-art batteries. (Applause.) Last year, you opened the headquarters of your renewable energy operations, and you created 650 jobs on this campus. (Applause.)

So our challenge, especially as we continue to fight our way back from the worst recession in our lifetimes, is to harness this spirit, to harness this potential, the potential that all of you represent.

Our challenge is to do everything we can to make it easier for folks to bring products to market and to start and expand new businesses, and to grow and hire new workers. I want plants like this all across America. You guys are a model of what’s possible.

And that’s why, as part of the tax cut compromise that I signed at the end of the year, we provided incentives for businesses to make new capital investments -– and in fact GE is investing $13 million in advanced manufacturing at this plant, taking advantage of some of these tax breaks.

We also extended a program that GE says its customers have used to invest $6 billion in clean energy production across this country –- driving demand for the company’s wind turbines. And I saw one of those big turbines on the way in. So we know we can compete. Not just in the industries of the past, but also in the industries of the future.

But in an ever-shrinking world, our success in these efforts will be determined not only by what we build in Schenectady, but also what we can sell in Shanghai. For America to compete around the world, we need to export more goods around the world. That’s where the customers are. It’s that simple. (Applause.)

And as I was walking through the plant, you guys had put up some handy signs so I knew what I was looking at. (Laughter.) And I noticed on all of them they said, this is going to Kuwait; this is going to India; this is going to Saudi Arabia.

That's where the customers are, and we want to sell them products made here in America. That’s why I met with Chinese leaders this week, and Jeff joined me at the state dinner.

During those meetings, we struck a deal to open Chinese markets to our products. They're selling here, and that's fine. But we want to sell there. We want to open up their markets so that we got two-way trade, not just one-way trade. (Applause.)

So the deals we struck are going to mean more than $45 billion in new business for American companies -– $45 billion -- that translates into 235,000 new jobs for American workers. (Applause.)

And that’s also why I fought hard to negotiate a new trade deal with South Korea that will support more than 70,000 American jobs. That’s why I traveled to India a few months ago -- and Jeff was there with us -- where our businesses were able to reach agreement to export $10 billion in goods and services to India. And that’s going to lead to another 50,000 jobs here in the United States. (Applause.)

Part of the reason I wanted to come to this plant is because this plant is what that trip was all about. As part of the deal we struck in India, GE is going sell advanced turbines -- the ones you guys make -- to generate power at a plant in Samalkot, India -- Samalkot, India. Most of you hadn’t heard of Samalkot -- (laughter) -- but now you need to know about it, because you’re going to be selling to Samalkot, India. And that new business halfway around the world is going to help support more than 1,200 manufacturing jobs and more than 400 engineering jobs right here in this community -- because of that sale. (Applause.)

So it’s a perfect example of why promoting exports is so important. That’s why I’ve set a goal of doubling American exports within five years. And we’re on track to do it. We’re already up 18 percent and we’re just going to keep on going, because we’re going to sell more and more stuff all around the world. (Applause.)

When a company sells products overseas, it leads to hiring on our shores. The deal in Samalkot means jobs in Schenectady. That’s how we accelerate growth. That’s how we create opportunities for our people. This is how we go from an economy that was powered by what we borrow and what we consume -- that’s what happened over the last 10 years. What was driving our economy was we were spending a lot on credit cards. Everybody was borrowing a lot. The Chinese were selling a lot to us. Folks were selling a lot to us from all over the world. We’ve got to reverse that. We want an economy that’s fueled by what we invent and what we build. We’re going back to Thomas Edison’s principles. We’re going to build stuff and invent stuff. (Applause.)

Now, nobody understands this better than Jeff Immelt. He understands what it takes for America to compete in the global economy. As he mentioned, I’ve appreciated his wisdom during these past two years. We had a difficult, difficult crisis on our hands. It was a few days after I took office that I assembled a group of business leaders, including Jeff, to form a new advisory board, because at that time the economy was in a freefall and we were facing the prospects of another Great Depression, with ripple effects all around the world. It wasn’t just the United States. The entire world economy was contracting. At such a dangerous moment, it was essential that we heard voices and ideas from business leaders and from experts who weren’t part of the usual Washington crowd.

And I tasked Jeff and the other advisors with one mission -- help to steer our nation from deep recession into recovery; help take the economy from one that’s shrinking to one that’s growing. And over the past two years, I’ve been very grateful for their advice.

And I especially want to commend the man who chaired the panel, one of the nation’s preeminent economists, the former head of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker, because he offered unvarnished advice and he wasn’t afraid to counter the conventional wisdom. He did a great service to this country.

In fact, it was six months ago today that I signed into law a set of financial reforms to protect consumers and prevent future financial crises and put an end to taxpayer-funded bailouts -– and that's an achievement in which Paul Volcker was instrumental. So we're very proud of him for that work. (Applause.)

Now, two years later, though, we're in a different place. In part because of the economic plan that my recovery board helped shape, the economy is now growing again. Over the last year, businesses have added more than a million jobs. The pace of hiring and growth is picking up, and that's encouraging news. But at the same time, while businesses are adding jobs, millions of people are still out there looking for work. And even here in Schenectady, as well as GE is doing, I know everybody here knows a neighbor or friend or relative who’s still out of work.

So it’s not -- it’s a great thing that the economy is growing, but it’s not growing fast enough yet to make up for the damage that was done by the recession.

The past two years were about pulling our economy back from the brink. The next two years, our job now, is putting our economy into overdrive. Our job is to do everything we can to ensure that businesses can take root and folks can find good jobs and America is leading the global competition that will determine our success in the 21st century.

And so now, to help fulfill this new mission, I’m assembling a new group of business leaders and outside advisors. And I am so proud and pleased that Jeff has agreed to chair this panel -- my Council on Jobs and Competitiveness -- because we think GE has something to teach businesses all across America. (Applause.)

Now, I hope you don't mind, I’m going to brag about your boss for a second here. Jeff is somebody who brings a wealth of experience to the table. He is one of the nation’s most respected and admired business leaders, and that's a reputation he earned over 10 years at the helm of this company. In the coming days, we’ll be announcing the business leaders, the labor leaders, the economists and others who will join with Jeff to help guide us into that overdrive mode.

I know this council will be an important asset as we seek to do everything we can to spur hiring and ensure our nation can compete with anybody on the planet. That means spurring innovation in growing industries like clean energy manufacturing, the kind of stuff that's being done right here at this plant; ensuring our economy isn’t held back by crumbling roads and broken-down infrastructure.

It means educating and training our people. I just had a chance to meet one of the guys here at the plant who had been trained at Hudson Valley, which I had an opportunity to visit a while back. And that's an example of the kind of partnerships that we’ve got to duplicate all across the country.

Schenectady offers that kind of example. Hudson Valley Community College created a program so students could earn a paycheck and have their tuition covered while training for jobs at this plant. That’s helping folks find good work; it’s helping GE fill high-skill positions; it’s making this whole region more competitive.

So ultimately winning this global competition comes down to living up to the promise of places like this. Here in Schenectady, you’re heirs to a great tradition of innovation and enterprise: the pioneering work of Edison that made the entire modern age possible -- the tungsten filaments that still light our homes; the x-rays that diagnose disease; now the advanced batteries and renewable energy sources that hold so much promise for the future.

In these pioneering efforts, we see what America is all about. We see what has in our past allowed us to not only weather rough storms but reach brighter days. And it’s got to remind us that we’ve got those same strengths. This is America. We still have that spirit of invention, and that sense of optimism, that belief that if we work hard and we give it our all, that anything is possible in this country.

The future belongs to us. And you at this plant, you are showing us the way forward. So thank you so much, everybody. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America. (Applause.)

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Six Creative, Progressive Blogs You Should Bookmark

In 2011, "bookmarking" has become one of the lesser-used browser features. Instead of digg-ing and subscribing and all that, old-fashioned bookmarking is a great way to avail yourself of great blogs!

Let's examine 6 unique blogs, beginning with HumanistLife ::: here's a snippet from a recent post about BBC's Human Planet TV series, that kinda reminds me of blogging, social networking and the digital era
"Uniquely in the animal kingdom, humans have managed to adapt and thrive in every environment on Earth. Each episode takes you to the extremes of our planet: the arctic, mountains, oceans, jungles, grasslands, deserts, rivers and even the urban jungle. Here you will meet people who survive by building complex, exciting and often mutually beneficial relationships with their animal neighbours and the hostile elements of the natural world."
I mean the part that says "survive by building complex, exciting and often mutually beneficial relationships" applied to online life, if 0's and 1's constitute "life"...

Michigan Telephone blog ::: use Google Voice for both incoming and outgoing calls using a regular telephone... Even if you're not a genius Edison type, articles like this one will give you ideas... and more ideas...

For those searching for ways to improve the online experience, Lisa Irby's 2 Create a Website Blog is a fascinating read, chock full o' marketing and blogging tips that are within anyone's reach. And if you think there's no room for naother blogger, you haven't bumped into Onibalusi Bamidele! Oni was able to build a successful online business that rakes in about $3000 online every month!

Larry B is your go-to-guy if you're into social networking... and these days we're all pretty much "forced" to be active on at least twitter if not facebook, or vice-versa! ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING is what it is... a direct connection to what's driving the social sites. I can't think of a good reason I wouldn't visit this blog every single day!

If you kinda like Dave's "humble little weblog" - as he puts it, you'll also like Aldon's Orient Lodge. Very eclectic! He covers CT while DL covers NY... interesting!

If you are seeking friends or comrades-in-arms, there's a new player gaining much recognition in recent weeks: BlogFrog!

Around The Blogosphere 20 January 2011

Thursday already! This week is whizzing by! I'm going to borrow a bit of text from "Pop-ups, pop-overs and pop-unders are all seen as obtrusive advertising that interferes with the user experience of your blog. The last thing someone needs is a flashy ad message popping up everywhere when they are trying to read your blog’s content." AMEN AMEN AMEN!

Bunmi posts a link to a video of an hour long discussion with Nigerian fantasy-sci-fi writer Nnedi Okorafor: “Here she touches on race, paralysis and plant worlds.”

Or you might try clicking on "Prince serenades Leighton Meester."

“If The United States Attacked China, I Would Surrender” - Translation of an alleged Peking University internet post where the author says he would just surrender if America invaded China

The first exclusively digital and mobile news outlet in Puerto Rico has just been launched: Noticel [es]. Reporters will be covering breaking news and features.

President Barack Obama is coming to the Capital Region on Friday. CBS6 tweeted "The FAA issues temporary flight restriction over Schenectady Friday during President Obama's trip."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Around The Blogosphere 18 January 2011

2 Young Men Kneel Before Dead Dog For 1 Hour In Suzhou - After accidentally running over a pet dog & unable to compensate the angry pet owner, two young men are forced to kneel before the dog on the street!

PHOTO::: Dog visits owner’s grave - CBS 6 Watercooler : WRGB CBS 6 Albany

GlobalVoices ::: Women Aloud Videoblogging for Empowerment ..:: (WAVE) ::.. is a platform and program aiming to get women from semi-urban areas of India to voice their opinions on topics that matter to them through online video tools.

FamousBloggers tweeted 5 Golden Rules of Money Management: A how-to guide for passing the financial torch

NewYorkObserver ::: Profit from the Internet? Harper's Publisher Calls Out The Atlantic Over Earnings Boast

Monday, January 17, 2011

Free SEO Report

FreeSeoReport takes your website and then compares what you are doing to the top 10 results in over 6 search engines. It then makes recommendations to you on what you should do based on your competitors websites success.

It also goes into great detail explaining why these are important.

This is 90% of Search Engine Optimization. Then its about getting links to your site which they make some great recommendations for.

Again based on what your competition is doing.

Its not theories or seo voodoo ::: its quantified, proven things that work.


Check it out right now! I think your really going to like it!

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#MusicMonday ::: The Return of Whitney Houston!

Around The Blogosphere 17 January 2011

Good Day! It is super CCCold here in NY this morning! Grab a cup of coffee and check out these posts!

Chinese Celebrities Target USA’s Sinophobia For Hu Visit - This week is a big week for China. The eyes of the world will be watching closely as Chinese President Hu Jintao meets with US President Barack Obama...

NewYorkPost: How Caroline Kennedy blackmailed Disney to scrap sexed-up Camelot series

New Music: Chris Brown “Beautiful People” - Chris Brown announced on Twitter that the new single off his upcoming album F.A.M.E., would be an up beat pop track titled “Beautiful People”.

#musicmonday - FLY! - The Twitterer's Rap Odyssey (keeping with the birdie theme) continues with FLY by Alexei

Music Monday - Shanna Underwood -

NoSQL: GraphDB Maker Sones Raises Millions To Expand Cloud Computing Business - Sones, developer of the GraphDB graph database, has raised a 'couple of millions' of euros to expand its cloud computing business...

2 AOL Tech Blogs Face Off in a War of...

Punished By Teacher, 11-Year-Old Schoolboy Hangs Himself - A 11-year-old Yunnan schoolboy hung himself at home, allegedly after his teacher punished him by making him stay after school and copy lines from a textbook...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remove Gum from Clothing

A lesson learned the hard way! Always always always check pockets before laundering clothes!

It felt like a brush with death - a sinking feeling - CHEWING GUM had somehow made its way into the clothes that had just finished drying!

Luckily (and thankfully) not one bit of gum got on the inner walls of the rotator drum. On closer inspection, the offender was found to have been in the pocket of a WHITE pair of slacks!

There was only one thing to do: launch a search on the internet. So I googled "gum on clothing in dryer" - there are apparently three major techniques of removal - employing either ICE, VINEGAR or PEANUT BUTTER.

As I whizzed through websites and forums, I deduced that the technique one must use in removing the gum depends on the type of fabric.

Freezing or rubbing the affected area with an ice cube seems best for nylon.

Blue Jeans are best treated with vinegar, warmed in the microwave, then applied to the gum, which can be scraped off with a butter knife. Another technique is to lightly scrub the jeans with the vinegar and a toothbrush.

For the white pants in my dilemma, I applied PEANUT BUTTER to the gum spots. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then scrub with an old toothbrush. Wash the area with dishwashing liquid and hot water and POOF, NO MORE STAIN!

There is one other remedy that works well with spandex and other materials used in sportsgear and running pants: "Skin-so-soft" oil, again using a toothbrush as a scrubber. It works wonders but does take some 10 minutes of good brushing. Immediately hand wash to prevent any further staining by the oil.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Money For Nothing ::: Free 2 Be U & Me!

Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
Starting at 8 p.m. tonight, Edmonton's K97 will defy The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and play the 1980s song "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits unedited for 24 hours in protest: the song was #1 download on iTunes Canada on Wednesday. Banning music? Isn’t that what they do in places where groups like the Taliban govern? Related: Cuba: Cubadebate's YouTube Channel Taken Down ; Tunisia: YouTubing the Uprising

Xiaxue says "I wonder why people always say I am trying to be Caucasian. Please, can't you tell I'm trying to be Japanese?"

Tucson gunman "not a gringo!"

VIDEO ::: Rat attacks subway rider!

Woman Takes Off Her Pants, Knocks Out Nanjing Traffic Officer - A Chinese woman fearing that her tricycle would be impounded takes off her pants and proceeds to "whip" a Nanjing traffic officer!

It’s A Free Country… - with religious freedom as well! Check out 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible - and count your blessings (while you still can!)

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Dummies in Dark Clothing

In my area there is a proliferation of "joggers" who routinely run IN the street - even thoughneighborhood sidewalks are smooth: most have been replaced within the last 10 years - these idiots insist on running with the cars!

This morning I witnessed two instances where two different joggers at two different locations experienced near-misses with cars. These lunatics should be home, or go to a "Y" or somewhere where there is a track you can run on. STAY OFF THE STREET! ARE YOU STUPID?
There. I shouted. It won't work. The problem is, these clowns don't fear vehicles and they mistakenly believe they have the right-of-way no matter what and that all traffic should be aware of them.

Let's do something about this!

I have a couple of different suggestions:

(1) The City or perhaps better yet the County Legislature could pass an ordinance banning running in the street s after storms

(2) All runners caught in the street would be tciketed

(3) Runners would be required to purchase "my fault" runners insurance - where they agree to bear all costs, not hold any driver at fault (unless of course the driver is obviously drunk or otherwise in violation of law)

Any or all of the above would likely force these nitwits to observe common sense!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Are Small Ripples On The River Time

Can you imagine if we someday discover that this is our "mother" of sorts?

It doesn't mean there isn't God. It doesn't mean we should not pray. It does mean humankind may someday have to change its perception of what God is, how God works, and why God may have used simple stories that early men and women could easily comprehend in teaching us morals, values and the way creation occured.

We know that prayer DOES work. We know that MIND does sometimes rule over MATTER. There is probably a great deal we don't know, and my guess is that the entity we understand and believe to be God WILL get a message through to us, probably through science, helping us understand more about the mysteries of God's ways and of the Universe.

In the meantime, don't stop attending church.

Around The Blogosphere 12 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday, Almost - It is snowing HARD here in Connecticut. 5 AM estimates are that we've gotten about 12 inches of snow already with the possibility of twice that...

Here in New York, I've been up most of the night. Some sort of stomach bug began its attack on my tummy late yesterday afternoon while I was at work. By the time I got home, it was painful - and relentless, lasting through the early hours of the day... and I still feel queasy. I had to stay home from work, something I don't enjoy doing, but I suppose with the nasty weather and all that, well... I'm gonna pop outside for a minute and take a picture... BRB...
OK - people are busy shoveling - not me! I employ a snow removal service. Here's a look at the doppler, as shot off the teevee:
Now here's a bit of a look at some of the more interesting articles I've run across this morning whilst blogging in bed:

How to Use Keywords in Your Headlines and Make Top-Ranking Blog Posts

10 Social Media Apps to Watch in 2011

Know the Differences Between AT&T and Verizon Before Committing to the New iPhone [UltraNewb]

Here's a helpful hint from blogger that I used in the recent revision of my blog:

The most important content of your blog that catches readers attention should load the quickest. To help you identify which items are taking the longest to load you can use Stopwatch. To use Stopwatch, enter your blog's URL into the text box and click "Start StopWatch". Stopwatch will then open your blog in a frame and will record the time it takes for everything on your blog to load, including images, videos, widgets, etc. Take note of the items that take the longest to load and modify them appropriately using our suggestions.
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