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Awesome Ultimate Blog Promotion Guide! FREE!

There's no e-book to purchase and download. Nothing to buy. All you have to do is read this entire post and then you can link to a few truly wonderful articles that will help you be a better blogger, if that's what you wannabe!

"Snake-oil salesmen" have been around for centuries. One very successful guy was Don Something-or-other who made a fortune with his convincing infomercials selling his "package" detailing how any schnook on Earth could make money "by placing tiny classified ads." A lot of people bought "the package." They're still around, watching other infomercials and buying other products, hoping to make a few bucks.

The woman who came up with "The Secret" video/method franchise actually grabbed her material from a guy who wrote "positive thinking" stuff back in the early 20th century. Because of the age of the material and the fact she claimed that it "inspired" her, she was good to go legally as far as recycling the philosophy.

Another individual who made a bundle selling "Snake Oil" is New Age GURU and one of the stars of "The Secret" - James Arthur Ray ... "Secret" believers know what happened to him!

Now, let's get on to BLOGGERS who are selling their own "Snake Oil" to unsuspecting individuals who just wanna make a few bucks with their own blogs.

(1) Like the "Secret" gurus and the real-estate moguls and the other cast of "successful" characters appearing on tv infomercials, there are "Guru Bloggers."

(2) If the Gurus were really making so much money or gaining spiritual enlightenment or buying real estate for pennies on the dollar, why on earth would they want to "share" that info with me and you? Keep in mind that "sharing" does not come without a price: they're selling something and they want you to believe in it and think it's great and buy it!

(3) I was inspired to write this post after I received an email from a very well-known, well-respected blogger. I won't tell you who that blogger is, but I will share the contents of the letter:

Before I do, I'll have you know that the e-mail raised ALARM BELLS right away - why would some hotsy-totsy top-notch blogger be personally e-mailing me? Could these bloggers be partnering to grab even more cash? Here's the letter:
So I found this book.

Well, actually I didn't find it, [blogger's name] from [blogger's blog.com]
asked me to take a look at it.

It was all about how to promote your posts, articles, videos,
contest entries - anything and everything under the sun.

I've actually written on the subject before and thought I knew
it all - of course.

She proved me wrong (don't you hate that?).

No wonder she wins every single blogging contest she enters -
I actually stopped entering them altogether when she was in it.

But now that I know what she knows... Watch out, [blogger's name]!

I highly recommend you splurge on this one ($27 of splurging -
and I get a whole $10 out of it! :)

I learned a lot from it and I know you will too.

Some of my readers already bought it and the positive comments
are pouring in; I am looking forward to learning what you thought of it.
Here's what I think: (remember, I know who these two bloggers are) I think I smell a rat and I think I will NOT be entering any "blogging contest" either of these two are involved in. Because it doesn't matter how good my article is. I'll lose.

By the way, one of these bloggers has a really "showy" but "shitty" blog. It looks like a million bucks but if you really stop and get beyond the over-the-top glitz, look at the content and count the actual number of words in each post - there's really not that much there. Nothing you didn't already know or could have read somewhere else or figured out for yourself.

Just like the "man behind the curtain" in the movie "The Wizard of Oz," or just like over-the-top in-your-face guru James Arthur Ray, we have somebody "sitting pretty" - thinking and acting out "The Secret" - thinking and acting like they are the Universe's gift to the rest of us. Party over.

I've written a couple of articles to help bloggers make better blogs.


7 Ways To Get Your Blog NOTICED

15 Commandments of Blogging

10 Ways to Become A FAMOUS BLOGGER!

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  1. Ha! Great article. I *think* I know which book you are talking about, and I had the same thoughts when I started researching the author.

  2. Hey Dave! This is great stuff you're sharing here! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  3. Dave

    The Kindle spam is particularly pernicious - and I can't help but think that Amazon will be coming down HARD on it very soon.

    The sooner the better.

    Don't know the book you're talking about....but I know the kind!


  4. @Paul Wolfe ::: I really hope they do! Thanks for stopping by my humble little weblog!

  5. Yeah Dave, emails like that are getting far too common. I've been getting crazy offer on Twitter by DM lately. Thanks for the links, I'm checking them out.


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