Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bill Clinton Paunch?

Here's a photo of President Bill Clinton taken on Memorial Day. Looks like he's gained a little weight. Hope you're taking care of yourself, President Clinton!
Here's a snapshot from a long, long time ago!

Bill and Hillary were married on October 11, 1975 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. the rest is history!

NetActive 31 May 2011

COVER GIRLS!Nicki Minaj & Rihanna!

Music blogger Roberto Carreño lists “5 great moments of Chilean hip-hop” [es]. He includes a brief description and a video of each song.

Is the Drudge Report Drumming up race wars? The Trough (and the rest of us) want to know!

Martha Rivera Alanis, the teacher who sang to her students during a shooting in Monterrey, México was given an award for her bravery. In an interview with Regioblogs [es], Martha describes what happened before, during and after the shooting. She explains she decided to sing to the children to try to drown out the noise from the shoot-out.

The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not ::: Four years ago, Timothy Brown underwent an innovative procedure. Since then, test after test has found absolutely no trace of the virus in his body. The bigger miracle, though, is how his case has experts again believing they just might find a cure for AIDS.

Oh how I love these Nike Just Do It Ads! I remember these from years ago! Inspiration for the soul!

Want to improve your blog's effectiveness? Here are 10 tactics to use as the basis of your blog marketing plan to achieve your firm's goals based on three jam-packed days spent at BlogWorld Expo New York.

AT&T-T-Mobile: AT&T faces growing opposition to its $39 billion takeover of T-Mobile USA, as competitors, state regulators and elected officials have expressed concerns in recent days over the proposed deal with Deutsche Telekom. [WSJ]

Genette Cordova is back on twitter!

She can hardly believe it herself...

Dan Collins, on the Weiner Scandal ::: “Strangely enough, most women bloggers don’t seem to want to touch this thing.”

Except maybe for Little Miss Attila... Hmmm, nothing on Michelle Malkin...

#musicmonday Beatles Soul

Most of the time, I absolutely hate re-makes. If you wanna do someone else's material, you'd better do a damn good job!

"To me this is the best kind of remake. You don't simply make a copy of the original. That's just lazy and disrespectful to the original artist. To take an admired song and do an interpretation that shows the song in a completely different light, yet sounds good too, makes it interesting and worthy of the original. Best of all, it 's not a competition- each can be admired on their own merits."

LinkedIn or LinkedOUT?

As one who keeps an eye on the global financial market and the US Stock Market, I've been following the LinkedIn IPO... I'll be watching the stock this week, and possibly "buying in."

You know LinkedIn - if you're a "professional" (whatever that is) you are probably registered and maybe active on the LinkedIn social network, which generated buzz when it went public. But people far more immersed in the world of finance than I seem to have reservations and warnings when it comes to LinkedIn:

Carla Fried blogs on moneywatch.com:
Even if you are clued into the downside of chasing after initial public offerings, and you were content to watch from the sidelines last week as LinkedIn’s IPO more than doubled in its first day of trading, your portfolio could soon face more risk courtesy of LinkedIn.

The relative merits of LinkedIn as an investment, whether it be at its IPO price of $45, or its close (as of Friday) at $93, is somewhat beside the point...

...it will be interesting to see if a string of more eye-popping IPO debuts sets off a broader — yes, here it comes — stock market bubble led by the tech sector. A reprise of the 1990s tech bubble is certainly the story line that emerged after LinkedIn’s one-day double. And it was on Larry Summers’ radar the day after the LinkedIn IPO.
A similar story over at the Wall Street Journal, where Dave Kansas thinks of LinkedIn as "an IPO that popped, then fizzled."
"Hype surrounds a hot offering, such as LinkedIn, and the details of the ensuing months are covered more episodically. Folks move on to the next hot IPO -- last week, a Russian Internet company, Yandex ("The Russian Google"), grabbed headlines with a hot offering. Its shares soared 40% on opening day.

With the success of LinkedIn and Yandex, other companies are busily huddling with lawyers and bankers to get in line for their own IPO. Big names out there include Facebook, of course, but also Groupon, Zynga and LivingSocial.

Anything that can fit into the Social Network/Internet box now looks like a hot ticket. But as my own experience can attest, the markets are fickle. Bankers talk about "the window," meaning the period when the market will gobble up certain offerings. Windows, by definition, open -- and close."
Kansas goes on to detail his own experience being involved in and part of an IPO - you can read that here.

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Hail The Mail

Here's an interesting article I chanced upon over the holiday weekend:

According to Online Journalism News, The Mail Online could become the most popular news website in the world as bosses predict 70 million unique users will be reported for May.

(Take a look at the headlines on the sample above ::: everybody luvs gossip!)

In March the Mail Online overtook the Huffington Post to become the world's second most read news website. I can't find anyplace where it names the first... although I think it must be Drudge (if they consider Drudge a news site?)

Monday, May 30, 2011

#WeinerGate (Wienergate?), Genette Cordova and Huma Abedin

Secretary of State aide Huma Abedin may be the next "Good Wife" to launch a mad crackdown on her hubby: she may have some "competition" ... or not ...

With everything going on these days, like Arnold, Tiger Woods, the mad Frenchman and the hotel maid, the political fellow from western NY who sent out shirtless pix of himself... this isn't really surprising!

21-year old College coed Gennette Cordova (aka "Gennette Nicole" Cordova, a student at Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, Wash., where she is a reporter for the student newspaper, Horizon) got a XXX photo from Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account! She says she never met him in person, but admitted to being "a fan". The Daily News points out ::: Some right-wing bloggers insist it must be proof that Weiner was having an affair with Cordova, who had once jokingly Tweeted: "I wonder what my boyfriend @RepWeiner is up to."

Cordova issued a lengthy statement [ReAd it HeRe], complaining about how she's been characterized on blogs and other web sites.

Rep. Weiner insists a "hacker" sent photos to "Genette Nicole" ---


Liz Benjamin: “The woman to whom the picture was sent has since deleted both her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Very odd.”

Yeah... why would she delete her accounts ??? That's a move of DESPERATION...

And apparently, there's been an effort underway to erase the name “Gennette Cordova” off the Internet — even having her byline removed from articles she wrote for her college newspaper!

Hover & CLICK on the image for the Daily NX Story!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lara Logan does 60 Minutes

A special Memorial Day Weekend edition of the CBS NEWS Program hit the airwaves at 7, with Lara Logan serving as anchorette!

You know her: sexually violated. You've searched for her swimsuit pictures!

What Lara Logan can learn from Elizabeth Smart

via wikipedia::: Lara Logan (born 29 March 1971) is a South African television and radio journalist, andwar correspondent. She is the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, and a correspondent for CBS's 60 Minutes. Logan was born in Durban, South Africa. She attended high school at Durban Girls' College, and the University of Natal, graduating in 1992 with a degree in commerce, after which she completed a diploma in French language, culture and history at the Universite de L'Alliance Francaise in Paris.[1] She married Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player, in 1998; the marriage ended in divorce. In 2008 she married Joseph Burkett, a U.S. government defense contractor from Texas, whom she met in Afghanistan.[2] They live in Washington, D.C., with their two-year-old son and Burkett's daughter from a previous marriage.[3]

Meanwhile, Back on the Blog...

A little changing, a bit of re-arranging on this beautiful NY Sunday afternoon. I've got two cookouts coming up: one this afternoon at 5 and another on Memorial Day. I'd like to call your attention to a test-ad running just under my blog header: a way you can help increase your blog's earning potential via PR7 links! It's well worth investigating for any of you looking to make serious full or part-time income from your blog. (And if you're earning some coin already, this will help your income multiply!)

I've been studying blog traffic and the amount of time visitors spend on the blog. Since I had a little extra time today, and since traffic last year was light during Memorial Day Weekend, I decided this would be a good time to take a sample.

1 - Nothing "unusual" going on - no recent posts generating special buzz or getting noticed by search-engines

2 - Nothing new of mine showing up on StumbleUpon or Blokube - no rush of links from twitter or facebook

(In other words: a "mellow" moment in digital time!)

3 - I selected the timeframe 10:48pm EDST Saturday through 10:48am EDST Sunday: figuring that the lighter traffic load would still give me a good snapshot of "normal" activity.

4 - I'm satisfied with the results! I know that I'm on the right blogging pathway: it'll just take a little more time and tinkering to tweak things exactly how I'd like them to be!

Incoming Traffic Sources:

32% - Google

24% - Google Images

22% - direct traffic to my blog's URL

7% - No data available

Traffic from StumbleUpon, Bing, Entrecard and a few blogs and other resources came in the 2% to 4% range for each.

I've got some work to do! The bounce rate is high: I notice visitors come in, scan a post for 30-40 seconds... and they're gone! That's where these numbers come in handy:

12% - visitors stayed on the blog for more than 1 minute

6% - stayed on the blog for more than 5 minutes
WARNING! A high bounce rate doesn't mean bad things! Going back to 2005, I've had people comment on particular posts - and it is quite obvious they read the post - and when I match the comment IP to the one in stats - "Time spent on site = 0 minutes." So these stat and site meters may not be recording as much data as they would have us believe?
I was able to go into the data and see which posts attracted these readers - there were 14 specific posts, each visited by more than one individual. I already knew netizens would find these particular posts interesting. The same ones show up on a daily basis when I check my stats. So, my mission is to figure out how to write more of these types of posts.

Why? I'm focusing on the blog's "sticky-ness" because I believe the longer a visitor stays on-site, the more apt they are to bookmark my blog in one way or another... the more likelythey are to click on a link to another post... the more likely they are to click on one of my adverts' links! So there is a method developing here...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get Your Blog or Social Media Website Noticed by Giving Gifts!

I'm always interested in finding new ways to stimulate and promote my blog business! PEOPLE love free stuff! Laser engraved pens can be a very efficient tool for promoting your blog or social media site. They look snappy: Amsterdam Printing designs them in-house, and they are available in a variety of colours and styles.

If you're the kind of blogger who attends meet-ups, tweet-ups, "falsh mobs" and really any events specifically organized by and for bloggers and other social-media devotees, pens make a great hand-out gift. No one ever says "no" to a free pen, and they almost always hang on to the ones that are stylish (like the sample shown in the picture above)!

Think about that: a classy, professional gift that will keep on giving because whoever picks it up is likely to check out your blog or social media account if they are near (or next time they hop on) a computer!

Now it's just not pens: you may want to think about other giveaway items, such as t-shirts, coffee/cocoa mugs (it'll be autumn before you know it) and more. Imagine that eloquently designed coffee mug with your info emblazoned on it, sitting in an office on somebody's desk day after day, a constant reminder that YOU are on the internet! There are certainly companies out there offering similar services, but consider the fact that AmsterdamPrinting.com has quite a huge selection of superior quality promotional items, at low low prices.

Here's something else you haven't been thinking of: ENVELOPES! Personalize them the same way you would your pens, with your blog url and/or twitter id! There's a link on the website to create and order your very own custom printed envelopes. Next time you're sending a letter to a friend or relative, or mailing a bill, or sending an order in for something, once again people are able to see your info! (You can even add a logo or your gravatar!) The more eyes that see your twitter id or your blog URL, the better for you! And who knows: suppose somebody wearing one of your custom t-shirts has their picture taken by a magazine or newspaper! Presto! Instant free PR and advertising!

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Official Memorial Day Weekend 2011 Post

I'm chillin' - enjoying the beautiful suddenly summer New York weather! Hope y'all have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend, as I know many of you stopping by here won't be back 'til Tuesday!

Presenting a Memorial Day Poem (via Wanderer Thoughts Poetry http://www.wandererthoughts.com)

*Fallen Heroes*

Fallen heroes
wars never forgotten
savage lessons
learned through bravery
loved ones
cherish lasting moments
freedom ours
through given lives
forever honored
on Memorial Day

-Poem by Justin Germino aka "DragonBlogger"
Dedicate to the fallen Soldiers who died defending our nations on
Memorial Day

First Nicki Minaj treated fans with new music, now she gives her brand new video for the street single “Did It On ‘Em” off her Pink Friday debut album. The video which was directed by DJ Scoob Doo is a collection of never before seen footage during the I Am Music II tour that she co-headlined with Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross & Travis Barker.

What happens to your body when you drink soft drinks? It's health-defying to say the least! H/T MJ Santos

I just signed a petition to President Barack Obama: We are petitioning President Barack Obama to issue a full pardon and to clear the name of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a national hero of Jamaica.

Twitter name taken but not used (how to get it)

What name would you choose for yourself if you couldn't have the one you do now?

There's a chance that if, at this late stage of the game, you register a twitter account, the "hat" or "handle" or "i.d." you want has already been taken. If you were an early adopter of the Twitter platform, chances are you were rewarded with the username of your choice. (I was!)

Now, you need to get on twitter, but the name you want, need, crave is not available. You could always go back to Sentence One and come up with a unique name that you really like.

If your name is your name is your name, you could try the free service tweetclaims.

-or- treat yourself to some advice on this forum.

Have you looked into twitter brand pages? They're great for businesses anxious to boost their online profiles and connect with customers!

If you're seeking to acquire a Twitter name for your business and the current account holder has let the account become dormant, try this method.

No time to wait? In cases where a twitter account has been registered but has never been updated, Twitter can write the owner of the username about releasing it (results may vary).

You might just want to take the matter into your own hands. Most sites don't allow users to sell names to each other, but that doesn't mean that deals can't be cut. Anybody can transfer control of a social media profile (or a blog) by handing over the username and password.

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RIP Gil Scott-Heron

Musician Gil Scott-Heron (#Gil Scott-Heron), who helped lay the groundwork for rap by fusing minimalistic percussion, political expression and spoken-word poetry, is gone. He was 62, still young by 2011 standards.
Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - youtube.com
3 min - Pieces of a Man (1971)
Also watch on: Dailymotion - dailymotion.virgilio.it - WAT TV

  1. Gil Scott-Heron

    Official website for I'm New Here by Gil Scott-Heron.
    gilscottheron.net/ - Cached - Similar
  2. Gil Scott-Heron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Gil Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011) was an American poet, musician,
    and author known primarily for his late 1970s and early 1980s work as a ...

Friday, May 27, 2011

#ff Privacy For Dummies

Notsojolly Roger says : "Go Facebook if you like and built your own prison cell, call the other inmates 'friends' and enjoy a sad but safe virtual life..."

A 2009 study conducted by Sophos Security discovered that 46 percent of randomly-selected Facebook users accepted a friend request from a fake account belonging to a rubber duck by the name of "Daisy Feletin."[1]

The best way to keep unflattering information about yourself out of Google is to keep it off the Net. That means tightening up privacy at all your online hangouts: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Be careful when you comment on other blogs and watch what you say in web forums, which are also indexed by Google unless the administrator has added a "do not index" tag to his forum. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) Be careful what you post on your own Web site or blog.

Who's watching your facebook?

Fight Cyberslander.

Netizen, Google Thyself!

Via Facebook's social engagement tools, spammers are able to execute what has been described as a "cocktail of attacks," perhaps directing users to fraudulent antivirus software capable of enabling a hacker to remotely control a computer; perhaps sending them to surveys from which they can earn a commission.
Facebook users can also find themselves directed to bogus online retailers hoping to pick up credit card details. Inadvertently befriending a fake account also unlocks access to personal tidbits that may seem innocuous but amount to a treasure trove for hackers seeking access to personal Web sites like bank accounts. They frequently hint at passwords and usernames, as well as the answers to common security questions.

According to security experts, these nefarious friends are overseen by a diffuse, elusive network of individuals located all over the world.

"Very often, these are executed by loose networks of folks who specialize in their particular niche and collaborate to attack, then make money off of the account," said Jules Polonetsky, director of the Future of Privacy Forum. "They know each other from spammer IRC [Internet relay chat] channels where they brag about exploits and alliances. It is not a particular giant spam company."

The unknown friends may also be covers for real people, such as law-enforcement agents on the lookout for incriminating information.
In a memo penned in 2008, the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services described the goldmine of personal information to be found on online social networks and instructed agents how to take advantage of people's "narcissistic tendencies" to sniff out fraud. [1] Do I Know You? Fake Friends Adding Fresh Danger To Facebook . Bianca Bosker

So how to remove the social networking albatross? Read on!

To begin the Facebook account deletion process: do not try to login to your Facebook account; you may want to clear your browser cache and delete your cookies so that you don't login inadvertently. Click the link below and follow the instructions OR bookmark this page for future reference.
Delete Your Facebook Account
WARNING!!! FB does NOT make it straightforward and easy to delete your account. Here, we look at how to deactivate as well as delete a Facebook account – and the difference between the two.
From Helium:
A report published in the Albany Times Union newspaper about a fellow named Steve Valente and his facebook pictures caused a stir in the community. "I was in college then and I've grown up a lot since then," Valente, 23, told the newspaper. He said most of the pictures were from his freshman or sophomore years at the university. "I didn't feel it was appropriate to go back and edit my postings," Valente said.

One part of the Times Union article is definitely FALSE
Anything put online will follow a person forever, said Penny Perkins, a communications professor at The Sage Colleges, who teaches about social networking.

"This is your personal brand, your reputation," Perkins said. "I wouldn't post anything I wouldn't be happy to see on a billboard on 787."

Many people, she said, don't understand that Internet postings are always out there. She pointed to deleted items on such sites as www.archives.org, which tracks web postings since 1995.
That's BS! The Net CAN indeed be "wiped clean" -
One of my blogs was deleted last year: you can't find it ANYWHERE! You can also peruse the case of Mai Shiozaki, whose images are just now beginning to resurface on the web. Funny thing though: Shiozaki IS on Facebook!

Read the entire acticle about Steve Valente from Averill Park.

Here's another "avenue of deletion" recommended by another blogger

and I'll throw ya a little bone or two:

Check your bandwidth (+ other useful tools)!

Internet surfers, proceed with caution!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Now that we gotcha movin' & groovin' you need a little fitness in your life: if the Electric made you dance, you're getting a Healthy Heart in exchange for your toe-tapper!

Next, head over to Body n Soil where you will discover remarkable blueprints for nutritious summertime foods and get some of your fitness questions answered! Next, schlep on over to see The Fitness Diva and finally, drop by Heidi's blog and you'll be more than a few steps toward a healthier lifestyle!

And if you're on the receiving end of bad news from your Doctor, Sandy will lift your spirits and change your outlook, for sure!

Legendary folk troubadour Bob Dylan turned 70 this week! Gander at Dylan through the lenses of these photographers and magazines:

Douglas R. Gilbert

Elliott Landy

Vanity Fair

Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan's website


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Paul Ryan for President

In view of the fact that the Republicans have no viable candidate on the horizon, why not run Paul Ryan. After all, when Hillary Clinton first announced, who knew Barack Obama? Even as primaries began, who thought he'd clinch the nomination, let alone win the election? Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan.

RYAN: No 'time to go wobbly'...

Dick Cheney: 'I worship the ground Paul Ryan walks on'...

Kick Blog Ass!

In this picture (credit: Jim Wilson, New York Times) Darren Kitchen, 28, of San Francisco shows off his wares: he tells the NYT he makes $5,000 a month selling products on his Web site, Hak5.org, which offers a weekly video show about computer hacking. Read his story and more on "My Blog Is Also Paying My Bills"... below find a sample lifted from his website.

Episode 906 – Cookies beware, we’re Session Hijacking! Blackbuntu vs BackTrack, Kompozer and a 28 foot multi-touch bar!

Promote. Engage. Connect!

Diana Simon is a new blogger with a "coaching" site who demonstrates how to get it done... and have a look at who's been commenting!

4-Hour Workweek for BLOGGERS!

"When I was younger… I [didn't] want to be pigeonholed. Basically, now you [bloggers] want to be pigeonholed. It’s your [blogging] niche." ~ Joan Chen, actress; appeared in The last Emperor and Twin Peaks

Michele Welch

Reach out and communicate. Do you know your audience? Have you reached out to them? I’m not talking about “tweeting at them.” I’m talking about actually reaching out. Asking them what you can do better, or asking those who haven’t been around in a while what you can do to get them back. It’s not about 10 percent off coupons or “contests for the next follower.” For God’s sake, be smarter than that.

Location has been hot on the minds of marketer and technologists. Some have even been so bold as to call the ability to know a person’s exact location the holy grail (not really – OK – maybe a piece of the grail). At BlogWorld NY 2011, Mike Schneider, Aaron Strout, Josh Karpf, Tom Aronson, and David Wolf sat down with attendees to talk about this new piece of personal marketing. [LinK]

Now, kick Facebook ass, too!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Digital Rebellion

The "Cloud Wars" Have Begun! However, even the best-laid plans of GaGa can run afoul...

"I could sell 10,000 ebooks a day, and it would still take the rest of my life to saturate the current market." ~ JA Konrath

Move over Kindle! Welcome the all-new NOOK™!

New York, New York – – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, today expanded its bestselling digital reading offering with the All-New NOOK, The Simple Touch Reader. With a full touchscreen, NOOK™ features record-setting, extra-long battery life on the easiest-to-use, ultra-light, portable 6-inch eReader with the most-advanced E Ink Pearl display, and the world’s largest bookstore available by Wi-Fi®. Now available for pre-order at www.nook.com and at Barnes & Noble stores for just $139, NOOK will begin shipping on or about June 10.

To set the tone for this article, you need to keep at the front of your mind that from the teens through 20 and 30-somethings and sometimes beyond, INTERNET=FREE. That's the mindset when it comes to "buying" material, whether it be newspapers, eBooks, Lady GaGa mp3 music: keep it as close to "FREE" (even 99cents will do) as possible!

Author JA Konrath ::: "ebooks are more like a commodity. But not quite, because they don't conform to the rules of supply and demand, as there is an endless supply. But I believe there is also an endless demand."

Konrath hits target dead center here. Funny it is, the lower your price, the more you sell. Sell more lower your price. Wow. I sound like Yoda there!

Michael Levin blogs via GreecePost.com that Amazon effectively killed the pasttime of stopping by a bookstore for a bit of "browsing" ... and then he cuts to the chase:::
...the real reason why books are going to vanish is the remarkably un-businesslike business model of the publishers. Think of General Motors — decades of inefficiency, but without the federal bailouts.

In no other industry do producers actually wait passively to see what products are suggested to them, instead of doing market research to see what people really want to buy. Yet publishers seldom generate book ideas; instead they wait for literary agents to submit proposals. Houses decide which book to publish based on little more than a gut feeling that says, “I think we can make money selling this!”

Yet the books that publishers choose are almost entirely of zero interest to actual bookbuyers. After 9/11, there were a ton of books about 9/11, which nobody bought. Same thing with the Iraq War, the rise of Obama, the economic meltdown and even, inexplicably, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Or the books are rehashed business lessons, religious truths, sports clichés, motivational babble, exercise fads, weight loss techniques or pandering to the political left or the right. Who wants these books? Almost no one.

Most of the major publishers today are owned by international conglomerates who, at some point, will awaken to the realization that English majors in their employ are spending millions of dollars on books that no one wants to read.

As a result, few trade books earn real money for the publisher (and certainly not for the author!). That’s because the publisher bears the entire risk of buying, editing, printing and shipping copies of the book to bookstores all over the country on a 100 percent returnable basis. If your local Barnes & Noble doesn’t sell a particular book, it goes right back to the publisher, at the publisher’s shipping cost, for a full refund. Especially in the Internet era, you can’t make money putting books on trucks and hoping someone buys them.
JA Konrath believes that eBooks "will become the dominant format for reading fiction. They'll proliferate the US and Canada, the UK and Australia, and eventually the world. There's no ebook bubble. There is only unlimited potential sales." Konrath referred to it in a different post as a Gold Rush.

What are you waiting for? A gilded invitation? Write, my people, write!

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Future. The Progression of Ideas.

Century I, Quatrain 64
At night they will think they have seen the sun,
when they see the half pig man:
Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies.
The brute beasts will be heard to speak
~ Nostradamus.

In 2011 we could interpret the "half pig man" to be the product of genetic technology (or a guy who has had pig blood vessels installed to replace his own damaged ones). The point here, is that as we catch up to the future, we are better able to look back and understand the past. In 1960, the genetic possibility would likely not have been explored, nor even thought of.

Watching the PBS-Television series "Freedom Riders" the other night with a 14-year old in the room. A young teen who stared at the screen, incredulous - unable to understand the racial divide portrayed in the episode being played - I tried to explain.

There were things thought impossible then (only 50 years ago) - things like a black president, telephones we could carry in our pockets, same-sex marriage. Things are more things that are part of reality now.

The young person(s) watching "Freedom Riders: will likely see many things come to pass in their own lifetimes that they cannot even begin to conceive of today.

"Farms" where human replacement parts are grown. A meteor striking the earth causing mass devastation. An invasion by a technologically superior race of beings from a distant planet. Men marrying animals.

It almost hurts the mind to think about things like that, does it not?

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