Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Count Your Blessings, Not Your Problems!

I was in Catskill this morning to make a radio report on the flood damage there... here are a few of the photos I shot with my kyocera cellphone, along with a video. Very sad stuff. A lot of mud, a lot of people who lost everything. Homes, business and lifetimes destroyed. Take a moment and be thankful for what YOU have.

Small AM radio broadcasters, some as late the early 1980s' (WSCM Cobleskill comes to mind) became hyper-local community-oriented stations. The resurgence of one of these AM's came just in time for Catskill...

The big guy in the white t-shirt is Brian Dodge of WCKL, the Catskill AM radio station that returned to the air in May after years of dormancy. Brian has been a one-man gang in covering the disaster from a local angle. (Red Sox fans take note: the station is airing all the games - it's 560 on the dial, and although the wattage isn't all that high, the signal gets out because there's nothing else on it or around it for miles) Dodge is one of the gentlemen Tanya Walsh refers to in the video clip.
[Hover and click on either photo to view a larger version]

Big mess in the office area of the Greene County Highway Garage.

Catskill Mountains Hurricane Irene Support (Facebook)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flagship Blog

There's been a great deal of discussion recently throughout the blogosphere (stirred by those know-it-all "blogging gurus") regarding the concept of running a "flagship blog" that caters to a particular niche: I have been asked about it, so here's my two centsworth of input into the discussion.

The Gurus have corrupted or changed the original concept of what a "FLAGSHIP BLOG" really is.

The REAL definition of a "flagship blog" is:

A flagship blog is one in which you blog the most often and keep completely white hat. This means you don't use it solely for the purposes of making money (however, they can make money in the long run.) You can use your flagship blog for various purposes. You can build your reputation on the topic that you blog about, you can also use it for advertising purposes, and for applying to affiliate programs that require a website to apply. H/T Eartha

And here is the GURU definition:

A flagship blog is a special kind of blog that is intended to develop a huge audience or following. Flagship blogging is very different from niche blogging. Frankly, flagship blogs require about 1000 times more work - but can also deliver 1000 times more results.

See how the GURUS confuse other bloggers? Remember, your friendly GURU is out to make plenty of money - for him or herself!

(A) I have ONE "home" or "major" or "primary" blog... this one! It is my base, my portal, my connection to the blogging community and the much larger internet community. If I had to select a niche descriptor, it would be "News, Media and Pop Culture." There are three audiences I serve: the Northeast region of the US, where I am based. North America. And the World. This blog of mine began life as a diary for my radio show at the time, Capital Region People. It morphed into a personal diary-slash-news and entertainment site, then grew and changed from there.

(B) I have a couple of what you might call "C Class" blogs which are more specifically niched. All three blogs are monetized. [A-list blogs are the most popular ones, like Michelle Malkin and Xiaxue. B-list blogs are blogs like the one you are now reading. C-list blogs include any "niche" blogs which haven't reached Class A status - and there are Millions of those!]

(C) A lot of blogs you might think are "niche blogs" - blogs that may even have garnered some degree of claim as being 'niche" - are really not, especially when you examine the contents of say, the last 3 months of postings.

(D) Take a look at Justin's blog. Or Aldon's blog. They are quite similar to my blog here in many ways. As you read through Justin's blog you'll notice he regularly publishes monetization reports in which he looks back on and analyzes his monthly earnings blogging. That's an education in itself for YOU, dear blogging friend!

(E: MORAL/CONCLUSION) You really only need ONE blog to enjoy your ride on the net and make a little money. It's okay to have a couple of other blogs on the side, but try to keep the total number of active blogs you run at 3. I find that makes it easy to keep tending to your main blog while still updating your others: your additional blogs should be "pain free" in that all you should ever need to do is update your posts (forget about 'template tweaking' or wasting a lot of time with extra widgets, bells and whistles!)

People have been discussing and blogging about FLAGSHIP BLOG for YEARS! Like everything else, when one self-annointed "guru" blogger discovers something he or she thinks is "new" they start up a bunch of shit about it. well, that's "experts" for you!

Blog On!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

These are the best (and worst) of times...

Since my first blog debuted in 2001, I have written and published more than 12,000 individual blog articles. That's a lot of material!

Blogging has helped me hone my writing/reporting skills, developing a method of crafting and drafting stories, evolving those skills into a style which has become my journalistic trademark.

As the world moves and changes around us, the pace of history and climactic events seems to demand more of our concern - thanks to the instant communication available via the internet.

When I was a boy I was given an old broken transistor pocket radio. Embellished by my imagination, the device became fodder for my imagination: I decorated it with a cardboard "tv screen" and I pretended that I could use the device not only to listen to AM radio broadcats, but police radio and short wave as well... Furthermore, i could use it to make audo and video recordings, watch and record TV progtrams, hold telephone conversations, and by pressing a prticular button - consult a roadmap which would miraculously appear on the screen! (One day, my father smashed the device, remarking something to the effect that it - and I - were 'stupid').
As a small child, I often dreamed of being a TV or radio personality - I even made up a "professional name" - calling myself "MIKE ROSE" - funny how I knew my direction in life at such an early age.
I wonder if all human minds contain archetypal imagination which we as children are taught to suppress and stifle - while certain individuals like DaVinci, Nostradamus, Ben Franklin and Tesla were able to somehow keep their minds open to the universe of existing possibilities.

Communal (shared) knowledge has grown thanks to the unimpeded breakout growth of technology.

Lest ye forget ::: a natural disaster or nuclear war could wipe all of this out in a minute. Human civilization, old as it is, is but a fragile experiment.

there will be wind.
there will be hot, cold,
disease and pestilence.
there will be joy,
there will be sorrow,
feast and famine.
most assuredly there will be death.
such is LIFE.
~ anonymous

The TECHNIUM ::: "We have just begun to fiddle with social communications. Hypertext, wi-fi, GPS location services are just the beginning. The majority of the most amazing communication inventions that are possible have not been invented yet. We are also just in the infancy of turning on at a truly global scale. When we are woven together into a global real-time society, the impossibilities will really start to erupt. It is not necessary that we invent some kind of autonomous global consciousness. It is only necessary that we connect everyone to everyone else. Hundreds of miracles that seem impossible today will be possible with this shared human awareness..."

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

NYC Cops Take to Facebook, Twitter

NYPD forms new social media unit to mine Facebook and Twitter for mayhem...

Both Calvin Pietri (l.) and Kayla Henriques (r.) were caught
by NYPD detectives as a result of their Facebook posts.
The department has formed a new unit to mine social media
sites for trouble. (via Facebook; Todd Maisel/News)

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HURRICANE IRENE Updates, Warnings, Declarations

Hurricane Irene hasn't stopped bloggers from blogging... least, not this blogger!

I'm weathering the storm in Albany ::: Tropical Storm Warning issued August 28 at 6:21AM EDT expiring August 29 at 6:30AM EDT by NWS Albany ::: as I type, the electric lights in the house are blinking nervously. It's around 0920 and the "brunt" of the winds associated with Hurricane Irene are supposed to reach the Tri-Cities by 1100.

No racing in Saratoga on Sunday...

Tornado Warnings Issued for NYC...


Half a million dark in DC area, after 10 inches of rain...

Yesterday evening I went out to pick up a few "just in case" items, although I don't expect as much gloom, doom and disaster as our local meteorologists are predicting... having said, one power outage can sometimes cause a "domino effect" of adjoining service area outages, so better safe than saying "I wish I had..."

I purchased batteries, dry food and bottled water, along with ice cream , a few culinary treats and some wine. For dinner I made my specialty Spaghetti and Italian Meatballs, old World Style... later on I made some dark chocolate brownies just to have on hand during Sunday afternoon!

"D" batteries were impossible to find (not for me - the "new" Stewarts on New Scotland Avenue had plenty, because most folks had no idea where to look for them in the store layout scheme)

I charged up all the electronics I could find...

One thing that I forgot to do last night before hitting the sack: plugging in the laptop and netbook so they could charge... did that around 0730...

Issued By: NWS Albany (Eastern New York and Western New England)
Jurisdictions: Albany, Schoharie Counties
Headline: Flash Flood Warning issued August 28 at 7:17AM EDT expiring August 28 at 1:15PM EDT by NWS Albany
Description: The National Weather Service In Albany Has Issued A * Flash Flood Warning For... Albany County In East Central New York... This Includes The Cities Of...Watervliet...Latham...Delmar... Colonie...Cohoes...Albany... Schoharie County In East Central New York... This Includes The City Of Cobleskill... * Until 115 PM EDT * At 710 AM EDT...National Weather Service Doppler Radar Indicated Flash Flooding From Bands Of Heavy Rain With Embedded Thunderstorms Over The Warned Area Associated With Hurricane Irene. * Locations In The Warning Include But Are Not Limited To Voorheesville...Sharon Springs...Schoharie...Menands... Loudonville...Guilderland...Green Island...Central Bridge And Altamont
Instructions: Most Flood Deaths Occur In Automobiles. Never Drive Your Vehicle Into Areas Where The Water Covers The Roadway. Flood Waters Are Usually Deeper Than They Appear. Just One Foot Of Flowing Water Is Powerful Enough To Sweep Vehicles Off The Road. When Encountering Flooded Roads Make The Smart Choice...Turn Around...Dont Drown. Please Report Flooding To The National Weather Service By Email At Alb.Stormreport@Noaa.Gov Or On Facebook AtWww.Facebook.Com/Us.Nationalweatherservice.Albany.Gov.


Meanwhile in Libya ::: Gaddafi 'seen in Zimbabwe on Mugabe's private jet'...

Tripoli faces severe shortages of food, fuel...

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene to swing by Albany: Mayor Jennings issues Statement

Hurricane Irene has weakened after making landfall overnight. There is no question that Irene will have a major impact in terms of torrential rain, flooding, and strong wind gusts on Sunday. Current track guidance continues to strongly suggest a track that would take the system just east of New York City and then into western New England, potentially as far west as up through Litchfield and Berkshire counties.

CBS6 reports ::: A FLOOD WATCH remains in effect for the entire region from this evening through late Sunday night for the likelihood of moderate to severe flooding due to a potential for a widespread 5" to 8" of rain with locally up to 10" where terrain enhancement occurs. This amount of rain will lead to small stream and creek, urban and poor drainage flooding as well as flooding along the major rivers. Big river flooding, however, would likely be delayed until Sunday night into Monday as it will take some time for the runoff to elevate the water levels.

CBS 6 Albany

Mouseover and click on the image to view a larger version.

the Bad Blogger, Wendy and Me

Earlier in the week I had a bit of a back-and-forth with The Bad Blogger that may interest you:
The Bad Blogger: Your comment on the post 5 Reasons Why Photos of Beautiful and Sexy Women Can Help Improve Your Blog Visibility! has a new reply

Here is ...[MY]... original comment:
Re: Wendy Cheng ::: you wrote "if you dig hard enough about how she got to where she was… you will not be impress…" Really? I read Wendy's blog BEFORE she was thrust into the spotlight by the Blogger/Blog*Spot platform as one of their "highlighted bloggers" or whatever they called it. I think it is remarkable that she ascended as a celebrity, a person who otherwise would have remained an unremarkable teenager in Singapore --- UNLESS YOU KNOW SOMETHING THAT I DON'T... (If so, please share!) Blog On!

Here is the new [Bad Blogger's] reply:
Well, you should be able to find it in Google, I will not share something on my blog that will hurt myself, I mean if you really think about it, there are actually tons of female blogspot blogger out there that's way better then her in the first place and why would blogspot choose her, I'm not saying she will not be chosen, but something is fisher between how she got highlighted. I did spend some time to find out in Google and though I will never share it here, I would never recommend her as someone to look up for if someone wants to learn how to blog. But... there are tons of people, mostly male still like to read her blog day by day and sometime will doesn't know why... but I just think that's how life is...

You can see more information for the comment on this post here:
WikiPedia lists Wendy's Achievements:::

Xiaxue makes a living through her main blog, which attracts about 20,000 readers per day.[5]Nuffnang ads, and deals to write advertorials,[5][4] she has a sponsorship deal with LocalBrand and was also previously sponsored by Kimage and Voxy.[6] She has won several blog awards, including the 2005 Bloggies Best Asian Weblog,[7] as well as the 2004 and 2005 Wizbang Weblog Awards Best Asian Blog.[8][9] In 2008 her blog was selected for the National Library Board archive.[10] Besides

Beyond blogging, Xiaxue has worked as a columnist for The New Paper, Maxim and the "STOMP" Star Blog.[4][11] She co-hosted a reality TV series, Girls Out Loud,[12] on MediaCorp Channel 5 and has her own show on, called Xiaxue's Guide to Life.[13] In addition, she was an ambassador for the Fresh Air for Women Campaign, an anti-smoking campaign organised by the Health Promotion Board.

I was reading an article in an old forum about Xiaxue, which scratched the surface of the value of the blogspot/blogger platform :::

I myself have been advised by other bloggers to leave the platform, get my own domain, etc. Guess what? I'm still here on blogspot... still MIGHT change my template (almost have a couple of times) ... but overall I think I'll stick it out here. This platform is Google and all the wonderful web perks that come with it: G+, adsense, PageRank, Google Calendar. Services I like, use and interact with on a daily basis. While Wordpress is nice (and I do have my One Minute Blog located there) and tumblr is cool (I keep "extra" blogs on tumblr and posterous, although I haven't posted to posterous in a dog's age).

I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished here. I'm happy that one of my blogspotter comrades is Wendy Cheng. I've linked to my twitter and I interact regularly with other fine bloggers on various systems and platforms. It seems to be all good... for now, and just in case, blog*spot allows bloggers to download the complete contents of their blogs in XML form. Nice to have a back-up, in case anything happens. ("Anything" does tend to happen, in time.)

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Friday, August 26, 2011

UPDATE: "Duong Daff" STILL Spamming Twitter

(click on this image to view larger version)

You'll notice the spammer is busy "seeding" links...

Anyone out there who may be able to identify where the photograph 0f "Duong Daff" was lifted from?

Where is twitter on this? I've seen them takedown legitimate accounts as "spam" faster than they've done anything about this! (the "nothing to see here" screen)

Below is where the link on all those tweets takes you: once you click on it (you shouldn't, but if you must, have your antiVirus program running at FULL STRENGTH), in case a little spam/spyware gets dropped into your computer files:

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T-Mobile Free Activation Promo


10 Years After

Hard to believe ten years have gone by... this summer marks the 10 year anniversaries of the fatal deaths of three individuals who had positively super stellar careers ahead of them: international model Fernanda Vogel, R&B singer-songwriter/actress Aaliyah, and NFL Minnesota Vikings football great Korey Stringer.
Fernanda Vogel Mesquita (October 1, 1980 - July 27, 2001 ) was a model based in Brazil. Fernanda began modeling at age 8. Signed with Ford Models at age 15 and then with the agency Mega . Fernanda made ​​famous campaigns for major brands such as guarana, shopping for prestige, CVV ... she drowned following a helicopter crash on the beach of Maresias in Sao Paulo in 2001.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001), was an American R&B recording artist, actress and model. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 10, she appeared on the television show Star Search and performed in concert alongside Gladys Knight. At age 12, Aaliyah signed with Jive Records and her uncle Barry Hankerson's Blackground Records. Hankerson introduced her to R. Kelly, who became her mentor. She released her third and final album, Aaliyah, in July 2001. On August 25, 2001, Aaliyah and eight others were killed in an airplane crash in The Bahamas after filming the music video for the single "Rock the Boat".

Korey Damont Stringer (May 8, 1974 – August 1, 2001) was an American football player who died from complications brought on by heat stroke, during training camp in Mankato, Minnesota while in training camp with the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

A misunderstanding that got way out of hand...

I went from the frying pan into the fire of misunderstanding, fanned when yet another blogger "intervened" - I'm sure the fellow just thought he was helping Lainy out after I did a bad job of trying to explain my position on the "Big Daddy" disclosure! (BIG DADDY'S 'STATS' ON LAINY ARE STILL UP as of 0740 Friday August 26, 2011 - that's where the image/SCREENGRAB below comes from!) we started having a little war using words and blogposts as stones and arrows. Like silly little things often do, the situation got somewhat out of hand!...sometimes blogging has its moments of regret... in real life, it is possible to get into trouble, without meaning to...

As we go through life, we encounter bends in the road we travel involving interrelationships with other people. I've been on the bad side of a blogger I ran across via Entrecard. I'm not happy with the way things turned out, and I'll tell you what happened between a blogger named Lainy and me.

How I unknowlingly got on Lainy's bad side - simply by pointing out FACTS as interpreted by another blogger who writes under the hat "Big Daddy Richard" - if you check out the post that caused the conflict, scroll to the indented highlighted paragraph which begins "One problem encountered by the EC system..." and read through, clicking on the links as you go, you'll see I am NOT trying to insult Lainy or her blog... I'm interpreting the information and allusions made by "Big Daddy" - and the statement about "low-income women" which has come directly off alexa or a similar website! That 3rd party website was WRONG WRONG WRONG because Lainy's audience (I'm pretty positively sure) consists for younger, intelligent/educated women, most likely between 20 and 40.

Ever find yourself in one of those dilemmas? The more you try to explain what happened, the more you paint yourself into a corner?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, Lainy! Since man first stood upright until now, there are human tendencies that make us want to throw stones first and talk later ... but again, I feel the more I tried to explain what happened, the deeper I sunk into a hole of misunderstanding! Live and learn!

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Blog Bytes

In a bit of a "blog experiment" I tweeted these out earlier this week.

...failure is an option that we can learn from...

Act like a bark beetle or a rat and you will die like bark beetles and rats, humanity.

A wild, bleach blonde Asian appears...

Is there more to Xiaxue than we know already? Check it out in the comments section of THIS BLOG.

Thinking about becoming a "guest blogger"? You might want to read this first!

Blog Bytes ::: the digital webular equivalent of sound bytes - snippets of thought extracted from a larger chunk of conversation

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spammer on Twitter

Female, Malaysian, IP address from the same block of addresses used by a well-known blogger.
Word is this twitterer sending out spam tweets! Visit the site and report it as SPAM!


Location of  Spain  (dark green)– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]
I crave sunshine! When winter sets in, I like to get away to warmer climes... but did you know there are places you can visit other than the dangerous Bahamas and Mexico?

Have you ever thought of renting a holiday property on the Continent?

At the moment everyone seems to be short of cash or otherwise feeling the economic squeeze: many people are looking for ways to reduce their vacation costs. Safe places, reasonable prices, experiences of a lifetime await you in sunny Spain!

Beautiful scenic properties are available: you don't always have to make your arrangements through a travel agent! There are many websites where you can browse privately owned Spanish holiday home rentals... my personal favourite is Holiday Rentals Mallorca, a travel blog which provides breathtaking photographs of exotic looking vacation homes in Spain!

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Blog Mentoring 2011


A young blogger figured this out years ago... why haven't YOU?

And, guess what?
You can get this for $150 a month $29 one time payment!

Are are you a frustrated blogger?
♦ You've been blogging for so long yet you find it hard to break in to your niche
♦ You've read all the blogging tips ebook yet can't find the perfect formula
♦ You've been through some "purchasing disasters" and didn't get your money's worth
♦ You've drowned yourself on the internet but to no success
♦ You've been wanting to change all that just just CAN'T

Why many methods don't just work
The problem with other blogging ebooks and training program's is that they are CHEATING on you. Liane Youngblogger figured this out when she was just a teenager!

She discovered that every time a blogger purchased an e-book, or received a training method, thousands of other bloggers were getting THE EXACTSAME thing.

Yes, they might be telling you that you're going to receive your UNFAIR advantage, but in reality, everyone is receiving the same unfair advantage. In the end, EVERYBODY KNOWS THE SAME TRICKS. People come to a dead end where they all wallow in similar knowledges and ideas that just turn out to be a replicate of the others.

Liane discovered that many bloggers who wanted to break in to the success level by enrolling themselves on all kinds of programs, never got to the C-list, let alone the A-list.

Here are the usual reasons:

♦ Ebooks and traning programs are all pre-written; they don't cater directly to your needs but to the general needs.
♦ Most of them are just products of hyped-up sensational marketing. Their main target? Your money.
♦ Yes, they might be giving you their methods but afterwards, you're left all alone
♦ You've just been reading about the same thing over and over again.

What's the point in paying for things you already know? Lianne says, forget about high-priced trainings, forget about yet another ebook, and most of all, forget signing up to some random newsletter in a vain attempt to get something while actually falling into a marketer's trap.

The Solution?

Get An Expert That Will Personally Tell You What Needs To Be Done and How It Needs To Be Done. In Short, Get A Blog Critic...

Our friend Liane came up with this idea long ago. But she eventually stopped the service when she SOLD her own blog for BIG BUCKS! Think about THAT! SHE CASHED OUT BIG TIME! What a loss for the blogosphere! Now, think about creating and developing an amazing blog that will have individuals and corporations scrambling to BUY YOUR BLOG! It is NOT beyond your capability! Liane DID it! If she can, YOU can!

How Does My System Work?

I'm doing this a little bit differently than the way Liane did. I've kept it simple fairly simple, following Liane's model in that the only goal is to analyze your blog and your skills an give you a personalized report that will tell you "what needs to be done and how it should be done". I'll also read 5 posts on your blog and give you back 5 sincere comments!

Here, you will be receiving
1 an honest, point-blank report about your blog
2 a complete blog analysis that will tell you what's wrong, or right
3 comments on 5 of your articles
4 tutorials, tips, tricks and the best resources
5 additional consultation at a pre-negotiated price

#5 is new - my idea - for those who would like longer-term interaction to help develop their blog. If you like what I do for you intially and are serious about blogging, I'll help you at a mutually agreed fee IF I have time to squeeze you into my busy schedule... I already have two jobs, I lecture and teach a blogging class already!

The Final Consideration, Value's Worth

Liane liked keeping things straight and simple. Ditto for me! I have GIVEN AWAY the popular "BLOGGING CLASS" series right here on my humble weblog! As much as I would love to GIVE this Blog Critique away, I'm using MY TIME to help you in this special program, so the $29 fee is really just a "token" and helps me keep my internet turned on! That's a bargain already considering the OUTRAGEOUS prices that others charge (even if they have minimal skills!)

How My Program Works 1-2-3!

1. Click the order now paypal button. You will be redirected to a secured site.
2. In the paypal secure form, write your contact details (for email and chat).
3. I’ll get in touch as soon as possible and we’ll begin!

Blog Engage Blog Forum and Blogging Community, Free Blog Submissions and Blog Traffic, Blog Directory, Article Submissions, Blog Traffic

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Rihanna and J.Cole Sex Tape

BREAKING NEWS ::: Hustler is in possession of the Rihanna and J-Cole tape...”

MissInfo reacts ::: What if Hustler is so used to doing all these This Ain’t Glee and This Ain’t Dirty Jobs spoof porns, their alleged Rihanna x J.Cole sex tape is actually just some random tall guy and a girl with a red wig on?!?!

Keep Checking Min's blog for UPDATES!

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Lack of empathy for Nostaligians

Nostalgia is part of being human - however, there comes a time to draw the line.

In the circa 1966 Beatles' song "In My lIfe," the listener is notified that material things (as well as people) are prone to change "some forever not for better."

While it is normal to mourn the passing of a loved one, friend or figure in the public eye (and appropriate to remember them on the anniversary of their death), it's quite another thing to attempt to "keep the memory alive." For what puropse, and for whom? Selfish regret? Inability to move on?

If the deceased individual had a mission, a goal or a declared "cause" - why not set up a foundation or a club or association to help one day realize the goal or futher expand the mission?

In my opinion it is mentally unhealthy to "over-mourn" and orchestrate "what-if" scenarios. I would instead encourage those organizers to look for living people in their communities, who also have admirable goals and aspirations, perhaps even mirroring those held by the dearly departed.

Humans also place sentimental value on material objects, including bridges, buildings and other structural entities.

Yeah, memories are great.

But please tear down anything old that is outdated, unsafe, unsightly, un-used.

Go ahead, "remember them on facebook" if you must. As my Grandma would say, "150 years from now it's not going to matter."

Permission to reprint this blog post in whole or in part is hereby granted, provided that the author (or authors) and Dave Lucas are properly cited. Permission to reprint any comments below is granted only for those comments written by Dave Lucas and staff.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Find Games of Chance Online

Do you love Poker? Like to go to the Racino to play the video slots? Have you tried playing online? Don't be shy!

I regularly take trips up to the Racino in Saratoga to play video slots and down to Atlantic City to play the many "games of chance" --- Say, did you know that you can visit the casino online and play as well?

YES YOU CAN! Here are links to some of the best: Online Casinos for USA Players offers a complete selection of online casino games!

The “Online Poker Watchdog” (an independent body which monitors millions of poker hands played online to track whether the virtual felt is rigged or if the online poker sites live up to their claims of fairness and security) has perfromed tests which would indicate that the poker sites they have tested are indeed fair.

There IS hope for online Poker in the US! According to Senator Harry Reid, new online poker legislation is on the table and “will get done”.

Poker Sites US carries a full listing of the best of the poker sites still offering real money poker games to players in the United States: there are direct links to Poker Rooms along with Bonus Codes.

One of the models being looked at for expanding online Poker in the US is about to be tested right in the Nation's Capitol: Poker news reports that in late 2010, the Washington, D.C. city council approved a budget which would allow for a district operated internet poker site, accessible only to residents inside the city’s borders. Mayor Vincent C. Gray signed the poker bill into law at the beginning of the year, and in April, the period during which Congress could make any objections ended. D.C.’s chief financial officer estimates that online gambling could bring in $13.1 million in review to the district between the 2012 and 2014 fiscal years. The revenue would come from a combination of rake at the tables and taxes on winnings over $600. The program would be managed by Intralot USA, which will receive 50 percent of the earnings.

The initial test run will see 20 to 30 online gambling “hot spots” at various locations around Washington, D.C., such as hotels and bars, by September 1st. If everything works well, online poker may be available in D.C. Households by the end of the year.

Here's another site you'll most certainly want to bookmark: it lists the very Best US Poker Sites so you can find a place to play and get in on the game as easily as possible!

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NetActive 24 August 2011

Pakistan: Islamic Televangelist Caught Out by Behind-the-Scenes Video

Read this post.
Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, a Pakistani Islamic televangelist and host of numerous religious shows, has been criticized after a behind-the-scenes video was released. The video depicted Dr. Amir, a notable religious scholar who otherwise poses as a humble, moral man, uttering abuse and profanities as well as religious blasphemy.

James Griffiths from DAWEI looks into the history of Chinese porn [NSFW] + he interviews Katrien Jacobs, a professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, whose new bookPeople’s Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet will be published in October 2011.

Dr. Julius Garvey @ Rootz Extravaganza ::: Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. was born August 17th, 1887, in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. READ THIS exhaustive critique of the 2000 PBS film by Garvey’s son, Dr Julius Garvey. Marcus Garvey: Look For Me In The Whirlwind, was directed by Stanley Nelson. Visit your local library to borrow a copy of the DVD.

posted by Fauna at chinaSMACK -
Photos of Chinese migrant workers and their children who live around Guiyang's largest garbage dump and survive by scavenging for recyclables and things to sell. *"Migrant Workers Children Spend Childhood...

Facebook Makes More Than a Dozen Privacy & Tagging Changes ::: via BlogWorld, by Julie · Facebook made a big announcement Tuesday, which involved more than a dozen privacy and tagging changes. They want to "make it easier to share posts, photos, tags and other content with exactly the people you want". This follows their recent news regarding new mobile security features. Since the company has been told by users that there needs to be some changes within the privacy features of Facebook, they have made many changes that are more visual … [Read more]

Related ::: Can You Back Up Facebook Relationships?

Ghana-based blogger Fiona shares photos of people around the world reading her new book, The Chicken Thief: If you've been following The Chicken Thief on Facebook (click here if you've been meaning to do this but haven't got around to it yet...) you may have seen the fantastic photos that readers have been sending in of the Chicken Thief in their corner of the world... (H/T Global Voices)

How We Talk to Computers [Infographic] - The advancements in speech recognition have come a long way...

Joey Vento, R.I.P.

And one for your tum-tum: Cindi Li has posted directions for concocting BEER ICE CREAM! Yup, beer, brewski! [CAUTION: "You'll need an ice cream making machine".] Cindi, are you trying to get us drunk? Is it possible with Beer Ice Cream?

The two flavours I prefer are Stewart's Philadelphia vanilla and Colombian Coffee. I haven't had a satisfying Chocolate Ice Cream in while, as it seems the major brands I used to buy, like Breyers, have altered the recipe. What say you?

Climate Feeds Conflict?

A new study out this week links a natural global climate cycle to periodic increases in warfare. Weather phenom El Niño, when it occurs, doubles the risk of civil wars among 90 tropical nations.

A group of scientists and observers note that bad weather perhaps tips poorer countries into chaos more easily. They believe that natural weather cycles will become more extreme with warming climate, and some suggest ongoing chaos in places like Somalia are already being stoked by warming climate.

Could El Niño be a factor in the unrest and change permeating the Arab world? John Hogue issued this warning on his blog: "What happens next in Libya could spread to the Arab world and undermine all chance of fellowship between Russia and America. This could lead to a nuclear confrontation..."

Hogue notes "We undergoing a “Climate Shift”. This rolling shift in the world’s climate axis is threatening our means to feed the human race. Climate shifts to extremes that become the new normal string of historic flood of hundreds of thousands of acres of crops this spring. Now America this summer has a heat wave to match the historic cauldron of fire from the skies that visited Russia last year, temporarily knocking her out of the grain export business. Vast tracks of corn and wheat fields across Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska wilt and shrink in sustained triple-digit heat waves. Consequently, 100-plus temperatures have baked Dallas Texas for 40 days straight before one night of rain fell. Now the days of 100-plus temperatures gather their number once again. And here comes the Hurricane Season with Tropical Storm Irene bearing down on Florida."


What role should the science community play in the Arab Spring?

Climate change represents a threat not only to the existence of individual species, but also to the genetic diversity hidden within them...

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