Sunday, September 30, 2012

EntreCard Effect

Some of the more popular sites on Entrecard once received 400+ visits a day!

One "popular" blog that displayed the EC widget is now down to an average 50 daily visits (from an average 250 a day prior to EC going offline)

As you can see by this screencut from that blog's statmeter, more than half of the daily visits are from the googlebot. This blogger should change settings so that the bot visits less often, as each of these visits effectively LOWERS the blog's standings in the search engine! One post that showed up yesterday on page 6 of Google is now on page 15 today. Unfortunately, the blogger in question is clueless, as is the fellow who ghost-writes her blog!

Blogger John Sealander understands exactly what happened, and takes it with a grain of salt: "There must have been a whole infrastructure built around the inflated traffic that blog communities like Entrecard, Adgitize, and CMF brought. Now that all three of these communities are gone, I think some of the blogs and bloggers and list makers who depended on these services are starting to disappear as well. Oh, well. It was probably all an illusion in the first place. I used to think I had over 400 regular readers every day. It was probably closer all along to the 40 that Google Analytics has been reporting recently. Easy come, easy go I guess. You can still add me to your next list though. Blogs that nobody reads might be a good category." [Complete article is here]

My traffic here at the Dave Lucas blog has actually tripled since the demise of EC - but I attribute that to LinkWithin and the Outbrain service that comes with it. In the last 18 months my incoming traffic from EC dropped to fairly regular 20 to 25 hits a day, since most of the bloggers in Malaysia and India used bots or scripts to artificially "drop" entrecards, they never appeared as visitors on my blog stats, although they showed up as traffic on the entrecard service graphs. (You can find their handiwork on youtube - if the videos still exist.)

Gaming the EC system happened almost as soon as the service announced 19 May 2008 it would allow bloggers to place "more than one blog" in the service. Many of the EC cheats have deleted their pages from the interwebs, although one can still find traces of references. (I am not going to name or link to these blogs, as I'm sure they are involved in some other scam by now). One cheater in the Philippines, explained the whole process away on her blog, as if to dismiss it and declare she did nothing wrong: "For a while now, I have been using a dropping facility that allows me to drop faster than I used to..." And of course her droplist included all of the same "recommended" bloggers who likewise cheated the system on a daily basis: one of the Malay gals admitted to "dropping 900 cards a day for my 3 blogs."

Another female blogger wrote that she felt "pathetically incomplete" if she did not make 300 drops a day for her 5 blogs! And then there were those fabled dropmasters...

Seriously, what fool would spend hours upon hours "dropping" - yes, you got that right - no one! Some of the cheat scripts and other tools were sold on forums for as much as $50 USD! Keep in mind that after 2008 when changes were made to EC and there no longer was any real "cash value," mass-dropping no longer served any purpose (unless it was automated), not like virtual gold, anyway!

Nonetheless, some are clamoring for the return of EC... others are doing fine...
"As I become more comfortable in the blogging world, I realize that daily traffic is not as important as having valuable content." ~ John Lottery

Schedule Pinterest Pins

Be sure to first sign up for a free account at then once you’re logged in to Pingraphy, sign in to your Pinterest account in a separate tab because you’ll need this to be open at the same time.

I decided a couple of months ago to test different Pinterest tools to find out if any of them allow you to schedule pins in advance. Some resources promise to do this but in actual fact they’re still in beta and this service is currently unavailable. Then I stumbled across Pingraphy and everything changed!
Tehmina Zaman reports... 

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Liane Membis Sex Scandal?

Liane Membis is back - perhaps not of her own choosing... turns out the higher-than-thou goody-two-shoes beauty queen / reporterette turned content thief is the subject of yet another exposé on Ivy Gate... this time, Membis is, it seems, latching on to SEX as a "personal sales tool"... all we need now is for some Liane Membis nude photos to turn up or maybe a Liane Membis sex video! Tsk Tsk Liane! A long way down for one whose writings were featured on CNN, The Huffington Post and Ebony Magazine!

 via IVYGATE :::  the Yale Daily News published an involved fact-check of former reporter (and fired WSJ intern) Liane Membis ’12, raising many new questions about the veracity of Membis’s reporting, the paper’s ethical standards, and the leadership of embattled editor-in-chief Max de la Bruyère.

Revenge ABC

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Return of Judge Dee

It's not really, technically, a "return" - but it is a "return" for me: an old TV movie that I thought I would never see again...

I was up late one night surfing the web when I came across the blog of 屋根裏の散歩者.

On it, I found Ho Ling's review of "Judge Dee and The Monastery Murders." (aka "Judge Dee and the Haunted Monastery")  I recall watching the movie when it was first broadcast, and was very impressed with it and with the all-Asian cast, at the time. I became curious to know if I would still find it so.

As if by magick, a copy came into my hands - on disc, a transfer from VHS. While some of the colour had washed out due to tape oxidation, the sound remained crisp and the story as fascinating as I remembered!

Most interesting is the main character, Judge Dee, played by Khigh Alx Dhiegh, whose real name was Kenneth Dickerson. His son, Ken Dickkerson was a lottery numbers picking expert, often a guest on my groundbreaking "Dave Lucas Worldwide" radio program, which aired in the late 1990's all across the internet via WROW 590am in Albany. It was one of the first radio shows to transmit via the internet - we regularly filled up two IRC chatrooms every Friday and Saturday night (for those of you who recall the days of IRC!) But I digress...

Ken the Elder was an American television and motion picture actor of mixed North African ancestry, noted for portraying Asian roles. Indeed, he looks very Asian, and his voice carries that particular "Asian English" tone as many of the other actors in "Judge Dee" picture also exhibit.

Ho Ling describes the film in a nutshell ::: "...the story starts off very Scooby Doo-like. Judge Dee, his three wives and Tao Gan (and other servants) are forced to spend a night at a Taoist monastery because the axle of the Mystery Machine their coach broke down during a dreadful storm. That night also happens to be the anniversary night of the monastery and the judge, despite having caught a cold, naturally has to join the monks in their celebrations because of his rank. But there is more than meets the eye to his monastery, or else it would make for a rather boring story. A window that disappears before the very eyes of the judge, the murky past of the monastery that involves the death of no less than three girls that once stayed here and even the previous abbot and more. Dee has a busy, busy night trying to solve all the mysteries that lurk in this dark place."

It's a very well-executed motion picture - like one of the better Charlie Chan mysteries, with little if any comedy interwoven into the plot. If you can procure a copy, do so. I would be willing to share my copy, so get in touch if you like. There are many VHS movies that never made it to DVD, and I am also certain there are many TV movies (and even films that played in movie houses at one time or another) that never made it to either VHS or DVD.

Judge Dee is a great movie to watch on a dark and/or stormy night...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog Spotlight ::: PRINTABLE COUPONS!!!

Everyone loves $aving money!

Before you hit the supermarket this weekend, a quick visit to will yield incredible bargains, printable coupons and coupon codes! Make sure the printer is online, and have at it!

Don't be a victim of self-discrimination!

Since only price conscious consumers are likely to spend the time to claim coupon savings, printable coupons function as a form of price discrimination, enabling retailers to offer a lower price only to those consumers who would otherwise go elsewhere. will ensure that you are fully involved in $aving Money!

What are "Coupon Codes"?

In e-commerce and online shopping a coupon code (aka "e-coupon" or "digital coupon") is a code, made up of letters and/or numbers that consumers type into a promotional box on a site's shopping cart checkout page to obtain a discount on their purchase, such as a percent off purchase, free shipping, or some other discount. Online merchants offer coupon codes as an incentive to shoppers to purchase from their Web site. features the latest up-to-date list of these codes!

Have fun saving money while you shop! See you at!

Facebook Timeline Remover: Works, but Malicious?

Barracuda Networks has been spreading via twitter:

IF YOU CAN GET TO THE LINK - you will be spin-buffered to boredom and beyond... so allow me to help!
I'm sure it's some sort of bandwidth issue...

"...the scammers behind the bad plugins are really good at social marketing. They create social events on Facebook to recruit users, and used shortened URLs to avoid detections (even transmitted from Google translation page)..."

Barracuda lists these timeline removal apps as "good" - me, I wouldn't trust ANY of 'em!


Facebook Timeline Remover & Disabler

Barracuda ends their article thusly ::: "In conclusion, we would like to warn all Facebook users to not try any Facebook Timeline Remover apps or plugins. Even if you are experienced and can distinguish a good plugin or app from a bad one, allowing a third party to access your Facebook information or other data and privacy is always a big risk." A BIG D'OH, THERE!


This morning when I logged into facebook, I noticed the feed did not update - it got stuck sometime shortly after 5:02pm Wednesday. This never happened before. Were psychic predictions coming true?

No, I think the stall may have had something to do with a little housecleaning at the Social Network. Or maybe with the new "gifts" feature?

Last month, facebook announced it would start purging Pages of fake ‘likes’ by deleting fake accounts.

Following a cull of spammers said to make up 8.7% of Facebook profiles, some of the fb's artist pages have seen a sufficient drop in ‘likes’.

Pagedata stats reveal that Lady Gaga lost over 34-thousand of her 53 million Facebook Likes! Other popular artists to have lost out include Rihanna, who had 28,275 fblikes taken out... Justin Bieber, 27,859 fake likes deleted... Shakira, with 26,406 fake likes removed... and the purge goes on!

Hey! Here's a SATIRICAL piece by Soraya Chemaly - it MUST be satire, because what would fb be without such diversions? Speaking of which, what kind of fool records themselves committing a crime and then posts it on fb? Watch!

In other fb news, founder Mark Zuckerberg is off to Russia next week, reportedly to hold talks on innovation with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Savage Silence
When I switched the radio on last night just after 7:00 and DIDN'T hear the voice of Michael Savage, I turned it off immediately, as I usually do when someone is filling in for the talk show host, and thought nothing else of it. The other evening, the radio was playing "an encore" segment of savage. Nothing seemed amiss.

 The TV was already on one of the ion channels, and "Positive Living" was on - an episode about a broadcast journalist who enhanced his life and focused his goals after taking Landmark courses. A friend of mine took Landmark and she always spoke highly of the program. The TV show was an interesting watch. After that I watched a few cooking shows on Create, then "Person of Interest" and the "new" Sherlock Holmes show.

So this morning, as I clicked through my daily rounds of newsblogs, I was shocked to read that Michael Savage was off the air - in a self-imposed "Radio Silence" mode - sorta like when Art Bell went off the air yeras ago, I thought to myself, "here's a unique voice that cannot be replaced."

 via Associated Press ::: Savage posted a message on his website under the headline "Free at Last!" that said he was free to work with any station or network from now on. He said he "will not be heard on the radio for some time."


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Online Bully Broken, Vanquished!

Bearded Sikh woman teaches Reddit a lesson.
Balpreet Kaur, an Ohio State University student, is a young Sikh --- and a tribute to the sanctity of personal values and beliefs --- her pic was snapped at an airport, posted online, then ridiculed by many as "the bearded lady". Ms. Kaur is being hailed across the web today after she defended herself so eloquently that her original tormenter felt compelled to apologize to all Sikhs everywhere.

 "It was a fairly asshole-ish thing to post this. After apologising and talking with Balpreet I've seen how stupid this post was in the first place isn't funny at all. Yeah it's not something you see everyday but that doesn't make it funny. Hopefully you guys won't remember me as "that douchebag that posted the picture of the Sikh girl!"

And now the world is a better place, yes?

Hey, guys. This is Balpreet Kaur, the girl from the picture. I actually didn't know about this until one of my friends told on facebook. If the OP wanted a picture, they could have just asked and I could have smiled :) However, I'm not embarrased or even humiliated by the attention [negative and positve] that this picture is getting because, it's who I am. Yes, I'm a baptized Sikh woman with facial hair. Yes, I realize that my gender is often confused and I look different than most women. However, baptized Sikhs believe in the sacredness of this body - it is a gift that has been given to us by the Divine Being [which is genderless, actually] and, must keep it intact as a submission to the divine will. Just as a child doesn't reject the gift of his/her parents, Sikhs do not reject the body that has been given to us. By crying 'mine, mine' and changing this body-tool, we are essentially living in ego and creating a seperateness between ourselves and the divinity within us. By transcending societal views of beauty, I believe that I can focus more on my actions. My attitude and thoughts and actions have more value in them than my body because I recognize that this body is just going to become ash in the end, so why fuss about it? When I die, no one is going to remember what I looked like, heck, my kids will forget my voice, and slowly, all physical memory will fade away. However, my impact and legacy will remain: and, by not focusing on the physical beauty, I have time to cultivate those inner virtues and hopefully, focus my life on creating change and progress for this world in any way I can. So, to me, my face isn't important but the smile and the happiness that lie behind the face are. :-) So, if anyone sees me at OSU, please come up and say hello. I appreciate all of the comments here, both positive and less positive because I've gotten a better understanding of myself and others from this. Also, the yoga pants are quite comfortable and the Better Together tshirt is actually from Interfaith Youth Core, an organization that focuses on storytelling and engagement between different faiths. :) I hope this explains everything a bit more, and I apologize for causing such confusion and uttering anything that hurt anyone. 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello and Goodbye WebRing

I've been sparkin' 'round looking for any possible alternatives to entrecard- I tried one of the webrings. Seemed okay, until Day 2, when an unwanted toolbar began appearing at the bottom of my blog. I took a little spin on that toolbar, and was quite dismayed with what I encountered: blogs that were either in foreign languages and blogs that hadn't been updated in years! Sorry, WebRing, I guess you didn't pass muster here! Sorry readers, if any of you were inconvenienced by the toolbar.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hadidja Zaninka @UAlbany Friday

Hadidja Zaninka
KINYARWANDA reception, film screening and Q&A with Rwandan actress Hadidja Zaninka and producer Darren Dean

September 28 (Friday)
  • Catered reception – 6:30 p.m., Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue, Downtown Campus
  • Film screening — 7:30 p.m., Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue, Downtown Campus

Craving Coffee? DD Knows Why! (PS: National Coffee Day is Saturday!)

CANTON, MA and CHICAGO, IL (September 25, 2012) – National Coffee Day is Saturday, September 29, and according to a new survey commissioned jointly by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder®, food preparation and service workers are the professions that need coffee the most, followed by scientists and sales representatives. The survey results also show that coffee plays a major role in helping professionals perk up at work, as 43 percent of those who drink coffee claim they are less productive without a cup of Joe.

                   I must confess. I must tell all. I am a "coffee hound." Always have been. Always will be. Coffee is may favourite drink, with Milo following a close second, then Tea. As you'll see in the survey results, media people LOVE that Joe, that java, that kava!!! 

                   For the third year in a row, Dunkin' Donuts, the national leading quick service retailer of hot brewed/flavored and iced coffee, according to The NPD Group/CREST®, and CareerBuilder, the global leader in human capital solutions, partnered to determine the latest coffee consumption trends brewing in the U.S. workplace. The survey was conducted from August 13 to September 6, 2012 and included more than 4,100 workers nationwide.  

                   According to the results, the professions with the highest proportions of workers stating they are less productive without coffee vary widely. Those who need coffee to get through the workday the most are displayed after the jump:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Real Money from Virtual Worlds

Click on to enlarge
Scientific American 302, 68 - 73 (2009) 

This is insane! Think about it: all of those countless hours you spent dropping EntreCards, you could have been doing this and actually have made COLD CASH. We were in the wrong business! Like trying to buy Apple stock today, the time to get into something like this has long passed... so we've gotta be on the lookout for NEW OPPORTUNITIES... if you find any, please let me know!

From this example, what do you learn? You learn that the path to success is often derived by IMPROVISATION. Take a concept and EXPLOIT it! 

The article that appears in Scientific American (January 2010) explains that " farming now draws considerable attention from economists and sociologists as a nexus where rich and poor, real and virtual intersect."  OK... that was in 2010. I wish I had read the article when it was NEW! 

More: Gold farms and paid Twitter followers in virtual economy.  

  • A new type of service industry has emerged to meet the needs of the millions who play online fantasy games such as World of Warcraft.
  • Players called gold farmers amass game “currency” to sell to other players for a fee. In 2009 the global market for gold farming was valued at around $3 billion annually.
  • This controversial practice violates the rules of play but has become a means for hundreds of thousands of developing world players to earn a wage comparable to that of factory workers.
Fast forward to 2012: Jun 15, 2012 – South Korea banned the trade of virtual items.

via WikiPedia ::: Gold farming has been discussed as a tool for socioeconomic development by the World Bank and University of Manchester professorRichard Heeks. The money involved is small enough to flow easily from many first-world players, and large enough to make a difference to the people doing the work. Gold farmers receive a higher percentage of sale revenue from their work than do farmers of fair trade coffee.
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Would You Pay $15 a share for Facebook Stock?

Associated Press reports this afternoon that Facebook stock has dropped like a stone following an article in the financial magazine Barron's that says FB is "still too pricey" despite a sharp decline since its initial public offering.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Search Results Are The New First Impression

Social Swirl
Most of the advice you're getting from the blog gurus is wrong. It wasn't wrong a month ago or a year ago, but believe me, it is WRONG for this moment! (Like aggressively going after guest-posts) I'm going to share some stuff with you that I would usually keep to myself. In truth, I am conducting experiments. Let's call this article one of them, shall we?

When it comes to viral blogging, "The synergism is waiting for you to stumble upon it!" ~ Saki Tumi

It's digital storytelling that makes a good blog post emerge from a human mind. Everyone has the access to information that circulates on the Internet. - the differenece is in how one curates it, filters it, rewrites it, spins it - if done correctly you can take a major USA Today article and make it YOURS and actually rank above USA Today in Google and Bing - I've seen blogs do it!

If you are a true blogger, and not just a "marketeer" hawking some ebook or other item, you must think of your ideas as YOUR "product." I got this good advice from Kaiserthesage: it's worth a visit if you want to inject more positive thinking into your personal post-building process.

KTS is also big on "evergreen" content. Look in your stats for articles, posts, that you uploaded way back in time, but continue to attract a trickle of new readers almost every day. It is simply "informational or reference material that somehow never goes out of date." Look for some interesting tips on discovering who might be sharing your content when you visit this post. Too lazy to look? Ok, then check out the image below!Obviously, your post has a better chance of "popularizing" - getting picked up by other sources and search engines - if you can relate it to something people are already talking about.

Recognize and rise above limitations - example - I observed google to be a limitation - no google=no visitors - yes, that's bad!

I ran a little "experiment" on September 14, when news broke that some naked pictures of Kate Middleton had been published in a French magazine. Google has been the main source of traffic, but a few yahoos have joined in:

By 2pm, Yahoo and Bing were providing major traffic!
And by 8pm, I noticed that, as if my magic, Bing and Yahoo were now bringing me visitors via OTHER distinct keywords! Did I turn on a switch somewhere? Is it true what someone wrote that "...the more traffic you attract, the more traffic you'll have"? Did I venture into "dark territory" to accomplish my mission?

If rising above means going out of bounds, take the leap of faith. Filmmaker Woody Allen had a title, "Midnight In Paris." That's it. From those words he imagined a movie, which went on to become one of the most acclaimed motion pictures in his career.

Try to create as much original material as you possibly can. I read someplace that "The positive side of social media is that on many occasions there are self-correction mechanisms, where people tend to let others know when they find something wrong." With that in mind, remember that bloggers are viewed by many to be journalists, and journalists need to be active and always check who and where the sources are from, and disclose what they do not know openly.

Make your blog stand out - here are a few tips:

Avoid spreading misleading information - and don't be one of jackasses who tweets a link that links to another link that links to another link.

Did you know that taking 10 minutes to research phrases and using those phrases in certain ways can make the difference between an article that is read that day and an article that is discovered in search engines and read thousands of times over years?

Watch your blog stats carefully. Observe who is coming from where and what is attracting them.

Say you have a gaggle of visitors from the UK looking for Yarah Bravo between 6 and 10pm. British time - automate your post and corresponding promotional tweets to publish between 11am and 3pm NY time, so you'll hit England and Europe during the periods when more people are apt to be online.

Always keep your eyes open for new tools that can be used to leverage information. Sign up for new gizmos, gadgets and social media networks. When they are brand new and you get in "on the ground floor" you can pick that special user name/nickname/"hat" that you want people to know you by... it's your own personal BRAND, your "mark" on the interbeast!

Kill ANY popover(s) on your blog.

Ddevelop a comment policy - police comments religiously and strictly enforce it

and above all, remember "Search results are the new first impression." ~

Now go forth - get busy - ExPeRiMeNt! BE Diɟɟerent!

Entrecard Refugees Welcome Here!

Greetings to all of you readers, new and old, and especially "entrecard refugees!"

I have gone ahead and bookmarked some of the blogs I once visited daily via the EC widget. As I hinted in a previous post, I would love it if you "bookmark me back" - and use my blog as a portal to go to other places. I'm actually thinking of bringing back a modest blogroll!

Technology is changing fast these days. I received an invite to join - it is a place where som eof the former entrecarders are trying to reconnect. It is performance-based, but that's ok with me since I am a broadcast jouranlist / blogger / poet / internet personality. By the way, it was my old friend Lance Matthews who coined the term "internet personality!"

Through The Blog Herald I found out that photo-tagging suggestions have been disabled. I had a facebook friend who was continually photo-tagging me: I almost let the bitch have it but found a way to block her from doing so (I don't remember now how I did it, and thankfully she was the only facebooker who bugged me that way!) Another "by the way" - I'm on facebook but I keep a low profile there - same as LinkedIn - tools I use more for career and close friends than general public. Hey, that's what this blog and twitter are for!

I logged into MySpace for the first time in a zillion years - I have some changes to make in the layout and I plan to slowly re-establish my presence there!

I read on where Pandora supports a a new performance royalty bill that would put rate levels for Internet radio on a par with cable and satellite radio. If newspapers actually die out in 10 years, I give terrestial radio 20. 25 max. Well, that's all for now - I have some reading to do, but I will be online for another hour or two.

The Spirit of Entrecard

I guess you could call this a "tribute post" - a sincere thank-you to the creators and developers who gave Entrecard life.
HAPPIER TIMES! In this 2007 photo: superblogger John Chow and Graham Langdon, original Entrecard CEO. Credit: Internet Marketer Ian Lee

First, I want to thank everyone who read my RIP Entrecard post and especially those who took time to comment.

Entrecard joins cmfads and adgitize in "digital heaven" - little networks that made a big difference for a lot of bloggers all over the world who otherwise might have felt isolated to the point of "giving up."

We still have our blogs: we have twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. Take advantage of these tools to stay in touch and keep your blogs vibrant. Of course the "usual rules" apply: update at least three times a week - more is better --- make your blog's comments section so that people can use it to communicate with YOU as well as amongst themselves...

Whoever came up with the code to add facebook comments, I salute you! It's easy to use, virtually spam-free, with no cap'cha, and it doesn't bog down/screw up computers like LiveFyre and a few other complicated commenting systems.

(I tried taking cap'cha off my comments - two hours later i had 145 spam comments!)

If you come here to my blog  on a regular basis, you'll connect with others:

  • via my twitter feed
  • via my sidebar blog recommends
  • via my facebook comments

and there are various ways you can reach out to me: I'm always here for you. I'm not on the net 24/7 (although sometimes it seems like I am) but I will always get back to you.

HELP ME OUT ::: anything you can suggest to make this blog "better"? Let me know!

For those of you wondering how to cope after losing EC, perhaps you could start by adding your twitterfeed up high on one of your blog's sidebars. Then go ahead and roll out Facebook Comments, especially if YOU are active on the Social Network.

Look in my sidebar to search "blog gurus" and please read ALL of my posts about them so that you will come to understand why you should always be wary of any "advice" they give.

TRAFFIC OBSERVATIONS ::: (Monday 9/20) I noticed the LinkWithin widget bringing additional "hits" from several different IP addresses in different countries. Cool! I'm concentrating more on writing for my specific following (of course the world is welcome!) and less on the sheer number of visitors - it's the old quality vs. quantity argument, blog-applied.  (Tuesday 9/21) LinkWithin has REALLY picked up! It's only 7:30pm and I have nearly triple the number of avaerage hits!
In comments, Jordasche Kingston said...
Entrecard was my number one source for ALL my global traffic - I'm devastated. I did actually drop every day, and try and leave comments. This is awful :(
Take a look at this screengrab from my blog stats so far today, SIX HOURS into a new day:

POSTING ::: I'm getting more comfortable using Raven in the event the old blogger interface disappears forever. (WHICH IT DID THIS WEEK: LOOK HERE!) I'm also striving for as much original content in the way of photos and images so as to avoid any copyright issues.

Powered by Zoundry Raven

Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!

NOW WHAT! I was seeing this big red box everytime I clicked on the "New Post" box in the "new blogger interface" ::: but it looks like there may be more to this than meets the eye!

Friday, September 21, 2012

How Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Blog

Shocking disclosure ::: It can't!

Guest Posting Will Get Your Blog Deleted! 

Those blog gurus have done it again, folks! Convincing "deer-in-the-headlights" bloggers that guest-posting is the solution to getting traffic and making tons of money (of course you have to sign up for the guru's newsletter or purchase their PDF or software).

 Several blogs were wiped out during the week - the bloggers had no idea why - Dragonblogger's post suggests the answer to the mystery! [Screengrab below - click to enlarge]

 (WARNING ::: sometimes, Dragonblogger can be difficult to load on certain computers - he uses the livefyre commenting system, which can also be challenging to use if not impossible, depending on your computer, OS, browser and ISP!)

Farewell Entrecard, RIP
Richard Clark shares the Entrecard story on his blog ::: " July 2009, the site was sold to Ziprunner. My services transferred across for the purposes of maintenance and some development. At the time of the sale, it was pushing well over a million widget views and ad impressions a day, had a five-digit user-base, and the credit economy was in the millions. A few days ago, in September 2012, my monitoring system indicated Entrecard had stopped responding. When I checked the system it was completely down. I sent a query to the owner and they made the decision to let it stay that way. An amazing experiment that touched the lives of thousands of bloggers across the internet had come to an end. While Entrecard never became Facebook or Google, I have a special place for it in my heart." [LiNk]

Thanks to commenter "John" (via this post) I sent out a tweet to @phirate aka Richard Clark, who is Entrecard’s founding developer, based in New Zealand. The reply was not good.

For every beginning there is an end.

"There’s a time to blog, and a time not to blog, a time to join Entrecard and a time to leave Entrecard."
I joined entrecard somewhere around November or December of 2009. I wrote a lengthy post about my decision to sign on with the network which you can view here, and I don't for one minute regret participating.

In recent days the service has been rather unsteady, at times interfering with bloggers' page loading. As far as I'm concerned, Entrecard not only served its purpose, but went above and beyond the "call of duty" in introducing me to a variety of blogs and bloggers!

Thank-you, Entrecard!

John Cow saw this day coming (indeed, for him, it came early in 2008):

The EC powerusers are so keen on getting becoming popular within the ranks of the community (people like Lady Java, Mariuca, et. al.), that they are working hard in chain dropping their cards on all EC blogs each day (some of them dropping 900 cards to support three seperate blogs each), just to accumulate more credits and inflating their own advertising prices. Emails keep getting send around, asking for drops, reccomendations and whatever else it is that will get you popular on the categories pages. (parentheses mine)
Its really not doing any good for anyone. The blogs that get their cards dropped on are experiencing an increase in bounce rates.

PS - don't think your comrades at EC will miss you. It was a loose confederation at best, nothing proved that better than Entrewas, itself now defunct.

Sept. 21 ::: EntreCard Still Dark [Update]

EntreCard Down For The Count?

Call For Help (UPDATE 9.21.2012)

 Thanks to commenter "John" I sent out a tweet to @phirate aka Richard Clark, who is Entrecard’s founding developer, based in New Zealand. Not sure if he's up at this hour (nighttime there) but it's worth a shot.

In 2009, EntreCard founder Graham Langdon sold EntreCard Inc. to ZipRunner Inc., which kept Clark on in some capacity. This morning I had to remove my widget, which I promise will be back in place as soon as EC is up and running again (if it ever does get up and running again). I was IM'd by some readers that the failure of the widget to load was freezing my blog on their devices.

ANYONE WITH EC NEWS please leave it in in my comments section, or if you are logged into Facebook you can automatically comment without going thru that horrible cap'caha process!

 No word from EC (UPDATE 9.20.2012) Going into the second or third day (4th according to of the EC outage, I'm surprised nobody is blogging about it, except for Golch, who mentions taking the widget off his blog for the time being... and Comedy Plus blog, which posted this notice: "Removed the Entrecard script so my website will open quicker." The Blog That Am is recommending an alternative to Entrecard.

 Previously Entitled ::: EntreCard Dark This Morning (Sept. 19) The EC server is apparently offline - perhaps due to a weather outage? Some netizens have noted they believe the EC system has been on 'autopilot' for some time. It is now 0612 Eastern here in NY - I notice the EC widgets are not appearing on any of the blogs I usually visit, so let's "wait and see!"

Beyond the EC incident this morning, I see blogger/blog*spot/Google has now officially forced the new Blogger interface upon us. It CAN be dealt with, I assure you!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog GiveAway!

Happy Steps Travel Blog 5th Anniversary Giveaway
Since the entire blogosphere is in an uproar over the new blogger interface and "where in the world is entrecard" - I decided it is time to do something I never do! I've joined another blog's contest, just in the nick of time it seems!  


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SPAC’s Battle of the Bands 2012

A dynamic group of bands whose music spans the genres of alternative rock, blues, funk/soul and pop will compete on Friday, Sept 21 at 6 p.m. as part of SPAC’s annual Battle of the Bands competition presented by WEQX and The Recording Company. The finalists will perform at the Spa Little Theatre before an audience and a panel of celebrity judges for the chance to win a prize package valued at over $4,000. Tickets, which are $15, are available at

“We are thrilled to bring this wildly popular event back to SPAC as the last hurrah of the 2012 performance season,” said Marcia J. White, President & Executive Director. “The finalists represent a diverse range of talents, from fresh up-and-comers, to top regional bands that record and perform regularly. It will be an exciting finale to SPAC’s performance season.”

The full list of finalist bands includes:

The Dependents, alternative rock/R&B, Fort Plain, NY

Hard Soul, rock, Albany, NY

Jocamo, funk/R&B/soul, Ballston, NY

Crush, dance/pop, Glens Falls, NY

Folding Sky, blues/jam band, Albany, NY

Next Station, indie rock, Albany, NY

The Margo Macero Project, rock, Glens Falls, NY

VONTUS, rock/alternative rock, Queensbury, NY

The Mysteios, garage/rock/soul, Albany, NY

Bands will be evaluated and a winner chosen based on a formula that weights audience response at 60% and judges’ evaluations at 40%. This year’s judges are: Vinnie Amico drummer of popular American jam band moe; Greg Haymes editor and musician in pop-rock parody band Blotto and the acoustic Ramblin’ Jug Stompers; Joel Marshall popular DJ for WEQX; and Talia Billig of Blue Note Records in New York. Local media personality Dani Stein will serve as host.

Bands will be competing for a prize package valued at over $4,000 that includes 25 hours of recording time at The Recording Company, airplay on WEQX and the opportunity to book a show at Putnam Den.  

Other features of the event include:

¨       wood-fired pizza, sliders, fries and fried green beans available via onsite concession by Mazzone Hospitality;
¨       outside beer garden for patrons over 21; and
¨       Battle of the Bands official “After Party” at Putnam Den.

Videos of finalist bands, tickets and information available at SPAC’s website at

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Speech

Seems everybody's talkin' about Mitt Romney saying 47% of Americans would almost automatically vote for President Barack Obama because they were “dependent” on the government, in part because they received government benefits and paid no federal income taxes. The Republican presidential candidate's remarks were being talked about on the radio ALL DAY LONG...

But what no one seems to be talking about: The Chicago Teacher's Strike - blogger Alex Gordon writes that he believes the Teacher's Union Strike should be in every Romney speech. Here's a snippet:

"The current teacher’s union’s strike in Chicago is reaching its second week without much movement toward an end. Right now, most parents support the teachers but many dread the consequences of a strike going on for much longer. The strike reflects the ongoing conflict between teacher’s unions and local governments as efforts to cut costs and reign in funds are countered by efforts to ensure quality pay for the important work of teaching, colored by the struggle our nation is facing in bringing our school quality up to a first-world level across the nation." read »

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Pictures of Anonymous Hackers

Anonymous' Barrett Brown arrested in Texas ::: Brown is notorious for threatening to hack into the computers of the Zetas, one of Mexico’s deadly drug trafficking cartels.

About a year ago, Ayesha Kazmi wrote an article exploring the connection between Anonymous and the Occupy movement. She found that "Occupy Wall Street has used social networking media as a positive organisational tool. When it emerged that a handful of activists were prepared to incite rioting and provoke the police days before Occupy Wall Street was to begin, Anonymous developed a Twitter application called URGE, launching an online campaign designed to quell potential violence. Anonymous 'culture-jammed' Twitter with messages to keep protests peaceful, using top Twitter trends from around the world.

The involvement of Anonymous activists has also helped the movement make new connections."

Occupy has just celebrated its 1st Anniversary. But the Baltimore Sun throws a wet blanket on the party, noting that "The 1 percent are winning." The Sun says the movement fizzled - or - to quote from a commenter on the website: "It was like a press release without a headline, they got all the attention but there was no actionable message. Sorry to break it to them, but movements do need leaders and a coherent message."

I came across this remark today ::: "To say whether Occupy was a success or a failure depends on how you define it." One might argue that the same can be said for the hacker movement, Anonymous. But Anonymous was (is?) "more than that..."

I just finished ‘We Are Anonymous’ by Forbes' London bureau chief Parmy Olson - Olson spent a year researching Anonymous - if you're planning to read this book, do it NOW - by Christmas it will be passé. That's only because time is so speeded-up here on the internet. In the case of Anonymous, there actually were leaders who defined the legion, but, crafty and savvy as they were, they were unmasked, deer-in-headlights style, in the briefest moments of breach. Parmy's book is a fascinating read - one I just couldn't put down - I absorbed it in just 3 sittings!

Parmy Olson - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 06/18/12 - Video ...
Olson disputes the popular idea that Anonymous
is comprised entirely of hackers. Airdate - 06/18/12.

Here is a link to a Google-powered search for photographs of arrested Anonymous hackers.

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