Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rising tides and violent storms

At a news conference today in New York City with Governor Andrew Cuomo, fellow Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand blamed Washington for failing to make climate change a priority. Washington!

I had a feeling last year when Cuomo was speaking about weather-related events that he was going down the "Al Gore path." Al Gore may well be an unheralded genius who will be duly recognized by future generations, a Nikola Tesla of an earthkeeper.

At the same presser, Senator Charles Schumer said the nation must take the "bull by the horns" to reduce global warming and protect against rising tides and violent storms.

The storms are about to get more violent, weatherwise and otherwise... get a load of THIS:::

Looters Display Stolen Goods On Twitter

FYI ::: ‘Sandy Loot Crew’ plans more heists & violence tonight

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RIP Hurricane Sandy

A candle is lit in memory of departed Sandy, noted "Superstorm"- that, if you live in the Capital Region or Saratoga, actually was anything and everything but.

A disaster? Yes. Devastating? Yes - down the Hudson Valley and especially in New York City. "Frankenstorm"? Eh, not quite.At least not in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy metro area.

Katrina was a real, true, deadly superstorm. 27 feet of surge. Sandy's 13 feet of surge was indeed quite a bit for the Big Apple to swallow. But Sandy was on the fringe of being a Category 1 Hurricane when it made landfall. The real superstorm was the superstorm of media hype surrounding the cyclone's arrival.

Local media outlets boasted 24/7 coverage, to the point of relegatng popular TV programs and sport events to tiny boxes on our screens, totally surrounded by weather information and school closings.But the folks down in Ulster and Dutchess counties are watching NY City TV channels, not Albany stations. Once Albany knew the storm was going to miss us, they should have toned it down a bit. (Radio is a bit different, when you consider the VAST coverage areas of WAMC and WGY).

I think it is Channel 6 that says "we're here to inform you not to scare you" or something similar, because viewers have had it with their fave TV shows being interrupted by weathermen who can't shut up about whatever is happening. D'oh, if we want that kind of coverage, we'll go online. We're not scared: we're nauseated by the overhype!

When a Sandy-sized storm hits a city in the Gulf, it's not news the next day. The way Sandy was reported, I'm surprised people weren't out buying all the rowboats they could find (let alone generators). And what happens to all the generators and other equipment that seems to sell out every time there's a local weather event? Just wondering...
Give us our daily electricity!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sunday Newspaper, RIP? Not yet...

I ventured out early today in the pre-hurricane dawn, dressed in shorts and a tee-shirt as if it were a summer morning on a summer day. I gassed up the car, played my numbers, picked up eggs, milk, bread and the Sunday Times Union. "Storm anxiety rising" the top headline, of course. Like everyone else I am just watching and waiting, not certain what Frankenstorm Sandy will bring this way.

Turning to the "Perspective" section, Casey Seiler began his column "Within the span of a few days, both Newsweek and Superman have turned their backs on print publication." [Seiler's piece goes well with a NY Times story on page A4 - "Full time work and livable* salaries disappear with advances in technology."] ah! The "newspapers vs. internet" debate!

He writes on about Clark Kent becoming a blogger (kinda like ACO, yeah?) and of course the whole idea of newspapers dying. Well you know they've been putting nails in their own coffins - the Albany Times Union to this day has a lot of pissed off readers who love to get the TV booklet - but the ONLY way you can is to BUY your paper on Sunday. The handy guide is no longer placed in the "weekend" edition of the paper, and if your paper is home-delivered, guess what? No TV mag for you!

Ever wonder what it might be like if your hometown daily newspaper died?

As newspaper publishers continue scratching their heads, take a look at how they treat the Sunday Comics, which for many families for years and years, was one of the reasons (along with the sales fliers and the weekly local TV listings booklet) WHY people loved and BOUGHT the Sunday newspaper! NOBODY is gonna drag out a magnifying glass to read the funny papers!
Albany NY Times Union comics section, 10.28.12
*The standard British and Canadian spelling is liveable but the standard US spelling, according to Webster's-Merriam, is livable.

#Top10FavouriteSongs MLTR Blue Night

Saturday, October 27, 2012

RIP Felicia Garcia ::: How many more?

Felicia Garcia, 15, had been branded a “slut” and relentlessly tormented by fellow classmates, after she had group sex with four football players during a wild party on Oct. 19 — and a videotape of the sexual encounter surfaced on the Internet. 

Whoever took the video and posted it needs to go to jail.

The tormented high school freshman, who was living with a foster family, killed herself on Oct. 24, when she fell backwards onto the train tracks after school at Huguenot Staten Island Railway – in front of her horrified classmates  ... On October 17, Felicia tweeted: 'I hate when peopl (sic) are in my buisness (sic), you dont even know whats going on, mind ya neck #Shot -_-'  She also wrote recently: 'Take me as I am or leave me as I was.'

Tragic Felicia moved from foster home to foster home after her parents died, leaving her and younger brother orphans. She also spent time living at friends' houses and at her ex-boyfriend's place.
'(She) had a terrible life on top of all the heartache — bullies at school taunted her and spread rumors,' Gabriella Leone, whose younger sister witnessed the incident, told The New York Post.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rolling Stones in Paris Pictures Video

The legendary Rolling Stones held one of their infamous "secret" warm-up gigs in France prior to setting off on a world tour.

The performance netted rave reviews and a wonderful piece by the Daily Mail, which features a plethora of pictures and some video to go.

Want to see what the Stones looked like in concert in 1965? Go through the past darkly right here.
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Spooky Internet Threats

1) FBI MoneyPak Trojan. They call it "ransomware." MoneyPak carries the official FBI logo at the top and displays your IP address, location, and the name of your ISP. It tells you your PC has been frozen and locked by federal authorities because you downloaded or distributed copyrighted material or viewed kiddie porn. This sophisticated intruder embeds itself inside your system via trojan horses which arrive unnoticed and secretly  download all the files needed for FBI Moneypak to do damage. Moneypak hijacks your computer and displays its pop-up message of misleading information about copyright and related rights law violation. In fact, it locks up your desktop, disables task manager and other system utilities to take full control and prevent any overrides by the user: it places a video recording square in the top right corner of the fake FBI warning page, which is "your built-in web camera." Interestingly, the square appears even if your laptop doesn’t have a built-in camera. [3rd party Removal instructions: TEXT | Video]

2) ‘eventvwr’ SCAM via telephone from Offshore Call Centers (usually in Mumbai) - it starts like this: "Do you have a windows PC?". This scam preys upon less tech-savvy folks. The scam goes like this: You get a call from a man or woman with an Indian accent bearing an American-sounding name like "Judy Johnson" who pretends to be a registered Microsoft technician. Guess what? Microsoft was informed that your IP address is the source for serious attacks on multiple servers and that your computer is infected. She then instructs you to press the "Windows" key (the one with the flag on it) and the "R" key. This calls up the "Run" window for typing commands directly into your OS. There are many directions the conversation could take from this point on, but somewhere along the line you will be instructed you to type "eventvwr" which initiates the Microsoft Windows Event Viewer, which lists logged events and typically contains many error messages. Know that that is NORMAL. If you ask the "tech" for any information on the source or target IP addresses involved, you will be told that she/he is unauthorized to provide such information!

They are looking for you to open the front door and let them into your computer, where they can harvest data, including passwords, credit cards, photographs, social networking information etc. via apps such as "Team Viewer" and "Ammyy Admin" remote desktop control software. If you don’t agree to purchase their services they will directly attack your harddrive!


3) Fake Virus Alerts / Scareware.  "MSREMOVAL TOOL" is one of a legion of Fake Virus removal programs that install themselves onto your PC and request Money to make them work. THEY WILL NOT WORK AND IF YOU PAY THEM THEY WILL  HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. I once picked one up as I was innocently searching Google Images for a good map of mainland China. I didn't even go to a website - all I did was click on the little image to see a larger version!  these little monsters also hide on blogs - especially on those popover/pageovers you come across on WordPress: they can inject themselves into the script so that the blog owner doesn't even know they are present!

I use a combination of free softwares: Malwarebytes and Super Anti-Spyware to deal with these pests!.

4) Toll fraud -- no, it's not driving through the E-Z pass lane when you pay cash. It's a growing threat to your smartphone, one of the biggest of the year, according to a recent study by security company Lookout Mobile. FakeInst SMS Trojan and its variants - exclusively target Smartphones! remember, your Android is a small computer! FakeInst disguises itself as popular apps like Instagram, Opera and Skype. It sends SMS messages to premium-rate numbers. There are more than a dozen variants of this bug and growing.Avast offers a wonderful FREE security software package for mobile phones. Be sure to download any apps from OFFICIAL sources only! There's MORE after the jump.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

FRANKENSTORM Hurricane Sandy & NY Impact

UPDATE 4:04pm ::: Among the good places to follow the storm: CNN's Breaking news blog.

UPDATE NY Time 11:05 AM 10.28.12
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will begin the orderly suspension of all subway, bus and commuter railroad service at 7 p.m. Sunday to protect customers, employees and equipment from the approach of Hurricane Sandy.

The New York City subway system will begin to curtail service after 7 p.m., and the New York City bus system within the following two hours. Metro-North Railroad and the Long Island Rail Road will start their final trains by 7 p.m. Subway and railway stations will be closed after the last trains.

Customers who need to travel today should do so as soon as possible and not wait until the last train or bus is departing. Anyone who does not leave for their destination before 7 p.m. runs the risk of being stranded when service is suspended. New York City Transit, Metro-North and the LIRR will cross-honor each other’s passes today to speed the process of returning customers to their homes.

“The transportation system is the lifeblood of the New York City region, and suspending all service is not a step I take lightly,” Governor Cuomo said. “But keeping New Yorkers safe is the first priority, and the best way to do that is to make sure they are out of harm’s way before gale-force winds can start wreaking havoc on trains and buses.”

The MTA Hurricane Plan calls for suspending service hours before the approach of winds of 39 mph and higher. That gives MTA crews time to prepare rail cars, buses, tunnels, yards and buildings for the storm, then return to safety. Winds of 39 mph and higher are predicted to reach the metropolitan region during the predawn hours Monday.

Chicken Little has spoken - the sky is gonna getcha! This morning Frankenstorm Snowizilla Sandy continues to be a hurricane and now the REAL waiting begins. Over the next 24 hours the storm will make a turn to the west and move into New Jersey.

According to the professional weather-watchers, the wind is of greatest concern because it will impact the most number of people. High winds take down trees and those fallen trees will impact the power situation. Readers, do what I'm doing right now:

CHARGE everything electronic. Charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, portable TV, radio and DVD player, etc. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. By the way, those winds should be quite strong down in NYC and probably Boston too.

For those of you in the Catskills, my friends Julia and Lissa are planning to be posting 24/7 via THE WATERSHED POST - so bookmark it on your lappies and smartphones!







New Yorkers are being warned there may be some battening down of hatches to-do come this weekend as Sandy moves up the US coast from Cuba. Have a look at the Weather Underground's storm tracker model HERE.

CBS2 New York says the "potentially huge weather event could hit the Tri-State Area as early as Sunday night." Late Wednesday night National Hurricane Center Chief Hurricane Specialist James Franklin said a hit on the Northeast was growing more likely, but that could change. I recall when Governor Cuomo issued that "big alert" for New York City, which was bypassed as a hurricane opted to take a path up thru the Catskills instead.

In Guantanamo, Cuba, a 76 mph wind gust was recorded earlier today. A long radar loop from Pilon, Cuba captured the Jamaican and Cuban landfalls, and a loop from Miami shows the storm presently (sites further north will be available as the storm comes within range).

Hurricane warnings are in effect for parts of the southeast Bahamas and central and western Bahamas. Tropical storm warnings cover much of the central and southeast Florida coast on the Atlantic side. Wind gusts to 40-45 mph, 1-3 inches of rain and 7-11 foot waves are possible in southeast Florida through late Friday.

A US weather service official warns Sandy will be every upstate New Yorker's "worst nightmare." YOW! All this BEFORE Halloween! Hence the moniker "Frankenstorm?"

This morning, accuweather posted an article referring to the October storm as a potential "atmospheric bomb." Quoting here - "the worst-case scenario is for Sandy as a hurricane or hybrid storm to be captured as chilly air and strong upper-level winds join in from North America... a storm with hurricane strength turning inland over New York City would have tremendous impact from New York to Boston and inland to Albany, but there would likely be a sweep of dry air, gusty offshore winds and minimal concerns farther south from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C."

Curley and General Bow have the right idea: they're heading for higher ground. Expect milk and bread to be hard-to-find this weekend if not sooner on supermarket shelves. 

"We're talking about a confluence of events," David Bernard, chief meteorologist for CBS News' Miami station CBS 4 said. "We have a powerful hurricane ... in the Bahamas. That's a lot of warm air, a lot of heat, a lot of energy and of course we're deep into fall now and we have an unusual strong jet stream dip with winter-like cold air, and you put those two things together, that's the possibility that is on the weather maps right now and that could lead to a powerhouse low pressure forming Sunday and Monday.

Forecasters say there's a 90 percent chance that the East will get high winds, heavy rain, flooding and maybe snow starting Sunday. While it's too early for precise forecasts, New York City and New Jersey could get the worst of it. Consolidated Edison has a webpage for Westchester County customers.

Most of the utilities will post power outage maps on their websites. National Grid also sends text messages out to customers during major storms. Their hot line is 1-800-867-5222.

Central Hudson can be reached at 1-800-527-2714 and they offer customers mobile apps for Android, Apple and Blackberry devices.

Orange and Rockland offers computer and telephone support at 1-877-434-4100

What happens next? Stay tuned!

Alicia Keys Storybook App

Read about the app or just enjoy the 'fro! Nice pic (via twitter!) Is this really her?

See also ::: White Blogger Talks Afro-Wig-Wearing Odyssey
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October 2012 Social Media Rankings

 Teenagers were asked to rank social networks in order of preference, from 1 to 3. Alternatives to Facebook included Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poetry via Kindle!

Monday, October 22, 2012

House Rules

Hello Blogders! 

I think it's time to refresh the rules governing content on my humble weblog.

I try to bring you my unique mix of current events and pop culture as often as possible.

I welcome and encourage your engagement here.

If you've ever wondered why your comment disappeared, check the rules in the "FAQ" section of this page to see if you violated any terms of use.

What do I like? An exchange, a flow of ideas about news of the day; your personal connection or reaction to news stories; and knowing you like a story or the fact that I posted it.

What I don't like: Profanity, racist or homophobic slurs, and any other inappropriate material. Sometimes comments are otherwise good but if they are laced with "bad words" I can't use them.

If you comment on my posts via Facebook, know that the Social Network has pretty tight spam filters, so it will automatically hide your comment for my review if it includes profanity or all-caps.

Comments that are off-topic are off-limits, D'oh!

If you would like to shoot me a news tip, send a photo, or have a question of some sort, please send me an e-mail rather than a comment on a post.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

RIP Yash Chopra

Hindi film director "King of Romance" Yash Chopra died Sunday evening following complications caused by dengue at Mumbai's Lilavati hospital..

The 80-year old founder of Bollywood's Yash Raj Films was working right up to the end, eagerly awaiting next month's planned release of his latest directorial venture, Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

His body will be cremated Monday.

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Don't Let The Times Union Headline Fool Ya!

Although it says "today" this poll has been appearing on the TU website for several days now... maybe they were hoping for a change of numbers?

Google Could Disappear in Five Years?

Remember MySpace and Technorati? Two of the biggest names on the net blew themselves out of the water... thanks to geek efforts that were totally out of touch with the people who loved their services.

MySpace turned from a simple interface very similar to early Facebook into a bandwidth hogging monster - so much so that netizens would go out of their way to AVOID landing on somebody's MySpace page!

Technorati might well have have been the Google of today, save for one dramatic drastic error: some goof there decided that MySpace pages were blogs (when even the dumbest dummy knew they were not) and the service collapsed from that point on ... known as the moment "technorati jumped the shark."
Facebook and Google are already on the MySpace/technorati path, injecting features and upgrades users don't really want or need. CNBC already suggested that Facebook is on the way out... after the jump, read what CNBC says about Google!

On The Seventh Day

"Each day is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to Him." ~ T.D. Jakes

The promises we stand on each day are like seeds. Most of the time, they don’t come to fruition overnight.

"Allah is all and everyone. Everywhere. Every time." ~ Dave Lucas

I will pray with anyone from any religion.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Laid back, low-key rainy day here in Albany NY

The days are getting shorter - the bus station's nightlights switched on around 3pm! It has been raining since I woke up this morning.

Link Building Mistakes to Avoid in this Google Panda and Penguin Age [PLUS a Google Drive Update]

Famous Bloggers ::: If you are continuing with the link building methods, which you were using years back, you are inviting Google to place some form of penalty on your website. This penalty may appear in the form of lower rankings for targeted keywords, drop in page rank and decrease or complete de-indexing of your website contents from Google search results.
Read Anil Agarwal's compelete article here.

Intelligent Bacon ::: There are many ways to use Google Drive ... some folks prefer to install the "official"client on their machine, others simply access the service vis the "cloud" through their web browser. Google has now deployed a small update allowing users to upload files directly into your storage space using the drag and drop procedure. The only stitch is you need to have installed the latest version of the CHROME browser to take advantage of the tactic!

Read the full post here.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Google Stock

Sinking Ship?
Oops! Google Messed up!

MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS/AP) – Google’s stock (GOOG) plunged Thursday after its third-quarter earnings report was released early, apparently by mistake. Trading was halted on Google shares after dropping 68 points – just over nine percent – to 687.39!

Google issued a statement blaming R.R. Donnelley RRD -1.38% & Sons Co., the company that prints its financial documents, for the early release and said it planned to hold its conference call with investors at 4:30 p.m ET. 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

tan jye yee and vivian blog archive

Shocking photos and videos![NSFW:::Link to Alvin & Vivian Pix!]
Uh-oh, Gotta Go!
24-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) law scholar Alvin Tan Jye Yee has been found to have uploaded sexually graphic pictures and videos of himself and his gal-pal on their shared tumblr, Sumptuous Erotica. According to local media reports, Alvin may be charged for breaching the Films Act for his videos if he enters Singapore. TJY took leave from school last year to start his own daily deals website Zuupy. And now it seems he has taken leave of his senses!

Yet another instance of young dumb hotshots who have no conception of the consequences to posting questionable materials online.

They are indeed like the drunks who keep driving, though they've all seen and heard the tales of heartbreak and horror created by drunks at the wheel.

Hey! Remember ME?
These two little muffins will go down in web history with the likes of Tammy Nyp and Edison Chen (and the people he hurt) - the LESSON: Don't save stuff like this on any digital device! Do the deeds and store the memories in brain only. D'OH!!!

Poughkeepsie Pirate Radio 102.5

Since 2008, 102.5 fm has been the frequency of choice for a pirate radio station in the Hudson Valley. (Screenshot below from a radio forum discussion thread).

You may wonder where the FCC has been since 2008 and why they haven't shut this down? Think, speculate, and draw your own conclusions, folks!

My question: Why, in 2012, with the wonders of the world wide web and the ease of setting up an internet-driven "radio" station, would anyone bother wasting time and money to power a pirate radio outlet? And if there is an audience for the material it is broadcasting, why isn't an existing commercial station, be it on fm or am, capitalizing on this and effectively "filling an obvious community need" by legally duplicating the service being offered?

How The Facebook Like Mentality Has Changed

[INFOGRAPHIC] As facebook plods on, detached from the reality that users are feeling more alienated every day (it beagn with timeline and that e-mail thing and the stock market thing and the privacy thing), PostRocket has published information detailing how the Facebook "Like" has changed - "forever not for better" to quote the late John Lennon.

The question now is how long before Facebook is abandoned like MySpace was. Somebody tell me why these geeky techno-whizzes feel compelled to roll out force changes that users don't want, like or need! Whatever the next big thing is, no one will see it coming. No blog guru. No web expert. Not C-net. Not TechCrunch. And if you should read somewhere that something is "the next facebook" you can be certain that it is NOT!

2nd Debate: Obama by a Nose

»In listening to the morning media feedback, my assessment of last night's Hofstra debate is correct: President Obama won by a few points.

»I will now revise my election-prediction: Barring a situation similar to the one where Al Gore lost to Bush in Florida, Obama will win UNLESS gasoline jumps to $5 a gallon very close to election day.

»Romney's comments about the price of gas are getting yawns this morning. That tells me the Sheeple have rolled over and wallets have become numb to $4 a gallon gas. After all, hasn't talk radio been calling that "the new norm" for the past several days? Such a perception acts on Romney's gas remarks like a muzzle on a gun. $5 a gallon and that muzzle comes off in a huge hurry.


Christine @ Hofstra [picture via Facebook]
Shoutout to WTEN Channel 10 Albany! CHRISTINE BEHIND THE SCENE! A preview of video journalism to come! Too bad their webmaster couldn't make a working link on the station homepage - that's why I had to cross out WTEN and shoutout directly to the reporter! - Here's Christine's FACEBOOK page!

FACT-CHECK NEEDED: "President Obama poured on the #ladyparts pandering during the second presidential debate last night at Hofstra University. He falsely claimed that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms to “millions” of women — a lie that went unchallenged..." Please get back to me via comments/facebook comments...

 'Binders full of women' is the breakout presidential debate meme

Where Barack Obama Won The Debate

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FREE TWITTER FOLLOWERS! No need to reveal your password!

The Secret To More Twitter Followers!

So you wanna be a rockstar on twitter?

How many more followers would you like?








Do NOT buy twitter followers! I found a simple solution to racking up those followers and the re-tweets they so often bring! LOOK!
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Beating Rihanna At Pep Rally

According to the Associated Press, Matthew Dishler (who posted the photo you see here; click on it for a larger version) says someone should have stopped both the use of blackface and the idea of drawing laughs from domestic violence.

One commenter wrote on ireport: "Welcome to the war against women in small town USA. Where it is OK to cheer and clap and laugh at a woman being beaten in a skit. There is a very disturbing mindset here of minimizing the violence ..." blah blah blah This person is living in a fairy world! The REAL WORLD IS LIKE THIS! Yes, people are rotten (at times)!

Bill and Hillary, Then and Now

Fall is in the air, and in pictures too: Patch reports [and provides photographic proof] a sighting of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Pleasantville this past Saturday!

New York Magazine is out with an excellent Clinton piece on how the Dynamic Democratic Duo may have singlehandedly saved Barack Obama's campaign.

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The New York Times ::: "Quick, Hide the BlackBerry, It's Too Uncool."

Really? Seriously? Them's fightin' words!

Battle of the smartphones? Or is the New York Times just trying to make news? I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of linking back to their inane article.

Different people need their phones to do different things in different environments for different reasons.

IMHO, the choice between an Android or iPhone and Blackberry is a simple one: Boiling it all down to the basics, if you prefer a physical keyboard and most of your work with the device is phoning, messaging and emailing, buy a Blackberry. I use mine in conjunction with my Google apps, including voice, phone and calendar. I do a smattering of picture-taking, a lot of e-mailing and texting, and I have my music files from the Fly Ying phone loaded "just in case" - But, if your idea of a smartphone is a device to play games, watch videos, and the soft keyboard/touchscreen doesn't bother you, get an iPhone.

I'm no touchscreen fan. Not one bit. I use my BB to read the newspapers, visit BBC, do my online banking, check videos out on YouTube, and much more with no problem. People have lost their sense of values and priorities if they feel they are defined by the kind of cell-phone they use.

Up for the DEBATE?

This is it! Tonight's the night!
Mayor Graham reports that NY Gov Andrew Cuomo will be on hand for tonight's Presidential Debate at Hofstra.

We've all heard the network newscasters talking us up about how the candidates have been busy prepping for the debate. What is more amazing is stuff we HAVEN'T been hearing about: First Lady Michelle Obama said in a radio interview on Friday that the United States is in the “midst of a huge recovery” because of what “this president has done.”

Meanwhile, the President is trying to lend a hand to settle a feud: President Obama believes Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey can resolve their differences. The two divas reportedly went into "cat-fight mode" after an exchange on the set of the American Idol TV show.

What about Mitt? Tonight's debate is being pubbed as the Presidential "maker or breaker" - and I do wish Michael Savage were on the radio right now: last time I heard he had no love for either candidate, but I'm almost certain he'd have some Mittnews for us! (The GOP supposedly thinks the media plans to derail any chance of a Romney win...)

Though their agendas are hidden, both Romney and Obama reportedly have plans to dramatically remake the size and character of American government. Very, very quickly.
And by the way, NYmag is out with an excellent Clinton piece about how the Dynamic Democratic Duo may have singlehandedly saved Barack Obama's campaign.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

#BAD12 Can't Submit To Blog Action Day

Shame on YOU Blog Action Day!

I would think that a worldwide effort like this would be more accessible to EVERYONE.

Instead, we are seeing INTERNET DISCRIMINATION of the worst kind!

I have a broadband connection, WindowsXP and Google Chrome, yet I could not submit my URL to Blog Action Day!

I wonder how many others are encountering this latest evidence of technical bullshit where everything people try to do and say on the web is RESTRICTED by technology!

This will probably be the last Blog Action Day I participate in!

#BAD12 :::We Have The Power To Stop Bullying

Will we take action? Across North America and beyond there are thousands of organizations offering programs to prevent bullying and cyberbullying. Seek out one near you, and join today! Happy Blog Action day 2012! 

If you have a moment, feel free to tweet this post, and be sure to include one or all of the following hashtags: 

#PowerOfWe     #BAD12    #Blogactionday

Amanda and Grace. 

The name Grace stems from Latin "gratia" meaning "pleasing quality," "favor," or "thanks."

The name Amanda is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Amanda is: Lovable, deserving to be loved; worthy of love.

Looking back at the wonderful summer I just experienced, I remember the day at the very beginning of June when I read the newspaper account of Grace Maney's passing. I did not know her or her family, but I wrote a post about her death on this blog: one of those posts that disappears after a day or two. In it I wrote "For every loser trolling the web for less than honorable purposes, there are a hundred wonderful people who would love to be, maybe even need to be, your friend." Perhaps the saddest moment of all: the others who left their timeless words carefully typed on the tumblr tribute page are gone - they've gone to live their lives - to experience happiness and sadness that comes with the human condition. Years from now will they ever think back, will they still remember? The warm Summer days passed quickly, and as the cold came,  word of another tragedy came too.

Amanda Todd died this week... Even for the ones among us who haven't had the best of times in school, life should never unravel like this. The B.C. Coroners Service has confirmed that a preliminary investigation into the death of the 15-year-old shows she took her own life.

Life at 14, 15, 16 is never easy - it is a time of growing and chaniging and of great discovery.her story is particularly heart-wrenching, disturbing, awful... and while we pause for a moment to remember and pray for Amanda and Grace,  let's also remember and pray for the many many missing children who haven't yet come home, and also for those whose last thoughts were probably about home... children like Jessica Ridgeway. Lord, rest their souls.

To those who had a hand in extinguishing these young spirits, I'll simply pass along the words my good friend Danny Everett told me many many years ago, words I never forgot: "What comes around goes around." Beware of your own soul and conscience, and if ye should have none, look out for digital vigilantes! They are out there... coming for people like YOU!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


There I was... happy and anxious to look up some new material someone told me they just uploaded to Facebook... I turned on the laptop... Windows XP was starting up... and then... and then...



What did my lappie do to deserve this?

I made a few calls and googled a few items, but no human response nor search-engine query gave me a satisfactory answer.

"Your hard drive is fried"

"Your laptop is dead!"

"We can fix it - maybe. We may have to replace the drive."

"Ship it to us and we'll see if there's anything we can do."

I started off with Hiren's Boot Disc - and while I didn't have much luck with it, it gave me hope... After an hour or so of fiddling... I had milk and cookies. (Most of you would have been tearing out your hair, climbing the walls, having a fit...

I remembered having a WinXp Pro disc around somewhere - so, into the long night, I experimented and continued hunting on Google and Bing. It's like an infojungle on those search engines. TONS of worthless crap and dead-ends. But patience and persistence and a little brainwork on my part...

Finally, sweet results! I recovered my lappie, and here's how: I booted up from the WinXP install disk... careful to initiate the restart of the computer by calling up the Recovery Console... I used the chkdsk /r command to repair the volume. The /r switch locates bad sectors and recovers readable information.

As simple as it sounds... fixed!

As soon as the machine was running, I launched MALWAREBYTES just in case a boot-sector virus was behind the malfunction. Then, I cleaned the Registry. The Registry acts as a database for your system, and stores important information on your PC. Generally, the way to clean the registry is to use a registry cleaner tool. This tool would make a scan of all items in your registry and fix all the errors. There are several registry cleaner tools available on the internet. I use EasyClean, but any good FREE cleaner will do!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Twitter Not Displaying On Blog

It was on Wednesday afternoon I first noticed that the feed of tweets from my twitter account was not showing up in the sidebar like it is supposed to. 24 hours passed... then 36... I decided to investigate.

Of course, my first stop was Google. I looked to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem, but as is usually the case with Google, I was seeing people who did have the problem, but that was back in 2009.

I found "official" Google instructions on a googlepage for configuring a twitter feed display widget, but that also failed to work. So something is happening. An update? A change? If it's anything of note I'm sure I'll hear about it before the weekend is over.

But wait! Mark Schaefer of brings up some very valid (and timely) reasons why twitter trackers should NOT be displayed on our blogs and websites. Here is a snippet:

"...If you display your Twitter feed on your website, you’re displaying one side of a two-sided conversation. It’s conversation out of context. Why would you do this? What possible value could this create?

A couple years ago, a friend asked me to review his website. When I went to his landing page the thing that hit you right in the face was the word “PORNOGRAPHY” in the Twitter stream. In context, he was making a funny comment in response to a friend. On a website it sends the wrong message."

You can read the complete article here. I also have noticed that some blogs display a box in the header that shows the last thing they tweeted only. SO, what now? Should I leave the twitterfeed running (if it comes back up) or should I banish it from this humble weblog?

ONE MORE THING ::: I notice lately a very minimalist theme across the "blog guru" websites. Suddenly, your blog sucks if you have a blogroll or "too much" in the sidebar. Really? I think of my blog here as more of an information portal. And not just for my readers... there are blogs and websites I visit along with services I use (and a few things I want to keep in mind, although on the backburner) whose links appear in my sidebars. So you see, my blog is a valuable tool for ME, as well as YOU!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Attraction Marketing VS Empower Network VS Traffic Generation Cafe

There's been a lot of mud being tossed around the blogsophere directed at Empower Network.

It's got me thinking about JOINING the Empower Network... heck, there's not much else I haven't tried! If I join, will you follow? Let's learn a little more about Empower, Ana and Mavis!

The gauntlet was thrown down by Ana Hoffman in the form of a link gift-wrapped in an email: (appears after the enhanced image below - original screenshot from an Empower blogsite)
Could MAVIS Nong be the MABUS Nostradamus talks about in his predictions?
says Ana:

"...would love to know what you think and check out the awesome cat fight in the comments! Would you take the m0ney or cling to your ethics? If you love the post and think this would be valuable to your followers, tweet/share the ish out of it for me, okay? Linking to it would help as well... See you there! Ana"

Is Ana really thinking of kicking off her own home-brewed version of Empower Network?

Meanwhile, before it can deal with Ana, Empower is engaged in a cage-match with savvy marketeer Mavis Nong, charging that Nong used Empower Network to obtain personal gain and funnel some of Empower Network's massive traffic. Yes, that Nong is a sneakey one! If you plug her name into Google or Bing you will also find that Nong continues to be associated with blog engage...

Whether it be Kikolani, Mavis Nong or Amy Starr Allen, these three gals are just gurus trying to make money! (As in YOUR money - trying to make it flow into their pockets!) *chuckle*

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