Thursday, January 24, 2013

XiaXue Blog Moving To WordPress

Are YOU thinking about moving to WordPress? BEFORE YOU DO, remember this: "You are never the true owner of your data if its not backed up."

Having typed that, I found an excellent post on MyBloggerTricks explaining why you should THINK TWICE BEFORE LEAVING BLOGGER (blog*spot). Although written by someone whose first language is not English, it is quite remarkable and if, after reading it, you still think you want to "migrate" - here's a link to an excellent tutorial to help you along - (I honestly think it would be better to just start a brand new blog instead of attempting this...)

I know how it feels to wake up one day to find your blog DELETED!
Is the typing on the wall for the rest of us? I am passing Wendy's bad blogging experience along, in effect, saving it here, for ever as long as my little blog hangs on... by the way, I'm going to perform a complete back up after this post publishes.

WHY am I posting this?

Because Wendy posted this dire warning:
p/s: I have a fear that Blogger will delete my blog again after this post - But I don't think they will be so nasty and unprofessional, right?

I am including some highlights of Wendy Cheng's "return to blogging" post. It's a good scroll down the page on where the expectant Mum shows us her pix and shares current news.

And now... Excerpts from

Blogger and the Great Blog Deletion

Do you guys have a mental list of the worst things that can possibly happen to you? Well, I do. I guess the top of the list is people or pets I love dying or being severely hurt, but waking up to my blog being completely deleted and gone is among the top 10 definitely.

And that's what happened 6 days ago.

After since my blog got hacked and deleted in 2005 the idea that it could happen again has haunted me ever since.

Wendy goes on to say how she went to great lengths to protect her blog so that it would never again be deleted. She learned about the latest disappearance via a phone call from her Mother.

Now folks, you must understand, Wendy is a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER. Her blog is "all Wendy, all the time." It made her famous and continues to support her earthly efforts.

"Blogger provided me no explanation email, nothing. They provide no support services and there wasn't even an email I could write to to demand a "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?". The ONLY thing I could do is to write in their STUPID FUCKING FORUM.

... more and more people posted in the forum saying their blog, too, have been deleted by Blogger for no explanation at all. Some stupid guy called "Nitecruzr" answered everyone with the same reply, saying that their blogs were pulled for "spam". Google mistook their blogs for a spam site and just deleted it - no warning no explanation.

When people questioned or were upset about this, he locked their threads. All you can do is to post on the stupid forum, and wait indefinitely for a review. Some people don't get their blogs back at all. I was so distressed and upset looking at the sheer amount of people which this happened to. They may not earn their living from their blogs like I do, but many mentioned they have blogged on Blogger for many years and I'm sure they all treasure their blogs very much.

Luckily enough for me, I had a friend working for Google's PR and the Nuffnang peeps also had contacts from Google, so they tried to help me find out why the blog was gone.

1 day later I had an email from Blogger's Product Manager. He told me that my blog wasn't pulled for spam like Nitecruzr said - it was removed due to the detection of malware. He said that the immediate removal was for the safety of viewers and in their hastiness they didn't notify the bloggers whose blogs have malware and were working on doing so.

Up till today I have no idea where the malware came from. And worse, my blog was completely deleted from the dashboard, so how can I even fix this problem? And is the blog deleted forever??

It took Blogger 2 days to reinstate my blog back into the dashboard, but this time round it is Locked... I was to remove the malware (which wasn't told to me is what or where) and submit my edited blogskin code for a review.

The review itself took 3 days. Every single day was filled with anxiety and fear... I didn't know how long it was going to take to get the blog back. I had advertisers to answer to. Every hour the url said my blog is removed means a risk of a permanent loss of readers I've worked SO hard for. This blog is my life."

Wendy goes on to raise serious questions about Blogger.

"... Blogger does whatever the hell it wants with no regard for their users at all.

I cannot deal with this anymore. I cannot keep anticipating and accepting with meekness each decision they make that can save them bandwidth, or have another change sprung upon me that I don't want for my blog.

I deserve better treatment.

And thus, I am announcing my move to Wordpress.

In 3 months XiaXue would have been on blogspot for 10 years.
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