Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shiva Nazar Ahari ::: Jailed Blogger among the nominees for the 2013 Netizen Prize

RSF and Google have announced names of the nominees for the 2013 Netizen PrizeShiva Nazar Ahari, Iranian female human rights activist and blogger is among them. Read more about Shiva here.

Another liberal female activist -

Monday, February 25, 2013

On the Net Battlefield: General Luo Yuan & Heino

High-ranking Chinese military officer Luo Yuan opened a personal Weibo account on Feb 21. (Sina Weibo is China’s twitter-style microblogging service). Since then, the General's pro-war comments on how to manage China's relationship with Japan and the recent nuclear test in North Korea have triggered sharp criticism from netizens. In the eyes of many Chinese active on Weibo, Luo Yuan is exactly the “traitor” and “the corrupt” that he swears to “clean out” and “punish” chronicles Luo Yuan's battle on Weibo.

A loveable rogue who sings sentimental hits about mountains and maidens is making headlines once again. Some call him Germany's answer to Tom Jones - but he is in a class all his own - The Guardian reports that legendary crooner Heino, at age 74, has broken sales records with a new album. His eclectic mix of tunes includes everything from Heavy metal to 1890s folk tunes.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventures in Style and Class

There's a god-awful picture of Rihanna in the Feb 2013 US editions of Vogue. She looks like a goat. The make up and hair are perhaps more suited for a Franken Holly Berry.

A few pages later, a superb, glorious shot of Solange Knowles, who damn sure knows how to wear an Afro. Esperanza Spaulding looks great in fro as well.
Get a load of the clown in the same issue of Vogue (botttom right picture: much clearer in the actual mag = the fogginess of the pic above actually improves her looks) ... This chick would be better off with a straight-hair style - it would accenuate her beauty. In the fro she looks totally cornydiculous!

If Esperanza can be sued over an image of a boombox, the 'fromonster' from Vogue should be able to sue somebody too (not me!)

MORE FASHION! Xiaxue has posted pictures from when she met Tsubasa Masuwaka when Masuwaka visited Singapore for Dolly Wink!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zambia: Chinese Experts to Monitor Internet?

The Zambian government has reportedly engaged Chinese experts to install a secret internet monitoring facility in the country. Authorities plan to start monitoring social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs, email services, and “unfriendly” websites. ...More »

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nuffnang In The News

Because I follow a lot of blogs that originate in Southeast Asia, I am familiar with the Nuffnang ad network. Here is a great success story - Nuffnang began back in February 2007 with a modest 20 bloggers using its ad platform. Nuffnang 2013 delivers approx. 13-million page-views per day. It's always a wonderful thing when any web-connected endeavour gets a little help from another. In Nuffnang's case, a little help from none other than uberblogger Xiaxue helped the once-fledgling network soar!

FUN FACT! ::: Nuffnang stands for “really good” in Jafaikan, a dialect that’s a mix of Jamaican and West African words and accents that can be heard among some immigrants in London.

Willis Wee Founded Tech in Asia - he's published the Nuffnang Founder's Story; here's the link!

Willis notes that Nuffnang co-founder Cheo Ming Shen will be a featured speaker in April at Startup Asia Singapore 2013. [Coffee Chat: The Nuffnang Founders’ Story and The Lessons They Learned] Good job, Nuffnangers!

Twitter Cuts Characters Down from 140

Mashable reports that beginning today, any tweet sent with a URL will be reduced to 118 characters, or 117 for https links.

By the way, 140 characters in Chinese is not the same as 140 characters in the Roman alphabet that English and many other speakers use.

Additional Information

Twitter vs. Weibo: 8 Things Twitter Can Learn From The Latter

Weibo, el Twitter chino, supera ya los 500 millones de usuarios

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Abandoned Blog -or- 'Automatic' Blog?

Guest Post by Saki Tumi  © 2013 I work in PR, so everday I see a blur of blogs as I scour the internet during my 9 to 5. There are some very awesome blogs out there but there is nobody "manning the store." On one particular blog, the author urges contact and even provides a special "contact me" page! But you'll never get an answer if you try to get in touch with the blogger.

I thought that a bit odd. I found the blog by way of an article someone else re-tweeted the URL to. On closer inspection, the blog displays no dates or times articles were posted. So the one I was directed to could have put up who knows when? I took a few key lines from the article and googled them. There it is! The first sentence and a few others from the post first appeared on a different blog in 2004.

Here's the juicy part: one of my net-mates found a different article on the same blog that she recognized as a post she and her brother wrote for a blog in 2005 - a blogspot blog that no longer exists! Since the article did not appear anywhere else, she has no proof of co-ownership! She's on the geeky side and was able to determine that the email contact page uses a server that has been out of commission since 2008. So email just vanishes. But there are several ads on the blog that are obviously 2013. And to top it off, the blog is often cited by a couple well-known "blog gurus" - I suspect they have something to do with this blog as well as hundreds of other so-called "scraper" blogs - they steal content from other sources, tweet out the URLS and sit back and collect money from the ads - while the bloggers who originally did all the work get nothing!

KNOW WHERE YOUR CONTENT GOES - watch everything you write and be sure to keep backups of your published posts on CD or thumb. And if you don't get a response from that "wonderful blogger" don't despair! Be true to your own internet self - respond, acknowledge, re-tweet, like and friend when other humans try to make contact with you!

How do YOU maximize Twitter?

What tweet optimizing methods do you use that are working well? Have you ever been blown away with engagement to a tweet you weren't expecting?

Please leave a comment below either via blogger or using the facebook system!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RIP, But Tweet On!

A couple of years ago, in February 2011, I asked whether bloggers should pre-post articles way ahead of time? Assuming the blogger or wordpress or whatever system didn't get corrupted or otherwise fail, bloggers could be dispensing advice and anecdotes to readers (and relatives & their descendants) for years after they've departed this mortal coil.

I got an answer (of sorts) the following May. Derek K. Miller blogged "after death" on May 4th. The Canadian blogger did not write any additional posts we know of that were to be released later.

But now, the technology has reached the point where you and I can blog long after we've left the planet. “When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting,” says LivesOn’s tagline. The new app allows users to 'stay alive' on their social media profiles, letting the deceased communicate with loved ones. LivesOn will keep posting after you're dead as a doornail and six feet under.

Due to be launched next month, LivesOn will keep tweeting after you cross the river. The service will utilize advanced analysis of your main Twitter feed, to carefully select appropriate subjects, likes, or articles that would have been likely to interest you, posting them on your behalf for your friends to read.

This gives the term "ghost writer" a whole new meaning!

You can receive my special newsletters - published only when necessary - by clicking on the envelope icon below - then you'll be on my mailing list. Thank-you very much! Don't worry - I will not share it or sell or compromise my list (or your privacy) in any way, shape or form!

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Read the Comments

There are many times when I read an article online and then after looking through the comments, I send out a tweet sharing the URL and a simple message like "check out the comments on this one!"

I can't tell you how many times I have seen "comments" take an entirely different track than whatever the main article was all about!

On, an article written by Dr. Manuel Barcia, the Deputy Director at the Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Leeds explores American Race and slavery. Dr. Barcia examines 'Lincoln' and 'Django Unchained' - he points out that because of Hollywood's reach and potential impact, films on race are "bound to inform (or misinform) the world".

I commented: after I posted my response I began reading comments left by others... some silly, some bitter, some obviously looking for a fight of some sort. I guess we are a long way from conquering hate and prejudice. Here's a link to Dr. Barcia's article. My comment below:

Excellent piece, Dr. Barcia! We may not see it come to pass in our own lifetimes, but I believe there will be a time when history will be a little less painful for everyone. As humanity continues to blend in the modern shrinking world, people may come to scratch their heads when it comes to racism, slavery, and backward thinking. Today these movies are sharp barbs of uncomfortable facts. 200 years in the future they are likely to be regarded the same way we recall the Christians vs. the Lions. A second of horror, a touch of empathy, and then we let the past go.

PS - Hollywood has a lot of power and influence. While some may view these movies as "salt in the wounds" trying to stall the natural healing process, I see them as a way of purging to the point where we get tired of purging itself. Only then we can move on.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Et Tu, Nature?

The climate conspires against us

the comets shine thru the sky

the waters deepen around us

our gas wells make the ground shake

our vehicles pollute the air

our garbage in the water

because we are everywhere

Dark enemy of creation

things we make are grand

so hang up the phone and

leave us alone or

we'll fix you where you stand!!

Morning Cup

A delightfully frigid morning! And what better a day to have off, this "President's Day" holiday! Back from my morning run/workout here in Polar City, I settled down with lappie, coffee and seed catalog.

I had the busiest of weekends, but today a wonderful sense of accomplishment, as I completed EVERYTHING on my to-do list and then some! Today shall be no different: I am forging ahead, writing And, for those of you on the net either blogging professionally or perhaps seeking to turn that blog into a commentator's cove or pundit's palace, Demian Farnworth has posted an article on copyblogger that has your number: In "Why Hunter S. Thompson Would’ve Loved Author Rank (And Why You Should, Too)" you will learn why Google’s new algorithm — Author Rank — should be applauded by all writers (not just Hunter S. Thompson). It seems that Google is going to put the writer front and center by making the historical quality of an author essential to ranking content. If you are one of those people who want the truth quickly, go here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fatima - Russia Connection

Will the real Doomsday please stand up?

Now, don't be misled into thinking you're having an "Art Bell moment." Admit that you had at least a tiny bit of concern last year about the end day of the Mayan calendar. Doomsday now gets a curtain call, and this time...

Watch the skies...

Those of you who attended Catholic Schools are very familiar with the apparition seen in 1917 Portugal by the three children of Fatima, as they are known. The conspiracy theory revolving around the "third secret" of Fatima rivals and rises above all others.

I was on the net reading a bunch of stuff (a normal occurence) when I became entangled in a sub-web whilst searching for news articles regarding the resignation of the Pope.

Cosmic coincidence?

While nothing I read called up the Russian meteor's appearance the other day - the realization came in one of those "wait a minute" scenarios - The. Meteor. Hit. Russia.

Now have a look at where I've been:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Creating a new Middle Class

U.S. President Barack Obama praised the notion of a "thriving middle class" during his State of The Union address. What exactly is “middle class” in America in 2013? And where exactly does the distinction fit into Obama's agenda? 

 The Wall St. Journal blog offers us a clue:  "Changes in American communities – particularly growing wealth in urban and suburban places – mean the words 'middle class' don’t carry the real weight they once did. The definition of the group has become so broad that crafting something that appeals to it as a whole is a difficult task." 

What kind of clue is that? I think it is not as much a clue as it is a diversion. Think back to the speech, where the President asked us to consider how to rebuild America’s middle class. He didn't say he is going to follow any advice we may give. While we "consider" Washington continues to work on a new model for the Middle Class, which IMHO strives to make citizens fir into a while new "global middle class" picture.

 I'll illustrate this way: think of two computers. Your old desktop running Windows ME and your new netbook running Windows 8. Your task is to network them so they work together, as equals. While that may be impossible for many of you to achieve, there are those reading this who know exactly how to tackle the problem, figure it out, and make it work. Someday in the future, there will be a planet-wide Middle Class - different but equal as you go country-to-country. Continent to continent.

While We Were Sleeping Mark Zuckerberg Stopped Counting

Yesterday morning I awoke to the news of the Russian meteor crash, proof that anything can, will and does happen!

So I am not all that shocked, my fellow Americans, to find out (and pass along to you) that even though Facebook (FB) reported $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits from U.S. operations in 2012, it will probablypay zero federal and state taxes—and even receive a federal tax refund of about $429 million—according to a Feb. 14 statement from Citizens for Tax Justice! [Details]

Reuters :: Facebook Inc said on Friday hackers had infiltrated some of its employees' laptops in recent weeks, making the world's No.1 social network the latest victim of a wave of cyber attacks.

Could Facebook Revolutionize Your Business? Tips From The New ...

Forbes-I wouldn't bet the farm on it! Ramon's newest project is The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing, Wiley & Sons, available from Amazon.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Panel to discuss Pussy Riot

A panel discussion at Williams College will explore the Russian Feminist Punk-Rock Collective Pussy Riot on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

The panel members are Eliot Borenstein of New York University, Ksenia Gorbenko of Penn State, Mark Lipovetsky of the University of Colorado-Boulder, and Jennifer Suchland of the Ohio State University. The panel will take place at 4 p.m. in Griffin Hall, room 3. The event is free and open to the public.

Related ::: Jailed Pussy Riot rocker Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has been hospitalized after reportedly suffering from overwork and ongoing headaches. [LiNk]

♥ Valentine 2013 ♥

Yes, the safety's on my pistol,
as the Pope leaves the Vatican
My brother's home in the attic and
hacking radio signals using
software he downloaded for free

Holding your hand, eating horsemeatburgers
we watch the meteorite fly by...
Wondering if we'll ever get off
this cruise ship earth
I wonder why

Striking a pose, holding my nose
clutching my minimum-wage check.
Selling my blade runner tee on eBay
as I drink from my styrofoam cup
we make our way to the deck

No rescuers to be seen
my dear your face is turning green
Kim Kardashian is on my tee vee
the revolution being tweeted, not televised
I'm for you and you're for me!

METEOR! Asteroid 2012 DA14 - Piece Hits Russia?

Nyet! Observers are calling this a "cosmic coincidence!" NBC Nightly News had some "Scientific dude" on last night, telling the masses that there is "absolutely no danger" from the football-field-sized Asteroid 2012 DA14, which measures 45 to 95 meters in diameter, is supposed to be passing by Earth tonight at around 19:25 GMT. Guess the sci-dude and his cronies didn't see this one comin'!

According to estimates by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the space object that smacked into Russia during the American night weighed about 10 tons before entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Back around 1999 I bumped into a website that talked about a Nostradamus prediction about a "comet" that painted a picture of pieces of it peppering the Continent, almost like a 20s gangster's tommy-gun peppering the metal doors of a roadster or touring car. Let's hope we're not in for a round of something like that today. My cat is very nervous and quite "talkative" this morning...

Talk about a a wake-up call!

My advice: Watch the Skies!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pop Clips » V-Day 2013

Oscar Pistorius charged with murder

I woke up to this on Valentine's Day. I'd been up very early to prepare homemade waffles for breakfast for myself and my running mates.  Saw this on BBC World America ::: South African media reported that the Paralympic gold medal winner nicknamed Blade Runner was charged with murder when a woman was found shot in his home.  As the day progressed, it seemed more like the Blade Man was in deep doo-doo. NBC Nightly News reported neighbors say they heard arguing before shots rang out.  Nicole Crites with CBS 5 KPHO Phoenix said, “#theremustBmore2thestory#bladerunner arrested for girlfriend's murder- says he thought she was an intruder.” Hmmmmm....

BusinessWeek unmasks A Chinese Hacker's IdentityJosh Tyrangiel there said, “Morning Must Read: Our cover story, in which a Chinese government hacker is outed by two spectacular reporters.”

“We Need to Push Him”: Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested While Urging Obama to Reject Keystone Pipeline

Amy Goodman, Video Interview: For the second time in six months, actress Daryl Hannah has been jailed for protesting the Keystone XL oil pipeline. In October, she was arrested in Texas. On Wednesday, she and 47 others were arrested outside the White House. “President Obama has said ‘push me.’ Well, we need to get out there and push him.” Hannah said. Hannah was arrested with members of the Sierra club as well others. Hannah was also arrested last year in Texas for protesting the same issue.

Can Humans Cause Earthquakes?—Instant Egghead [Video]
With all the talk here in New York about Hydrofracking:  we're digging deeper into Earth's crust than we ever have before, pulling water up and pumping it down. As Scientific American editor David Biello explains, these are just a few of the many ways humans are triggering severe seismic activity.

WARNING! GRAPHIC! Video of Brutal Beating of Women Shocks Angola

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 State of the Union Address TRANSCRIPT

Buzzing, dissecting, analyzing - oh my!

The day after the President gives the State of The Union address is always one of comment and reaction. Barack Obama keyed in on certain issues while ignoring others. Well, perhaps "ignoring" is too strong a word. But that's okay.

I jotted down a few things and what I'll do (and you can too) is bookmark this post and we'll come back to it later on down the road, let's say this fall.

(1) A picture of rosy optimism - POTUS pointed out that the recession is waning, 6 million new jobs have been created, housing is healing and the stock market rebounding.

(2) He kept mentioning THE MIDDLE CLASS and tied "building it" to Immigration Reform.

(3) He talked about American jobs and making the US a "manufacturing magnet."

(4) ENERGY was discussed, including high gasoline prices (rising this morning as I type this) along with combatting CLIMATE CHANGE.

(5) Raising the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour poppep up.

(6) EDUCATION initiatives involved expanding pre-K and re-imagining high schools.

Then, he addressed (7) CYBERSECURITY and (8) GUN VIOLENCE, all the while calling for "bi-partisan agreements" with phraseology like "send me a bill and I'll sign it."

Now, the bread is in the oven. Stripping away the pomp and cheerleading and the other fluff away from any SOU is best done a few months later.

In the GOP rebuttal, Sen. Marco Rubio came down hard on OBAMACARE.

..::: The Address :::..

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, fellow citizens:

Fifty-one years ago, John F. Kennedy declared to this Chamber that "the Constitution makes us not rivals for power but partners for progress…It is my task," he said, "to report the State of the Union – to improve it is the task of us all."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too much blogging will give you a headache!

You may want to take a day off from blogging and see what some other folks are up to online --- here's a short list!

2013:::Year of the Snake - North Korea conducted its third-ever nuclear test on Feb 12, 2013, sparking condemnation internationally. Check out this Storify link for more details.

Why did the Pope resign?::: The questions reverberated from the Vatican to every corner of the Catholic world and left a billion members scratching their heads over something not seen since 1415.

As the #Shahbag movement of Bangladeshis is gaining its momentum, more and more Bangladeshis are using social network services like Twitter and Facebook to organize the movement.
 Shopan Awalin provides an in depth analysis on the activity of the hashtag #Shahbag in Twitter regarding the people, what they are talking, what they are sharing.

How can you mend a broken heart? All of this Valentine’s talk about love, relationships, and companionship can be especially challenging for those who might have recently had a bad breakup. 2hopper blog offers some very good advice.

MyWeku compiles a list of 10 best African food blogs for 2013: “There are seemingly a million food blogs out there, but only a handful showcase African food. Even so it has still been a struggle to pick 10 of our favourites for this year (2013).”

Have you ever wondered what became of some of the kids in your neighborhood or your old friends at school? Or maybe there was that certain guy or gal when you were in High School or at University and you wonder as you think about them if they ever think about you? You can find them!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Find anyone, or see who's searching for YOU!

There are so many fascinating tools and services you can avail yourself of thanks to computers and the Internet!

Have you ever wondered what became of some of the kids in your neighborhood or your old friends at school? Or maybe there was that certain guy or gal when you were in High School or at University and you wonder as you think about them if they ever think about you?

Well now there is a way you can solve these little mysteries of life, with a little help from the national telephone numbering system: specifically, by typing a few area codes of last-known or possible locations into the wonderful Search for people by area code website! Not only can you find people you knew in th epast, you can also get an idea of who has been searching for YOU! Just type in a few details, click, and within minutes you will have the information you seek! It's really so simple!

I've successfully re-connected with people I thought I'd never see nor hear from ever again. I've renewed relationships, shared fond memories of times long gone, and, you know what they say - if you can connect with just a few key people, that opens the door to connect with more and more and even more! The fact that so many of us participate on social networks and blogs and have gmail or yahoo accounts, make it so much easier for internet locator technology to do it's job!

So what are you waiting for? I suggest that before you start out, think of some of the folks you've often wondered about and jot their names down, along with the last place you may have heard they lived, and their approximate ages. Then sit down at your PC, laptop or tablet and get busy looking them up! Check each name off your list as you go along: you'll be blown away by what you find! Take my advice! Dust off those old memories today! (You'll be SO glad you did!)

A Whiter Bey

Looking almost like Alyssa Milano...

An apparently leaked photo of Beyoncé on the March cover of Vogue has gone viral, and several Grammy photos displayed this morning on ABC's Good Morning America have re-ignited what has been blog and magazine fodder for more than a year now:

Buckwild Salwa Amin, Arrested

Salwa's previous arrest was in Kanawha County back in July of 2012... the 24-year old was booked very early this morning... her local TV Station in Charleston has the deets!

To Reblog Or Not to Reblog

Every now and then, bloggers take up "re-blogging" - it's almost like a pssing fad that passes and then returns again! WordPress has been a leader in the movement,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pragaash, Kashmir's first all-girls' rock band, gains support on Facebook

Muslimas cannot make music! Pragaash Band, the all girls rock band from Kashmir, have decided to stop singing, after receiving a string of death and rape threats on their social media pages, as well as on their mobile phones.

Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Basheer-ud-din Ahmad issued a fatwa against the girls stating that “Girls and womenfolk can change the outlook of the society. But when girls indulge in indecency, immorality and are chained in the clutches of music and singing, it is unfortunate for the society.”

He explained that music is not good for society and they (the girls) should inculcate “better values” in themselves.

Bandmates, vocalist-guitarist Noma Nazir (16), drummer Farah Deeba and Guitarist Aneeka Khalid (both 15), who defied convention to form the rock band “Pragash” (darkness to light) came to the limelight in December 2012 after their performance at the annual Battle of the Bands competition.

The band is heavily supported by fans via facebook.

Related :::    Fatwa on Kashmir girls band stuns Iran musical group.

NPR Innovating, Attempting To Expand Audience

Despite the trend toward Internet radio, LOCAL public radio is more than just "alive and well!" Take a look (listen) at my own WAMC Northeast Public Radio, as well as Catskills-based WGXC and hyper-local WIOX. These strong "community" stations continue to atract new listeners as wells as KEEP the existing listeners satisfied. They thrive! New York City's WFUV with a strong distinct music-serving model is likewise thriving.

But looking at the national radio picture, NPR is losing ground: according to the New York Times, “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” — NPR’s two top programs and the radio news programs that reach the most people nationwide each week — declined from spring 2011 to spring 2012, the last period for which national ratings are available.

So NPR is testing what the times calls a "quirky campaign" intended to bring new listeners to local public radio stations, and in turn NPR’s national programs, by matching a show to even the quirkiest interests.

I wonder if it will work. Taking a look at ratings and trends, it is obvious that people want LOCAL radio - all of the big AM powerhouse stations and all of the small daytimers have been gobbled up by the likes of Clear Channel and Cumulus. Good radio gone. The FM's are mainly niche, and mostly voicetracked. Unless you include the pirates in your area, and natiojnally syndicated Michael Savage, radio is otherwise boring, UNLESS you have a uniquely locally centered public (or even private or college) radio station serving your area.

Father Pays Daughter $200 To Stay Off Facebook

In reading this I am ambivalent whether this is a good idea or not. On the one hand, I understand that a parent would do whatever it takes to get their child off of facebook such as pay them $200. Yet, on the other hand, it seems a bit much in many ways.

All I can say is I hope I don't have to pay my children $200 to not be on facebook, or $200 to clean their rooms, or $200 to not text and drive. I hope I can ask them to limit their facebook time to something reasonable, say an hour a day, and that they respect and honor my request as their mother. Paul's decision to parent his daughter how he sees fit is his own private business.

There is no right or wrong in this. He's the parent. I just hope that I don't walk in his shoes when it comes to my children and social mediums. I don't think I'll pick this path. Also, regarding contracts, I think it's a great thing to have agreements with your children. It teaches them how to write contracts, how to honor your written and implied word and it's a fun experience. I think this one regarding facebook is a bit shallow. Why not put the time toward something more productive such as coming up with a business idea together and write a business plan and contract.

I know! Look at this thought-provoking blog and the stir and fun it's creating. Paul, you and your daughter could write a blog together. Just a thought.

P.S. if other fathers and daughters follow Paul's lead, perhaps the daughter would be willing to put the money earned to something more rewarding than "stuff" such as helping to feed starving people in the world or providing much needed medicine, or help stranded animals. Just another thought.

Guest Post by uberblogger Dhani Annabi

Inspired by the news story originally posted by CBS San Francisco
Dhani is an avid re-blogger currently based in Berlin, where she lives with her little dog McTygue.

Pimp Pinterest

Love Pinterest but finding it hard to add more than photos? Need to add a note, a quote or a website to your boards? Want to share some music on Pinterest?

Pinstamatic pimps Pinterest: Share sites, maps, music, tweets, by Denis Potschien @NoupeMag

Noupe :: You know that the social network Pinterest limits itself to the sharing of visual media, images foremost. Even though this is surely part of its success, there are times when you’d like to share other content. Pinstamatic shares Maps, Music and Tweets!  A review.
You can receive my special newsletters - published only when necessary - by clicking on the envelope icon below - then you'll be on my mailing list. Thank-you very much! Don't worry - I will not share it or sell or compromise my list (or your privacy) in any way, shape or form!
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Printed USB Flash Drives

I wouldn't buy anything from Lori Green and her cronies. (Aside from the fact Google labeled 'em SPAM)  They kent spel! They mite mezzup yer orderr!

New SPAMMER in town: Provy Suflayy

Don't buy or support anything this spam jerk tries to peddle! the "blogger" who left the comment is probably "Provy" himself! Needless to say, comments like this go nowhere fast!

Thanks for Your Horrible Spam Comment… DELETE!

I REPEAT! Thanks for Your Horrible Spam Comment… DELETE!

Person to Watch » Sean Eldridge

If you don't know who he is or anything about him... you will.

Some observers believe the impending ("apocalyptic") contest represents everything Mom & Apple Pie America ever had to offer versus "those Commie lefties" + a little George Soros money tossed in*** (as if it would be needed!) plus the imprimaturs of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi

Having typed that, you are about to see New York politics electrified in a show that could take the spotlight right off Governor Andrew Cuomo, potentially even weakening any aspirations he may have toward eventually filling Barack Obama's shoes in Washington. ***$oro$ money "buys" elections!

Thursday, February 07, 2013


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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Flattr Infographic

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Why Does A YouTube Video Appear To Be Visiting My Blog?

Malaysian female spammers are notorious for employing this technique. It's called referrer spam. Google explains it is an automated script that anybody can make: they take another URL and make it appear that that particular URL was visiting your blog, when in fact it was not.

“A referer is just a simple HTTP header that is passed along when a browser goes from one page to another page, and it normally is used to indicate where the user’s coming from. Now, people can use that, and change the referer to be anything that they want.” ~ Matt Cutts

Wanna have some fun? Modify Headers!

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RIP Kombo Kolombia, Victims of Violence in Mexico (Pix + VIDEOS)

Some Nuevo Yorkers warn stuff like this could soon happen in North America, once guns are removed from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

The band went missing at the end of January. Relatives told BBC they got worried when the musicians, who play Colombian vallenato music, stopped answering their mobile phones.

One survived - the musician was able to run and escape from his kidnappers before being killed; it was him who help authorities to find the well where the bodies had been disposed, according to website

Kombo Kolombia Facebook Timeline

Recaudan en concierto $60 mil para familiares de Kombo Kolombia

W Radio report

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Why not follow davelucas on twitter?Twitter makes a shocking disclosure ::: key media outlets, tech figures, high-level elected officials, and influential journalists such as myself were the apparent targets of last week's "Chinese hack." According to C-Net, "22 percent of the accounts linked to the analyst's list of 100 most influential media outlets may also have been breached, according to PeerReach, including @nytimes, @reuters, @cnn, and @foxnews."

Over at Forbes, one of my favorite tech writers, Parmy Olson, asks "What Would Happen If America Got Free, 'Nationwide' WiFi?" I know the answer! It would drive stakes into the hearts of the mobile phone carriers!

via Stop the Cap! We have video: "How to Swap Out Your Leased Time Warner Cable Modem and Avoid $3.95/Mo Fee".

Media Manips ::: The photo above, in which Noam Chomsky is holding a placard, is part of a global campaign organized by Taiwanese students against media monopoly in Taiwan. Chomsky's photo has been circulated widely via online social media since early January 2013. However, a number of news outlets recently reported that he was misled by Taiwanese anti-media monopoly activists into supporting the campaign. What has exactly happened? Who misled Chomsky? Oiwan Lam investigates.
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