Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solving the Penguin Problem

Over the past several months I've been reconnecting with some of the blogs and bloggers I have known since blogging began in the early 2000s. Blogging is going back to the roots, thanks to, of all things, Google! The journals, diaries, storybooks and forum blogs of old are making a comeback... actually, they never left, they just got kicked to the curb by the content-scrapers, the "guru bloggers" and the "make money" crowd. The standard of fresh content is back. Bloggers are again offering original material, solving problems while educating and helping others.

Ana's popular Traffic Generation Cafe blog has been shaken by a Google storm. More precisely, Penguin 2.0 rocked TGC's world. Google has effectively pulled the rug out from under a bunch of blogs and bloggers. And it's a good thing. Would you like to know how to deal with it? I thought you would!

Ana effectively shot her blog in both feet. In the past several emails she sent out to readers like me, there were references and links to some kind of web guru guy and his softwares and whatever elses. Shot number one. Shot number two: a splash page that overlaid the blog after a few seconds... you know, one of those things you have to X out of. Up until Penguin 2.0, Ana's blog was fine. Nothing changed there. The changes are on Google's end.

Google's Matt Cutts laid the new normal on the digital line: bloggers should be doing what they used to do a long time ago. Follow the pathway taken by researchers, studies and academic papers. A link in online content should be treated like a citation, says Matt. You only link to something else if you actually used it as a source. And there's more - I am going to seperate it all out for you...

STOP linking to your old blog posts.

GET AWAY FROM GUEST-BLOGGING Don't be a guest blogger and above all, don't allow any guest bloggers on your blog. Guest posts are chock full of irrelevant links and will drag any good blog down.

STOP LINKING TO YOUR OLD ARCHIVED POSTS - I know I just mentioned this. But now its is of vital importance. Forget all that 'guru' advice about cramming your content witgh your ancient links. STOP STOP STOP! Truth be told, I should just abandon my blog template and go minimalist. But I'm not doing this tgo try and make money.

MONEY! That is the other big penalty. If you are using your blog to "make money" you are suddenly on the wrong side of the algorithm!

CONTENT, THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING is now what the big search engine is searching for. Unique, original, relevant. Your posts must all be high-quality and RELEVANT from here on in!

KILL THE INFOGRAPHICS! I predicted something like this would happen! P2.0 is also blacklisting blogs with Infographics. And when you see all those bloggers who fall under the spell of one "new" infographic and they all start posting it and linking to it, they may as well be deleting their blogs. Under the new Google algorithm, any link building activity and especially if it is connected to an infographic is certain to get your blog or website PENALIZED!

So what else can you learn from this article? See the image below. Instead of hyperlinking to the articles, you will have to enter the titles along with my name into your favourite search engine. A little more work than you are used to? No matter: you will enjoy these posts and takeaway a bit of what you knew not!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Noise Makes You More Creative

By definition, any unwanted sound is called “noise.” But there are times when “noise” can be construed as “music to one's ears” ::: You know that little background buzz when folks are talking in an internet cafe or at Border's? Researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered that buzz can help you solve problems more creatively.

I've found I do some of my best researching and creative writing (and problem solving) during the evening hours sitting at the kitchen table. I'm at my laptop with the USB mouse attached. There's a relatively quiet electric fan churning in another part of the room. I have my crank radio nearby set to a very low volume where I can understand what's being said (if I pay attention).

Research team member Ravi Mehta says the study found that a relatively (but not overly) noisy environment can make your brain think more abstractly, and you will then tend to generate more in the way of creative ideas. Sounds good to me!

The researchers tested volunteers in different scenarios, at real-life venues, in places like cafeterias, waiting rooms with televisions on; offices with heavy traffic noise or construction outside. In quiet environments (up to 50 decibels, equivalent to the slight sound of air conditioning), when they had to complete tasks that required creative solutions, participants did not fare so well. But. when they went to another room where the noise reached 70 decibels (the noise of people talking loudly but not shouting), the result was superior. Sound levels exceeding 85 decibels were found to hinder creative work.

Photo credit: @ N06

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Manhattan Musings

As I write this, it's a beautiful "summer" evening in New York, a human-perfect 70 degrees, and I'm preparing for the real "summer season." I've been in summertime mode since that heat spell we had a few weeks back: optimistic, energized and confident that the weeks and months to come will bring good things and good times.

If you're trying to keep up with me, I believe twitter will be your best bet now until after Labor Day... of course I'll continue blogging when time permits and then there's facebook for those of you lucky enough to be in my closest circle.

I expect the most interesting news items of regional interest will continue to be Women's Rights, Fracking, and the mayoral races in both New York City and Albany.

I'll be stepping up the outdoor activities: lots of badminton, biking and running for physical and spiritual health. How are YOU doing body-wise? This is the best time to find your rhythm and stretch your limits. I'm now on my "summertime meal schedule" as well: I start each day with a hearty breakfast, drink plenty of coffee throughout the day up until 2pm (if I need a referesher after that, it's ice water or home-brewed ice tea). Then a light supper around 5:30 followed by physical activities. It's a system that works well for me. I hope my words here will serve a litte inspiration your way!

I picked up a really neat bike for $5 at a garage sale in Queens - one of those smooth silk riding Royal machines from the late 1950s. I've added a few safety accessories and I must say, for a bike with no gears and coaster brakes, it is amazing and then some!

So, with Summer 2013 knocking at the door, I hope you will take a moment to clarify your thoughts with an eye toward making every moment count, every move YOU make an eventful one, so that when the Fall comes, you'll be smarter, healthier, happier and carry the feast of sunshine through the cooler months - the obvious hint here being, as you are drifting along the river time, pay attention to things, events, moves you can make that keep you flaoting high above the crowd. I flirted with this thought train last year, and it worked so well I'm doing what I'll describe as an "immersion" approach this year. It's a sensation of power and control and it feels pretty darn good! Get on board!

[Manhattan, 20:30, Sunday, June 16]

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Chris Brogan is my Albert Schweitzer

Dip in Traffic? It may not be Google's doing...

When I walk around the city, what do I see? 
People talking to themselves. 
People walking into other people
   while tapping little handheld devices. 
People wrapped up in...
   t h e m s e l v e s.

Chris Brogan recently wrote the following regarding the state of social media marketing. It may be applied to blogging and all sorts of other online activity, from tweeting to facebooking to pinteresting to linkedinning...

" The state of social media marketing is fairly depressing from my observations. It’s mechanical. A very informal survey of several brand accounts just shows them chirping out blather to elicit responses or likes, but with no follow-up, no next steps, no actual business intent. Just… faux interaction. The number of companies who have outsourced their social media brand voice to an agency or third part of some sort is higher than ever. And I’ve no idea the stats on corporate response rates to efforts, but they can’t be especially interesting.

Our “browse” culture is clicking and sharing and reposting stuff all over the place. Great content is now like a trading card game. We retweet and share and like and stumble interesting stuff so that we can keep our own feeds alive, but we’re barely reading the stuff we’re sharing and we’re definitely not taking a next action. Click a link? Hardly. Take a next action? Not at all."

You could have stopped at "blather." Brogan nailed it. We are so full of ourselves and so busy trying to push stuff on others share stuff with others that no one is interested in anything and nothing has merit anymore. It's all too much and then some. All crap and clutter.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Marinochka from Ukraine

Hey big boy! Hi-looking man! You are real fine! That's what Malaysian scammerz want you to think. They've rolled out red hot Marinochka in the form of a seductive email with an evil payload: a virus that will destroy your harddrive after it harvests all the passwords, bank account numbers and email addresses from your machine! Naturally, you have to be dumb enough, horny enough or drunk enough to click on the attachment. Steer clear, troops!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

INFOGRAPH Social Media Is Making Us More Like Psychopaths

The wiley infograph and accompanying text tries to make the case that humanity is forsaking face-to-face skin-to-skin contact in favor of electronic embracing. Which may not be a bad thing. No germs will be spread, no blood will be shed. The art of person-to-person conversation will be lost, while the art of smartphone-to-blog-to-computer communication will be cherished. I do not agree that humanity will be more "disconnected with the real people" in our lives: I challenge that thought!

The use of electronics to convey heartfelt feelings is a GROUNDBREAKER - those of you who ever wrote love letters to faraway sweethearts or communicated by snail-mail with dear friends or relatives know the power of words can blast a phone call to smithereens. Words that can be read slowly, interpreted, digested, and reflected upon are worth thousands millions more than a bit of yakety with a disembodied voice on a telephone or a distracted in-person conversation.

If it is true that social media is making us psychopathics, we need to embrace psychopathology! Maybe that's the "new normal" of human interpersonal relationships!

Now, about those Psychopaths...

Psychopaths appear to view the world and others instrumentally, as theirs for the taking. Psychopaths use twice as many words relating to basic physiological needs and self-preservation, including eating, drinking and monetary resources than do nonpsychopaths... Hmmm... that sounds like most of your facebook "friends." right?

Researchers, in work posted by NBC, found more dysfluencies — the "uhs" and "ums" that interrupt speech — among psychopaths. (Nearly universal in speech, dysfluencies indicate that the speaker needs some time to think about what he/she is saying.) Simply, the 'uhs' and 'ums' are about putting the mask of sanity on.

RELATED ::: More than 1,500 people were treated in emergency rooms nationwide in 2010 for injuries related to using a cell phone while walking...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Money on Life's Battlefield

Globalization's domestic social and economic ramifications may be helping to end union jobs/middle class security in America and justify financializing/securitizing/monetizing of everything... but good folks in other countries are constantly improvising to survive and thrive! [Bad folks are too, like those crafty Nigerian scammers!]

Why should you and I scrimp, save and suffer? Certainly there are ways to cash in (and when you find one of those ways, hold it close to your vest) and avenues to take. Don't be stymied by what you read and think "Oh if only I had gotten into that when..." or "Darn, I wish I thought of that..." - instead - cleanse the negativism - wash it out of your mind with openness and optimism...

Experts proclaim "Like everything in life, money is a form of energy," and suggest others develop a "linear approach" to it. They add "Self-Image is the key to develop that coveted 'millionaire mind' which will allow you to be a successful money maker, a money magnet, make money fast, get rich and be a millionaire."

Are YOU ready to devlop a 'millionaire mind'? Request a copy of my pdf "Three Easy Steps to a Millionaire Mind." Let's get you started! JK! LOL!

Philadelphia man allegedly cut off paraplegic man's testicles

Talk about strange... (click on the image to enlarge them)

Here's the link.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites for Your Next Big Idea!

Avatar Originally posted on BizSugar by Marketing_Mashup under Raising Capital
From 2 days ago 

Made Hot by: mikehartman1 on June 17, 2013 ::: 
Do you have the perfect idea for a product but lack the capital to make it come to life? Then crowdfunding could be just what you need. 

It gives you the ability to raise money from a collective group of people who are connected through the internet and want to support your project...


Can anyone name that search engine that was so ubiquitous before there was Google? The Google of its day, AltaVista offered access to a huge index of web sites, when it launched in December 1995. It and many of its brethren are barely remembered today. The search engine quickly grew in popularity, but its parent Digital didn't know what to do with AltaVista.

In 1997, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen coined the term “Innovator’s Dilemma” to describe the situation in which a company becomes the victim of its own success and gets toppled by new technologies. Hubspot thinks Apple is sliding down that slippery slope... Check out my comments while you're there!

Danielle Bradberry, Cher, The Voice

It's Cher, back in the 1960s at an event held by WTRY radio (Troy NY) - click on the image to see Sonny and WTRY deejay Lee Gray!

Wondering who won season 4 of "The Voice?" It was none other than the 16-year-old country singer from Cypress, Texas: Danielle Bradbury, seen in this delightful photograph with the ageless rock goddess Cher and Trae Patton.

Related: "Has Cher had plastic surgery?" "We know she uses neck tape..."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Is Andrew Cuomo Politically Impotent or Just a Hypocrite?

"Young Turks" want to know!  Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks sent me an email, explaining his group took an in depth look at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's proposal to back the public financing bill.  Is Cuomo going to follow through with his word?  What are the different factors?

The Young Turks, hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, claims to be the largest online news show in the world, covering politics, economics, pop culture, social trends and lifestyle.  The program is approaching 1 million YouTube subscribers.

The Young Turks Network is a Multi-Channel Network of online video talk shows, consisting mostly of TYT owned-and-operated shows and a select group of outside partners.  The group says the network generates over 50 million views per month and has over a billion lifetime views.  

Here's a link to the Turks' Cuomo YouTube clip:

drifting mouse pointer dell latitude c600 mouse driver fix

If you own a Dell laptop and your pointer is drifting all over the place, this post is for you!

I am the happy owner of a Dell Latitude C600 laptop computer purchased at a garage sale for $1. It was beat, and the owners said the harddrive was unrecoverable. I experimented. I tinkered. I brought the beast back to life. Now, it rolls on Windows XP; the Latitude battery kicks ass - I get 4.5 hours uptime at full charge. But then, a random issue popped up, after I was forced to install one of those ugly Windows Service Packs I had been trying to avoid: the mouse pointer began drifting, slowly at first, at random times, for no apparent reason. Then it got faster. And faster.

Checking Google I ran across several boards, forums and "ask" sites dating back to the early 2000's where other Latitude users were baffled by the same wandering / drifting mouse pointer problems. There were many solutions, some over-the-top technical, including cracking the case open, cutting wires, placing an anti-static hardware bag over a metal clip... you get the idea.

Many times the most logical solution is right under one's nose. The mouse DRIVER! I thought of that because just the other day I was cleaning out crap for a garage sale of my own and tossed out a bunch of old diskettes, including an old DOS IBM Mouse Driver.

Others had opted to go with updating the mouse driver, and reported the fix worked. But I soon found that those generous enough to provide links did so in 2004, 5 and 6... and today those links are dead links. Back to Google, where

I downloaded and installed a newer touch pad driver. (Tp2aa11i) Following a mandated reboot, a new icon appeared in the SysTray, for the Synaptics Touch pad. I opened the new Mouse/Touch-Pad Pointer Properties and went through all of the new options. One option is to disable the Joystick pointer that looks like a pencil eraser, in the middle of the keyboard, or to change it's sensitivity. I disabled this little monkey and immediatley my drifting mouse pointer dilemma was solved!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

most recent picture of trayvon martin

Media manipulation. "We control the horizontal. We control the vertical." Whatever the truth is regarding the NSA story, we may never know it. What we can discern, based upon what we have been told, is that IF what we have been told were actually true, the Government could have used the "Person of Interest" tool PRISM to stop the Boston marathon bombers. They didn't. So either they knew about it and chose to do nothing, or they didn't know about it. I would tend to believe the latter.

As for Trayvon Martin, remember that photos don't tell us who was the good guy or who was the bad guy, but in my opinion, a media-photoshopped image counterbalances a thousand words.

Pictures and text from Trayvon Martin's mobile phone can be viewed here. Above all, we must remember that prejudicial opinions passed off as facts will never pass muster.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mysteries of the Blog

I love to tinker and experiment - You may have noticed that  I have been using my blog*spot blog here as a "guinea pig" of sorts for all sorts of tinkering and testing. From Blog Cap to Cloud Computing, I've covered a lot of ground. I've also been watching and documenting traffic the search engines are sending my blog's way. Throw rhyme and reason out the window. And get offa that cloud!

Before I get to that, I still maintain there is some sort of "traffic cap" in place, one that has gotten all to predictable, one I believe is tied in with Google, Panda & Penguin. I'm not going to bore you with the data or line of reasoning.

Having typed that, I notice that many visits made to my blog via iPad and mobile phone are NOT recorded as if they never had happened! I know this because I enlisted friends with such devices to visit the site. Also, people who have me in their feed reader and view content via the RSS reader DO NOT show up on the stats!

Interested in gauging what (if any) local readership there might be (truthfully I have done ZERO to publicize my blog on a local basis) I injected a Mayoral poll. The results were less than spectacular. But then again, I never aimed to build a local audience. So that may be a good thing!

Infolinks Are Marvelous!

Make Money w/Infolinks! I've been blogging for a long time, longer than I can tell. A lot of bloggers discovered early on we could make a little extra money to help pay for some of all this by offering ads, just like the "big websites" of newspapers and magazines do. There have been a lot of services that have come and gone. Some have become "big dogs" over the years: I'm thinking of nuffnang, adhits and AdSense.

There's another player that has done very well in text-link type advertising: Infolinks! Unless your browser has been programmed to tune them out, you should see on this page many double-underlined words--- infolinks ads. Mouseover them and a small window appears offering additional information to click. A lot of weburfing netizens suffer from "banner blindness." They are so accustomed to seeing adverts on websites their eyes don't notice them anymore! But that double-Infolink-underline is always there to entice readers to click! Users seem to like Infolinks!

It's fairly easy to sign up for an Infolinks membership: registration is free!

Head on over to Infolinks now, while it's fresh in your mind! You'll be glad you did! (By all means let me know what you think - leave a comment!)

Visit Infolinks Today!

Remember Che!

It's his birthday! Post from the past.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gasland Part II - Albany Premier followed by Q&A w/ director Josh Fox [FREE]

When: TONIGHT! Wednesday, June 12th 7pm 
Where: The Linda, WAMC's Performing Arts Studio (339 Central Avenue)

In the 2010 Oscar-nominated exposé Gasland, director Josh Fox profiled hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” the process of injecting a pressurized mixture of water, sand and chemicals down a drilled well, causing layers of rock deep in the earth to crack and release natural gas. The film inspired a national dialogue over the multi-layered environmental dangers at risk. With Gasland Part II, Fox examines the long-run impact of the controversial process, including poisonous water, earthquakes and neurological damage, placing his focus on the people whose lives have been irreparably changed.

Traveling from the Gulf of Mexico to the heart of Texas and back up to the Delaware River basin, he thoroughly investigates the effects of this once-touted energy source, as well as the industry’s equally disturbing reaction to negative claims via smear campaigns and lawsuits. Gasland Part II shows how the anti-fracking movement has done its best to amplify its message while the million-dollar conglomerates employ PSY-OPS tactics to shut it down. Unnerving interviews and shocking data underscore this scathing indictment of unregulated industry in Fox’s powerful, not-to-be-missed follow-up.

Tickets are first-come, first-served, so come early!


So here we are, halfway through 2013, and you are STILL on dial-up. That's O.K. Nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be sorry for. I've written about dial-up internet in the past, and I'm doing it again. My "new" Dell Latitude laptop runs on dial-up. By choice. If you have just acquired a new machine, and especially if you have overwritten all of the old crap on it by re-installing the OS, you can survive and thrive via dial-up!

Older laptops still have that wonderful phone jack! My Latitude also has a USB port, in case I want to upload something via broadband. First image is a screenshot of my broadband speed:

Next here's a nifty speedtest performed on my clunky desktop running Windows Millenium Edition with an external 28.8 modem.

Last pic:  the same test on the Latitude with a built-in 56k modem (that usually registers around 42.3 up to 45.5 when connected)

There's a remarkable difference between a faster modem and faster Internet. If at all possible, become familiar with the old landline dial-up system.

There may be times where you won't be able to access your favorite broadband network. When you don't have access to DSL or broadband, my tips will make dial up faster regardless of what the modem speed is. You'll be surprised how well they work!

1. DO NOT load an anti-virus program onto your machine. You can surf safely without it, and if you need to connect via broadband or cable to upload or download, make certain you are on a trusted site and do not click on any other links. Just go where you need to go, do what you need to do, and get off.

If you don't trust yourself, go ahead and download a free anti virus or anti malware program and scan your computer at regular intervals. Scan your computer offline, either at night while you're sleeping or during the day when you're doing something else.

2. DO NOT frequently clear your browsers cache. It works very similarly to those "web accelerators" by storing essential info and graphics of pages you regularly visit.

3. BROWSER I use OffByOne to read the Drudge Report and a few other sites. It's old and doesn't work on all sites, but you'll quickly find what does work. I have an earlier version of FLOCK that is based on Firefox for everything else: I have favourited the MOBILE URLs of twitter and facebook so I can connect and interact much more quickly! I also have Chrome on board for those rare times when I use broadband - I downloaded the "offline install" version and it does not try to update itself (I also have Windows updates turned OFF).

You can adjust your browser settings so it will "ask" if you want to view videos - instead of trying to deal with any that have been programmed to "auto-play."

4. Download Dilemmas ::: If your dial-up connection speed is 33.6k or less, your landline connection could be wired to a repeater. Phone signals weaken as they travel over phone lines. A repeater will amplify a weak phone signal. Once amplified, it can be split to serve additional distant residences, especially in rural areas. This phone network architecture will decrease a dial up connection markedly lower than 56k speed.

Check the size of programs before you decide to download them via dialup. 10 megabytes is a reasonable size limit. Many excellent programs are available in small packages; you just need to lookaround.

If you really do need to download a huge file, you have options. You can go to an internet cafe or your local public library and avail yourself of the high-speed Internet services they offer. Don't forget to bring a blank CD or two! Otherwise, begin your download just before bedtime. When you wake up in the morning, your file will be there. Check if your browser supports "resume download" should there be an interruption or a line drop (less likely to happen overnight).

Are you FEARLESS? Not afraid to tinker with your OS? Or maybe you're just loading things onto a PC or laptop with a fresh OS install.

[Reference] ::: How to increase Dialup internet speed is an illustrated post appearing on hackingbaby...

More tips on boosting dial-up speed toward the bottom of the post (look for "read more").

5. Web based email is scanned for Malware free, then stored on remote computer servers. Gmail can be accessed via mobile URL, - you won't have all the features, but you'll be able to send and receive mail.

6. Stay stealthy! Don't stay online if you don't need to be. Rogue "fisher" programs and bots scanning the net for open ports may try extra hard to sneak in if they detect a live connection but idle activity. Also, connecting and disconnecting will dissuade interlopers from proceeding. They'll move on in search of bigger fish.

7. Download a computer system cleaning tool - I recommend Ccleaner. It will remove temporary Internet files, tracking cookies and clean up the registry. Toni-Arts has a program that does the same thing, EZ Cleaner. Another free cleaning utility, Advanced Systemcare, will even optimize your modems TCP/IP settings. While computer cleaning tools do not remove malware or viruses, the older freeware ZoneAlarm works great turning away strangers that come knocking on the doors of your computer ports.

For those of you brave enough to participate in BLACK OPS, continue...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Google Facebook NSA

Don't be in a rush to leave Google or Facebook! Professor Tim Wu of Columbia Law School told that consumers had a "responsibility" to leave social networks found out to be collaborating secretly with intelligence services such as the US National Security Agency: that's a little bit over the top.

I've been warning you about computers and privacy for a long time. Here is what I recommend.

(1) Do what I do - I stay OFF THE "CLOUD" - you need to disconnect from the idea of using files and softwares that are stored somewhere on the internet. All of your important files and useful programs should be on your laptop or pc in NON-updatable versions or forms - if you can turn off "automatic updates" for any and all programs you may have, you will be better off.

(2) Turn the internet 'on' and 'off' - learn to work offline as much as possible. The shorter the time you are on the net, the better for your own safety and security.

(3) Lower your profile on Google and Facebook. Do not share or post any controversial, intimate or private information or photographs you wouldn't want teachers, parents, employers or officials to see.

In his interview with, Wu describes several historical examples of technologies having been used as tools of oppression or societal control, such as enforced propaganda radio broadcasts by the Nazi regime. He also comments that he feels web users ought to have a "visceral" sense of ownership over their online data. He's almost right. Users should only allow data online that MUST be there. Nothing more. No pictures of the wild party, no nonsense

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Calling All the Basic Bitches

I love Pop Culture! The newest wave of Internet Personalities are wonderfully exciting and invigorating! Check out Lohanthony!

But ::: that trailer for Disney's Monster U makes me cringe. What a POS! The adult servers of entertainment are taking up the "we are so dumb and behind the times" persona that old folks back in the 1950s had.

NY TIMES yanks Anthony Weiner story - and here's some more media sorcery! Marlon Anderson is onto something...

The Continuing Saga of Arissa Luna

Photo: Malaysia Chronicle

Long in the tooth at 29 - Arissa Cheo is about to settle down. I wonder if she does, will Dawn Yang (her I-wannabee-U Bizarro-clone) follow? We'll see! Check out Taiwan's Van Ness Wu pens song in latest album for S'porean girlfriend in the Straits Times.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Very Cellular Post

Kind of a "mobile PGP" but better ::: ETXT allows you to encrypt the text that you send by e-mail or share on websites, on forums or on a hosting service. Since sending a text or a note through the internet is not always secure (as PRISM confirms), it is prudent to use a tool like ETXT to avoid unauthorized reading. Nothing simpler, you just need to install the software and open the text inside it so that it does the rest. Once the text encrypted, just save it and send or use it. Note that the recipient must also install the software on his/her machine. In brief, it does not require any installation and can be used indefinitely.

As much as I hate "the cloud" I like biNu ::: it is a cloudcentric mobile phone application that provides super fast, simple, cost effective access to many Internet based applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, news, sports, weather etc. biNu is designed and optimized for mobile wireless devices and provides instant response times, even on slower networks.

Visit using your phone’s existing web browser and click on the Download link. During the installation process various alerts may pop-up on the phone’s screen. You should disregard the alerts and click “continue” or “ok” to continue installing biNu.

You can also download biNu to your phone via SMS text message.

When using the SMS method, they send you an SMS message that includes a link to the site When you click this link, your phone browser will open and take you to the site. Once there, click on the Download link. During the installation process various alerts may pop-up on the phone’s screen. You should disregard the alerts and click “continue” or “ok” to continue installing biNu.

BlackBerry users looking for a few shortcuts/tricks check this link.

Anything to add? Reactions? Your comments are appreciated! Here's why and how!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Prism Schism Google Shmoogle

Here is yet another aspect of daily digital life cementing my position that you need to be OFF the cloud.

I just spiffed up an old Dell Latitude laptop - reloaded the OS and made it a lean, mean writin' machine. My data is my data, on the HD, CDs and USBs. If I do need some kind of cloud-based wordsaver I simply gmail writings to myself. Check out these Drudgelines ::: NSA, FBI secretly mining data from Internet firms... 'THEY QUITE LITERALLY CAN WATCH YOUR IDEAS AS YOU TYPE'...

So, how is your S.E.O.??? In case you aren't aware (and maybe you don't even care) there have been some changes to the almighty Google Algorithm. Read on if you and your blog are suffering from traffic loss and need to conduct anyalysis. Have fun with this!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Meet Salam Al Haideri

"Weight" in image may refer to weight of brain.

Salam says "I enjoy traveling, meeting new people and being photographed." Salam was outed by his best friend, the camera. They are everywhere these days, aren't they?

Salam is Iraqi-born, lives in Niskayuna, and has a previous DWAI. The newspaper report (second of the two links above) indicates some FBI involvement so let's wait and see...

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Google inspires Yahoo! to scan emails [developing]

It's an open secret: Gmail routinely scans the texts of emails. Now comes word that the new version of Yahoo! Mail will be scanning as well, and some users are upset because they are being "forced" to switch to it. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has upset the net with her decree that Yahoo! Mail users will have their e-mail "scanned and analyzed" so relevant ads can be displayed. I've uploaded an article to my WordPress blog detailing concerns that are being shared about this. You are welcome to read, share and comment HERE.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Free Anti-Virus, Small Footprint

                                Long as you're not downloading torrents or messing around on NSFW sites, Microsoft Security Essentials is relatively light. If your machine gets compromised by a virus such as Palladium or any other interloper, having malwarebytes on board is a godsend. I was using avast! but switched to MSE and found a noticeable boost in overall speed (opening things, boot etc.)

Zendaya to perform in Saratoga July 14

Paul Post has an article in the Saratogian about the Disney performer making an appearance in the Spa City.

The tickets for this one are cheaper than the $2 I paid back in the day to see the Rolling Stones at the Palace...

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Semblance of a resemblance?

Monday, June 03, 2013

Who Will Speak Up For The Little Ones?

A letter to the editor of the Albany Times Union.

2013 Albany NY Common Council Candidates

For those who want to follow along, Times Union's amazing Jordan Carleo-Evangelist is keeping tabs... literally!

And here's Jordan's twitterfeed.

He's the Queen!

So much to-do about this!

But it's nothing new, you see...
Someone once said "there is nothing new under the sun..."

I guess they were correct!

Fun With Keywords

Whilst searching for other info, I ran across this old newspaper article. Just passin' it along!

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