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#Music Monday : Internet Addiction

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Godane vs White Widow

Who's the "Boss" of Al-Shabab?

Sheikh Mukhtar Ali Zubeyr is also known as Muktar Abdirahman 'Godane', Ahmed Abdi Godane, Ahmed Abdi Aw Mohammed, Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr and Muqtar Abdurahman Abu Zubeyr. He's caught the planet's attention. Suffice it to say al-Shabaab has consistently surprised observers, who no doubt have underestimated the group's power and potential.  Follow al-Shabaab on twitter.

He is the leader of Harakat Al-Shabab Mujahideen, which currently is the most prominent insurgent group in Somalia. He was born in in Hargeisa on July 10, 1977. He hails from the Isaaq tribe of north Somalia. He trained and fought in Afghanistan: he is designated by the United States as a terrorist.

Godane is described by friend and foe as bookish, eloquent in both Arabic and Somali, recites poetry and is known to quote from obscure academic journals.

According to Abdi Aynte, director of  Mogadishu-based think-tank the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies: “Godane is clearly positioning himself as the next Anwar al-Awlaki – on top of his game as the head of a local al-Qa’ida affiliate, and with international ambitions.”

Thank-you for stopping by this blog. Like many other unexpected intrusions into "normal everyday life," the Westgate Mall Incident took a lot of innocent people by surprise in a place they commonly frequented, a place that projected familiarity - safety and security. Like the mall near you. Know this: you are never secure and should always 'be ready," no matter where you are or what the circumstance/scenario. This is not to say you should live in fear. just live with purpose.

Face-to-Face w/Terror: Read this if you read nothing else today... and please read my previous blog entry about this tragic event, and pray for the souls tortured before they were executed.

More ::: Au Westgate, un concours de cuisine pour enfants a tourné au drame

How was Al-Shabab able to pull off the Westgate Attack?

They had a plan...  these non-random group-orchestrated terror attacks have always been carefully crafted.

What exactly is Al-Shabab?

Al-Shabab (‘The Youth’ in Arabic)  is an extremist Islamist terrorist force that grew out of the anarchy that crippled Somalia after warlords ousted a longtime dictator in 1991. Al-Shabab is estimated to have several thousand fighters, including a few hundred foreigners. A number of them have been recruited from Somali communities in the US and Europe. Officials in North America have expressed fears that terrorists fleeing Afghanistan and Pakistan could seek refuge in Somalia.

Where is Al-Shabab, and did I spell that correctly

Al-Shabab won control of almost all of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, in 2006, and held large swathes of Central and Southern Somalia until a United Nations-backed force from the African Union, including soldiers from neighbouring Kenya and Uganda, pushed the terrorists out of the city in 2011 and out of the vital port of Kismayo in 2012. The rebels still control many rural areas in Somalia where it imposes strict Shariah law, including stoning to death women accused of adultery and amputating the hands of accused thieves. In addition, it has staged deadly suicide bomb attacks on Mogadishu and Kismayo.

CNN spells it one way, NPR another. It's up to you. But you better know the right spelling should you evber encounter these folks in a mall and they quiz you on it

Why is Al-******  attacking Kenya?

al-Shabaab has warned  it would attack Kenya in retaliation for the country’s leading role in sending troops to Somalia in 2011,  effectively reducing the extremist group’s power.

Does it have Al-Qaeda Links?

That's what they claim.The group told Al Jazeera a few days after Westgate that it considers Al Qaeda a partner in the Nairobi attack and is taking orders directly from their leadership.

What about the White Widow --- and who funds the group?

Like the argument over how to spell al-sha???, whether or not the so-called "White Widow" co-captains the group and masterminded the Westgate Mall Attack depends on who you talk to. Samantha Lewthwaite is believed to have entered Kenya on a fraudulent South African passport under the name Natalie Faye Webb. On Twitter (assuming it is a valid account) Al-Shabaab tweeted they wouldn't send a woman out on a military operation. So maybe the long-haired caucasian mall-shoppers saw on massacre day was a man? Oh and by the way, Sam recently posted what's been described as a "martyrdom poem" on her twitter account, hinting she would be departing the mortal coil soon.

A United Nations report estimates Al-Shabab’s income in 2011 at between $70 million and $100 million. They got the money via "fees" - whatever those might be - and shakedowns at roadway checkpoints - along with taxation, extortion and "diaspora support."

Are they really really dangerous? I live in North/South America, Asia, Russia etc. 

Perhaps: we've certainly had our share of mass-shooting incidents over the past couple of years. Here's one observation. the USA backed the first African intervention against Al-Shabab, supporting Ethopian troops that invaded in 2006. Washington has given millions of Dollars to support the UN-backed African force fighting Al-Shabab, which it designated a foreign terrorist organisation in 2008.

What drives them?

Al-Shabab is inspired by the Saudi Arabian Wahabi version of Islam. Most Somalis belong to the moderate Sufi strain.

Dear Nairobi,

People of and near Nairobi, I empathize with you.

You now must feel the same way New Yorkers (and much of the USA) did in the days after the September 11 attacks. Places we thought were safe and sacred were violated, becoming showcases of unimaginbale horror and human tragedy. many innocent lives were lost.

Some worry the attack could damage Kenya's economy, specifically its $1 billion-a-year tourism industry.

In the gloomy days following 9/11, New York too was in a State of Haze. Instead of people abandoning the City, they came from other places in record numbers to foster healing and participate in rebuilding the greatest city on earth.

Nairobi will bounce back.

BBC ::: The armed siege at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi has focused attention on the al-Qaeda affiliate, al-Shabab. When the attack happened, the BBC's Panorama programme had been investigating the recruitment pipeline of young Muslims through Kenya to join the Islamist group in Somalia. [*]

NEW YORK TIMES ::: In search of the White Widow

IMAGES shot by an eyewitness (WARNING graphic violence depicted)

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The Ping ::: Check In With People You Care About

Keep your eye on THE PING ::: Kenyan/African digital technology is something people in other lands should definitely look into. Of all the stupid apps available for downloading, here is a connecting tool that makes a lot of damned awful sense in this modern but cruel world!
“Ushahidi”, which means “testimony” in Swahili, was a website that was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008.
The Ping app is a binary, multichannel check-in tool for groups. The tool will help families, friends and companies to quickly check in with each other:
There was a consistent problem in every disaster that happens, not just in Kenya, but everywhere. Small groups, families and companies need to quickly check in with each other. They need to “ping” one another to make sure they’re okay. It has to be something incredibly simple, that requires little thinking to use. People have been doing some stuff in this space in the past, the best like “I’m Ok” are focused on smartphone users, but we have a need to make it work for even the simplest phones. Our goal is to have this available for anyone globally to use.
The Ping App – a group check-in tool for emergencies. Photo source: Ushahidi blog.
The Ping App – a group check-in tool for emergencies. Photo source: Ushahidi blog.
This is how the Ping works:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why is the FBI in Nairobi? Because the attack there was just a test-run...

... in my humble opinion. This attack should be a "wake up" call.  Time after time we are witnessing how effective gun control isn't.  Meanwhile in Kenya, FBI and U.S intelligence officials are "aggressively" investigating whether or not Americans were among the militants who attacked the mall, a federal law enforcement source told the media.

British businessman Louis Bawa confirmed his daughter Jenah, eight, and wife Zahira were among the dead. Also killed: renowned Ghanaian poet Kofi Awoonor

And well-known broadcaster, Ruhila Adatia, pictured at left. 

She was reportedly pregnant. She had been hosting a cooking competition for children at the rooftop of the now infamous Westgate Mall.  

 Ross Langdon and Elif Yavuz, a couple who were expecting their first child, lived in Dar es Salaam but were in Nairobi to have their baby there because they preferred the city's medical care. Elif had completed her PhD at the Harvard University's School of Public Health. She moved to Dar es Salaam to work for the Clinton Foundation. Here she is, meeting with President Bill Clinton during his visit to Tanzania in August. Read the complete story on Global Voices.
Elif Yavuz meeting with President Bill Clinton during his visit to Tanzania in August
Elif Yavuz meeting with former US President Bill Clinton during his visit to Tanzania in August 2013. Photo via Ms. Yavuz's Facebook page.

Global Voices' Shurufu is a Tanzanian journalist based in Dar es Salaam. He tweets at @shurufu. He has filed a story "Global Voices Author Remembers Friends Slain in Nairobi Mall Attack"   Also check out his his post How the Nairobi Mall Attack Unfolded on Social Media.

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Filipino Fakers Malaysian Fornicators

If you are in a foreign land, you better be careful what you write and post about! You could be BANNED FOR LIFE from collecting on any pay-per-post or pay-per-review site --- and if you are on fiverr, you could have your internet privileges revoked --- you won't even be allowed to purchase a sim card!

Filipino bloggers don't hold a candle when it comes to down and dirty Malaysian bloggers like Alvin Tan, who with gal-pal and sex video star Vivian Lee, recently got bailed out of jail. Lee described his eight-day prison stay as "not bad."

Back on August 21, Alvin, whose real name is Tan Jye Yee, 25, and Vivian, or Lee May Ling, 24, filed an application to strike out a charge under Section 298A(1)(a) of the Penal Code made against them for uploading on their Facebook a picture and comment which ridiculed Muslims and Ramadan.

They are seeking a declaration that Section 298A of the Penal Code is not consistent and contradicts with the Federal Constitution and is legally void.

The couple is also seeking a declaration that the law, which they claimed can only be enforced on Muslims, is inapplicable and cannot be enforced against them.

The charge was that they had allegedly uploaded a picture and comment of themselves eating bak kut teh (a pork dish) with the greeting Selamat Berbuka Puasa with bak kut teh (fragrant, delicious and appetizing) together with the halal logo which were likely to cause religious enmity between people of different faiths.

Tan and Lee were also charged under the Sedition Act with making a posting on their Facebook, 'Alvin and Vivian - Alvivi.' The couple was also charged under subsection 5 (1) of the Film Censorship Act 2002 with displaying pornographic pictures.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is taking down what he calls a system of creating false online review for products and services. The reviews are mostly written by people in Philippines and Eastern Europe who earn $1 to $10 per fake review.

"Hello... We need someone to post 1-2 reviews daily on sites like: Yelp, Google reviews, Citysearch and any other similar sites. We will supply the text/review... We are offering $1.00 dollar for every post."
On Monday, he settled cases with 19 companies that included $350,000 in penalties after a yearlong investigation into the fake plaudits sometimes called "astroturfing." The term is based on the synthetic grass used on sports fields.

Some of the writers had the nerve to defended their fake reviews on websites challenging them! One female blogger was stripped of her blog...

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Adventures In Blogging ::: Promoting Content via "Blogger Outreach"

What the hell is "Blogger outreach" anyway? According to one Mr. Ian Cleary, it is the process of reaching out to relevant bloggers in your niche to let them know about the amazing content you have written.  It takes time and effort but if you promote your content to the right people they will link to your content and this will help you in search results.
Cleary argued that while one could manually track his or her efforts with blogger outreach using an Excel spreadsheet, one would eventually find that after reaching out to many sites it would become less and less manageable and hard to keep up with. So he put forth three tools to help:
  • GroupHigh – They have a database of 13 million blogs and a fantastic discovery engine that will help you find relevant bloggers to reach out to.  During the search it retrieves an impressive amount of detail on each of the blogs (e.g. Twitter details, Facebook page, contact page, recent posts, etc) saving you a lot of time.
  • Inkybee – Inkybee provides a smaller database of blogs than GroupHigh but despite this it is a very useful tool especially if you are new to blogger outreach as it is priced very attractively for the smaller business.  It’s a new tool that only recently came out of beta so keep an eye on it as more functionality is on its way
  • BuzzStream is focused less on blog discovery and more on managing the outreach process. Buzzstream has a range of great features that makes it essential if you’re going to reach out on a regular basis, such as email templates, communication tracking, automatic link monitoring, task management, and much more.
Cleary concluded: Blogger outreach is not about sending mass emails to hundreds of bloggers.  It’s about being targeted and focused by identifying other great blogs that you should reach out and building relationships with them.
"OK," said I... on September 22nd I set out to build a bit of buzz. I will post what happened after that in the comments (or facebook comments) ((or both)) below...

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Crackdown Muzzles China Bloggers and Twitterers

A forceful campaign of intimidation against China's most influential Internet users has cast a chill over public debate in the country and called into question the long-term viability of its most vibrant social-media platform.

According to, censors for China's Sina Weibo social network go through 3,000 posts per hour!

The crackdown has touched some of the biggest personalities on Sina Corp.'s Weibo microblogging service, perhaps most notably Charles Xue, a Chinese-American venture capitalist with more than 12 million followers on the site. The Wall Street Journal has more.

Gone are the days when Chinese bloggers on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, rushed to get “verified accounts.” As Beijing’s anti-rumor campaign targeted at celebrity bloggers spins on, more and more verified accounts are seeking to “un-V” themselves in hopes of getting a little bit more room to speak their minds online. Offbeat China has details.

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BLOGGERS™ is a trademarked word...

..::One Less URL to Check::..

I noticed the other day that one of the buttons here on the ol' weblog had disappeared. This morning I clicked on it, only to discover that I won't be meeting millions of bloggers any more. At least not thru that particular avenue. What intrigues me is how the powers behind the website were able to tradmark the term BLOGGERS™...

At the bottom of their page it says "The trademark of BLOGGERS is vested in PARK IK , and the Trademark (World Intellectual Property Organization / WIPO - No.829272) is enrolled in which Jun 24, 2003."

2003-2013 BLOGGERS™.com

Hmmmm! Does that mean I can trademark a word such as "netizens" --- any legal people out there?

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FREE help for new bloggers!

They say it takes money to make money. But why, why, why would you pay $797 for a blogging course or $59 for a tutorial on writing blog posts or a chance to get your blog evaluated...

Beware of too-good-to-be-true "offers" backed by fake testimonials!

Yeah these kind of offers come with "guarantees" - but it can be a b to try and collect! Did you know you can get your blog evaluated for FREE?

Furthermore: did you know you can take a "blogging course" for FREE?


New Mobile Twitter App

Reason No. 677 why I avoid updates and steer clear of clouds - "When it ain't broke, don't fix it." a lesson Google never learned...

O joy (not)! Social networking tool / microblog Twitter is preparing to unveil a mobile app "...that will more clearly stream content by trending subjects and display photos and videos more prominently."

Not a good idea! One reason? Just 18% of U.S. adults use Twitter. The twitterati could find something else, perhaps Sina-Weibo... Masters of twitter: this is no time for you to act foolish with the platform. And as one user put it "If they cared about users they'd stop screwing up TweetDeck." They don't care about users. They care about money. Period.

Current twitter mobile apps ask permission to be updated. (At least the ones I use do!) Decline! Future apps will all update automatically, so you'll have to ike it or lump it! the more clever among you have already downloaded copies of the current apps for those who will be frantically searching for them in a few months (of course you'll be subject to surveys, spam , and may even have to pay to get back your old twitter). My advice: if you can't do it yourself, find a geeky friend who can save you apps for you on a computer. in case you long for them later on down the road.

WhatsApp Virus

Reports are coming in of a dangerous threat to you and your computer! is the nerve gas of all malware. Computers worldwide are threatened by this hostile site. Do not ignore the various warnings you will enocunter.

AVOID Louise Denson ( at all costs! It contains a self-downloading an AV breaker able to compromise all existing anti-virus programs; it emails all of your passwords, chats, photos and financial files to hackers, then wipes your drive, writing to zeroes and tracking-in something called a "loop virus" to permanently render your hard drive un-usable!

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#Bashtag ::: Social Net Twerking

The initiative taken by Syed Hasan against British Airways underlines the power of anti-social networking. Seen by tens of thousands of people, Hasan's tweet has been publicized and crossed the globe with an impressive virality.

Don't imagine for one single second that your tweet or blog posting or facebook entry about a product or service goes unnoticed!

I read an article on a French blog which mentions an incident involving twitter and Starbucks in the United Kingdom. Trying to spiff up its image, Starbucks asked folks to post wishes on Twitter, hashtagged "#spreadthecheer," which then were displayed on a giant screen in front of the Natural History Museum in London. Museum visitors took the opportunity to let go against the brand. An example? " Hey # Starbucks PAYING YOUR F****** TAXES #spreadthecheer ".

Starbucks is not the first victim of what is now called the " Bashtagging . " McDonald's has also had the great idea to let consumers give their impressions on their experience with the brand via the hashtag # McDStories. The restaurant chain wanted to introduce “...the hard-working people dedicated to providing McDs with quality food every day.”

Twitter users went nuts, using the tag to reveal the darker side of the fast-food giant. London’s Daily Mail picked these as among the best that appeared on the first day of the campaign:

  • @JohnGarrett tweeted: So PETA and McDonald’s got into it today. I was surprised. I didn’t know there was real meat at McDonald’s. #McDStories
  • @JKingArt: Lost 50 pounds in 6 months after I stopped working & eating at McDonald’s. #McDStories
  • @SkipSullivan: One time I walked into a McDonald’s and I could smell Type 2 Diabetes floating in the air and I threw up. #McDStories

If you use Google Chrome, I have a surprise for you! I downloaded Chrome in hopes of being able to use Google Voice on my $1 laptop. The worst mistake I have made with my little workhorse! The system slowed down and began freezing with every keystroke. The first clue to the culprit came from my firewall, which began alerting me that "Google Updater" was trying to reach out to the internet from deep inside my files. And deep inside it was... along with at least 25 other "executables," .exe files that were running amok within "hidden files' on my lappie!

Over the past 24 hours I have been dilligently working to ferret out all the crap. I'm almost there. There was even a hidden rootkit that wasn't on my harddrive before downloading Chrome! All of this software is carrying on an NSA-like role: mining your computer for data, information, and relaying it back to Mountain View. That's all.

This is why a good firewall is more important than an anti-virus program. I do use an anti-virus scanner that is based online, and I'm happy to say that I have had ZERO intrusions. Every attempt to infect, attack or gain access to the dollar laptop has been stopped and documented by the firewall!

Technically, nothing associated with the Google Updater or Chrome carries a virus, and I noticed the on-board anti-virus scanner didn't awaken while downloads were happening. Not even to check.

There are many online entities watching your data and monitoring your computer!

According to DataSift, that company can now see what people are saying about organizations through its collection of Tumblr data. DataSift's service assists advertisers with their social marketing campaigns by flagging and tagging comments, pro and con. DataSift already works with Facebook and Twitter. Did you know that?

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The Key To Cooking Overripe Green Beans

Baked Overripe Green Beans 

This dish is meant to be concocted in a crockpot. I have a small one, perfect for the job. My crop of green beans was beaucoup this year, so much so we actually gre tired of eating them every day, and still gave away bagful after bagful to friends and neighbors. I felt like one of those people who constantly try to unload Zucchini on others!
This recipe is a good one for a new style of homemade baked beans: feel free to add bacon, brown sugar and/or honey, at your personal discretion. Feel free to add more molasses. Once you have completed the recipe:

Cover Crock Pot and cook 7-9 hours on high, or 11-14 hours on low.
  • 3 cups shelled overripe garden greenbeans
  • 2.5 cups vegetable broth (Ramen will do nicely!)
  • 1/2 tablespoon salt
  • 1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste -or- 4 oz. Ketchup
  • 1/2 cup molasses (or brown sugar to taste)
  • 2 packets of Chinese takeout mustard or 2 tsp. Jar mustard
  • Optional: 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • Optional: sautéed-in-butter chopped onion

Small Crock Baked Beans Davey

This is a slight variation from the recipe above. I lifted the cover of my mini-crock so you could have a look. This is only about 35 minutes into the cooking process: about 7 1/2 hours to go!

  • 2.25 cups shelled overripe green beans
  • 2 cups broth (I used Pork broth made from a Knorr bullion cube)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1/2 cup honey or brown sugar (1/4 cup white sugar is ok)
  • 1/4 cup molasses
  • 1 packet of Chinese takeout mustard or 1 tsp. Jar mustard
  • 1 small sautéed chopped onion
  • 1 tablespoon your favorite Barbecue Sauce

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Dirty Little GOOGLE Hack for #1 Rankings..

Quite an eyecatcher, eh? That was the header of an email I received yesterday from an outfit called CurationSoft. They want you to think that there is nothing more important on the internet than google, and for a few dollars or pesos or yen or pounds, they'll teach you stuff: "black ops" tactics that will probably collapse your blog or website within 6 months.

The real  title I intended for this post:

One Saturday in September 2013

It's been awhile since I sat down early on a Saturday and wrote one of these little essays!

Sitting at the same little "home workstation" where I've written so many posts over the years. Amazing how much has changed about the online world. Blogs have taken a position once held Newspapers or magazines: how an individual blog is defined there depends simply upon the frequency new articles appear.

The money-hungry "gurus" and scamsters are still very much with us, re-inventing and refining their techniques.

I've told you before I pay little attention to Google and SEO and all that, compared with maybe 5 years ago when I was always looking at stats and hawking adspace.

More of my professional musings can be found on my WordPress blog (there's a link after the jump), along with spur-of-the-moment photos sent from my BlackBerry.

Hey, how about that twitter! Going for an IPO! IMHO that's a great buy! I have often said "twitter is the people's newswire." An awful lot of mainstream pro reporters use it and many of themn tweet religiously!


An Update on Latest SEO Tools 
- The year 2013 was marked with invention and innovations in a multitude of tools used for Search Engine Optimization. Established SEO giants like Majestic S...

Bloggers across the political spectrum are up in arms over the proposed media shield bill a Senate committee passed on Thursday, blasting the measure's definition of a journalist as a flawed and misguided effort targeting those who operate outside of ...

Huffington Post

Sorry Twitter: Paul Krugman's just not that into you. Despite all the "death of the blog" talk that's been circulating lately, Krugman took to his own blog on Friday to inform readers that they won't be seeing him mixing it up on Twitter or tweeting ...

500 Retweets = 3 Years in Prison in China

Krugman may be onto something... sharing information on the Internet that is defamatory or "harms national interest" could land China's Internet users in jail. Nice article via Global Voices! (w/social media lincons)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery - Lil Kim Before, After and Now Pics

Meet sensational Plastika!
It's none other than 90s rapper Lil' or L'il or Li'l Kim! From African-American to Asian through the doorway of plastic surgery! Inspired by Nicki Minaj? Or maybe Julie Chen? Perhaps!

..::Plastika vs. Plasticilla::.. Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery Timeline

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Search Twitter For A Specific Tweet

A San Francisco company has indexed every Twitter message since the first tweet was sent in 2006 — some 425+ billion pieces of content when you include photos, pages linked from Twitter, and other related material.

 The database is free for the public to search at

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Text Message (SMS) Spam and Caller ID Spoofing spam

  • If you receive text spam on your mobile or smartphone, forward the entire message to short code "SPAM" (7726) from your wireless device.
  • By reporting SMS spam, you're helping identify and block spammers and the messages they send.
  • There is no charge to report mobile spam. Messages forwarded to 7726 should not count toward your plan.
  •  Do not respond directly to a phone number where you believe the spam text originated. Responding will alert the spammer that your number is genuine.

  • How do I forward a text message from my phone to 7726?

    Forwarding methods will vary, depending on your carrier and telephone.

    • iPhone: Tap Edit. Tap to select the message, and then tap Forward. Enter 7726 in the To field of the message to forward. Tap Send.
    • Android: Press the message (being careful not to activate a link), choose Forward (from the menu), and forward to 7726.
    • Blackberry: Open the message, then using the Menu key, select Forward (from the menu), and forward to 7726.
    • Windows: Press the message (being careful not to activate a link), choose Forward (from the menu), and forward to 7726.

    For other devices, go to AT&T's Device How-to Center for instructions regarding forwarding text messages.
    Virgin Mobile USA customers : your instructions are here.

    If you have a Sprint phone or Nextel push-to-talk phone, you can block text messages from specific senders by signing into My Sprint. For Sprint phones only, you can also block messsages from your phone using short code 9999. Here’s how.

    Friday, September 06, 2013

    Get a professional blog critique...

    Are you getting the results you want from your weblog? When was the last time your blog was checked out by an expert? For a limited time New York's HOTTEST Blogger, Dave Lucas, will professionally critique your blog.

    " I'll analyze your blog's layout. Perform a battery of benchmark tests, including SEO, load time and what you can do to make improvements. I'll evaluate your blogging skills and tactics in a personalized report that will tell you what needs to be done and how it should be done."

    Your PRO Blog Tune-Up INCLUDES:

    1 » an honest, point-blank report about your blog
    2 » a complete blog analysis that will tell you what's wrong, or right
    3 » a guide to setting up your goals and how to achieve them
    4 » tutorials, tips, tricks and the best resources
    5 » personal consultation via telephone (because I believe it's especially important that you have ready access to thoughtful advice and insight that comes from experience. And it's just as important to work with someone who can help you use that information in a way that supports the pursuit of your unique, individual blogging goals.)

    Best of all: it's only $10 (US) AND as an added
    BONUS, I'll place your 125x125 advert on one of my blogs for FREE!

    Here's how to order...

    Note::: Every effort has been made to accurately represent my offer and its potential. Your success depends on your background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will profit.

    Thursday, September 05, 2013

    Carlos Danger and The Honey Cake Caper

    "None of us know when our line will be drawn… Love life and live it like there’s no tomorrow." ~ Robert Mirabal

    Truth rises to the top, eventually.

    In the Weiner video, some of what his adversary says has been edited out. Think "context."  keyword: Arab
    The New York Times is amazing. Check out the Times' revealing piece on the brutality of the Syrian "rebels" aka John Kerry's footsoldiers in his war that will be financed by "Arab" interests!

    Tuesday, September 03, 2013

    Time To Start Thinking About Christmas

    Now that Labor Day has signaled the end of Summer and it's back to school time...

    The Holiday gift-giving season is nearly upon us. December is not that far off. Time to prepare!

    Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate, if exchanging presents is involved, you may be looking at your checkbook and budget, wondering how you are going to stretch those precious funds!

    Here's something "borrowed" from a post published on this blog way back in November 2008.

    Make a "Custom" Christmas CD for a friend or loved one... here's how: Let's say I purchased the "One Self" CD as a gift. I want to not only give the gift of music, but some background and video as well. Check the closeout bins at dollar stores for 2-disc CD's. Throw out the CD and cover art. Now, take the One Self cover art and CD and transfer it to the 2-disc jewel case. Go to YouTube and select some of the Yarah Bravo and DJ Vadim interviews and some of their videos and live performance videos. Burn them onto a Video CD using my method. You can either custom-print a CD label or simply use Red, Green and Black Sharpies to label and decorate the VCD, which you then place in the case as the second disc! It adds a nice personal touch to the gift and it's really great if the giftee isn't all that familiar with the artist.
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