Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diet For A Small Planet Summary (Synopsis)

If the price of meat has you down, no doubt you have recalled the 1971 book Diet for a Small Planet, by Frances Moore Lappé. What did it say about getting proteins from other food sources? Don't remember? No worries!

Blogger Jessica McRackan has the summary you need, a 'refresher' for the masses!

What may surprise you is that author Lappé has made some tweaks thanks to new knowledge about the way our bodies handle amino acids!

Everything you need to know can be found here at Savvy Vegetarian (I strongly urge you to print these out and keep them handy as references when you are planning meals!)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bloggers & Marketing Gurus - Avoid Facebook - Tailor Your Content To Regional Interests

Whether you are selling something, writing an article you hope will go viral, looking for more followers for your blog or twitter account, or aching for more facebook 'likes,' you need to be aware of what people are SEARCHING for REGIONALLY- those search terms, properly inserted into your posts and hashtagged tweets, can run up incredible numbers of visitors, followers, retweets and referrals!

Spread the word about your stuff -  do it via your blog, via WeChat, via weibo, via LinkedIn, via twitter - but NOT facebook!
Your Twitter feed isn’t controlled by an algorithm. We see the tweets of those we follow in real time. But Facebook uses a complicated algorithm to determine what ends up in peoples' news feeds.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

#MusicMonday Albany Style

Even though CBS6 thinks WTRY was a 50,000 watt station and gets the deejay's name wrong (and then covers the goof by taking the story offline) here is the real deal for you! The DJ was Lee Gray and he brought some local teens up to national prominence and a place in the music history books (the ones TV stations have no time to read.) Here's what you DIDN'T know: Laurie records had to make a critical choice between promoting "Charity" and promoting a song by another group it had signed. NOW do any of you know the name of that group and the song that went on to be a national #1 hit?

And although these guys weren't from Albany, "Free As The Wind" beat The Mamas and The Papas' "California Dreaming" on WTRY's nightly "Voice Your Choice" call-in show with DJ Rick Snyder. The Myddle Class didn't make it big nationally, because the PD at the groups hometown radio station, New York's WABC refused to play their music, and WGLI's PD even broke one of their records to pieces! They had a big NUMBER ONE in Albany with this tune:Thank Google for YouTube! submit to reddit

Backyard Garden Harvest 2014

With a new fall/back-to-school season just a few weeks away, my vegetable garden has been a source of fresh food for many years now. This year, 2014, has been unique in that the garden hose has stayed hanging up in its winter storage position. I simply haven't had need of it for anything. The rains that seem to come at precise times have watered the plants well, and, using an old trick on teevee back in the 90s, when the weatherman says we're gonna have a soaker, I go outside just as dark skies are forming nearby, and soap up the car with a few drops of dishwashing liquid dissolved in a pail of hot water. I go over the vehicle with a sponge, and I'm back inside by the time the first drops fall, usually within a few minutes.But I digress.

I tweeted this picture of green beans (with a few peas mixed in) that I picked Saturday afternoon for the evening meal. I've posted other yard and garden articles on this blog over time and wish I had had the iPhone back then! I may go back this year and upload new iPhone photos to my Wild Grapes vs. Moonseed article. I wish I could change the insect eggs on the badminton net post, but we didn't put the net up this year as we've been hitting the tennis courts instead.

My 2014 garden's first yield was a bumper crop of salad radishes. Of course I have peppers, peas, beans, tomatoes, garlic and two new aditions this year, carrots and broccoli. And everything is so good! I can't remember a year when I had gone without either watering can or hose for so long. It looks like that hose isn't coming down again until, maybe, 2015!

See also: February Vegetable Garden

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Watertown Daily Times: "Man charged with kidnapping Amish children suspended; girlfriend not welcome back at her workplace"

This article/image is posted for educational purposes to assist those with certain variations of Chrome browsers where the text appears as a series of lines or bars instead of readable characters. The WDT article is here.

Free Alternatives To Skype

The majority of Windows Phone users, what little there are, can no longer use Skype on their smartphones. And many people found in mid-August Skype was no longer working on their computers! For WinXP users, this is a disaster - many have systems that cannot upgrade to SP3 due to lack of disk space. No reliable workaround has been found (if YOU know of one that works, please link to it in the comments area below!) This is a sad testament to greed! Taking Skype away from people is a digital sin! Microsoft, with this action, becomes the “new Google.” Trying to force people to buy new software and hardware, forcing them to the cloud. So what now, people?

My co-workers tell me they like to use Google Hangouts. If you use gmail and you applied for and received a Google Voice telephone number, there should be a little camera icon in the left column of the gmail dashboard. You should be able to use your existing webcam configuration. I just tried it out a few minutes ago, and it works well. Of course, nothing compares to Skype as we knew it!

 I have been using a free messaging service from Asia. It is promoted as "the ideal combination of SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Instagram."  With over 235 million users a month. It's called "WeChat," it is a communication app from a Chinese company.

WeChat was introduced back in 2011 and quickly spread across the globe. This app is free to use, works with Cellular Data or WiFi, and comes with all standard features for an IM app. You can send instant messages, make high quality video calls and voice calls, among others.

Even though the WeChat user interface is not easy to grasp initially, you will eventually get accustomed to using it. It is also available for many mobile platforms and PCs with android emulator software installedl. It can be used on Blackberry, Symbian and Windows devices. The good thing is that it is a free app that has much functionality and (for now) no ads.

See also:

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

#Ferguson fallout travels far to Russia

Russia Just Doubled Its Internet Surveillance Program

Before you begin reading, note the obvious connection: Edward Snowden is IN Russia. If you are a US citizen and have ever spent time abroad, you know how vastly different US news appears when viewed from other places. Ferguson could be a historical turning point in many ways. I'm not going to make predictions or issue warnings. I'm just going to present here some links to stories covered by Matt Drudge and Global Voices. Form your own conclusions! At first glance, "SORM 2.0" seems redundant, but the reform of police surveillance online could vastly expand the reach of the Kremlin.

Even Pussy Riot Fears Russia’s New Internet Crackdown

There was no way to predict that Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, the former Pussy Riot political prisoner, would curtail her online activism to avoid being targeted by the Attorney General.

6 Days of Protests, Tweets and Tear Gas After Police Gun Down a Black Teen in Ferguson, Missouri

Protesters are largely unarmed and using only their voices to express their outrage at the killing of the unarmed black teenager. Police officers have responded with violent force.

Teen Was Primary Suspect In 'Strong-Arm' Robbery...

'Got Physical' With Store Employee...

DOJ Reportedly Asked That Robbery Video Not Be Released...


Lawyer: Cops trying to justify...

George Zimmerman attorney urges caution... 

Iran's Ayatollah weighs in... 

The U.S. Has Problems in Ferguson. And That's Creating Problems For the U.S. in Russia.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Microsoft is the new Google: Taking tools away from people.

A slap in your face, Skype-users! Greedy money-hungry capitalists have turned your Skype off (or will soon) and there's not a thing you can do about it! Some say the worst thing that ever happened to Skypew was the Microsoft takeover. Are you going to do anything? Isn't there a developer or hacker out there who can give video conferencing back to the masses?

  1. Small Business Trends ‎- August 13
    More major changes are coming to Skype in the 
    coming few months. In the end, users of older 
    versions of the video conferencing app will likely ...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How To Commit Internet Suicide (Getting rid of your online presence - Basic info)

Want to drop offline? This came to me by way of twitter, prepared by the folks at Anonymous!

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Beloved Coward, RIP

In these modern times, we are so eager to slap labels on everything and everyone. We can rationalize and justify almost anything we like, including suicide. Suicide is murder. Self-murder. It is a sin. If you die by your own hand by jumping off a building or putting a gun to your head, you have murdered someone. You are not a martyr. You are letting yourself (and oft times others) down.

Case in point, clown comic actor Robin Williams. The Oscar award-winner was only 63 years old. Williams suffered for decades from substance abuse, alcoholism, clinical depression and bipolar disorder. But braving all that doesn't give you freeway to kill yourself. In the mid 20th century, schoolchildren were taught that people who took their own lives were cowards. Cowards who cut their given time on earth short, with no right to do so.

Williams received an outpouring of post-life support on social media. Where were all of you fans when he was alive? Like David Carradine before him, Williams' death was very disappointing to me. For many of us, even those gravely ill living in poverty, that will, that spark, that love of living is tough to extinguish, and few would want to. IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK FOR IT. Don't let your life situation deteriorate to the point where you feel that there is no way out, except to die. We see this happen too many times. ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT. Don't leave. And you jackass pretend-to-be fans, if someone comes up to you and asks for YOUR help - don't turn your back or walk away or think you don't have time or responsibility.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Mermaid Photo

The lifeless body of a Siren? Or a modern hoax? 

 In the resort, near a nudist beach naturist (fraction Commandery) was made an incredible discovery, unique in its kind: it seems, for the first time documented photographically, was found the lifeless body of a Siren (classical Latin).

Friday, August 08, 2014

Powerful African-American Woman Traces Her Roots To China

Paula Madison is proudly African-American. Her family is the largest investor in The Africa Channel. She studied African-American history at Vassar. And she was the former head of diversity for NBC Universal.
She was raised in the quintessential black American neighbourhood of Harlem, N.Y., after her parents moved there from Jamaica. But she also happens to be mixed race: her mother was half-Chinese.
That led her on a search that would take her from Toronto to Jamaica to China to find her family. But the question remained: Would they accept her?
Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China, directed by Jeanette Kong, debuts in Toronto at a screening at the Chinese-Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto on Saturday. It’s a fascinating look at identity and the quest for belonging in a world where the boundaries between culture and race are shrinking.

Friday, August 01, 2014

A Flower Grows Along Central Avenue

Tough little plant. Imagine the nerve to grow and blossom along a downtown street surrounded by structures, tar and cement. Nothing short of amazing. If a flower can do this, what can YOU do?

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