Friday, July 29, 2016

Colombian Celebrity Juliana López Sarrazola Sentenced To 15 Years In Chinese Prison

Juliana López Sarrazola, 23, was arrested in July 2015 for possessing 610 grams of cocaine, discovered concealed in a laptop by customs agents at an airport in Guangzhou, as reported in the Yangcheng Evening News. The beauty queen and Colombian soccer player has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. She narrowly escaped a life sentence.

Sarrazola told the court she agreed to transport drugs on behalf of a Colombian trafficker by the name of Sergio, for which she would be paid USD $2,500s. She needed cash to enter the Miss World 2015 beauty contest. She was able to convince the court (by showing text messages she received on her phone) that this Sergio threatened to harm her family members if she did not agree to act as a drug mule. The court agreed that the money she would gain was small compared to the amount of drugs she was smuggling.

Friends of Sarrazola in Medellín say they don’t believe the celebrity would knowingly transport drugs.

She could be released in 5 to 7 years on good behavior.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Fears Of Business Owners

What Are the Greatest Fears for Male and Female Business Owners?

When it comes to gauging your biggest fears as a business owner, several prominent choices come immediately to mind. Perhaps the greatest fear of all is failure. As will be shown, male and female business owners share this great fear, but express it and respond to it in very different ways. Maybe it's no great surprise that a female business owner or community leader, such as Mary Hayashi among many others, would have a different notion of the exact definition of "fear of failure" than one of her many male counterparts. However, it is instructive to take a closer look at just what these differences in perception of failure may entail.

How Do Male Business Owners Deal With Their Fear Of Failure?

For male business owners, dealing with the fear of failure often involves a desperate grab for power. This doesn't necessarily mean that male business owners are prone to fire their entire management team and attempt to play each role completely by themselves. However, it does tend to mean that a male business owner will attempt to concentrate all power and responsibility in their own hands in an attempt to ensure that each and every aspect of the company's operation runs smoothly and efficiently according to their own very subjective and personal specifications.

How Do Female Business Owners Differ in Their Fear of Failure?

In contrast to a male business owner's definition of failure - loss of control, a female business owner tends to define their own greatest fear in terms of not living up to their own definition of self-worth or potential. Women who found and run their own businesses tend to be excessive perfectionists. Each and every detail has to be perfectly in place. If this is not the case and the business begins to run less than perfectly smooth, women business owners tend to blame themselves as the primary agent responsible for the shortfall.

A Female Business Owner's Sense of Perfectionism Can Haunt Them

It is this deep seated sense of perfectionism that is both a major asset and occasional drawback to a female business owner. It's hard to let go of traits that shot you to the top of the industry, even when too much free expression exposes their negative qualities. This is precisely why so many female business owners define their own fear of failure in largely personal terms, while their male counterparts view failure as a more of a systemic issue arising from their own lack of complete control. This fear of losing control is expressed in outward terms by men and inward terms by women.

The Basic Definition of Success Is Ultimately the Same for All Owners

While it is true that male and female business owners register a different response to the basic fear of failure, it is also true that this fear does stem from the same set of concerns. Failing in business can seem like a personal failure, even if the precise causes of that failure can be assigned to specific incidents or individuals. However, the definition of success - reaching one's goal of independence and prosperity - is also basically the same for both male and female business owners. For more information concerning this and similar topics, check out this page.

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